My level of ignorance/being oblivious to things is just too hilarious. I tried to help someone out and asked what he was looking for.
In Polish “I’m looking for a wife” Is basically the same as “I’m looking for MY wife.” I didn’t pick up my misunderstanding until he proceeded and started telling me what a “nice girl” I am. That resulted in a fearquit and a 15 minute talk with a Greenpeace fundraiser about how people can improve situation of bees in Poland. That is a thing I can talk about no problem.

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10 minutes of me playing Underhell and then fearquitting after nothing really scary happened. Literally half of the video is the game loading.

Look up the beginning of an Underhell run for context about the game.

I would like to attribute my lisp-y thing to my mic not having a windscreen, but maybe I do have a lisp when I’m talking quietly. I don’t know. I don’t have a lisp when I’m talking normally.

my favourite playthrough of the game IMSCARED is cr1t1kals by far bc while everyone else was freaking the fuck out (cryaotic even fearquit bc he was so scared), cr1t1kal literally doesnt give a shit 

my favourite part is in the scene where whiteface is approaching u and it asks “are u scared?” and cr1t1kals like “nope” and whiteface says “i am scared” and cr1t1kal says “go fuck yourself”

that is a fearless man