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To be alone with him. (part 1)

Hey folks!

Welcome to my second fanfiction. This time, I wrote about Jai. It’s pure fluff from start to end. Yes, it’s also sappy, but I think sometimes we all need something like this. There’s also teeny-tiny bits of smut in it, so if you don’t like that or you’re not old enough: see you later!

This is a two-part installment, because it turned out much longer than expected, and the second part will follow soon.

Because English is not my first language, this text might disappear one day for further grammar and spelling tests, but will be posted again.

A big thanks again to my beloved @pathybo, who always encourage me to write, you’re the best!😘

So, without further explanation, let’s get rolling!

At this day I met Jai at the Canteen. We’ve had been on a few dates occasionally and always had a lot of fun. With a big smile plastered on his face, he strolled over to me. “Hey, (Y/N)! How are you doing?” He hugged me and gives me a little peck on my cheek. I smiled “very good, thank you! And you?” “Can’t complain. It’s good to see you, ‘cause I’ve got a question: John Williamson is giving a Concert at Henley Parc, and I was wondering if you want to join me and a few friends?” I looked at him and thought about it. If you’re out with the other one’s friends, you might become the odd one out, and I wouldn’t want that. On the other hand, I liked to be with him and of course, John Williamson live! “I’d love to!” His Eyes sparkled with excitement “Great! I pick you up at 8 ok?” I nodded, said goodbye and headed back to my workshop.

Saturday came three days later. The Weather was great and it would be a warm evening, so I decided to wear a knee-length summer dress and Roman sandals. I didn’t wear makeup, as usual.

5 minutes later, my doorbell rings. I pressed the opener and soon I heard Jai’s heavy footsteps on my stairs. I waited for him at the door. He looked really good: khaki shorts, a blue button-down Shirt, and gray Sneakers. When he saw me, his eyes went big. „ Wow, you look stunning!“ Jai had never seen me in a Dress, on our last Dates I’ve worn just Shirt and Jeans. “ Thanks, so do you” I answered. He took my Hand “Come on, let’s go!” What was that? Over the last few weeks we’ve become really close, but that was a new one, and I couldn’t deny that liked it!

In front of my house, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was no car, but an old Motorcycle! I looked at Jai “Is that yours?” He nodded proudly “Yeah, I brought it when I got my first paycheck. I hope you don’t mind, but we will be much faster with it” I shook my head “No, not at all, but I hope you’ve got a second helmet, ‘cause I ain’t own one!” He smiled and took another one out of a sidebag. “Prepared as always!”

Jai swung himself on the bike and I set Download behind him. When he noticed that I don’t know where to put my hands, he took them and laid them around his waist. Instinctively I pressed myself to him, which caused Jai to inhale sharply. I smiled at it.

15 Minutes later we arrived at Henley Parc. It was already crowded. Jai parked the bike and we headed to the entrance. When he saw his friends, he put his hands on the small of my back and guided me to them. Two Boys, Jason and Marc, and a Girl named Janine were waiting for us near the Stage. Jai hugged them all and introduced me. I instantly connected with them, which made me really happy.

We brought ourselves something to drink and went further into the Parc. The atmosphere was incredible and went even better as Mr. Williamson entered the Stage. We had a ton of fun, sway to “home among the Gumtrees”, cheered with “A number on my back” and rocked at “Diggers of the Anzac”. My sorrows to be the odd one out were void, Jai was at my side and his friends involved me in their talks all the time! Janine seems genuinely happy that she wasn’t the only Girl anymore. “You know, Jai can’t get you out of his head” she suddenly told me, while the Boys gets us another drink. I looked at her amazed. “But I’m surely not the first girl he’s on a date with” She shooked her head, smiling “No, of course not, but you’re the first *normal* one. All the other women seemed to be out of place with us, they don’t enjoy things like this. They’re all Model-typed girls with their heads and noses up in the air.” I swallowed, with Models, I couldn’t compete. When she saw my Mood-change, Janine instantly knew what I was thinking. “Hey, that’s not what I intend. I know Jai for over ten years now, and he never spoke that much and that good about anyone as he did about you!” We couldn’t talk about it any longer because the boys were back with our drinks.

The concert approached his end three hours later. Now it was dark, everything slowed down and bonfires were lit up all over the place. Mr. Williamson just started my favorite Song “Shelter” when Jai stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He drew me to his chest, I laid my head back onto him and he placed a soft kiss on my head. I deeply inhaled the scent of his aftershave and sighted. As stupid as it sounds, but with Jai, I felt at home. Deep inside I wished this moment would never end. Janine saw us standing like this and smiled knowingly to me. I put my Hands above Jai’s and smiled too.

After the concert, we said good-bye to the rest of the bunch and drove back home. Jai led me to my door. “It was a great evening, thank you so much!” I said quietly. He smiled “No, I have to thank you!” Again he dragged me to him “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!” I looked up to him and our eyes met. There was something in his eyes, something new. My sight went down to his lips and suddenly I thought about how it would feel to kiss him. As if Jai had read my mind, he laid his index under my chin and lifted my head up so he could look me in the eyes again, like he asked for permission. Before I could say anything he immediately understands and crushed his lips on mine. He kissed me so softly, so tenderly and put his hands on both sides of my face. After what seemed like an eternity we parted. Jai put his forehead to mine and groaned quietly “I wanted to do that since I saw you sitting in front of your workshop” he whispered. I smiled “Do you want to come in?” I asked him but he refused “As much as I wished to, but we have to get up early tomorrow. And if I join you now, I swear we wouldn’t get much sleep. I see you tomorrow!” Again he kissed me lightly.

I was in my workshop and sorted screws to my toolbox when I heard a quiet knock on my door. Absentmindedly I called the person in without looking at it. Suddenly a pair of Hands touched my shoulders and started to massage them. At the same time, someone kissed my neck lovingly. A pleasant shiver runs down my spine. “Did you know how sexy you are, even in workwear?” the person whispered to my ear. I smiled and turned around. There was Jai, dressed in full costume. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Eric, how dare you sneak up on me? What happened if Jai caught you? You know you’ve got a problem then, don’t you?” He smirked “I’m a fearless dauntless leader! I’ll mix him up, tell him to fuck off, and show him that you’re mine and mine alone! He growled possessively, took me in his Arms and kissed me passionately.

We heated up fast. Jai’s hands were roaming all over my body and get rested on my butt. He lifted me up, sets me down on my workbench and positioned himself between my legs. I could feel his arousal instantly. I kissed him back and shoved him away. “Hon, believe me, there is nothing I desire more now than doing this, but we need to stop before things are getting out of hand!” Jai was breathing heavy but nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Not here, not now” I hopped down the workbench and we just talked for a few minutes till he calmed down and could go back in public.

I took some real time figuring out my dogformers.

Optimus Prime: A wolf hybrid, he’s the largest of them all, and leading comes naturally to him. He nobly regards his team as his family in either robot or canine mode, for that will never change.

Ratchet: An old Golden Retriever, he’s a loyal and trained service dog, skilled in his craft to help others in both a suit of armor and quadrupedal body.

Arcee: An Italian Greyhound, smaller than the rest but nimble and incredibly fast, she’s a smart warrior in both universes.

Bulkhead: A Bullmastiff, he’s a terrifying enemy and a wonderful friend, in either mode he’s a wrecker through and through.

Wheeljack: A bit of a mutt, Jacky’s an Australian Shepherd ((for his reckless cowboy side)) and a Rottweiler ((for his fearlessness)) mix, torn up from his past in either world he stays loyal to his faction no matter what.

Smokescreen: A pure white German Shepherd, chosen not just for the match in paint job ((for the most part)) but for his detail as a security guard at Iacon, he’s focused and confident, but still young, and underestimated in both bot and pup modes.

Bumblebee: A German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, he’s a cute puppy who grows into a fierce dog, a gentle soul he learns from Optimus all he can until his eventual take over as alpha of the pack.

As you can see I put in almost a week of labor and planning before designing these guys. I wanted their coats to match their bot counterparts without using insanely unrealistic colours. Also, I greatly apologize for the bad anatomy, I haven’t drawn a dog in 5+ years….

Fearless vs. Speak Now
Taylor Swift
Fearless vs. Speak Now

HI FRIENDS :):):)  so i made this and i actually worked really hard on it, so it’s this taylor swift mix of 2 of her albums and i think it sounds really cool

so yeah give it a listen if you want ily :)

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One of these two dogs fearlessly helped us corner and catch a fieldmouse in our house last night. The other dog pretty much slept through it, even allowing the critter to pass right under their nose while laying in their bed.
For entertainments sake please reblog or send me a message with your guess as to which dog is the hunter and which dog was lazy as heck.