One Shot for fearlessyoungandfree

“Come on Fay, let’s go!” Niall whined from the bottom of the stairs calling up to you.

“Just wait a second!” You called back sliding on a pair of Vans.

You checked the mirror and played with your hair for a few seconds to get it to fall just right. Before you were finished, you heard Niall pouncing up the stairs. You ran inside your closet and pulled the door shut trying not to giggle.

“Do you need any help getting rea–” Niall asked entering your room to see you missing. “Fay?” He called walking around your bed.

“Boo!” You yelled popping out of the closet and grabbing his shoulders.

Niall screamed and jumped, then spun around to see you falling over yourself laughing. “Ohh! You’ll be sorry for that!” Niall laughed picking you up.

He threw you on your bed and began tickling you. You struggled to get away, but he kept pulling you back to tickle you more.

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry!” You yelled between laughs.

“Good.” Niall replied kissing the tip of your nose. “Now let’s go Princess. I have an awesome birthday planned for you.”

You got up and followed Niall outside to his car. “Where are we going?” You asked sliding in the front seat.

“You’ll see!” Niall replied pealing away from the curb.

You looked out the window trying to find out where you were going, but you really had no clue. Knowing Niall wouldn’t tell you, you decided to relax and close your eyes listening to Niall hum along to the radio.

“Wake up Princess. We’re here.” Niall said gently shaking you.

You stretched and opened your eyes to see a grand enterance with a huge sign.

“Sea World?!” You asked jumping out of the car excitedly.

Sea animals have always been a strange obsession of yours but you’ve never been to Sea World since no one would take you.

“There’s that beautiful smile. Let’s go. There’s another surprise inside.” Niall said taking your hand.

You ran pulling him along to the ticket counter getting money out. Niall pulled you along past the line then up to security.

“I already bought the tickets silly girl! For what we’re doing, I had to buy them months in advance.” He said winking.

After getting through security, Niall found a worker and showed her a piece of paper that he wouldn’t let you see. She smiled at him and pointed towards a shop, then at a large white building. He nodded then ran back over to meet you.

“Follow me.” Niall said taking your hand and leading you into a shop.

Inside the shop was a whole wall dedicated to swimsuits. On the opposite was a wall of just wetsuits. The back wall held goggles, caps, and other swimming accessories and the front wall was dominated by the register.

“Pick out a wet suit and swimsuit.” Niall instructed while he got to work looking at the swim trunks.

After scanning the wall, you found a cute white and green striped bikini and tried it on in one of the dressing rooms. It fit perfectly on you, so you took it off and got dressed again to look at wetsuits. By the time you walked out, Niall was holding a pair of light blue and brown plaid swimtrunks and a black and neon blue wetsuit. Looking at the wall, you saw a grey and neon greed wetsuit that you grabbed right away.

“Ready?” Niall asked looking at your selection.

“Yeah, I’m good.” You replied walking up to the counter.

You started digging through your purse for money when Niall took the suits from your hands, then grabbed your wrists.

“Please Fay. It’s your birthday and this is my present to you. Let me buy it.” Niall begged, blue eyes sparkling.

You nodded numbly getting lost in his perfect eyes that you hadn’t realized Niall bought them until he was no longer by your side. Snapping out of your trance, you ran to catch up with him and walked into the white building.

“Here.” Niall said handing you the bag with your purchase in it. “Change into your bikini first, then pull the wetsuit over. When you’re changed, wait for me on that bench.” He said pointing at a black bench against the wall.

You spun around and ran to the bathroom to get changed. ‘I wonder what we’re doing. Why do I have to get dressed like this?’ you thought. Stepping out of the bathroom, you found Niall already dressed and sitting on the bench. He got up and collected you in his arms for a kiss. Without saying a word, he led you up a flight of stairs to the top of the dolphin tank. A tall tanish man was waiting at the top for you. He shook Niall’s hand and led you both to a pool. That’s when it hit you.

“We’re going to swim with the dolphins?!” You asked excitedly.

Niall smiled then laughed and nodded. You jumped up and down like a little kid and walked to the water with him. The water was cold, but you couldn’t care. You plunged right in and opened your eyes to see a dolphin swimming next to you. You surfaced to breath and began to pet your new slippery friend. He responded with happy clicks and a kiss on your cheek. Once your time with the dolphins was over, you got out and ran into Niall.

“Thank you so much. This was the best birthday gift ever.” You said burying your face in his chest.

He kissed the top of your head and handed you a towel. “It’s not over yet, Princess. Get dried off. I’ve got one more surprise.”

You obeyed and dried yourself off then followed Niall out of the park and into his car. You picked at a loose thread on your wetsuit wondering what else Niall had planned. It was already the best day you’d ever had. How could he make it better? He pulled into a parking lot across the street from the beach. Figuring that’s why he had you buy the bikini, you started to unzip your suit.

“Uh uh, you’ll still need that babe.” Niall said wagging his finger smiling.

You shot him a confused look only making him smile bigger. He opened the car door for you and ran across the street up to a shack on the beach.

“Niall Horan.” Niall said to the guy behind the counter.

The man scanned his clipboard and checked off a name. “Sign here.” He ordered handing Niall the clipboard.

Niall scribbled his name while the man disappeared into another room, then came back with two long…things tucked under his arm. You didn’t recognize what they were until Niall handed you one. A surfboard!

“Surfing?” You asked, your voice cracking.

“Yeah! I know how much you’ve been wanting to try it, so I figure, why not today?” Niall replied smiling at you.

He really was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. Grabbing his hand, you walked towards the water, then walked in. You stationed yourself on your board, then looked at Niall nervously.

“You’re not scared, are ya?” Niall teased.

You swallowed, not giving him an answer. “You are, aren’t you? You don’t have to do this–” Niall began.

“No,” you inturrepted, “I want to. I just…am nervous.” You replied.

“How about I do the first wave with you?” Niall suggested hopping off his board.

You nodded allowing him to climb onto yours. He laid on top of you and began to paddle out towards the waves.

“I’ll tell you when to get up.” Niall said crouching as the wave sucked both of you in.

Niall stood up straight and got the board balanced then called for you to stand. You slowly stood up and stuck your arms out for balance. Niall wrapped his strong arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder while you laughed happily. The wind whipped your hair back as the salty water drops kissed your cheeks. You closed your eyes to enjoy your moment of bliss, but all too soon it was over. The wave died and Niall rode it back to shore.

“Have fun?” Niall asked hopping off the board and holding you tightly in his arms.

“Yes. Today was perfect.” You replied.

Niall lifted you out of the water and kissed you hard. “Happy birthday Princess.”