This ad apparently appeared in the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s largest state newspaper, yesterday.  Sponsored by a conservative Catholic group it urges parents to oppose a policy change (that is expected to pass) that would allow for trans high school athletes to participate in sports with proper accommodations in place.

These fear-mongering tactics are without evidence, misleading, and as tiresome as they are offensive.  It is always drumming up fear over “men” in private spaces with girls (I have yet to see a single statement like this addressing transmen in male spaces) and always with some implication (subtle or not) that trans people are deceptive, threatening, and quite possibly sexual predators.

The proposed policy is simple, and has plenty of barriers in place that would prevent abuse (not to mention the other existent rules & laws in place that would cover any potential concerning behavior).  Requiring a confirming letter from both a parent/guardian and medical professional is more than enough “proof” of gender, and the accommodations provided are common sense and in line with similar high school policies from California as well as many colleges & universities.

But, as much as I am confident that this will pass, you can bet I will be sending off a couple emails to share with these individuals just how important this stuff is.

And to the Minnesota Child Protection League shame on you.

anonymous asked:

~~URGENT~~ Please Momma, sombody I don't know what to do!! I've been sick for a long time and the test results came back and I have cancer and its really really really bad. The only thing I have from my family is insurance, no support or acknowledgement or anything and my friends up and left because they don't want to "catch it" please I am so scared and I don't know what to do. My doctor says I don't have more than a year and I don't want to die alone. Oh god please I am so scared!!!

 Darling, what your family is doing is disgusting

 You cannot “catch” cancer. It is not contagious. Educate your friends and and family if you must, but if they’re going to leave you in your hour of need, it sounds like you need new friends, dear.

 M.O.D.’s aunt had cancer when he was very young, and his uncle had it a few years ago. His family members had always been by their side when they needed them. 

 Find Cancer Support Groups in your area, or even find ones online. Talk to your doctor, and please, PLEASE take care of yourself.

 You can get better, we all believe in you.

Fear has been the official drug of choice in recent years. Fear—specifically of terrorism—has built a national-security complex that is staggeringly larger than the one that existed during the Cold War, despite the fact that then, we were facing off against a well-armed imperial nuclear power, whereas now it’s a few thousand jihadis, some minority insurgencies, and rickety regional powers like North Korea and Iran. In other words, fear worked. It was a miracle drug for the national-security state. It assured that money would pour into the Pentagon budget, the Department of Homeland Security, our labyrinthine intelligence bureaucracy, and the ‘complexes,’ corporations, and lobbyists associated with each of them.

(via Think Progress: As Senate Prepares To Take Up Background Checks, NRA Warns Of Outright Gun Confiscation)

As the U.S. Senate prepares to consider a package of gun violence prevention proposals next week, the National Rifle Association has moved into full campaign mode, fighting against reforms backed by 91 percent of the American public. The group’s lobbying arm sent members an “Emergency Action Alert” Wednesday, attempting to scare gun owners into thinking closing background check loopholes would turn them into criminals.

The message warns:

Next week, your Senators are scheduled to vote on a so-called “universal background check” bill being pushed by lifelong anti-gun zealot, Senator Chuck Schumer. Schumer’s bill would MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL if you simply transfer a firearm to an aunt, uncle, cousin or lifelong friend without the federal government’s approval.

The NRA’s slippery-slope fear-mongering continues: “This isn’t about making Americans safer…it’s about leading law-abiding gun owners down the road to gun registration – and ultimately, GUN CONFISCATION – just like we watched happen in England and Australia.” The email then asks readers to call their Senators — and send the NRA money.

The group supported universal background checks as recently as 1999 — and 74 percent of its membership supports the idea now. Even former Rep. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), head of the NRA’s school security task force, has endorsed the idea of expanding background checks.

Federal law prohibits the creation of a national gun registry and the Supreme Court has made clear that “gun confiscation” would be unconstitutional.

Aug. 23  1:10 pm
There Are Now Zero Cases Of Ebola In The United States

(ThinkProgress) After 19 days of treatment, Dr. Craig Spencer no longer has the Ebola virus and will be discharged from the hospital Tuesday, according to The New York Times. The number of Ebola cases in the United States now stands at zero.

Since entering Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan with a fever of 100.3 degrees on Oct. 23, Spencer has received every Ebola treatment available, including blood plasma from recovered patient Nancy Writebol. Reports had even surfaced of the doctor playing the banjo in isolation during his recovery.

Spencer, 33, the only patient currently hospitalized for Ebola in the United States, contracted the disease while caring for patients in Guinea — one of three West African countries significantly affected by the Ebola outbreak — with Doctors Without Borders.

Revelations that Spencer had eaten at a restaurant, gone bowling, and taken the subway and a taxi in the days prior to showing symptoms incited fears among the public and the media of a possible Ebola outbreak in the Big Apple. In the days after he voluntarily admitted himself to the hospital, public health officials scurried to find people with whom Spencer may have contacted. On the other side of the country, guests of an infectious diseases conference in Louisiana were told not to attend if they had recently been exposed to Ebola patients.

You also might have noticed that conservative Ebola hysteria has subsided since the midterms. There were probably a few cowards who where genuinely terrified by GOP fearmongering, but they’re apparently so weak-minded that if they aren’t reminded to panic, they forget they’re supposed to.

Don’t worry though, the frightened elephant stampede rarely stops. There will be another irrational wingnut freakout soon enough. It’s only a matter of time.

Lieberman Bill calls for "Internet Kill Switch" in lieu of Egyptian chaos

Senator Joe Lieberman (Chairmanship holder of Homeland Security) introduces a bill to Congress proposing the President be allowed to switch off American internet access in a “wartime emergency.” What constitues such an emergency is left for the government to decide.

Cell phones are next, just saying.

Back door to Britain

Desperate migrants in a poverty-stricken ex-Soviet state are scrambling to exploit a loophole that lets them live in Britain.

Queues form each morning outside the Romanian consulate in the capital of Moldova, Europe’s poorest country.

Once inside, Moldovans fill in forms and hand over 100 euros in order to claim a Romanian passport.

The consulate acts as a back door into Britain — because Romania is an EU member and its passport lets Moldovans travel freely to the UK without a visa.

Once here, EU rules mean there is nothing that Britain can do to stop them staying.

Romania’s policy of relaxing citizenship rules for people from neighbouring Moldova has sparked fury, with warnings that taxpayers in other EU countries will end up paying the price.

And there are fears the problem will get even worse once limits on Romanian working rights in Britain — a safeguard imposed when Romania joined the EU — end in 2013.

…Critics are now calling for Britain to take back control of its borders to stop the flow of migrants from Eastern Europe.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “It is outrageous that the Romanian government can have such an impact on UK immigration, and because of the EU there is nothing we can do about it.

“If we want to take back control we need to leave the EU.”

Italics in the original.

What on earth is happening in this article.

For the record, no, Planned Parenthood is not at all committing a black genocide, or a genocide of any kind.

These asinine claims are ridiculous. Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with the race of the relatively few people who get abortions there. The pregnant person is the one who decides on the abortion, not Planned Parenthood, and if abortion is right for them, they will decide on it no matter what their race is.

Sure, its founder Margaret Sanger may have been a eugenicist when she was around, but she isn’t anymore, and the Planned Parenthood of today finds such pseudo-scientific principles reprehensible. The Planned Parenthood of today has jack shit to do with genocide. Saying that it does is like saying that the English Monarch of today is only Anglican so that they can still divorce each other (the primary reason for Henry VIII’s creating the Anglican Church in the first place, interestingly enough).

So all this anti-choice propaganda about “The most dangerous place for an African American child is in the womb” is complete and total bullshit. Why don’t you ask the African American community what they think is the most dangerous place for them to be, if you care so much about the community’s welfare and all? I’m sure they’ll tell you, the womb is not it, and they don’t need your privileged white ass fearmongering and telling them otherwise.

The hard-liners’ beef is with Obamacare. Several representatives have joined Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) in insisting that the health-care reform law is so misguided and unworkable—its threat to Americans so great—that desperate measures are required. So they’ll agree to fund government operations or raise the debt ceiling only if Obamacare is stripped of funding.

This stance defies logic. If the reform law is so flawed, why not try to make it better? Why not wait till the law takes full effect and its failure becomes obvious, at which point it could be repealed through less destructive means—without endangering the entire economy?

Cruz revealed his answer to that question this summer in a candid moment on Fox News: “If we’re going to repeal [the law], we’ve got to do so now,” because once it takes effect Americans will get “hooked on Obamacare.” In other words, opponents aren’t worried that reform won’t work as planned—they’re worried that it will and that it will become as popular as Social Security. For those who oppose social spending on principle, this is an alarming possibility.


Obamacare for real | The Christian Century

The entire article is good, especially if you want to understand the reasons behind people who oppose health care reform. — TJ

anonymous asked:

Hi! Hope you can answer me. Well this might be a stupid question but I'm so confused right now, do you really think they're gonna come back? I mean, I'm super excited about this break, I know they need it and I know they have a brighter future ahead but I'm so confused with everything that is happening right now, I mean, people is still talking about a break up and I thought that after Nouis tweets it was pretty clear it's only a break. I trust them anyway.

The source of the info that they’re breaking up comes from Simon Cowell and Dan Wootton, whose own motivations are obvious. Simon Cowell is trying to undermine them because he’s losing them, Dan Wootton is Simon Cowell’s mouth piece and his paper benefits from sensationalistic fearmongering.

Louis explicitly said that they are staying together, he promises, don’t worry–he is putting himself out there by saying that.

I don’t believe Simon Cowell or Dan Wootton.

Especially because I’ve been seeing these boys prepare for their future for a long time now. They survived some very bad times in order to transition to a better position.

Sharia Law Fearmongering is Crazy (!)

Whew…Thank God someone got the message out, even through the storms of the Zionist dominated media – spoken by a Republican governor, no less.

This “worry” about Sharia Law being set up in the USA !? This– and the Caliphate Restoration idea (i.e. the Arabs hiding in caves want to reconquer North Africa, Spain, etc…..while We’re The One’s actually kicking shit out of North Africa at the moment) - is real grade A USA bullshit and it’s got to the point where even a governor had to speak that way.

This looney tune circus only continues round and round because it suits the warmongers and Arab-hating Zionist.

This is part of one of the worst, perhaps The Worst chapters in American history. At least our nonsense, crimes and brutality of the past was for someone’s vested interest, but now we’re pumping all this hate and warmongering into our nation’s veins for the sake of Big Oil and Israel.

And going broke while we do it.

Vote for better leaders.

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Australia's Prime Minister gives a master class in exploiting terrorism fears to seize new powers - The Intercept

(updated below) If you’re an Australian citizen, you have a greater chance of being killed by the following causes than you do by a terrorist attack: slipping in the bathtub and hitting your head; contracting a lethal intestinal illness from the next dinner you eat at a restaurant; being struck by lightning. In the post-9/11»

MEDIA FAIL: Abject Ignorance About Tsarnaev's Black Muslim Flag - WhoWhatWhy

**Deja vu**

In a show of abject ignorance,  many reporters covering the Boston Marathon bombing trial described a simple Muslim flag as a “Jihadi flag,” a statement that shows few reporters covering this case know much about Islam or care to inform their readers.

  • Kevin Cullen -  The particular Black Standard flag on Jahar’s wall appears to be one used by Al Qaeda. #Tsarnaev
  • Milton Valencia - Prosecutors showing pics, #Tsarnaev had a black flag promoted by Islamic jihadists in his bedroom, summer 2012

The flag, known as the Black Standard or the Shahada flag, contains the testimony of the Islamic creed, declaring belief in the oneness of God and the acceptance of Mohammed as God’s prophet. To be Muslim, one must accept the Shahada.

Admittedly, the flag has been co-opted by Muslim radicals and terrorists since the 1990s, but anyone who flies it or displays it is not necessarily—or even mostly—a Jihadi. Many Muslims have denounced the use of the flag by radicals.

As a comparison, the cross was adopted by the Ku Klux Klan during its second reiteration in 1915. Cross burning still occurs to this day and the lighting of these cross are accompanied by Christian prayer and hymns.

WhoWhatWhy bets that none of these reporters would consider someone with a cross on their wall a KKK racist, and would simply report it as a religious icon.


After first Tweeting that accused Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was posed in front of a “Jihadi” flag, many in Boston’s media have since contacted experts who explained that the flag merely quoted the Shahada – or “the testimony” and first Tenet of Islam (There is no god but God, Mohammed is the messenger of God.)

But they’re still getting the fundamentals wrong. In a late story, Boston Herald reporter Laurel Sweet assumed Tsarnaev is merely pointing up to the flag.

He’s actually using one upward-pointing index finger to give a symbol of the Tawhid, which reflects the “oneness of Allah.” The article goes onto say that an expert is on deck to testify about the flag, but one can’t miss the meaning of the prosecution in using this particular image: ISIS has also co-opted this symbol in an attempt to affirm their ideology that demands the destruction of the Western world. Most Muslims merely use the symbol as reflecting their belief that Allah is the one God.

Look for the media to also turn this gesture into one of purely “Jihadi” symbolism without first researching the backstory of its meaning in moderate Islam.