fears and insecurities

There was once a girl, eyes deep as the ocean, speckled and sparkling with intelligence and desire. She smiled like she knew more than me.. and she did. She knew all about the galaxies and constellations and their secret powers of escape. She knew about the depth of a mind (and its sparks of fear, insecurity and lust) and how circuits collide and break. Yet she chose to look at me - right into my mundaneness (the plain, hazel, mundane-ness of my existence) - and she smiled, lighting up those constellations that she knew all about.
—  My mind when I think of Her

omnommers  asked:

What is deku like when he is jealous?

Deku would probably get less jealous and more… protective, possessive. Not in a sense of ‘ownership’ but more, to be closer, to know the thing or person he protects is safe. and to be the one to safeguard. something about being the most trusted person for somebody he loves would make him incredibly happy. Deku would protect what he loves with his life. in the case of Bakugou, he takes every opportunity he can to get in close at a sense of danger or threats. in times of fear or insecurity he’d get touchy… holding his hand, sensing him near or beside him, tender or protective depending on why he’s feeling it. he’d be a powerful, quiet force… focusing more on what he can do rather than what others are trying to take away from him.

though, for example, w/ fangirls and fanboys (in the future)… he’d like that Bakugou has fans but when too many admirers start surrounding him, claiming they’re his biggest fans, Deku has to…  assert himself as Creator and President of the Kacchan Fanclub…. He can’t help it even as a hero he has to be the top nerd about the things he loves the most and Bakugou wants him 2 fuckign relax 

- Mod Shouto & Mod Deku

Berta Vázquez published on Instagram an amazing text written by her:

“​This adventure called life must be beautiful. At least, it should. Anytime you don’t see or feel like this, you are being mistaken. Anything which intents to make you see otherwise, which tries to make you think you must live with fear, suspicious, insecurity in this world, your world, is lying. Human beings are the only species that brings forth suffering to themselves. Therefore, this vision is wrong, it means going against nature of life. Your life belong to yourself, and you belong to it. This is the greatest relationship one can aim for.”

anonymous asked:

What does it mean when your saturn and north node are in the same house?

Well it has more significance if they’re conjunct, but your responsibilities, restrictions & limitations of your chart are correlated with your spiritual mission. Saturn can also bring structure, commitment and definition to your life mission, but also fears, insecurities and delays. Seriously though, this applies ~way~ more if they’re conjunct, where the matters of Saturn would be intertwined with the north node. 

You think you’ve seen her naked because she took her clothes off?
You’ve kissed her lips, and you’ve climbed inside her. Somehow you think that’s enough to know and love someone.

Tell me about her nightmares? The ones that have her twitching next to you as you snore on, oblivious.

Look down at your unblemished hands and tell me how many times you’ve cut yourself on the pieces of her broken heart.

Tell me why she paints,
Why she writes,
Why she takes long baths.

Tell me about her life, her childhood.
Tell me about the first man who broke her heart.
Tell me about her father and her brother.
Tell me about her demons, and her fears.
Tell me about her insecurities and the conversations she has with herself.

Tell me about everything she wants from life.
Tell me all the tiny little things she’s wished upon a star for.
Tell me why her favorite city is her favorite city.
Tell me why she flinches, ever so slightly, when you call her beautiful.

Tell me all the little things you hate about her, and I’ll tell you why I love them.
Tell me about her darkness, and I’ll tell you about her light.
No my friend, you may have seen her body, but you have still yet to see her naked.

—  whatifgodisacat, Naked 

Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

I can relate to her. ~ Top gifs inspired by this post by meganfoxslays.