fears and insecurities

hear me out: mtl tarot

nathan - the chariot (Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination / Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression)

toki - the fool (Upright: Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit / Reversed: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking)

murderface - the moon (Upright: Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious / Reversed: Release of fear, unhappiness, confusion)

skwisgaar - judgement (Upright: Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution / Reversed: Self-doubt, refusal of self-examination)

pickles - death (Upright: Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition / Reversed: Resistance to change, unable to move on)

magnus - the magician (Upright: Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness / Reversed: Manipulation, poor planning, latent talents)

charles - the emperor (Upright: Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation / Reversed: Domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility)

dr. rockso is an extra 79th card called ‘Cocaine’ upright & reversed it means Cocaine

sometimes anger and even holding onto anger can be so good because it burns out old fear and insecurity

and you realize that you now could have handled the old things you carry with you. you’re stronger than what happened and you’re not scared or sad anymore you’re just furious that someone would treat you that way

that’s such a good sign that you’re valuing yourself and listening to yourself at last!! don’t push down being angry on your own behalf!

Your Soulmate Is Not Sure of Their Feelings

Your Soulmate Is Not Sure of Their Feelings

Your soulmate may not be sure of his feelings. Why? When soulmates meet, the level of emotions that surface are like nothing they have felt before. Think about, how often in life do you experience a new feeling or a new level of feeling? How rare is that? But when soulmates meet, feelings they have been able to control and get a handle on are out of control and taking over.

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Your Soulmate Is Not…

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“I knew I wanted to make imagery depicting our private space and the anxieties arising from distance widening between us, staging him as a conduit for my own fears and insecurities. A few months into making the work, he initiated conversations about what role we served for one another and the internal struggle he continued to endure as a result. Fortunately, this dialogue afforded me a safe place to process and re-evaluate my own stance and recognize I was also uncomfortable with what role I was occupying. That being said, fears and insecurities were stemming from a simultaneous internal conflict: that things ‘weren’t going according to plan.’"⠀

The Rug’s Topography by Rana Nicole Young [2|4]

Rumiko weeks day six: most relatable character.

I think Inuyasha is probably the most relatable to many of us, because he’s just trying to survive. He seems like every part of a person that seems strong, but also every part that feels vulnerable.

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Friendship, in literature as in life, is a dizzyingly various prospect; and it tells us things about ourselves that we may not want to know. Female friendship, with its additional charge of possible subversion – a world free from male control – is densely suggestive, whether it appears to be (the girls and women in Muriel Spark’s The Abbess of Crewe or The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) or whether it masquerades as something more straightforward. It encompasses love, fear, dislike, insecurity, dependency, affection, sexuality, jealousy, altruism, cruelty, sameness and difference; it raises knotty questions of the individual’s ability to disrupt gender norms as well as her often unconscious adherence to them. No wonder writers of fiction are inspired by its boundless potentiality.

And so it begins! We had a bit of a tie, so I made today’s prompt optional! Here are the prompts that were voted on over the week! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Special shout out to my girl rachelzimon on instagram for coming up with he idea and being a shippy nerd with me!


Sunday - 8/21 - (opt) - Insecurities/Fears

Monday - 8/22 - Oblivious vs Obvious

Tuesday - 8/23 - Cooking

Wednesday - 8/24 - Switched Roles

Thursday - 8/25 - “I Almost Lost You…”

Friday - 8/26 - Crystalline Light Festival

Saturday - 8/27 - Selfies/Photobomb

Sunday - 8/28 - Dancers

**You can find out what prompts  we’re doing on the @ask-talisto blog or on my instagram! You don’t have to do all of the prompts, and you can do anything from manips, vids, edits, art, fics, etc. Just have fun with it! 

You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know it’s going to rise tomorrow. When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it’s always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt.

Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

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what is it that you appreciate the most in dan?

🤔🤔🤔 hmmm interesting question that I probably spent way too long thinking too much about the answer.

Honestly I guess I most appreciate the way he and the stuff he makes, makes me feel. Which sounds kind of weird but I mean it in a way like how when I look at how far he’s come, all the things he’s achieved and how well he’s doing it helps me reflect positively on my life too. At the same time when he shares his insecurities/fears/existential crisis I find it comforting to know I’m not alone when I feel those things to. I appreciate that he shares things like that.

Also there’s the feeling I get when seeing my kids get excited about him and Phil. I appreciate that they have worked together on something I can share with my family and have these great bonding experiences.

And speaking about appreciating Dan in relation to my kids, my eldest has autism spectrum disorder and there’s just something about Dan he has taken a shine too. There is something about Dan, particularly on Dan and Phil Games that has really resonated with him and it’s made his world that bit bigger and helped us with him in ways I don’t think we’d have ever come to on our own. I can never thank Dan enough for that.

I just appreciate him, all that he is and all that he does for his fans. Dan Howell is extremely very important to me.

Heavy Eyes

Familiar eyes looking into me.
Uncertain if they miss me or simply see me.
A bundled joy clutching at the hands that once expressed me, translated me, understood me.
It’s been hours if not months since a fire spread out about me burning veils we once put up to hide or cover whatever we feared most to destroy, hoping it would be needed once more…
This feeling is rarely mutual. You never seemed to understand what that means. You lived in the moment terrified of the honest creatures that tormented your senses with lingering touches,whispers or even vivid pictures you shot mentally because you were ever distracted by an ecstasy rushing through you like fresh water out of new faucets installed by your quiet subconscious. knowing very well that when the drought took over you, you would need a taste of bitter sweet waters stored by you unknowingly. Cause you were Lost. Temporarily… You lived in the moment and knew nothing else cause fear would rapidly trap you till you chose to emancipate yourself. Will you ever?
It’s you it’s you or it’s you… Bringing out my words and thoughts on paper like you created my way of thinking or even feeling. Foolish isn’t it? Believing in a person who brings out the the enticing parts that attract me to others who understand nothing but simplicity.
Difficult. Starting over after breaking through once.
Lessons. That never twice do you go through it once. It’s continuous until found ending.
I wait. In winter feeling a bite by frost, not jack but ice. Leaves me black and blue like bruises left by angry men who unleash hell onto me who’s in his way.
But these familiar eyes looking into me remember storms survived and stability crash.
Will we ever be free?

-StreetKid Jamaica


Moon (Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious)

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This one ran. This one managed to take control. The return to the mortal sensation was unbearable . But it was still better than the lack of sensations. 

This one was running without worrying about damage to its host. At a street corner , This one crashed a girl on  it race . This one  regained it balance and turned to the impudent, growling , ready to charge , with bright red eyes. 

This is when Kat regained control . While Her eyes becoming blue again, she opened her eyes wide and screamed. She drew back . 

“ Excuse me ! I - I didn’t mean to… you’re okay? I …." 

Kat felt panic mounted . She had just regained consciousness , she didn’t know what had happen. Did she hurt that  girl ? Or Did she stop before the disaster? She looked around, lost.

A Person's Insecurities Do Not Define Them

We all deal with self-doubt and insecurities about ourselves but never let them get in the way of who you are. I wrote this article because I think it’s extremely important for everyone to know that they should never live behind a shadow in fear of what others perceive of them.

I find great tranquility in the abstract. Not because it’s comfortable to be there but quite the opposite. Every blank canvas approached with an open heart and no plans is anything but comfortable. Every single one is it’s own heroes journey, filled with ups, downs, fear, demons, angels, and insecurity. If I can just push forward, through it all, the act of painting like this is a reward in itself. So much to be found and felt. Being able to say everything without saying anything. Ah, I love it. 😌 (at Los Angeles, California)

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i’m really taken by this ‘Talon is really controlled by an AI’ thing. That would explain why Widowmaker was sent after Mondatta, an omnic calling for human-omnic peace, because Mondatta represents a possible future where the possibility of a second omnic crisis is incredibly low. This AI wants synthetics to reign supreme to organics and starting a second global omnic crisis, in the absence of Overwatch, would be a way to win this time. We all saw what the war was like in The Last Bastion. The omnics would have won if not for Overwatch. 

And if you ask yourself “But why doesn’t the AI just control all the Omnics again?”, it’s because that shit didn’t work the first time around. This AI understands that it has to work in the shadows this time, exploiting humanity’s own fears and insecurities, using the rift between human and omnic as a way to start the war again. It uses humans to do its dirty work, in fact. Talon saved Gabe from the rubble of the Swiss explosion and used nanobots (the ‘smoke’) to bring him back to be used as a tool.

I don’t think the AI counted on the return of Overwatch, however. It tried to send Reaper to retrieve the information on the Overwatch agents but Reaper failed unexpectedly. It will no doubt be trying to snuff out Overwatch before it becomes strong again.

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ok but genji having moments of doubt and fear and insecurity even now after he's come so far and being able to just confide in zenyatta and be held and reassured and loved and he always ends up feeling warm and safe and cared for and its great (also super gross mushy feel-good comfort sex arrest me)

YES TO ALL ABSOLUTELY I love… Everything about this thank u

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I need some help on deciding who to romance, josie or sera?!

To me, Josie’s romance felt very fairy-tale, very charming and romantic and sweet! Going on little dates with her to the gardens was the cutest. Sera’s was more grounded, had more angst and difficulties, was definitely more sexual haha. Ultimately, I slightly prefer Sera’s romance because the realness of overcoming fears and insecurities in a relationship struck a chord in me.

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Do you guys know where the anger stems from in some of the non-Gillovny believers? There isn't conclusive evidence to prove either scenario yet some get so angry about it. That doesn't make sense to me. It's like getting mad at a unicorn.

Insecurity? Fear? Anxiety? The closer David and Gilliam get to being out….the angrier some get.

Okay, so a lovely anon sent me a brilliant message in regards to giving tips on how to cope through out the school year dealing with Anxiety and Depression. Now this is something that I know many teens and young adults deal with (so keep this in mind, you’re never going through this alone), so what happens is that your focus, energy and determination are gone which not only affects your grades, but your social life, and sense of direction. But worry not, this no longer has to affect your year or limit your progress throughout the school year. I’m going to give you some important tips that if put into practice will not only allow you to overcome those moments of fear, nerves, overthinking, insecurities etc but it will help you to maintain balance and stability in all area’s of your life. : ) 

1. Morning Mental Exercises

Now, how you start your morning plays a major part in dictating how the rest of your day will go; it legitimately sets the tone for the rest of your day. Now this is something that took me a very long time to grasp but once I did, I began putting it into practice until it became a habit and I noticed the changes not only within me but also around me that started to take place. When we wake up with anxiety it is because we fear the day ahead, our minds feed into those fears and we then begin to believe them which then manipulates how we feel and so before we have even given the day a chance, we have already made up our minds on what is going to happen to us. We walk around holding on to these fears for the entire day that our reality begins to reflect what we have built up in our minds. Always remember that whatever you fear, only scares you or causes you to be anxious because you have made it bigger than it actually is, once you change the way you perceive whatever you’re afraid of or anxious about, it will no longer have authority over your life because with your new awareness, you will now realize it is not that you’re afraid of it, you’re only afraid of the thoughts you have attached to it.   So let’s rewind and start again, shall we? : )

When you wake up and as you go through your day, I want you to pay attention to the thoughts that are filling your mental space, examine each one and ask yourself “Is this thought helping me or limiting me?” If it is not a thought that is nourishing you or supporting you, it is time to release it lovingly from your mental space. Remember “ It’s only a thought, and a thought can always be changed”. You can do this while you’re showering, getting ready and on your way to school, take deep and steady breaths while you’re doing this and allow yourself to focus. I’m going to give you one to start with, so you can call this ‘Mental Exercise 1′ and I want you to do this every single day until it is cemented in your daily thought process. 

It does not matter what happens externally through out your day, [someone says something unkind to you, you get a grade that is not appealing to you, you lose your assignment, a drink spills on you, whatever it is that can turn a persons mood bad], once you start your day off on the right thought, it will overflow through out your day and even if all of those things happen, it will not send you into a panic or cause fear and worry to consume you because internally you are at ease, you are the eye inside a hurricane, completely un bothered. <3

Morning mental exercise 1: “ I now take back control of my life, releasing from my mental space, with love, any thought that no longer supports me. I let go of fear because I now realize, I am in full control of my life.” 

2. Organization

This is regarding both your room and your studies. When we are in a tidy and organized setting it helps to lower our stress levels tremendously, which can also set the mood for falling asleep but I’ll soon get to this, let’s take a look at your studies first, the most important things you will need are a planner, folders for each subject, post its, a note pad and a bulletin board. 

Planners are wonderful for helping you to not only organize your day or your week but your months and your year lol everything. When you are aware of what you need to do and you plan accordingly, you will find that you’re not lagging behind with assignments, homework or projects and you’ll also find that whenever you have a test or an exam, you won’t find yourself panicking because you have written in your planner that you have a test/exam on this particular day, so you now put in place a study timetable leading up to that day, so you’ll gradually be preparing yourself to get yourself ready to sit that exam. Folders are great for keeping handouts for the different subjects in order, so whenever you need to find something for that particular subject, you know exactly where to look so you don’t have to be stressing yourself tearing through your room to find it. Post Its great for writing down little reminders on a specific topic, that is crucial to remember. Notepad whenever your teacher gives you an assignment, you’ll know exactly what is needed in order to complete it properly. Bulletin Board these are wonderful to have over your desk for pining important reminders in order that you can see it immediately without having to check in a book or folder, plus you can decorate it to suit your personality. Then you have all your other cute school supplies that get you happy and excited and in the mood to work. When you’re organized with your academics and ontop of your game with it, it makes you feel good and when your energy is good, that energy is projected out into the world and you then begin to attract pleasant experiences around you without even realizing it. 

Now as for your room, a tidy room gives you peace of mind and it makes you feel cozy and comfortable which sets the tone for your entire mood. I recommend lighting scented candles [one or two] around your room, playing soothing background music, you can also buy positive quotes that are framed and put them up on your walls or if you have a shelving unit. Another great thing to set a peaceful atmosphere in your room for those of you who may be obsessed with a particular holiday, decorate your room with decorations representing that specific holiday and keep them up all year round if it personally uplifts your mood, there are many youtube videos that give you different DIY ideas on how to do this. So have fun with it and let your room express love, peace and comfort. Oh, also if you’re having trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety, ASMR videos on youtube are amazing with helping your mind and body to relax itself into a slumber. When you’re well rested [yes I know at times you will have to pull all nighters but there will be nights, plus there is the weekend when you can allow yourself the opportunity to catch up on rest] it helps with how you function through out the day. : )

3. Eating healthy

Now if you want help with this, there are many youtubers who do videos on Back to school healthy snacks, don’t stress, it’s easy and inexpensive and they show you different creative ways to pack a lunch that will not only taste great but make you feel great, because when you’re good to your body, oh my, it is great to you. So when you get into the habit of practicing a healthy diet, your mood and overall energy begins to change for the better, so you’ll find yourself being more relaxed through out the day and more focused which is always an amazing thing! <3

4. Find your Zen spot

Find a place on campus where you can go and meditate or read if you feel you need a minor break from the noise and work load before it’s time to resume classes. Re-charge, re-focus, and just get back to your place of ease. Go back to #1 and do this over and over until you feel yourself slowly coming back to a calm state. Bath and body works sell Aromatherapy products which you can take with you to set your mood right. Use this time to fill your surroundings with happiness and tranquility; free your mind and your soul, have fun with this. : )

5. Take risks and stop giving a damn

No one runs or owns your school (well apart from the Principal but that’s not what I’m talking about lol) so stop limiting how you dress, which clubs or teams you join, who you talk to or where you sit based on what people might think of you. This is your school, your life and your freedom of expression, have fun with it, surprise yourself, you’re young, BE young, discover new things about yourself. You never ever know what you’re missing out on if you remain in your comfort zone. If you introduce yourself to someone and they aren’t pleasant, don’t stress over it or harp on it, there are SO MANY other people in your town, in your state, in the WORLD you’ve yet to meet! You’ll know okay that person is not for me, but hey I’m also not for everybody; some people are Harry Potter and some people are Twilight, some people are X-box and some people are Playstation, some people are Christmas and some people are Halloween and that’s perfectly okay. I’m telling you, when you’re out of school and look back at these moments you’re going to have yourself a grand laugh and say wow I can’t believe I did that lol! 

6. Watch the Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network

That cartoon is pure happiness and joy and will place you in a fabulous mood, Gumball and Darwin are just carefree friends [well Darwin is a fish that walks, talks and can breathe out of water but he has basically become like family to the Watterson’s (Gumball’s family)] who just live their life and come about the most mind blowing experiences ever, they don’t try to be anyone else but themselves, they just live and have fun while doing do. It really is a good time just watching it lol.

7. Know that you got this

There’s absolutely nothing, the school year can throw at you, that you cannot handle. You can do it, you will make it through and if something arises that seems difficult or that causes your depression or Anxiety to act up, go back to #1. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, YOU will be more than okay, You will be great! 

This is YOUR school year, create YOUR beautiful memories.  <3