Happy Saturday, y’all!!

This household got up and did work this morning.

Let me tell you, I’ve been crossfitting a year and terrified to wear shorts. But today was the day I overcame that fear and broke out my spandex basically booty shorts. It was pretty awesome to be in shorts in the heat however we did burpees which caused me to have dirt all over my legs.

The WOD:
30 RFT:
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk

Choose your own weight and starting every minute do 3 bar over burpees at the top of the minute. If you drop bar mid complex you have to start over.


I went with 75 for the weight. The goal was 3 complete complexes per minute but that only happened maybe once. The burpees kinda wiped me out. There were a few minutes where I just rested until the next minute started so I could do the burpees faster and then lift the weights. I seriously thought I wasn’t going to finish but pushed till the end!

Afterwords we went to the local fro yo place which happens to be right by CFSSI. They have recovery smoothies with kill cliff in them which is awesome! So she made us our smoothie (mine is strawberry, blueberry and kill cliff) then we also got to drink the leftover kill cliff. It was exciting times.

I was honestly worried I looked weird or out of shape in the shorts but after I saw the picture I was surprisingly pumped about the fact that I look fit!

It was a great start to the weekend. Feeling good today!!