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Now, quite a few of you still make interaction with me which is quite a bit progress since 50 followers, but almost over more than half of you don’t really do anything. I did the same tag post thing at 50 followers which did help, so I hope this will too.Now, something I’ve heard quite a lot is “I don’t see you on the homepage often” “I have a lot of work to do” or other shit like that, and I DON’T BLAME YOU. Tbh I should be like those type with a lot of work to do, cuz irl I do have a lot of work, but I am a bad child. Something that might help is the fact that you can turn on post notifications. You don’t have to do this, but it’d really help out! All you have to do is tap the little person on the corner of my blog and on the top of the list that pops up it’ll say “ Get notifications”. All you have to do is hit that and then you’ll get notifications of when I post and you’‘l be able to interact with me! ^w^

Also, if you’re the shy type who doesn’t really ask many things. Please, don’t let the fear get to you. I’m really shy too, but the interent is different. you can talk to me all you want!!I don’t care!

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Relationship Goals

More than anything, I want a relationship like J2′s. Someone who loves me for me, not what I can do for them. Someone who will hug me when i need it, or just because they want to… public or not. Someone who is not only willing to spend 12+ hours a day with me, but actually wants to! Someone who has my back, even if Im wrong, and they call me out on it. Someone who wants our families to be close as well and will text me at midnight to see if I want to go out for drinks, or just to chat for a while. Someone who is fearcely protective of me, but not posessive, and doesnt get angry if I have more friends than just him/her. Someone to encourage me to go outside my comfort zone and see how far I can go. Someone who will look at me like every word I say is important and smiles when I smile. 

I dont care if theyre a real life couple or not, because after 12 years, even real life couples arent like this. Id be more than happy to return all these sentements to that person. 

I’m never going to stop talking about Taylor, and how much this woman means to me. I’ll always defend her, and I can tell you one thing, THE OLD TAYLOR SWIFT MAY BE DEAD BUT THE NEW ONE IS FEARCE AND CRAZY BADASS! And really she isn't taking anyone’s shit anymore! :) 

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