fearless faith

I pray that one day, each of us can be like David. David who? David, the one who took down Goliath, the giant. Man, the scrawny, youngling everyone thought couldn’t handle the job. Even his brothers, who were on the frontline, were angry with him and couldn’t believe his younger brother was going to attempt to take down Goliath…especially with nothing. Nothing but a few pebbles and a sling shot. But to many of the men of Israel, that’s all it was. However, David had Someone so much stronger and mightier than any giant on his side. He had the Lord. And David bravely and boldly confessed that. And guess what? David took down the giant. Took him right down. Boom.

Man, how many times during our busy days or weeks or months do we face our own giants? The tasks that seem absolutely humongous and like they are going to take YEARS to complete. Maybe it’s the work that’s piling up on your desk or the due dates for papers and exams for your classes. And there’s those reoccurring lies that don’t seem to leave. You can’t do it. You won’t get it done. You’ll never finish it on time. Geez, when did giants become Negative Nellies? But it sure feels like it. Like the world is doubting our capabilities or what we have to offer because it seems like too much to handle or we are too small or too weak or too messy. Um, David took down a 7ft giant that wore at least 200 pounds of armor with a single pebble. Boom, right in the middle of Goliath’s forehead. David, the youngest of eight sons, the kid who constantly obeyed his father, tended the sheep, and who Saul doubted could fulfill the task–a task so many people couldn’t even bring themselves to attempt. But David…he was fearless. He was victorious. He knew he had the Lord to protect Him and he went straight into battle and defeated the giant.

We all gotta have a God-fearin’, David kinda attitude. It’s a new week. It’s a new day. Don’t listen to the world that doesn’t know what you are capable of. Listen to the God who made you in His mighty and perfect image! He has knit you together and has woven your days. You were made to conquer giants. So now watch the giants fall.

{Bible references: 1 Samuel 17; 2 Timothy 4:12}


I could feel my gray wrappings being inexorably stripped away, and small bright streaks of pain shot through me like lightning bolts piercing clouds.

I had no wish to come back, no desire to feel again. I didn’t want to know love, only to have it ripped away once more.

But it was too late. I knew that, even as I fought to hold the gray shroud around me. Fighting only hastened its dissolution; it was like grasping shreds of cloud, that vanished in cold mist between my fingers. I could feel the light coming, blinding and searing.

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People who like cats are ignoring the incredibly problematic lyric “feline, fearless, faithful and true to others who do what jellicles can and jellicles do”

“If we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once into the arms of grace, no matter how fierce that embrace might be.” - Adyashanti

Art - “A Choice to Leap” by Visual Alchemy