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♋ (but can you rate my side-blog ashtons-dimples please)

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lol but menthol cigarettes are worst than the usual ones, and more addictive. they sell them saying they are better but in fact they are simply worst so... good news that he's trying his best to stop smoking, and bad news that he is smoking the wrong cigarettes. electronic cigarettes are the best ones to give up smoking. I wish I could tell zayn this, not you lol, I was just letting you know ;)

Ah hahaa.xxx

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Hello Gemma (omg, your name is Gemma, just like Hazza sister) and you're a ginger, omg, I wanna be youuuuuuuu!!!! Your profile is awesome, really, so quality :D I love it. How are you doing? What's your favorite 1D cover? :D merry christmas!

jhfdwiuhgeshrewgfew ok so everything about this message just made me really happy:‘D  really? thankyou so much! i’m very good thanks, how’re you?:3 and all of them haha, i can’t choose!  Merry Chrostmas (as harry would say) and a Harry Lou year;) (see what i did there?)  but ifhiqehifeqhifeq thankyou so much:’D and by the way, i really like your blog x