fear the nose

Hello @biteghost!! It’s been a while since I did a little fan art but now that I’m done with university I finally had the chance to make one :3 (planning to do more uwu)

I hope you like it quq <3

When your nearly noseless daughter boops a cute tengu dude with a long nose xDDDD

“I don’t blame her,” Cassian said, shrugging despite his words. “She was—violated. Her body stopped belonging wholly to her.” His jaw clenched. Even Amren didn’t dare say anything. “And I am going to peel the King of Hybern’s skin off his bones the next time I see him.”
His Siphons flickered in answer.”

This acknowledgement. Thank you, Cass. 


“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely bloke.”

{ at your beck and call }

pairing: smfdr x reader

t/w: mention of blood, some fighting

summary: reader goes to see thomas at work when another alpha approaches her.

a/n: @patron-saintof-sluts​ were talking about this and i rushed to write this lol so enjoy! this one takes place in the a/b/o universe as “ever yours.”

inbox || masterlist

You slung your purse over your shoulder and slipped out of the car. You shut and locked the car door behind you. You straightened out your dress before approaching the huge building that your mates worked in. Nothing felt out of the ordinary. You’d just go up to get Thomas and then go home.

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the signs as twenty one pilots songs

{pt. 3 self-titled TWENTY|ONE|PILOTS}

aries: isle of flightless birds // We find our worth in giving birth and stuff || We’re lining our homes against winding roads || And we think the going is tough
We pick songs to sing, remind us of things that nobody cares about || And honestly we’re probably more suicidal than ever now

taurus: taxi cab // I wanna fall inside your ghost || And fill up every hole inside my mind || And I want everyone to know || That I am half a soul divided || Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away || Either way you’re by my side until my dying days || And if I’m not there and I’m far away || I said, “Don’t be afraid.” || I said, “Don’t be afraid. We’re going home.”

gemini: pantaloon // You are tired || You are hurt || A moth ate through || Your favorite shirt || And all your friends fertilize || The ground you walk || Lose your mind || He’s seen too many stare downs || Between the sun and the moon || In the morning air || How he used to hustle all the people || Walking through the fairgrounds || He’s been around too long 

cancer: oh mrs believer // Oh, Miss Believer, my pretty sleeper || Your twisted mind is like snow on the road || Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder || Inside your head than the winter of dead || I will tell you I love you || But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears || My nose and feet are running as we start || To travel through snow || Together we go

leo: trapdoor // He wakes up early today || Throws on a mask that will alter his face || Nobody knows his real name || But now he just uses one he saw on a grave || He pretends that he’s okay || But you should see || Him in bed late at night, he’s petrified 

virgo: addict with a pen // But no matter how || How tightly I will strain || The sand will slow me down || And the water will drain || I’m just being dramatic || In fact, || I’m only at it again || As an addict with a pen || Who’s addicted to the wind || As it blows me back and forth || Mindless, spineless, and pretend || Of course I’ll be here again || See you tomorrow || But it’s the end of today || End of my ways || As a walking denial

libra: before you start your day // Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you’re alright || Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind || You’re in my mind || I’m singing || You’re in my mind|| I’m singing la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da da

scorpio: implicit demand for proof // I mean no disrespect || I am simply very perplexed || By your ways || Why won’t you let us || Use your name? || Rain down || And destroy me || Rain down || And destroy me || Rain down

sagittarius: march to the sea // No one looks up anymore || 'Cause you might get a raindrop in your eye || And Heaven forbid they see you cry || As we fall in line || And about this time of every year || The line will go to the ocean pier || And walk right off into the sea || And then we fall asleep

capricorn: johnny boy // He is falling in love || He knows it’s enough || And the world looks down and frowns || Get up Johnny boy, get up Johnny boy, || Get up ‘cause the world has left you lying on the ground. || You’re my pride and joy, you’re my pride and joy. || Get up Johnny boy because we all need you now.

aquarius: friend, please // I feel for you but when did you believe you were alone || You say that spiders crawled inside and made themselves a home || Where light once was || Petrified of who you are and who you have become || You will hide from everyone, denying you need someone || To exterminate your bones

pisces: fall away // I don’t wanna fall, fall away || I disguise || And I will lie || And I will take my precious time || As the days melt away || As I stand in line || And I die as I wait as I wait on my crime || And I’ll try to delay what you make of my life || But I don’t want your way, || I want mine || I’m dying and I’m trying || But believe me I’m fine || But I’m lying, || I’m so very far from fine

Red Riding Hood

My name is Cynn and I am 18 years old, earlier this year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had never even kissed a boy, much less gone any further. I was innocent and my body was sweet, pretty, and untouched, at least until that day.

It was a warm summer day and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. So I put on my pretty new red hat and my matching spring dress. I told my mother where I was going, just like a good girl should. To my surprise she told me to stay away from the woods near my house. When I asked why, she told me that there was a wolf pack that was eating the neighborhood cats and scaring children. I assured her that I would keep far away from the woods, but was very disappointed because this was exactly where I wanted to go. However, being a good girl I listened to my mother and went to walk in the other woods on the other side of town. It was a long walk and far away from any houses, but I didn’t mind since it was a nice day and as I walked a let the sun shine on my face and warm me. By the time I got to the woods it was the middle of the afternoon and I was very tired. I followed one of the trails far down into the woods, until I came across a small meadow. “What a wonderful place to lay in the sun and take a nap,” I thought. So I laid out the blanket I had with me and proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I looked at my wrists and saw two large wolves. Each one had one of my wrists in his mouth and was forcing my hands and arms over my head. I screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because I was so afraid. But I was in the woods on the other side of town, not in the woods by my house so there was no one close enough to hear me no matter how loudly I screamed. I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see another large wolf bearing his teeth and looking at me. The two wolves held my hands tightly in their mouths, so I was helpless to do anything to stop this third one. “My God” I thought to myself “they are going to kill me and eat me like they did the neighborhood cats.” This thought made my heart race even more then it had been and almost made me pass out. The third wolf began to sniff over my body slowly, I watched as he worked his way up my legs. His wet nose sometimes touching my flesh and making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my tight young bush he stopped, he looked up at me and I almost saw the lust and cruelness of a man in his gaze. He bent his head under my dress and gave my innocence a long wet lick through my panties. Well of course I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood from the beast, but he quickly began to rip at my thighs with his paws and claws. The pain was unbearable, “please stop, please it hurts me,” I begged. Even though I knew he could not understand me and that he would not stop if he did.

Tears were running down my cheeks as I tried the best I could to resist opening my legs. I could feel the claws scrapping my legs, making large red whelps on me. He was digging into me like he would dig in dirt to bury a bone. Ripping my dress to shreds. Not being capable of standing it anymore I opened my legs, but he still scratched on either side, ripping off the rest of the dress and even shredding my panties. I began to scream out again as loud as I could, even though I knew it wouldn’t do me any good, I also opened my legs as far as I could exposing my pussy to the wolf’s lusts. Amid my screams and cries he stopped clawing and positioned himself directly between my legs, he hunkered down to block my legs from closing and starting licking me hard and fast. The rough sharp tongue began to hurt me almost instantly, my hips were bucking trying to keep the painful thing out of me. “My sweet virgin hole has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by a beast,” I thought to myself. It was almost too much to bear, the animal toyed with my pussy nipping me and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt me and liking it. All the while the other two beasts held my hands firmly, keeping me completely without defense. I lay there, my legs spread and being forced to accept the animal’s punishment.

The wolf on my left let go of my hand and started to walk over my body, quickly I tried to lower the hand to protect my pussy from the tongue that was tearing it apart. The beast on the left gave me a hard nip on the hand and helplessly I returned it over my head. Now the wolf on the right also let go and moved down my body. Completely helpless, the three behemoths were now free to violate my body to their delight, with no way for me to stop them. I was far too afraid to try and protect myself again knowing that they would bite and hurt me. The other two beasts, free of holding my hands now took up positions on either side of me and began to rip off the top portion of my dress, in an instant they were through my dress and gnawing off my bra. I lay very still afraid of being nipped, while they quickly began to harshly lick my breasts. My firm young breasts and nipples were being roughly treated by their tongues. I arched my back as the dog at my pussy again gave my pussy lips a hard nip, making me yelp in pain. My pussy was being filled with the beast’s spittle as my breasts were being abused by the other two animals. My nipples began to grow hard by instinct, giving the merciless rapists the perfect targets to nip and abuse. Screaming in pain as my body was abused from all sectors, unable to defend my frail sex organs. The wolf on my right seeing my mouth open and inviting, rammed his muzzle into my mouth, licking deep into my throat. I tried and tried to get him out, but his muzzle forced the back of my head against the ground and he took pleasure in my mouth, while the other two were content to keep abusing my other parts. My pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as my mouth was violated from the long tongue, so much pain, and I knew it was only the beginning.

The wolf at my breasts began nipping harder and harder, making me scream on the other wolf’s  tongue and causing a trickle of blood to come from the nipple. Not knowing what to do, but knowing that I did not want my tit eaten off I reached down and began to stroke his cock, hoping to calm him some. He flinched and growled when I first touched him, but quickly got to humping my hand, he also abused my breast slightly less. I felt like such a slut, here I was being tongue licked in the cunt, mouth, and breast by beasts and now I had to masturbate one of them. My pussy couldn’t take any more punishment and my legs closed harder and harder around the wolf. This must have made him angry because he nipped my pussy very hard and made me almost swallow the other dog’s tongue during my scream. The one in my hand began to grow and the cock came out of its skin, he was huge much larger than I thought anyone or anything got. The wolf at my pussy, still angry backed away and began to growl loudly, I knew then that he must have been the leader because the other dogs also backed away from me. “What are they going to do to me now,” I thought. “Oh no, not that they couldn’t be thinking of doing THAT.”

The beast at my head took a mouthful of my hair and pulled upwards, causing so much pain. The leader took my left leg in his mouth and began to pull me over. The combined effect made me roll over onto my stomach and rise up on my hands. A hard nip on my ass quickly got it in the air also. I knew they would have me as they wished and that there was nothing I could do to stop them. Tears ran down my face as I was about to take my fate. The leader mounted my back and wrapped his strong paws around my waist, his weight held me in place unable to move. I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass. The leader began to rock against my ass, making his cock grow to an enormous size. One wolf licked my dangling breast as the other licked my face and lips. I tried to keep the dog at my fronts tongue out of my mouth, but he followed and toyed with my face. The beast at my breast would nip me to make me scream and open the way for the dog at my fronts cruel tongue. The leader positioned his now huge hard cock at my tender pussy, he rocked into it and I screamed in agony. It hit my pussy and blunted against my hymen. Again he rocked this time harder and my hymen burst open, lubricating his way with my blood. The wolf at my front was Frenching my mouth good as I screamed, taking me as he wished, the other beast also seemed to enjoy my swaying breasts as their leader entered me. The leader slowly, painfully fed his huge meat into me, my virginity had been taken by a wolf. The wolf on my breast began to nip harshly again and I knew what he wanted, I scooped up his still semi-hard cock and began to jerk him.

The leader built up a good rhythm inside my and continued to stretch my pussy to its limits. The beast at my mouth decided to complete my humiliation and mounted my front, his large disgusting cock right in my face. Moaning in pain from the violation of my pussy made my mouth an easy target for his cock, and he wasted little time in slamming it deep into me. I could taste the salty precum as he worked it against the back of my throat, it gagged me badly. Both wolf’s knots filled my poor abused body, locking my helplessly. The leader and wolf in my mouth forced me to work between them now. The leader would ram me hard with his powerful legs forcing me deep onto the beast cock in my mouth, then the beast I was sucking would thrust back and force my pussy deeper onto the huge leader’s dick. Being forced to be made into their rape bitch, being gagged and stuffed by the cocks as I was forced to jerk off the third. The beast in my mouth began to moan and jerk erratically, his cock throbbing inside me. While without my consent my pussy began to respond to the cock abusing it, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle. The wolf cock in my mouth seemed to explode and hot cum ran down my throat and out of my nose, I gagged and coughed as it filled me. The wolf removed himself from my mouth and walked a short distance away to clean off his abusive cock. My mouth was only free for an instant as the beast I was jerking left my breasts and mounted my face. He growled menacingly and I knew what I had to do. I began to lick the cock with my tongue, tasting the precum and almost vomiting. The leader continued to rape my pussy as the new wolf sampled my mouth. He thrust his cock at my mouth like a dagger, I tried to avoid it hoping a lick job would be enough, but he growled and I knew I had to take him in my throat. His knot was already formed from my hand job and so when he shoved his cock in my throat the knot hit my lip and bloodied it. I tried to scream, but my mouth and face were engorged with the huge cock. I could feel my pussy working the leader’s cock now and I could also feel a stirring deep inside of me. “Please God,” I thought. “I can’t cum….my first orgasm can’t be while I am raped by wolf cocks.” But my bodies mind was made up and the stirring got stronger, I noticed as it did that I began to take the beast in my mouth deeper, and used my tongue to lick the underside of his huge male hood. Licking harder and the cock going deeper and deeper as the cock in my pussy continued to control and win me over. The leader’s cock pistoning in and out of my well overstuffed pussy. Moaning on the cock, not being able to take anymore. So many cocks, so hard, and me so helpless. They were turning me into their slut, making me enjoy their cocks. I screamed out as I had the first and strongest orgasm of my life, continuing to suck the huge dog cock and stroke it with my hand as I did. The leader let out a low growl and spilled his hot seed deep into me, overcoming my capacity and it running down the back of my legs. Still sucking, the leader just held in me until his knot subsided, then with a pop he was out.

I was crying now as my orgasm had passed and I realized what a slut they had made me in the throes of orgasm. I guess since I wasn’t sucking as good the third dog figured he would finish off in my cum covered cunt. He left my mouth and walked behind me, I was gasping for air and weeping, in no condition to plan an escape, so I just held still. He mounted me and found my hole, now gaping from the leader’s large knot. He was in me and pumping away furiously, as he did the leader came around to my face and put his blood and cum covered cock to my lips. He growled and there was no doubt what he wanted. Disgusted to the core I began to clean off the cock that raped me and took my virginity. I could taste the blood and dog cum on it, and far worse I could taste my pussy juices on it, still more proof of what a slut they had made me.

The wolf at my pussy was again making me respond, there was nothing I could do. His large hot cock ramming in and out of me so forceful and strong, caused a reaction in my pussy that spread throughout my body. I licked the leaders cock and enjoyed it as he smeared the cummy thing on my face, again I was coming and again I was a slut. The first wolf that came must have recovered his lust because now he was over and making me lick him also, I was moaning as I came and was being forced to pleasure the two other cocks with my mouth. The wolf in my pussy spurted his hot load into me and again I came to me senses, it was horrible like a lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that the animals were making me cum. Making me enjoy their rapes.

The wolf that came first now walked down, being the only one not to have fucked me (he made me suck him and came in my mouth). The wolf that had just cum dismounted and the new rapist hopped up on me. My pussy was stretched horribly, so the wolf aimed a bit higher, slamming his cock into my ass. I was still being forced to lick and suck the leader as my ass ring was stretched and violated. The cock painfully went into me, and within moments the knot was butting its way inside. It hurt me so very bad, but made me stir also. Licking the leader’s large cock running my tongue from knot to tip and back again, my chin and pussy dripping from cum. Moaning from the ass rape and sucking harder, “yeah fuck me good,”

I whimpered. Almost instantly I felt the guilt but forced it back as I was being taken and being made to enjoy it. I began to scream loudly for them to fuck me more, for them to all take me at once and to make me their slut. “Fuck me Fuck me, more please,” I begged. They all took me several more times, raping my mouth, ass, and face. After about an hour I passed out and awoke to find them gone, who knows how many times they fucked me while I was out. I did know that they had all pissed on me before they left, so I was a mess; covered with cum and urine, clothes tattered and destroyed. I sneaked along the woods back to my house, got inside and showered and changed so that my mom never knew a thing.

So that is my story, now every warm afternoon I walk to these woods and lay in the sun on the blanket, hoping I will be awakened by the sharp pain on my wrist of my rapist beast’s  teeth. Ready and hoping to be made their rape slut bitch again.

tanovic54321  asked:

Can you do a Zach imagine where his gf(that doesn't go to the same school as him)plays futbal (soccer)& she has a game against his school on their field?& well he's in the stands cheering her on she takes & hit from the other team well trying to make a goal, getting knocked down & hurt in the process & he loses his shit running over to her ect(even tho he's not suppose to) b/c common soccer is a rough sport 😂🤕⚽

Good Luck Kiss

Zach Dempsey x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, 3 am grammar mistakes

Words: 920ish

A/N: It’s right now 3 am and I just scrolled through my inbox; finding this. And I fell in love with this request cuz damn, I can’t stop imagining Zach exactly doing this. But please let me excuse my grammar mistakes (again) it took me roughly 20 minutes to write this and I wanna include the fact that it’s 3 AM & 3 Am is not a time to be awake for me. So please have mercy on me!xx


“Zach, what are you doing in here?”, I screeched while covering my half naked body with the jersey that I was about to put on when I saw my boyfriend entering the girls’ locker room while carefully checking if anyone else was in here changing.

He turned to his left, to see my small figure standing there with a maroon coloured jersey knitted in my hands and covering my chest as he slowly walked towards me, wearing his cheeky smile on his lips.

“What the hell are you doing in here?”, I questioned him while turning my back on him so I can change into the freshly washed T-shirt I had to wear during the match to support my school.

Zach leaned against one of the randomly standing lockers and shrugged his shoulders at my answer, still smiling at me like he was planning on something wicked. I narrowed my eyes at him as I sat down on the bench and supported one leg on the bench while I tied my shoe laces, waiting for him to finally say something.

“I’m just here to give you a good-luck-kiss.”, I looked up from my shoes, seeing him itching his neck in uneasiness and worry.

Since last week Monday, Zach tried to stop me from going to my soccer practice so I can’t attend today’s match against his school with no further explanation.

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The Student Vs The Master - Peter Hale

Request by anonymous in Tumblr
Pairing - Peter Hale x reader
Warnings - swearing, fighting, blood
Story -

The past

I was 8 years old when I had first met Deucalion. I stood on the edge of the woods watching horrified as my alpha killed the pack including, my mother, father and big brother. I hadn’t seen their murder on the bodies on the ground as the alpha killed our final pack mate. Running deep into the woods till I couldn’t run or breathe anymore, stopped and sat crying at the base of a tree.

A voice made me look up, the older wolf offered his hand out. “what’s wrong, why is a little wolf like you out here crying” he asked smoothly. “he killed them, he killed them all” I said with a tear stained face. After telling him what I had seen, Deucalion offered me a place in his pack, and protection. Sadly agreed knowing I didn’t have anywhere else to go and an omega wolf my age won’t last a month alone. 

Within the next few years Deucalion taught me everything he could, how to control the shifts, how to fight, hunt and kill. By the time I turned 13 I followed Deucalion without questioning his ideas like a trained puppet. We came across your old alpha the one who killed my family. Deucalion was the one to tell me to kill him “get revenge for your family and take the power he stole from them.” I did it not thinking twice my blue eyes turned as red as the blood on my hands.

Deucalion couldn’t of planned it better a young pup with nothing and all to eager to please her savoir and that’s how he made me, by reminding me what I would be without him, nothing. I was his best and most willing soldier he still had a soft spot for me caring like he wasn’t with the others. I was a daughter he never had, that was until the day I left him. when I was about 19 I had found out the truth thanks to a jealous Kali who wanted me gone to be his new right hand wolf.
Deucalion was the one who made my former alpha kill the pack and family. I also found out it had been planned for me to join him before my family was dead. he wanted a wolf born child to make a killer, to be the faithful beta I was. by this time he was building his alpha pack and i finally started to see him as the monster he was. so I ran leaving the pack an finding a way to live on my own.

present time 

now 20 I’d been trying to start a normal-ish life, but it hadn’t worked like I hoped so gave myself a new life mission. one day Deaton a vet in beacon hills and emissary told me about Deucalion being in beacon hills. He somehow knew I was after the Wolf and said he could help me help his friends, I couldn’t stand around doing nothing that had been my goal for the last year to find and kill the demon wolf. I had watched and helped him destroy packs before and couldn’t let him do it to this one especially knowing Talia hale in the past, she’d offered me a home with her when I was 10. But I refused Deucalion had already gotten his claws into my mind, I felt I should help her son after she’d once offered me help. After getting the address to the hale loft I went. 

Outside the hear the sounds of a fight could be heard. When I got to the open door I saw Deucalion’s pack along with the pack I was here to help and from the first glimpse they needed it. Looking I saw Ennis throw a young curly haired boy across the room into the wall, Kali had hold of a pole through Derek’s back and chest Deucalion crouched over him. The twins had another wolf, one twin keeping the wolfs arms behind his back while the other twin had his claws on the older wolfs throat. 

Making a snap decision, I throw my mobile as hard as at the twin knocking him out. The whole room froze looking at me,  changing my eyes making then glow alpha red. Kali pulled the pole from Derek’s body growling, I flicked my claws out ready to fight her. Deucalion roared for her to stop, he stood up walking toward me. Derek holding his chest crawled to Issac at the side of the loft. Everyone was still Deucalion’s pack looked nervous while the rest looked confused.
“finally come back to where you belong, back to the pack, your family y/n” he said smirked saying the words. I felt a growl leave my chest. Stepping down the couple of steps to face him “I don’t have family or a pack! Not anymore” I snap back still flicking my eyes round at the rest of the packs, I could sense there nerves, anger, curiosity. Making me feel on edge. Deucalion laughed “what come to try and fit in with this pathetic pack” he asked circling me stirring with his alpha eyes “or have you come here with different intentions” he ask more quizzical, but knowing he was right. 

I know he was baiting me the way he walked round, and the words he chose. I also know how to play him, “ive come to stop you ripping apart another pack”.  he laughed more, “you really think you can beat me, y/n don’t be silly I taught you everything you know, I know what your going to do before you do it, I raised you remember” he added emphasis on the word remember roaring it out. I  swallow hard now feeling intimated by him trying not to let it show. “how about a bet or game shall we say” my voice stayed calm and steady which I was thankful for. I knew he couldn’t turn down a challenge especially in front of his pack. I watched him think it over your eyes still watching the room. 

By now Derek and his beta where by the wall Ennis and kali stood where Deucalion stood originally before his vulture circling, the twin I hit with the phone was still on the floor. His brother had let go of the handsome wolf. The was something about his natural blue eyes that made my heart skip. The sound of Deucalion’s voice made me stop stirring “and what is this game you have in mind” he asked. “me against you! One on one and if I beat you, your pack leaves and never comes back they split go there own was or I’ll kill them all” I stated boldly. I could hear the snigger come from both Deucalion and Kali, “and if I win this little fight what do I get” he asked.

This was where I’d hit a snag in your plan I didn’t have much to offer him really so playing to what I knew best “me, or my life anyway. You win and ether you can kill me and do whatever or I come back to the pack do what you say no questions asked like the old days” I said playing to his dominant ego “you know I was the best beta you had” I laughed at the growl coming from Kali. After a few minutes he hadn’t spoken “how about one last lesson sir” I know the word sir you make him agree, it was something he made you call him during training and it had stuck, but you also knew by saying the words he wouldn’t resist.  

He roared loud shifting his face, Kali, Ennis and the twins now the other was awake all gave small supporting growls. I met his challenge roaring loudly too shifting into my own full alpha wolf side, what I didn’t expect was the handsome wolf to roar with me “well it looks like you do have a pack after all y/n” Kali smiled looking at the Wolf. 

I didn’t have any time to think about them, Deucalion ran me swinging his cane, the point caught my arm leaving a tiny scratch. I stepped back before attacking him, catching his arm. I played weak to start letting him get and connect well planned hits. He was the type of guy who got sloppy as he got cocky I wanted him like that thinking he has control until I decided to take it away.

*** Peter pov ***

I was held by the twins as Deucalion tried to convince Derek into killing his pack and joining Deucalion. After Derek said no, and I’d tried to fight my way out Deucalion ordered Ethan to kill me “he’s not even in this pack so get rid of him” the words rang in my head as I thought of a way out of this. Ethan claws wrapped round my throat, when I saw him drop to the floor I looked to see the most incredible, gorgeous girl stood in the door way.

As she entered the loft the smell of anger, hate and a hint of fear hit my nose as I watched her challenge him. something about her turned me on, she looked at me I felt my heart pound at the sight of her. I lost my self looking her up and down her tight skinny jeans flat back boots and loose vest top. I know it wasn’t the ideal time for checking out the mysterious girl but she had my attention along with the rest if the room. 

“and if I win” I heard Deucalion say snapping me back out of my daydream. It took me a minute to work out what I had missed in there conversation. I watched him shift into what he called the demon wolf hid pack growling. Watching y/n she had no pack no back up, Derek and Issac both kept there heads down I felt bad for the little alpha, until she roared back. They sound went through me I could feel the vibrations in my body, without being able to stop myself I roared with her. We both look at each other with a hint of confusion when I see her eye flick from me to Deucalion’s pack and back again. 

He launched at her starting in their agreed battle, I watched her intently the way she moved, attacked twisted and turned her body. At first she didn’t look at good as her confidence sounded Deucalion getting in some nasty blows. I wanted to run to her fight with her, my head telling myself why she’s just a girl you don’t know. Y/n got hit hard in the face sending her back as she hit the floor by my feet, looking up at me she smiled winking. I couldn’t help think this was going her way the looked at me I couldn’t explain but she didn’t look defeated.  

“I thought I taught you better then that y/n” he growled as she got to her feet. Her expression was different now, like she was annoyed and flustered but I couldn’t help feel after the wink this was fake, a show for Deucalion. I watched the fight in front of me, as she started to fight back with an amazing skill. It was like watching a kung-fu movie. She had moves I’d never seen before.

*** y/n pov***

Everything was working out, well except for the new wolf who I couldn’t keep my eyes off. He was proving to be a slight distraction. Deucalion was now slowing and easing his attacks, trying to tell me corrections like this was a lesson. “your to slow with your actions, you should know better then that.” soon I turned up my attacks surprising him when I clawed his chest deeply, using his cockiness against him. After what felt like a good half an hour I was tired, cut sore but willing to keep going. I could see Deucalion getting tired too. After a continued sequence of blocked attacks on both sides it was like nether of you was winning or losing the fight.

I caught him in the face with a kick, he jumped up from the floor grabbing his cane, “time to end this” he growled swiping it from left to right diagonally, then back again. Watching his pattern I grabbed the cane as it came down spinning round behind him trapping his arms with his own cane. My claws digging into his throat “I win” I whisper in his ear. He roared “kill them” I looked the whole thing was like slow motion. Kali smiled still holding the metal pole her eyes fixed on the Wolf with the blue eyes, she lifted it to throw it. I clawed Deucalion not hard enough to kill him then kicked him to the floor. Spinning round as fast as I could, I dived on the man pushing him out the way. “you okay” I asked on top of him, behind me I heard voices shout out “peter”. He nodded as we both got up, he flicked out his claws smiling at me. Smiling back “go” I ordered. He ran at the twins, Derek and his beta was on there feet as Ennis ran at them. I looked round for Deucalion ready to finish what I came to do.

Kali stood in the way, she had wanted this for a long time, a chance to fight you finally to prove who was the better wolf. The fight didn’t last long, I beat Kali quick slamming my claws into her ribs until she bled out, then focused on Deucalion. His wounds from my claws was still deep as he struggled standing up “let’s finish this y/n” he said. I smiled at him “happily.” This time you didn’t waste your time playing, you ran at him your fangs out. You let him run at you this time, when he was inches away you ducked grabbing his arm and crouch pushing him to the plaster post in the wall. You didn’t give him time to react or say anything witty you wanted this to end now! Biting hard on his throat ripping the flesh away.

***Peter pov ***

She saved me, y/n had her enemy in her claws and dropped him for me. My head span as she laid onto of me, nobody had ever tried to save my life before not even my own nephew. As she got up a fight between everyone broke out. She ran to Kali and Deucalion, I took on the twins wanting payback for earlier.
A loud roar made us all stop and look y/n had Deucalion in her hands blood round her mouth, the loft fell silent the only sound was his body hitting the floor. She looked at Ennis and the twins “leave now” she said calmly, they quickly left taking their dead pack members with them. It wasn’t until they had gone and the adrenaline wore of on her, she stumbled back almost collapsing. Derek and I grabbed her, helping her to a chair. She smiled at me this time I truly saw her, not just the sexy badass alpha but beauty in her eyes, sweetness of her face, that quickly changed to a wince.

When I took my hand from her it was sticky and red. I lifted her top to see the true damage Deucalion had done to her. I ran to get the first aid box, outside I heard Derek talking to her.

***y/n pov***

Derek came close as the other man ran out the room. The younger beta stood a little back looking like he didn’t know what to do. “I’m Derek H… ” he started but I cut him off “Hale, I know we met once a long time ago” I smile. He looked confused the words how and when clear on his face. “your mother offered me home with her but I left with Deucalion like an idiot, you was there too, but a lot younger back then” Derek nodded “this is Isaac my beta” he pointed to the young curly haired boy who smiled and gave a small wave. My eyes went to the doorway where the other man went “and that’s my uncle Peter” he told me. As I told them how I had been brought up by Deucalion after he’d had my family killed and why I left his pack, Peter helped clean the claw marks on my back as I spoke.

Peter brought me a drink over, even though being a werewolf I couldn’t get drunk but I appreciated the gesture. I didn’t notice Derek and Isaac leave, leaving me alone with Peter. “thanks” I muttered taking the glass from him, “your welcome y/n” his voice was smooth and deep. “I think you’d need it the way your feeling” he said. I looked at him “I don’t think anybody knows what I’m feeling”

***Peter pov***

She asked me how did I know how she was feeling and to be honest I didn’t I could only guess. “you feel relieved for killing the monster who killed your family but also empty now you have no goal no life long mission to hunt him down, leaving you numb” she looked you at me I know I’d perked her interest. “your also feeling grief even though you hated Deucalion for what he did, he was still the closest thing to family you had, and now your feeling more alone” I didn’t mean it to sound so sassy and mean.

“I guess you understand more than I thought!” she sadly smiled at me. I sat closer to get putting my arms round her “but you didn’t have to be alone” I told her. I couldn’t understand why I was drawn to her, maybe it was because she saved my life or the lustful feeling I had but I wanted to know more about her.

***y/n pov***
We had been talking for ages, his comforting arm around me didn’t feel strange or out of place. After an hour we was laughing and joking I had almost forgotten about killing Deucalion. The only reminder was when I laughed to hard and the healing cuts would sting.
Peter looked at me holding a serious face, “why did you save me before” he asked. “probably for the same reason you roared with me before the fight” I answered he’s expression looking more puzzled “I think it’s a pack thing I felt a connection with you and I was hoping if you want I’d like you to join me as my beta” you told him.

Peter closed the gap between us, using his hand to move my hair from my face. “I felt a connection too just I was thinking something more then a beta” he said as he cupped my cheeks bringing his lips inches away from mine, he looked into my eyes giving me chance to push him away. I didn’t instead I landed forward meeting his lips. Peter dominated the kiss pushing me back till my back hit the wall. When he pulled away he rested his head on my forehead “what do you say little Alpha, do you want me as more than just your beta” his tones was raspy and seductive, I couldn’t say no to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him again. He ran his hands down my sides to my thighs tapping them, I jumped a little as he held me up my legs rounds his waist. Peter didn’t break the kiss instead carried me up the stairs to his room in the loft.

He was right I didn’t have to be alone anymore, I knew from now on I would always have Peter Hale by my side.

Ohmygod this is so incredibly late and i’m so so sorry for that! I just got really busy with school and other personal things, however, we promise now that the new year has come to be a lot more active on this blog because our ask box is just filled with so many requests so there will be a lot coming your way!

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“Four-eyes, you finished that physics assignment, right?” Jeongguk calls him nonchalantly, lean figure resting against the lockers in front of Kim Taehyung’s, who was currently retrieving his textbooks and shoving them into his bookbag.

Taehyung blows his bangs out from his face, pushing up his glasses.

“‘Course I did, you’d kill me if I didn’t.” He states simply, shoving the finished assignment onto Jeongguk’s chest. “Don’t copy it word for word, Mr. Kwon is anal about copying.”

That was just Taehyung’s everyday routine. Jeon Jeongguk hasn’t completed a single homework assignment, review packet, essay in seemingly months. Not with Kim Taehyung around, absolutely submissive and terrified of the younger boy despite the age difference. Taehyung was skinny, body lanky and small. He wore clothing much too large for his tiny frame, hair always in disheveled curls, thick large frames perched atop of his nose bridge.

He was the perfect target.

Sure he was occasionally sassy, threw in a snarky remark here and there but he never once did anything about Jeon Jeongguk’s prying eyes on his test sheet during calculus.

He knew better not to, if he did, there would be consequences.

Jeongguk likes to think of it as something akin to a trade-off. Taehyung does all of Jeongguk’s school work, and in return, Jeongguk doesn’t beat the living shit out of him.

So every morning, Jeongguk waits impatiently at Taehyung’s locker, foot tapping in irritance and he inwardly curses the older boy for taking so damn long. His excuse for being late was always something that was awfully pleasant and sweet of him that made Jeongguk absolutely sick to his stomach.

And sure his caring personality was rather admirable, but Jeongguk’s grade in physics was far from it.

It isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Taehyung to be shoved up against a locker, Jeongguk’s fingers grasped tightly against the older boy’s collar.

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anonymous asked:

What if Dadsona turns out to be a werewolf? How would the dads react?

Last night’s events still echo in your mind. It had been just you and Amanda for so long, just the two of you against the world, you’d forgotten that this could be something you ought to share with your partner. Preferably before they find you writhing in your backyard, gasps turning into growls as your fingers grew into claws and fur breaking through your skin. You still remember the look of utter surprise and shock on their face, the last thing you had clearly seen before the hunt took over. Run, the forest is calling, run, moon, dirt, run, scent, hunt—

Exhausted and practically dead on your feet, you walk back home. Immediately after moving to Maple Bay, Amanda and you hid backpacks with a change of clothes in strategic places throughout the forest so when full moon came, you wouldn’t have to run through the streets completely naked. You throw down the (now) empty backpack after opening the front door and inhale. There’s someone else here. You haven’t been together for long as this point, but the wolf in you would recognise that scent everywhere. It sang of love, of mate. The logical part of your brain, though, wonders just for how much longer that would be. No prolonging the inevitable, you tell yourself and you take a deep breath before going into the living room.

🥃 You’re not sure what your eyes are drawn to first: Robert’s bloodshot eyes that spoke of a night spent without sleep, the silver knife in his hands or the dog treats on the table. Further, your mind cannot decide what to be most offended by. “I’m not a dog.” Robert doesn’t flinch, thank god, nor raise the knife, he just watches you warily as you walk past him into the kitchen. When you return a moment later, he’s sitting on the couch, so you sink into the chair opposite from him. Neither of you says anything for a few minutes. You sip on your coffee and watch him watching you. In your time as a werewolf, you had seen plenty a self-proclaimed hunter; they all had the same kind of look in their eyes. Robert doesn’t. “I’d give you the ‘Nothing has changed, I’m still me’ speech, but I don’t think you’d appreciate it.” Robert’s only reaction is a grunt. “Wolf’s out of the bag now. What’re you going to do about it?” You meet his eyes with a lot more outward composure than you feel on the inside. He doesn’t look at you like you are prey, but understandably, you’re nervous. A minute, maybe two, maybe five, passes with you two just looking at each other. Eventually, Robert lowers his knife. “I’m too attached to you, kid,” he huffs. You’re fluent enough in Robert to read between the lines and nod. Then, like a switch has been flipped, his demeanour changes. “Are there more like you? Are you allergic to silver? What about wolfsbane—“

🍸 Joseph flinches the moment he notices your presence and takes a step back. Seeing the fear in his eyes feels like someone is squeezing your heart while it’s still in your chest. “Joe—“
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He’s visibly struggling to appear calm, but you can smell that he is scared and damn, does it hurt. “Were you ever going to tell me?” You take a deep breath and lean against the couch in the least intimidating posture possible. “Eventually, yes. Sooner or later you would have started to notice me disappearing every full moon and there are only so many excuses I can make up.”
“Does Amanda know?” You shoot him an incredulous look. “Of course. She’s known since she was little. As did Alex. I told them before we got married.” Joseph nods and releases a long, tense breath. He runs a hand through his hair, messing up the styling. You long to soothe him, but you stay where you are, as much as it hurts you to see him like this. “After last night … I went to church and prayed. I thought, long and hard, about whether the knowledge of your true nature changes how I feel about you. I’m scared of… this, Y/N. But then I tried to imagine a life without you at my side and the prospect scared me even more.” For the first time since you arrived, Joseph looks directly at you. “It will take me some time, but I’ll try to come to terms with it.” You sink down on the couch, the relief making your knees buckle. After a moment, Joseph sits down next to you and pulls you against his side.

☕ “Mat?” The dark-skinned man looks up and curses so vigorously you feel the urge to cover your houseplants’ non-existent ears. He barely manages to catch his cup of coffee before it spills and clutches it to his chest, like a comfort item. “Y-Y/N! Oh god, I was s-so scared, after what happened. Are you okay?” His concern for you takes you off guard. You didn’t exactly expect him to scream, but you hadn’t thought he would fear for you. “At first I thought I was high and had hallucinations, even though I didn’t have any drugs, and you were still gone hours later after any kind of effect would have worn off, so I knew it was real, you really turned into a werewolf r-right in front of my eyes and—“
“Mat,” you gently interrupt him. “How much coffee did you have already?” Mat looks down at the cup in his hands and then back at you. You sigh and slowly, exaggerating your movements, walk over to him. Up close, you notice he’s trembling. “I’m not going to hurt you, Mat. Nothing has changed. I already was a werewolf before yesterday evening and I didn’t do anything to you or Carmensita then. The only difference is that now you know.” He lets you put your hands on his shoulders and looks at your face. His fear stings in your nose. “If you want me out of your daughter’s life, say the word. But I could never hurt her, or you, or anyone else. I’ve never hurt another human being.” Mat absently wets his lips and stares at you. You don’t know what he’s looking for, but he must have found it, since he shakes his head. “I still love you.”

🌹 You stare down at the herbs right in front of your feet before lifting your head to look at Damien with an unamused expression. “Where did you even get wolfsbane?” He doesn’t reply right away; he goes through whatever he has written on the piece of paper in his hands before throwing it aside. “I prepared a long speech. How I don’t appreciate you keeping something like that secret from me, that I had a right to know of your second nature not only because we’re a couple now, but also because of the potential danger you might put myself and Lucien in, but seeing you right now…” With his foot, he pushes aside the wolfsbane; you don’t have the heart to tell him it wouldn’t have stopped you from entering the room anyway. Damien cups your face with his hands and seeks eye contact. The intensity of his gaze makes your breath hitch. “Seeing you right now, no different from when I last saw you before you transformed, renders all those words unimportant. My feelings haven’t changed. If anything, knowing your secret has brought me close to you than before. Tell me, Y/N, are you a threat to me or my son?” You immediately shake your head. “Is there a chance you might hurt us or subject us to any danger?” Again, you shake your head; hunters were only after the creature, not their loved ones. Damien nods and breaks into a smile. “Let’s draw you a bath, my dear. You’re dirty and covered in leaves and twigs. There are so many things I want to ask you—“

🎣 In any other situation, seeing Brian so uncharacteristically meek and nervous would have been cute, but right now, it just makes you feel bad. You hold up your hands, palms facing him, and stay still, not wanting to scare him. If you thought he doesn’t notice, his snort makes clear he has. “I’m not afraid of you,” he says. You raise an eyebrow. “Yes, you are. Your voice is quivering.”
“Is not.” You roll your eyes and make a dismissive gesture. “Fine. But I can smell your fear.” Brian lifts his arm to smell his armpit, pulls a face, then shakes his head. “No fear there. Only the manly smell of a man who definitely isn’t afraid.” Despite the topic you’re kind of talking about while avoiding directly addressing it, you can’t help but snort. Some of the tension seeps out of your body at the familiar banter between you and the same seems to be true for Brian, as he crosses his arms in front of his chest. You mirror the gesture. “Brian, it’s perfectly normal to be afraid in the face of something unknown. You can admit it.”
“I’m not afraid. And I totally knew.” You raise both your eyebrows so high they nearly disappear in your hairline. “And pray tell, how did you know?”
“Your… um… Amanda’s obsession with dogs!”
“Is perfectly normal even for people whose fathers aren’t what I am.”
“Your good nose?” You don’t reply; you’re too busy keeping in a chuckle. Brian taps his chin, grinning himself. “At the park you caught the Frisbee with your mouth. Hey, does that mean I can play fetch with you every full moon?”

👟 It’s as if last night’s events didn’t happen and Craig didn’t see you transform into a literal werewolf. He looks like he just came home from his morning jog and is fresh out of the shower, his hair still wet but he has a towel in his hands to rub it dry. You lean against the wall and wait for the inevitable freak-out, but it doesn’t come. “Hey, bro,” Craig greets you with that face-splitting grin that seems to be reserved just for you and he walks over to kiss you. “Can you take the girls to school today? A business partner called and needs to move his meeting to an earlier slot. Good news is that the twins are staying with a friend after training so we have the evening to ourselves. I was thinking—“
“Craig,” you interrupt. He tilts his head at you in confusion and you wonder whether you’ve unknowingly entered the twilight zone. “Are you… are we… I mean—“ You take a few breaths while the workers in your head try to bring your thoughts into a coherent order. “Are you not going to ask me what happened last night?” Craig looks confused for a few moments before understanding dawns on his face. “Oh! I totally forgot. Bro, I knew.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU KNEW??” He gently shushes you and points at a sleeping River. You repeat your question, whispering but just as shocked. Craig shrugs. “Y/N, we were roommates. You’re not as sneaky as you think you are. One full moon, completely wasted, you announced you’re going to pee on the statue of the college founder and changed right before my eyes.” You work your head, trying to remember that event, but you were probably too drunk. Craig kisses your temple and grins.

📖 Hugo doesn’t look afraid, he looks… pissed doesn’t even cover it. The moment he notices you entering the room, he crosses the distance and stares you down. Your inner wolf makes you want to bare your throat in a gesture of submission; you stomp down the instinct, but you can’t stop yourself from ducking your head. “I kind of expected Ernest to draw you into his childish pranks, but something like what you did yesterday is not alright! You didn’t have to be gone all night, do you have any idea how worried I was about you? I was this close to calling the police! What do you have to say in your defence?” When you don’t reply, too surprised by Hugo’s words, he huffs out a breath and turns around, starting to prowl in the living room like a tiger trapped in a cage. “Hugo, that wasn’t a prank.”
“Y/N, I don’t appreciate you keeping up this charade.” You move to stand in front of him and put your hands on his shoulders to stop him from pacing. “Hugo, I’m dead serious. That wasn’t a prank. I might be good with makeup, but a transformation like that goes beyond anything a professional could do without a computer.” The logic of your argument makes him pause and uncertainty colours his expression. He regards you with the same look that brings students to their knees, but you don’t give in. “I swear to you, that wasn’t a joke.” Short of transforming again, which would take more energy than you currently have, you don’t know how else to convince him. You’re just about to offer to call Amanda when Hugo suddenly becomes very, very still under your hands. You look at him quizzically. “Holy shit,” he breathes out. Then he faints.


(requested by @sarcastic-vampiregirl)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
4 624
warning : smut
summary :  Reader is an art major ; One day Kai shows up semi naked in her class when she has to draw a still life.
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* not my gif

Being an art major had always been a dream of Y/N’s ever since she had been little and her parents had allowed her to use the wall in her bedroom to draw with her pastels. They’d always tear the wallpaper down at the end of the month , keeping her sketches in rolls at the attic and replace it with a new one. Later on she took extra art classes at her high school as a preparation for applying to art school. Things had turned out exactly like Y/N had imagined her life would be, well almost. Most of her friends were supernaturals and there was no way to elude the dangers that came with this … or the surprises. Specially when it came to Malachai Parker. He was Dangerous with a capital D around everyone but her. With her it was all surprises - pleasant and some times not so pleasant. He wasn’t all bad , there were sweet sides to him but mostly he drove her nuts.


Y/N couldn’t wait to get home and relax after the long day at her college. Art is fun but sometimes it was a bit much , specially with assignments deadlines. Her car pulled in the driveway and she quickly got out , opening the door to the back seat taking her messenger bag and the large sketchpad. Tomorrow was going to be even more exhausting and Y/N couldn’t wait to get inside , take a long hot bath and go to sleep. Only when she came inside there was a surprise waiting for her.
“You are late. Got stuck in traffic ?” said Kai who had made himself comfortable on her couch , munching on a pack with pork rinds. “Don’t worry , I got your dinner covered. After all someone has to look after you and make sure you eat properly.”
Kai turned towards her with an amused expression on his face. Y/N’s jeans were covered with paint on a few spots and her hands had traces of it too. Kai noticed there was some graphite on her nose and pencils in her hair. But what got to him was her shocked expression. It flashed from surprise to confusion to anger to shock to surprise in a matter of seconds. He couldn’t help but laugh.
Y/N’s mouth hung open and a moment later she swung her messenger bag in the air ready to smack Kai with it , only he whooshed himself away and the bag barely grazed his shoulder.
“Get out of my house !”
“Owwh.. So cranky. Did someone have a bad day ?” he said mockingly , rubbing his shoulder. “Violence is never the answer Y/N.” he scolded her.
Y/N let out a sigh of frustration , dropping her bag on the floor shortening the distance between her and Kai. It was always like this with him - Y/N was one of the very few people who’d tolerate his company in the first place and for some reason that got him attached to her. He popped up pretty much everywhere around her , every day.
“Actually my day was perfect until I found you in my house …eating my pork rinds.” she said grabbing the pack from his hands , dipping her hand inside to get some with a grin on her face. Kai looked more upset about her stealing his pork rinds than about the fact she had tried to smack him less than 3 minutes ago. “Oh ? Did you want these ?”
Kai laughed for a second then clenched his jaw , getting up to chase after her. Y/N was driving him nuts. One moment she could be smiling at him and acting as if he is her best friend , the next one she’d be getting on his nerves like no one has ever managed. In fairness , he had sneaked into her house without any kind of warning … again , but still. She should know better than try and stand between him and his pork rinds.
“How did you even get in my house?” she wondered , eluding him yet again at the stairs. “If you broke a window - you are paying for the repairs.”
“Ha.Ha. Funny. Your bedroom window was open … again. Why aren’t you locking it up ?!” said Kai , stopping and crossing his hands on his chest as he watched Y/N wink at him and take a turn around the couch towards the fire place. “And you invited me in , remember ? What kind of a friend would I be if I don’t come to check up on you from time to time? Now gimme back my pork rinds.”
“These?” she said looking at him innocently , pointing with her other hand at the package. Kai nodded , shortening the distance between them in a few seconds.
“Yes. Gimme.” he grabbed her wrist pulling her towards him as she tried to escape from him again. Their eyes met and for a moment they gazed at each other before a smile spread across Kai’s face as he finally got his pork rinds back. “Your attitude is going to get you in trouble sweetheart. How many times do I have to tell you this ?”
Y/N felt a little out of breath , not because Kai had chased her around the living room the past few minutes but because of the way he looked at her a few moments ago. Something different had flashed in his eyes , something she hadn’t seen before.
“Is it ? Is it really ? Cuz I seem to be the only one who can push your buttons without feeling the wrath of Malachai Parker afterwards.” said Y/N raising her hands , shaking them in the air with fear and then tapped his nose , smiling innocently at him before taking a step aside and walking towards the kitchen to see what her dinner was.
Kai stared after her wondering how is it that she is the only one who gets away with calling him by his full name and getting on his nerves in every possible way. If it was someone else , they’d already be two metres under ground. Perhaps it had to do with the weird feeling he got every time he was around her. Specially the feeling he had gotten a few seconds ago. Something had sparked deep inside him. Kai left the pork rinds on the coffee table and chased after her in vampire speed catching up with her in the kitchen. Y/N had bent over to see what’s in the oven and he could hear the change in her heart beat realising it was her favourite pizza. Kai grabbed her wrist and spun her around in vamp speed until her back was pressed against the kitchen counter and his chest firmly pressed against hers.
Y/N looked up into his eyes feeling butterflies flap their wings in her stomach having him this close to her. His eyes which were a little darker shade of blue in that moment , not looking away from hers. She felt her breath get stuck in her throat sensing the danger levels around him raising. Their friendship was based on pushing the boundaries of the other.
Kai leaned in towards her , unsure what he wanted to do exactly. He wasn’t exactly angry at her , there was something else he just didn’t know what it was.
“So … you are staying for dinner or ?” asked Y/N feeling her heart beating faster than ever. Even she could hear her own heart beat. A smile spread across Kai’s face , though Y/N could see devils dancing in his eyes.
“When my girl asks me this nicely , how would I decline.” he took a step backwards from her , his eyes following her every move. Kai wasnt sure what was happening with him , why his attitude towards her was so soft. Had it been someone else , they would’ve been food a long time ago.
“Not your girl.” she replied. “Stop calling me that.”
“But I like calling you that.” said Kai with a smile , taking out the pizza from the oven. “It has a nice ring to it - my girl … Kai’s girl. See ?”
He cut the pizza , taking out two plates from the kitchen cabinet. Y/N rolled her eyes at his comment , sitting opposite him on the table reaching for a piece of her favourite pineapple ham pizza. As annoying as Kai was , sometimes his surprises were nice.
“I’m starving …”
Kai slapped her hand away. “Careful sweetheart. It’s still hot. You will hurt yourself.”
Y/N stared at him reaching for a slice again , his hand grabbing her wrist. They stared at each other for a few seconds and he let go allowing her to get a slice. Instead she got two and hungrily started eating them. Kai stared at her laughing.
“What ? No ‘thank you’ for making sure you don’t starve to death ?” he teased reaching to grab a slice himself , only Y/N slapped his hand away. He tried again - same thing. “You think you are funny don’t you? Come on Y/N , don’t deny it. You like me more each day..”
Y/N only raised her eyebrows at him roughly running her fingers through her hair. She liked and hated him at the same time. It was a weird feeling to live with and sometimes it was hard to understand , even harder to explain.
“Thank you … for the pizza.”
“See ? It wasn’t so hard.” he teased trying to suppress a smile , reaching for a slice.
“Shut up.”

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Random Steter Mini Fic Rec List

I have had entirely too little sleep, and way too much coffee. Here are some of my fave Steter fics:

Bittersweet Creek by Guede

When Stiles finally steps off the westward trail to California, he’s the last of his pack.  He starts building a den, but then he finds a dying man next to a burnt-down house and it turns out he’s not really much of a settler, after all. 

Do not go where I cannot follow by SatanInACroptop

Peter smiles with too many very sharp teeth, and he wonders what they would feel like delicately grazing his skin, maybe over his hips, or his collarbone. With Peter, there was always something behind the sass and biting remarks, but now there’s a pull that’s simply undeniable to something so beautiful and monstrous, a man who could rip him to pieces, but taking him apart with pleasure and pain, one whimper and moan at a time instead.

“Yours has a unique scent. I would know it anywhere. Just like your anger, and your fear.” he leans forward, his nose just barely touching the sweaty skin beneath Stiles’ jaw, “But you’re not afraid right now.”

Littlered and Alpha5 by Triangulum

Stiles could say that he’s a grower not a shower, but that would be a lie. On a good day, fully erect, he’s three inches long. Okay, two-and-a-half. Whatever, it works for him. It’s what got him into camming in the first place. There’s a very specific clientele out there that’s looking for exactly what Stiles has. The lithe, gay guy with a small dick is a very niche market and Stiles has managed to carve out his own place in it. The fact that he’s a virgin only helps.


Stiles is a camboy and Peter is his best client.

Run (don’t deny the animal) by Twisted_Mind

 He stares at the hickey the next morning, and doesn’t know what to think about the night before. He can’t blame this on booze, because he’d been 100% sober. It wasn’t an accident. But he didn’t mean to, either. He hadn’t gone to Jungle seeking Peter out, hadn’t been looking for anything at all, really.

 Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence. The thought of a third time, of making it a pattern, sets a dull sort of panic crawling through his veins.

Into the Sea of Waking Dreams by Green

“Nothing is happening to me,” Stiles says slowly.

“You’ve been acting weird,” Derek says.

I’m being haunted by my dead mate, Stiles wants to say, but he swears he can hear Peter humming. If it’s not real, he doesn’t want to know.

(S2 AU in which Peter haunts Stiles instead of Lydia.)

anonymous asked:

If it's okay with you,could you do some mcgenji and s/o fluff please? just anything is fine tbh (nsfw or not is fine)

When you joined Overwatch a year ago you counted on coming away with a few scars. The organisation has always been on the front lines, much more now that there aren’t enough agents to have any other lines. What you didn’t expect was to get those scars from your boyfriends.


You tear your arm away but the damage is already done. Under the sweltering Gibraltar sun Jesse’s arm has taken on the average qualities of an iron stick the smith forgot to take out of the forge. A blister in the shape of a skull already forms below your elbow.

Jesse is on his feet immediately, apologising profusely for something that is really not his fault, while Genji laughs himself silly, almost falling out of the hammock that he shamelessly hogged before.

“This ain’t funny.” Jesse says with the panicked whine of a pup who sees the puddle on the floor and fears having his nose stubbed in it. “You alright there, darlin’?”

“I’m fine.” you say, carefully peeling away the sleeve before it gets stuck on the wound. Even with a guilty conscience Jesse would never forgive you if you had to destroy his favourite shirt. He pushes it back further, cradles your hand and elbow to lift up your arm and take a closer look at the burn.

“Gonna leave a mark.”
“That your professional opinion?” you ask with a crooked grin he reciprocates after some brief hesitation. The clinic seems impossibly far away after lounging lazily in the loungers for the better part of the day but eventually you manage to persuade even Genji to accompany you with the promise of going swimming later on.

Everyone who has an ounce of common sense is outside to enjoy the weather and the clinic is blessedly empty of people who could judge you over the consequences of having two part-metal boyfriends.

“Make yourself useful and look for the bandages, will you?” you ask Genji who is still giggling. Undoubtedly he has an inappropriate joke already on his tongue.
As expected, while Jesse fusses and you hold your arm under the cool water stream, he sidles up and says to him:
“I know you wanted to start up a farm. Looks like you got the branding part down.”

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I SEE ALL OF YOU.  Post -ACOWAR/Feysand Fanfic.

Hi guys! So, guess who finished ACOWAR the other day and is now emotionally destroyed?! THIS GIRL! 

So, I decided to write a fanfiction to fill this empty gap in my chest, and I think I did okay?? I don’t know?! :’)

I was pretty much listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine the whole time, so I would say if you like listening to music while you read, listen to that, I guess? (Specifcally the MTV Unplugged ver.) 

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes - I finished this at 1am, and I have no idea what to do with myself now! (help me)

NOTE: The characters in this story are created and owned by Sarah. J. Maas, and her amazing book series as well! I am only borrowing her character to make up events of my own and to break hearts. (lol jks)

Feyre has a nightmare, and can’t seem to control her powers as she sleeps in Rhysand’s arms. Rhys has no choice but to enter her mind and stop her nightmares, but what lies in her fears may even scare him.


You have been warned… now ENJOY!


By DefenderofDreamers.

Third Person, Rhysand P.O.V

It was past two o’clock in the morning, Rhysand had guessed, when he had been suddenly jolted awake. It wasn’ the nightmares of Under The Mountain, or the empty and dark feelings from being in that eternal darkness, or the bloody memories from the war that had woken him. No, it was the smell of fear filling his nose. And it was coming from his mate. Rhys’ instincts instantly made him coil his muscles, ready to defend his mate at any cost. He unfurled his wings surrounding his wife, and tried looking around the room to determine the threat. But he saw nothing - only darkness. The room was thick of it, and it made his breath hitch at the feeling. Reeling in his senses, he realised that this darkness was of magic. He could practically smell it; Fear. Grief. Anger. Emptiness.

He looked down, and could only just see Feyre’s honey-colored hair and some parts of her face. In his arms, she was clammy and cold and her muscles were twitching, as if she wanted to move but something was restricting her – no, as if she was restricting herself. Her eyelashes were tickling his torso as her eyes rapidly moved and blinked under her lids. He tried to pull away from her to wake her from her nightmare, but she was holding on so tightly, her arms like iron bars around his waist - she wasn’t going to let go, not with her anxieties. He tried to get into her head, gently touching the adamant shields in her mind. But they weren’t giving – she was so strong. ‘Looks like I’m doing this the hard way,’ Rhysand thought.

“Feyre, it’s okay. You’re safe,” he whispered into her hair, trying to coax her out of her nightmare. His only reply was a soft whimper. He softly started to shush her, and he could feel her hot breath coming out through her gritted teeth. “Feyre, you can fight this. What’s in your head isn’t real,” he said.

‘Anymore’ he wanted to add, but he knew for the both of them, the pain would be as raw as if the events of the war were yesterday; seeing everything when she was linked up to the Cauldron took a toll on Feyre, and he knew it would take time to let it fade away into the fabrics of memories. But nothing will take away her aching anxiety and fear of seeing him die…He could feel it every time she looked at him through the bond.

It wasn’t that Rhysand was ready to die in that moment; he still had so much he wanted to experience with his mate and his family. Hell, he wanted that violet eyed baby boy to hold in his arms with his wife, and to watch it grow up and become a strong Illyrian fighter. He wanted to watch Feyre and his son smile as they all flew in the skies over Velaris. He wanted to tell him how strong and courageous his mother was, and how she became Feyre Curse-breaker, Feyre, Defender of the Rainbow and most of all –  his wife, his High Lady. His mate. But what he wanted even more was to see Prythian at peace. He poured that into her, as well as the last of his magic, as he began to grow weaker and weaker. To see Feyre and his family live on, and to give that final sacrifice, Rhys would’ve been content with that.

Fortunately, things didn’t go that way, and he was still alive. There would be some days he would need to remind himself this when the darkness would sometimes become almost too real, and he would tug on the thread that he would feel in his chest. And Feyre would tug back in understanding and pull him into an embrace. Sometime they would just stand there, sometimes they would cry. Or sometimes they would find their way up into their bedroom and make love, as if the other would disappear. ‘Never again’ they would say into each other’s mouths, and they believe it to be so.

Rhysand was pulled back into the moment at hand when Feyre let out a moan. He could feel her start to shift, she was tensing and recoiling repeatedly as if the transformation was rippling through her bones. He braced her against him as if to relieve some of the pressure. Through the thick blackness, he could make out Illyrian wings growing and taking shape out of her back. Rhys looked down at her, his mouth gaping and eyes wide. Before Feyre could feel his own panic, he made himself calm – he made himself the High Lord of the Night Court who had helped the mortal Feyre in the dungeons of Under The Mountain. He made himself her husband and mate – the calm to her storm, the dark to her light.

The hands at his back began to grow cold and were soon covered in frost from what he felt. It sent chills up is spine. Then came the heat and the fire, which burned him slightly, and he hissed as her hands went back and forth between the two elements. Feyre started to scream into his chest, and it broke him. “Feyre!” he screamed. It was enough. He needed to wake her up NOW. He entered her mind again, and this time was able to find a weak spot. He pushed and pushed until he made his way through. He kept his magic at the doorway to keep it from closing on him.

He looked into her mind, and all was quiet. That was when he began to see all the dead bodies – Hybern soldiers and Prythian soldiers alike. Swords and shields everywhere, as if they were ripped out of their hands. Rhys grimaced and tried not to look at the dead out of instinct. But he couldn’t help but notice that they weren’t the usual battle wounds from blades or magic, but that of an animal – for some it was their neck exposed and bitten; for others it was claws ripping into their flesh. He followed a trail of blood, and left the battlefield behind. It was then that darkness began to envelop – no, conceal his surroundings. It was hiding something.  But Rhys wasn’t fooled – he walked on until he stopped and saw a stooped, black figure. It was making animalistic noises, but beneath that, he could hear a familiar weeping sound. And Rhys soon realised.

He found her. But it wasn’t his fae mate he was seeing. It was Feyre’s true form.

She didn’t really tell Rhysand much of what she saw in the Ouroboros – only that she had accepted and forgiven and truely began to love herself for what she was. But when Rhys had asked what she had seen, Feyre had refused to say, and blocked her mind off until her wariness shifted and they changed the topic of conversation.

But now there was nothing between him and her.

He knew it was Feyre. Not just from her stormy blue-grey eyes or the way the black fur contrasted with the golden-brown– the same as Feyre’s. No, he knew it was her because he felt it in the bond, in his heart, in his soul. What instinct that should’ve been telling him to run away was telling him to run towards and embrace.

Rhys took a small step and tugged on the bond, and Feyre’s wild eyes grew wide as she saw him. ‘How?’, they seemed to say. She began to grow restless, and began twisting around trying to hide herself from him. In this, Rhys began to see the black-as-onyx scales, and the claws coming from her massive paws as she moved silently and swiftly into the darkness. She was running away from him. Rhys felt a pang of sadness in his chest that his mate didn’t trust him, but he followed her regardless.

He could feel her close by, the heat coming from the darkness in front of him in comparison to the cold. He could feel her watching him, gaging his reactions on what she could read on his face and through the bond. Rhys began sending calming and relaxing thoughts down the bond, reassuring her that he was fine with this – with her.

‘Feyre. I’m not leaving’ he said into her mind. Nothing. He put a smirk on his face ‘And even if you wanted me to, there’s no way out of this mating bond and High Lady contract.’ He was trying to joke with her, to make her feel at ease and to bring her back. He was met with silence.

“Feyre darling,” he said out loud, “it’s okay.” He walked closer and he could feel her breathing now – the rise and fall of her quickened breathing. To his right, Rhysand could hear a growl and he stopped a few mere meters away. ‘Stop’ she was saying. ‘Don’t look at me’. Rhys defiantly stood there, looking at her.

Yes, she was terrifying. He saw the teeth – the large, serrated teeth – meant to rip out throats and crunch bones. The massive paws and the long, golden claws meant to maul out insides in a single swipe. The black fur and scales to hide and prowl in the night. But he could feel her strong heart, its beating hard and erratic as if it were speaking to him – telling him every dark thought and fear and trait that she was and is and forever will be. Rhys just stood there and listened.

He looked to where he felt her watching him. Surely enough, there were her large grey-blue eyes, just staring at him; calculating; ‘Why aren’t you running away?’ 

Rhys looked at her, and then back at her chest at where her heart was, and slowly reached out his hand to touch it, fur and scales together creating a texture he had never felt before.

“This… I accept this,” he said, making circles with his fingers around the beating heart, and he felt the rhythm underneath begin to slow.  He began to rub his hands along the fur, side to side, almost like as if it were a soft blanket or a kind beast. “I love all of this,” he says, and with a smirk, he finishes, “Who knew you were all fluffy on the inside?” Feyre huffed, a scoff as if to say, ‘Really, Rhys?’ He gave a small chuckle and walked around her to find her face. It was hard to mark, but he found her eyes. He saw her take a breath as he held out his hand and found her muzzle. He looked at her face, covered in a mix of scales and fur.

Yes, she was a wolf. Her eyes were glowing in the darkness meant for watching their prey. Her teeth didn’t allow her to fully close her mouth as they poked out through her maw, and he could imagine what she could do. And if you were to see her in the Illyrian Mountains, you would be stupid not to run. But he wasn’t scared. If anything, he felt proud. He looked deeply into her eyes once again, and she bore into his.

“I see all of you, Feyre.” He finally said. “And I love every part of it. I have nothing to be afraid of.” Feyre’s eyes were lined with silver and she closed her eyes as she leaned into his touch. “Let’s go back, Feyre. There’s nothing more to fear” Rhys said softly.

Before she could open her eyes, he was out of her mind and back in reality, now with the sun coming through the crack of the curtains. Feyre jolted awake and tensed and her wings instantly vanished. She looked at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, and let go of him hastily. She made a run to the bathroom and he heard her collapse to the floor…and begin to vomit.

Rhysand was out of bed the moment he heard her retch, not worrying that he had nothing to cover him. He walked over to her, and simply held her hair up and rubbed her back. She flinched, which made her double over and heave over the bowl again. When she was finally done, she sat there and looked at the floor. Rhys reached over and pulled the handle and flushed the toilet. He then went to pick her up, before Feyre smacked his hands away.

“Don’t touch me,” she said, sounding weak but angry. Shame filled her face, and she said “Please, don’t touch me right now.” Rhys winced, but backed away and stood there, for once not knowing what to do. She was making an effort to slow down her breathing, and he wanted to help her, but knew she was still trying to process everything. She looked at him and then to her hands, as if they were still frozen or burning.

I hurt you.

Not badly, I healed quickly.

That doesn’t matter, I hurt you.

Feyre, I’m fine. You weren’t in control.

She ran her hands over her face and rubbed her eyes, then ran her fingers through her hair. Rhys just watched her, ready to be there for his mate if need be. After what felt like an agonising 10 minutes, Feyre slowly stood herself up, her legs shaking a little, and walked back into the bedroom. He was only a few steps away as she sat on the bed, looked down at the floor, and then finally, back up to him.

“How…How were you not terrified?” she finally said, though it came out as whisper.

“Feyre darling, I’ve lived for over 500 years. You don’t think I’ve seen more horrible things?” he remarked with a smirk. Feyre only huffed, and gave a weak smile of her own. Rhysand knew she was waiting for a proper answer. “But in all honesty, I wasn’t scared. At all.”

He came over and sat on the bed next to her. He pulled her into his embrace, and began tracing circles along her shoulder. He took note of how she began doing the same, but on the tattoo on his knee of the Illyrian mountains. “I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown” he had said to her all those months ago.  He tried not to be distracted by it as he said “I wasn’t scared, because I had seen it all already. I’ve seen your hatred, your anger, your lust, your grief. I had sensed it back then Under The Mountain.” – he felt her flinch – “felt it down the bond when you were in the Spring Court wasting away. Watched it as you killed the Attor in the battle of Velaris. And you became it in the war. When the Caldron took Elain away. When they killed the Suriel…

“But Feyre…” he held her face in his hands gently as he said “I felt more than that when you brought me back.” Feyre burst into tears at that, and his vision began to blur as well. He blinked back his own tears, and kissed her forehead and licked her tears away. “I felt your love, your compassion, your strength, your courage – your soul, Feyre. I felt all of it. I felt you.

She let out a wail, and he pulled her into his chest again and let her cry. He rocked her back and forth and began to cry, too. He was sure they had both woken up the entire house by now, but he didn’t care.

 It’s real?

Rhysand held Feyre tighter.

Yes. It’s real.

 They both sat on the bed and wept for what was true.

When they had both stopped weeping, and all that was left was emptiness and migraines, Rhysand picked up his tired and weary mate and placed her carefully on the bed. He laid down next to her and played with her hair as she started to doze off. She nuzzled into his chest and traced the tattoos covering him.

“What about all the meetings today? What’s the city going to do without their High Lord and Lady?” Feyre asked, tiredness coating her words.

“Amren can handle it. Cassian and Nesta though…” he trailed off. “10 gold marks that she’ll kick them out of the house in an hour before they start to tick her off.” His mate gave him a lazy poke in the ribs.

“I bet 15 and half an hour” she replied sleepily. Rhys snorted then bit his lip in thought.

“And how much time and how many gold marks before we start making love?” he smirked. Feyre lifted her head and looked up with fiendish eyes.

“None,” was all she replied before she placed her smiling lips onto his own. 

(And they made slow, sleepy love before Mor came knocking on their door~)

“Before I fall.”

(Not my gif)

Request made by dxsturbxa: Hi! could you write an imagine with daryl based on the song Oh ms believer from twenty one pilots? thank you :3

Hope you like it. (Sorry if you see grammatical errors)

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 1,166
  • Warning: Angst, insinuation of self-cuts. 

Hi, lovely readers of this little blog. I just wanted to say a few things before you start reading. We don’t know each other at all, but I know that some of us, (Or maybe most of us) have problems we tried to deal with: The hate against our bodies, against ourselves, maybe we hate when we try hard on something and we think we are not good enough. Sometimes our minds are dark places but we shouldn’t hurt our bodies because of the voices in our heads. Because we are those voices. And although I know people tell you that everything will be okay and that you will be okay, it can really happen.
But no one will safe us from ourselves, so we have to be our own heroes.
I don’t know any of you, but I wish you, to all who are going throught a hard time, can find the happiness you really deserve. Because we are worth it and because we deserve to live.
Thank you for reading this.

Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty sleeper
Your twisted mind is like snow on the road
Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder
Inside your head
In the winter of dead.

As night fell near the woods on the outskirts of Atlanta, the faraway trees disappeared before my eyes. At the distance from the home we shared for almost three years, Daryl drove the old red pickup and the lights pointed in the direction of the RV. From the seat of the copilot, I watched the small picture of a baby panda playing with the Baby Panda Stuffed Animal.

“What about those pandas?” He asked, looking at the image for a second.

“The owner of a patient gave it to me. He told me to look at it if I was having a hard day saving lives.” The sweet gesture delighted me completely, and I pressed the picture against my chest. “He was very sweet.”

Daryl raised an eyebrow.

“Sweet, ah?”

“And the patient…” I joked. “He had the most sweet eyes in the world.”

“I thought you liked rough.”

I laughed in surprise.

“I like both. The owner was as sweet as a 6 year old boy can be, and his Dalmatian had the most sweet eyes in the world, but I like it when you are sweet.”

I held out my hand to him, touching his shoulder in a tickling movement that made him cringe.

“Stop.” He said, always in a husky, calm voice.

Daryl stopped the car near the house and I took my backpack before opening the door. I breathed in the cool night air as we both walked to the door of our small home, while I, just like every night, was about to call my dog. But the grunt was the first sound of the beginning of the end, low and menacing as the remainder of that human being circled the RV, spilling black and red blood from his lower lip: while in his rotten hands and without some pieces of flesh, hung my dog’s leash.

That was when everything changed forever.

I will tell you I love you
But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears
My nose and feet are running as we start
To travel through snow
Together we go

At this moment, as Alexandria’s air blew cold and sad, I sat on the porch stairs of our home hiding in my left hand those little white pills with a taste of death. I could no longer sleep, and I stopped enjoying the silence long ago because the voices in my head fed on my best thoughts and turned them into nightmares, into truths that embarrassed me because of my weakness. My mind praised me with words that no one else could hear inside my head, and screamed fervently that I should stop been a coward and just use the pills. My hand tightened. I was a coward because I found it hard to accept that these voices were nothing but my own hatred of me. Since when did I start to hate myself so much? Since when did I start to think so little about myself? And why? I survived all these years, breathing the same air, walking the same way. There were days when my mood improved and I tried to convince myself that everything would be fine, but when night came the shadows covered me, they made me blind and I stopped seeing the good things in me. Now everything was dark. The awaking hours seemed to be endless, and when bedtime came I couldn’t wait for it to be daytime again. I needed help, and although I knew where I could get it, I didn’t dare to ask for it.

We get colder
As we grow older
We will walk
So much slower

In the midst of the infinite night, the door opened behind me and his strong and serene presence became one with my weak being, as Daryl sat behind me, his legs around me, and his arms resting on his knees. He, who was my anchor in this life, he, who was a free spirit and a toxic soul with his own demons inside. But he never let them hurt me. And though he was around all the time, I learned to heal my own wounds just so as not to hurt him too. It wouldn’t be fair either.

“Ya okay, darlin’?”

My hypocrisy tried to consume me for a moment, but then I went back to being who I was before his eyes. 

“Yeah… I’m okay.”

It was the same old lie I told everyone. But they asked if I was okay because they were kind, or because they really wanted to hear the long monologue of the no, I’m not okay? but then his left hand began to slide over my left arm, and the heat of his fingers tickled me nervously as they touched the old scars on my wrist. Past pains that left marks on my skin. My hand was closed, and it tickled, but I didn’t open it.

“Don’t go back there, (y/n). Please…”

His voice was low and his words stopped my world for a second. I looked at him over my shoulder slightly, keeping the same calm expression of every day.


He breathed out a little laugh, and his blue eyes stopped looking at me. The way he moved his hand made me hold the air in my lungs. His fingers brushed mine to open, and because fight it was useless, I opened my hand. Daryl took the white little pills and my shame burned my cheek. Fight it was useless because I was useless.

“I’m sorry.” I said.  

Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty weeper
Your twisted thoughts are like snow on the rooftops
Please, take my hand, we’re in foreign land
As we travel through snow
Together we go

Daryl put his right arm around me, taking me to his chest in a hug that it was more comforting and warmer. However, my shame weakened me more because this wasn’t the person I was in the past, but in the present, I lost the trace of my true identity.

“… Look what I found in a run today.” Daryl took an old photograph covered with small spots from his vest, but the image of a small Dalmatian staring straight at me, with a pure innocent look was intact. The beauty of my past life struck my heart, so hard that it made me laugh through my tears. “Ya were holdin’ a lot inside of ya, darlin’, but ya can lean on me. We got this: we’re goin’ to win this.”

It was at this time when the word we didn’t feel like I was bringing someone else down and I wanted to believe, I wanted to trust that this life wouldn’t look so dark from now on.

We get colder
As we grow older
We will walk
So much slower

Oh Ms Believer

(I just love writing about my two favourite people in the world, TØP, because they are so amazing, but if you want any other singer/band/actor/book character, let me know and I’ll do my best to write a good imagine, or perhaps make a custom wallpaper

Title: Oh Ms Believer
Requested? Yes.
Plot: Imagine you and Tyler are in high school and he asks you over, when suddenly it starts snowing, and you have a great time together that leads to something more.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1306


“What do you say? Do you want to come over or not?” Tyler asked you, after taking a sip of his milkshake and turning his head to look at you. You two were sitting in his brother’s car, just drinking milkshakes and taking some time off after a stressful day at school. You have known Tyler ever since you were kids, and you always loved spending time with him, so your friendship stayed tight even in high school. He had just invited you over to his house because it had been a few weeks since you two hung out at someone’s place. You have had somewhat of a crush on Tyler for a long time now, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself, thinking it was going to ruin your friendship. You realized the reason he was asking you for the second time is because you failed to respond the first time. Stop it Y/N, you don’t like him like that!

’’Yeah, sure, it’s been a while since we hung out at your place last, should be fun.“ You said smiling. Tyler mirrored your smile and the two of you finished your drinks. Once you arrived to his house he told his mum to call your parents and tell them where you were, to which she just smiled, already used to having you around. You spent time playing video games and laughing, trying to mess each other up. Once the last level was done with you got up to stretch your legs for moment as Tyler put in a new game he bought a few days ago and wanted to play with you. You were shocked when you saw that it was snowing. Tyler looked at you with a confused look on his face when you pulled the sleeve of his shirt and lead him to the window, but then he too realized it had been snowing for a while now.

’’I’ll race you down, slugboy.“ You said and with that you were out the door and running down the stairs, Tyler quickly following, both of your breaths filled with laughter. Tyler’s dad yelled behind the two of you to be careful, but you weren’t even listening, throwing snowballs at each other, hiding behind whatever you stumbled upon as you were running away from each other. And then, everything went quiet. You couldn’t hear Tyler’s laughter anymore, or see snowballs flying next to the tree you were hiding behind. That seemed odd to you, so you decided to try and investigate to see where your friend got lost, when you suddenly felt someone grab you from behind and you fell on the ground, only to look over and see Tyler’s smiling face, which caused you to start throwing snow at him, not even bothering to make a snowball.

’’You scared me, you loser!“ You said, trying to keep a straight face, but you couldn’t help but smile as you heard him laugh and help you clean up all of the snow on your clothes. It was starting to get dark so you decided to head inside, where you called your parents and asked if you could stay for the night, since you really missed hanging out with Tyler these past few weeks. It’s not that you were that little to have to ask permission from your parents, it’s just that you wanted to let them know where you were, because you know how mum’s are, always worried about their children, no matter how old they are. Once your parents gave you the green light to stay over, Tyler went over to the kitchen and made the two of you some hot chocolate.

’’The perfect way to end a perfect day.“ You said, earning another laugh from Tyler as he bowed, as if he was in front of a theatre audience. This time it was your turn to laugh and you sat down, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Slowly, you leaned your head on Tyler’s shoulder and watched the fire burn as the cracking of the wood in contact with the fire filled your ears. You felt so relaxed, more then you have been in a long time, and you looked up to see Tyler’s face very close to yours. Your eyes moved to his lips and then back to his eyes in a moment, just quick enough to see him do the same. Slowly, both of you leaned in and your lips connected. It was like millions of fireworks erupted in your stomach. His parents went to bed a while ago so you two were all alone, enjoying each other company. You loved how his lips felt like the inside of a rose, and finally admitted to yourself that you wanted to kiss him for quite some time now. You didn’t know it yet, but he wanted to kiss you too, but just like you, wanted to keep your friendship without a bad stain on it, in case you didn’t like him back.

You usually slept on the bed when you were over at Tyler’s house and he would sleep on the floor, in a somewhat comfortable bed of pillows. This time, you asked him to join you in the bed, nothing dirty on your mind, you just didn’t want him to have a bad back the next morning. The two of you spent half the night just looking each other in the eyes, hands intertwined and nothing but love in your gaze. You were the first one to fall asleep, giving Tyler the opportunity to gently caress your face, putting a lock of hair behind your ear, only to reveal the earings he bought you for your birthday last year. It made him smile and he was glad to have someone like you next to him. Sometime during his dream, he heard a melody, a melody so good that he just had to tape it on his phone as soon as he woke up. He took his guitar and played it as silently as he could, sitting in a chair and watching you sleep. Words started flooding into his mind and he wrote them down.

’’I will tell you I love you, But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears, My nose and feet are running as we start, To travel through snow, Together we go, Together we go“ And some time later, he had a finished song, just in time to play it to you when you woke up. Your smile getting wider with every lyric he sang, still a little unsure of the melody, but in the process of finding the right one for the song. You closed your eyes for a moment, enjoying the sound of his voice and the guitar accompanying it. When he finished you jumped from the bed and rushed over to him to give him a hug and a kiss, happy that he actually shared some of his first work with you. You then asked him who it was for and what he was going to call it. He responded with saying it was for you and the name was “Oh Ms Believer”.

You loved the name of the song and felt so honored he wrote it for you. And these days, looking at him from backstage at his shows, you still smile when he sings that song, remembering the events that led to it being written. It helps you realize once again how much you really love him, and will continue to love him for a long time, which you never forget to tell him before a show. And Tyler never forgets to look back at you and send you a kiss after the song, mouthing the words ’’This is for you, my Ms Believer. I love you“.

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