fear the nose

“I don’t blame her,” Cassian said, shrugging despite his words. “She was—violated. Her body stopped belonging wholly to her.” His jaw clenched. Even Amren didn’t dare say anything. “And I am going to peel the King of Hybern’s skin off his bones the next time I see him.”
His Siphons flickered in answer.”

This acknowledgement. Thank you, Cass. 

{ at your beck and call }

pairing: smfdr x reader

t/w: mention of blood, some fighting

summary: reader goes to see thomas at work when another alpha approaches her.

a/n: @patron-saintof-sluts​ were talking about this and i rushed to write this lol so enjoy! this one takes place in the a/b/o universe as “ever yours.”

inbox || masterlist

You slung your purse over your shoulder and slipped out of the car. You shut and locked the car door behind you. You straightened out your dress before approaching the huge building that your mates worked in. Nothing felt out of the ordinary. You’d just go up to get Thomas and then go home.

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the signs as twenty one pilots songs

{pt. 3 self-titled TWENTY|ONE|PILOTS}

aries: isle of flightless birds // We find our worth in giving birth and stuff || We’re lining our homes against winding roads || And we think the going is tough
We pick songs to sing, remind us of things that nobody cares about || And honestly we’re probably more suicidal than ever now

taurus: taxi cab // I wanna fall inside your ghost || And fill up every hole inside my mind || And I want everyone to know || That I am half a soul divided || Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away || Either way you’re by my side until my dying days || And if I’m not there and I’m far away || I said, “Don’t be afraid.” || I said, “Don’t be afraid. We’re going home.”

gemini: pantaloon // You are tired || You are hurt || A moth ate through || Your favorite shirt || And all your friends fertilize || The ground you walk || Lose your mind || He’s seen too many stare downs || Between the sun and the moon || In the morning air || How he used to hustle all the people || Walking through the fairgrounds || He’s been around too long 

cancer: oh mrs believer // Oh, Miss Believer, my pretty sleeper || Your twisted mind is like snow on the road || Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder || Inside your head than the winter of dead || I will tell you I love you || But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears || My nose and feet are running as we start || To travel through snow || Together we go

leo: trapdoor // He wakes up early today || Throws on a mask that will alter his face || Nobody knows his real name || But now he just uses one he saw on a grave || He pretends that he’s okay || But you should see || Him in bed late at night, he’s petrified 

virgo: addict with a pen // But no matter how || How tightly I will strain || The sand will slow me down || And the water will drain || I’m just being dramatic || In fact, || I’m only at it again || As an addict with a pen || Who’s addicted to the wind || As it blows me back and forth || Mindless, spineless, and pretend || Of course I’ll be here again || See you tomorrow || But it’s the end of today || End of my ways || As a walking denial

libra: before you start your day // Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you’re alright || Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind || You’re in my mind || I’m singing || You’re in my mind|| I’m singing la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da da

scorpio: implicit demand for proof // I mean no disrespect || I am simply very perplexed || By your ways || Why won’t you let us || Use your name? || Rain down || And destroy me || Rain down || And destroy me || Rain down

sagittarius: march to the sea // No one looks up anymore || 'Cause you might get a raindrop in your eye || And Heaven forbid they see you cry || As we fall in line || And about this time of every year || The line will go to the ocean pier || And walk right off into the sea || And then we fall asleep

capricorn: johnny boy // He is falling in love || He knows it’s enough || And the world looks down and frowns || Get up Johnny boy, get up Johnny boy, || Get up ‘cause the world has left you lying on the ground. || You’re my pride and joy, you’re my pride and joy. || Get up Johnny boy because we all need you now.

aquarius: friend, please // I feel for you but when did you believe you were alone || You say that spiders crawled inside and made themselves a home || Where light once was || Petrified of who you are and who you have become || You will hide from everyone, denying you need someone || To exterminate your bones

pisces: fall away // I don’t wanna fall, fall away || I disguise || And I will lie || And I will take my precious time || As the days melt away || As I stand in line || And I die as I wait as I wait on my crime || And I’ll try to delay what you make of my life || But I don’t want your way, || I want mine || I’m dying and I’m trying || But believe me I’m fine || But I’m lying, || I’m so very far from fine

Ohmygod this is so incredibly late and i’m so so sorry for that! I just got really busy with school and other personal things, however, we promise now that the new year has come to be a lot more active on this blog because our ask box is just filled with so many requests so there will be a lot coming your way!

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“Four-eyes, you finished that physics assignment, right?” Jeongguk calls him nonchalantly, lean figure resting against the lockers in front of Kim Taehyung’s, who was currently retrieving his textbooks and shoving them into his bookbag.

Taehyung blows his bangs out from his face, pushing up his glasses.

“‘Course I did, you’d kill me if I didn’t.” He states simply, shoving the finished assignment onto Jeongguk’s chest. “Don’t copy it word for word, Mr. Kwon is anal about copying.”

That was just Taehyung’s everyday routine. Jeon Jeongguk hasn’t completed a single homework assignment, review packet, essay in seemingly months. Not with Kim Taehyung around, absolutely submissive and terrified of the younger boy despite the age difference. Taehyung was skinny, body lanky and small. He wore clothing much too large for his tiny frame, hair always in disheveled curls, thick large frames perched atop of his nose bridge.

He was the perfect target.

Sure he was occasionally sassy, threw in a snarky remark here and there but he never once did anything about Jeon Jeongguk’s prying eyes on his test sheet during calculus.

He knew better not to, if he did, there would be consequences.

Jeongguk likes to think of it as something akin to a trade-off. Taehyung does all of Jeongguk’s school work, and in return, Jeongguk doesn’t beat the living shit out of him.

So every morning, Jeongguk waits impatiently at Taehyung’s locker, foot tapping in irritance and he inwardly curses the older boy for taking so damn long. His excuse for being late was always something that was awfully pleasant and sweet of him that made Jeongguk absolutely sick to his stomach.

And sure his caring personality was rather admirable, but Jeongguk’s grade in physics was far from it.

It isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Taehyung to be shoved up against a locker, Jeongguk’s fingers grasped tightly against the older boy’s collar.

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anonymous asked:

If it's okay with you,could you do some mcgenji and s/o fluff please? just anything is fine tbh (nsfw or not is fine)

When you joined Overwatch a year ago you counted on coming away with a few scars. The organisation has always been on the front lines, much more now that there aren’t enough agents to have any other lines. What you didn’t expect was to get those scars from your boyfriends.


You tear your arm away but the damage is already done. Under the sweltering Gibraltar sun Jesse’s arm has taken on the average qualities of an iron stick the smith forgot to take out of the forge. A blister in the shape of a skull already forms below your elbow.

Jesse is on his feet immediately, apologising profusely for something that is really not his fault, while Genji laughs himself silly, almost falling out of the hammock that he shamelessly hogged before.

“This ain’t funny.” Jesse says with the panicked whine of a pup who sees the puddle on the floor and fears having his nose stubbed in it. “You alright there, darlin’?”

“I’m fine.” you say, carefully peeling away the sleeve before it gets stuck on the wound. Even with a guilty conscience Jesse would never forgive you if you had to destroy his favourite shirt. He pushes it back further, cradles your hand and elbow to lift up your arm and take a closer look at the burn.

“Gonna leave a mark.”
“That your professional opinion?” you ask with a crooked grin he reciprocates after some brief hesitation. The clinic seems impossibly far away after lounging lazily in the loungers for the better part of the day but eventually you manage to persuade even Genji to accompany you with the promise of going swimming later on.

Everyone who has an ounce of common sense is outside to enjoy the weather and the clinic is blessedly empty of people who could judge you over the consequences of having two part-metal boyfriends.

“Make yourself useful and look for the bandages, will you?” you ask Genji who is still giggling. Undoubtedly he has an inappropriate joke already on his tongue.
As expected, while Jesse fusses and you hold your arm under the cool water stream, he sidles up and says to him:
“I know you wanted to start up a farm. Looks like you got the branding part down.”

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I SEE ALL OF YOU.  Post -ACOWAR/Feysand Fanfic.

Hi guys! So, guess who finished ACOWAR the other day and is now emotionally destroyed?! THIS GIRL! 

So, I decided to write a fanfiction to fill this empty gap in my chest, and I think I did okay?? I don’t know?! :’)

I was pretty much listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine the whole time, so I would say if you like listening to music while you read, listen to that, I guess? (Specifcally the MTV Unplugged ver.) 

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes - I finished this at 1am, and I have no idea what to do with myself now! (help me)

NOTE: The characters in this story are created and owned by Sarah. J. Maas, and her amazing book series as well! I am only borrowing her character to make up events of my own and to break hearts. (lol jks)

Feyre has a nightmare, and can’t seem to control her powers as she sleeps in Rhysand’s arms. Rhys has no choice but to enter her mind and stop her nightmares, but what lies in her fears may even scare him.


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Red Riding Hood

My name is Cynn and I am 18 years old, earlier this year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had never even kissed a boy, much less gone any further. I was innocent and my body was sweet, pretty, and untouched, at least until that day.

It was a warm summer day and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. So I put on my pretty new red hat and my matching spring dress. I told my mother where I was going, just like a good girl should. To my surprise she told me to stay away from the woods near my house. When I asked why, she told me that there was a wolf pack that was eating the neighborhood cats and scaring children. I assured her that I would keep far away from the woods, but was very disappointed because this was exactly where I wanted to go. However, being a good girl I listened to my mother and went to walk in the other woods on the other side of town. It was a long walk and far away from any houses, but I didn’t mind since it was a nice day and as I walked a let the sun shine on my face and warm me. By the time I got to the woods it was the middle of the afternoon and I was very tired. I followed one of the trails far down into the woods, until I came across a small meadow. “What a wonderful place to lay in the sun and take a nap,” I thought. So I laid out the blanket I had with me and proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I looked at my wrists and saw two large wolves. Each one had one of my wrists in his mouth and was forcing my hands and arms over my head. I screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because I was so afraid. But I was in the woods on the other side of town, not in the woods by my house so there was no one close enough to hear me no matter how loudly I screamed. I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see another large wolf bearing his teeth and looking at me. The two wolves held my hands tightly in their mouths, so I was helpless to do anything to stop this third one. “My God” I thought to myself “they are going to kill me and eat me like they did the neighborhood cats.” This thought made my heart race even more then it had been and almost made me pass out. The third wolf began to sniff over my body slowly, I watched as he worked his way up my legs. His wet nose sometimes touching my flesh and making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my tight young bush he stopped, he looked up at me and I almost saw the lust and cruelness of a man in his gaze. He bent his head under my dress and gave my innocence a long wet lick through my panties. Well of course I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood from the beast, but he quickly began to rip at my thighs with his paws and claws. The pain was unbearable, “please stop, please it hurts me,” I begged. Even though I knew he could not understand me and that he would not stop if he did.

Tears were running down my cheeks as I tried the best I could to resist opening my legs. I could feel the claws scrapping my legs, making large red whelps on me. He was digging into me like he would dig in dirt to bury a bone. Ripping my dress to shreds. Not being capable of standing it anymore I opened my legs, but he still scratched on either side, ripping off the rest of the dress and even shredding my panties. I began to scream out again as loud as I could, even though I knew it wouldn’t do me any good, I also opened my legs as far as I could exposing my pussy to the wolf’s lusts. Amid my screams and cries he stopped clawing and positioned himself directly between my legs, he hunkered down to block my legs from closing and starting licking me hard and fast. The rough sharp tongue began to hurt me almost instantly, my hips were bucking trying to keep the painful thing out of me. “My sweet virgin hole has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by a beast,” I thought to myself. It was almost too much to bear, the animal toyed with my pussy nipping me and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt me and liking it. All the while the other two beasts held my hands firmly, keeping me completely without defense. I lay there, my legs spread and being forced to accept the animal’s punishment.

The wolf on my left let go of my hand and started to walk over my body, quickly I tried to lower the hand to protect my pussy from the tongue that was tearing it apart. The beast on the left gave me a hard nip on the hand and helplessly I returned it over my head. Now the wolf on the right also let go and moved down my body. Completely helpless, the three behemoths were now free to violate my body to their delight, with no way for me to stop them. I was far too afraid to try and protect myself again knowing that they would bite and hurt me. The other two beasts, free of holding my hands now took up positions on either side of me and began to rip off the top portion of my dress, in an instant they were through my dress and gnawing off my bra. I lay very still afraid of being nipped, while they quickly began to harshly lick my breasts. My firm young breasts and nipples were being roughly treated by their tongues. I arched my back as the dog at my pussy again gave my pussy lips a hard nip, making me yelp in pain. My pussy was being filled with the beast’s spittle as my breasts were being abused by the other two animals. My nipples began to grow hard by instinct, giving the merciless rapists the perfect targets to nip and abuse. Screaming in pain as my body was abused from all sectors, unable to defend my frail sex organs. The wolf on my right seeing my mouth open and inviting, rammed his muzzle into my mouth, licking deep into my throat. I tried and tried to get him out, but his muzzle forced the back of my head against the ground and he took pleasure in my mouth, while the other two were content to keep abusing my other parts. My pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as my mouth was violated from the long tongue, so much pain, and I knew it was only the beginning.

The wolf at my breasts began nipping harder and harder, making me scream on the other wolf’s  tongue and causing a trickle of blood to come from the nipple. Not knowing what to do, but knowing that I did not want my tit eaten off I reached down and began to stroke his cock, hoping to calm him some. He flinched and growled when I first touched him, but quickly got to humping my hand, he also abused my breast slightly less. I felt like such a slut, here I was being tongue licked in the cunt, mouth, and breast by beasts and now I had to masturbate one of them. My pussy couldn’t take any more punishment and my legs closed harder and harder around the wolf. This must have made him angry because he nipped my pussy very hard and made me almost swallow the other dog’s tongue during my scream. The one in my hand began to grow and the cock came out of its skin, he was huge much larger than I thought anyone or anything got. The wolf at my pussy, still angry backed away and began to growl loudly, I knew then that he must have been the leader because the other dogs also backed away from me. “What are they going to do to me now,” I thought. “Oh no, not that they couldn’t be thinking of doing THAT.”

The beast at my head took a mouthful of my hair and pulled upwards, causing so much pain. The leader took my left leg in his mouth and began to pull me over. The combined effect made me roll over onto my stomach and rise up on my hands. A hard nip on my ass quickly got it in the air also. I knew they would have me as they wished and that there was nothing I could do to stop them. Tears ran down my face as I was about to take my fate. The leader mounted my back and wrapped his strong paws around my waist, his weight held me in place unable to move. I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass. The leader began to rock against my ass, making his cock grow to an enormous size. One wolf licked my dangling breast as the other licked my face and lips. I tried to keep the dog at my fronts tongue out of my mouth, but he followed and toyed with my face. The beast at my breast would nip me to make me scream and open the way for the dog at my fronts cruel tongue. The leader positioned his now huge hard cock at my tender pussy, he rocked into it and I screamed in agony. It hit my pussy and blunted against my hymen. Again he rocked this time harder and my hymen burst open, lubricating his way with my blood. The wolf at my front was Frenching my mouth good as I screamed, taking me as he wished, the other beast also seemed to enjoy my swaying breasts as their leader entered me. The leader slowly, painfully fed his huge meat into me, my virginity had been taken by a wolf. The wolf on my breast began to nip harshly again and I knew what he wanted, I scooped up his still semi-hard cock and began to jerk him.

The leader built up a good rhythm inside my and continued to stretch my pussy to its limits. The beast at my mouth decided to complete my humiliation and mounted my front, his large disgusting cock right in my face. Moaning in pain from the violation of my pussy made my mouth an easy target for his cock, and he wasted little time in slamming it deep into me. I could taste the salty precum as he worked it against the back of my throat, it gagged me badly. Both wolf’s knots filled my poor abused body, locking my helplessly. The leader and wolf in my mouth forced me to work between them now. The leader would ram me hard with his powerful legs forcing me deep onto the beast cock in my mouth, then the beast I was sucking would thrust back and force my pussy deeper onto the huge leader’s dick. Being forced to be made into their rape bitch, being gagged and stuffed by the cocks as I was forced to jerk off the third. The beast in my mouth began to moan and jerk erratically, his cock throbbing inside me. While without my consent my pussy began to respond to the cock abusing it, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle. The wolf cock in my mouth seemed to explode and hot cum ran down my throat and out of my nose, I gagged and coughed as it filled me. The wolf removed himself from my mouth and walked a short distance away to clean off his abusive cock. My mouth was only free for an instant as the beast I was jerking left my breasts and mounted my face. He growled menacingly and I knew what I had to do. I began to lick the cock with my tongue, tasting the precum and almost vomiting. The leader continued to rape my pussy as the new wolf sampled my mouth. He thrust his cock at my mouth like a dagger, I tried to avoid it hoping a lick job would be enough, but he growled and I knew I had to take him in my throat. His knot was already formed from my hand job and so when he shoved his cock in my throat the knot hit my lip and bloodied it. I tried to scream, but my mouth and face were engorged with the huge cock. I could feel my pussy working the leader’s cock now and I could also feel a stirring deep inside of me. “Please God,” I thought. “I can’t cum….my first orgasm can’t be while I am raped by wolf cocks.” But my bodies mind was made up and the stirring got stronger, I noticed as it did that I began to take the beast in my mouth deeper, and used my tongue to lick the underside of his huge male hood. Licking harder and the cock going deeper and deeper as the cock in my pussy continued to control and win me over. The leader’s cock pistoning in and out of my well overstuffed pussy. Moaning on the cock, not being able to take anymore. So many cocks, so hard, and me so helpless. They were turning me into their slut, making me enjoy their cocks. I screamed out as I had the first and strongest orgasm of my life, continuing to suck the huge dog cock and stroke it with my hand as I did. The leader let out a low growl and spilled his hot seed deep into me, overcoming my capacity and it running down the back of my legs. Still sucking, the leader just held in me until his knot subsided, then with a pop he was out.

I was crying now as my orgasm had passed and I realized what a slut they had made me in the throes of orgasm. I guess since I wasn’t sucking as good the third dog figured he would finish off in my cum covered cunt. He left my mouth and walked behind me, I was gasping for air and weeping, in no condition to plan an escape, so I just held still. He mounted me and found my hole, now gaping from the leader’s large knot. He was in me and pumping away furiously, as he did the leader came around to my face and put his blood and cum covered cock to my lips. He growled and there was no doubt what he wanted. Disgusted to the core I began to clean off the cock that raped me and took my virginity. I could taste the blood and dog cum on it, and far worse I could taste my pussy juices on it, still more proof of what a slut they had made me.

The wolf at my pussy was again making me respond, there was nothing I could do. His large hot cock ramming in and out of me so forceful and strong, caused a reaction in my pussy that spread throughout my body. I licked the leaders cock and enjoyed it as he smeared the cummy thing on my face, again I was coming and again I was a slut. The first wolf that came must have recovered his lust because now he was over and making me lick him also, I was moaning as I came and was being forced to pleasure the two other cocks with my mouth. The wolf in my pussy spurted his hot load into me and again I came to me senses, it was horrible like a lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that the animals were making me cum. Making me enjoy their rapes.

The wolf that came first now walked down, being the only one not to have fucked me (he made me suck him and came in my mouth). The wolf that had just cum dismounted and the new rapist hopped up on me. My pussy was stretched horribly, so the wolf aimed a bit higher, slamming his cock into my ass. I was still being forced to lick and suck the leader as my ass ring was stretched and violated. The cock painfully went into me, and within moments the knot was butting its way inside. It hurt me so very bad, but made me stir also. Licking the leader’s large cock running my tongue from knot to tip and back again, my chin and pussy dripping from cum. Moaning from the ass rape and sucking harder, “yeah fuck me good,”

I whimpered. Almost instantly I felt the guilt but forced it back as I was being taken and being made to enjoy it. I began to scream loudly for them to fuck me more, for them to all take me at once and to make me their slut. “Fuck me Fuck me, more please,” I begged. They all took me several more times, raping my mouth, ass, and face. After about an hour I passed out and awoke to find them gone, who knows how many times they fucked me while I was out. I did know that they had all pissed on me before they left, so I was a mess; covered with cum and urine, clothes tattered and destroyed. I sneaked along the woods back to my house, got inside and showered and changed so that my mom never knew a thing.

So that is my story, now every warm afternoon I walk to these woods and lay in the sun on the blanket, hoping I will be awakened by the sharp pain on my wrist of my rapist beast’s  teeth. Ready and hoping to be made their rape slut bitch again.

Marichat May Day 6 + 7

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk Day 2: Purring Day 3: Homework Day 4: ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 The Baton

Game Night and Happy Pawing

“Mariiiiii….” Chat whined, tugging on the tips of her pigtails. “I’m bored! Can’t we play now?”

The girl rolled her eyes, and put down her needle and thread. “We’ve already played an hour of Mecha Strike,” she complained. “What else can we play?”

“I don’t know…” Chat said, flopping back onto the floor. “But I’m bored. Please? Can we do something? It’s the weekend, you know.”

“Fine…” Marinette relented, lying down next to him. “What then? Mystic Messenger again?”

“Nah, I finished that,” Chat grinned. “I ended up with Jumin.”

“Of course you did, perverted cat boy,” Marinette teased, poking him in the side. “What then?”

“21 questions?” Chat pondered. “Spin the bottle?”

“No bottle,” Marinette said, surveying her room. “What questions though? I can’t exactly ask you anything personal!”

“Well, not my name, but everything else is pretty much okay…” Chat grinned, flicking open his baton. “Here’s a list…I’ll go first. Favourite colour?”

Marinette rolled her eyes and gestured to her very pink room. “Really?”

Chat laughed. “Okay, let’s skip the boring ones…” he swiped down the screen. “Here we go! If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?”

“Oh, that’s better,” Marinette smiled. “Hmm. The future, I guess? I want to see if I’ll be a fashion designer, so maybe ten years ahead?”

“I know you will be, princess,” Chat grinned, bopping her nose.

She laughed. “What about you?”

“Back in time, for sure. To my third birthday. It’s my last proper memory of my mother.”

“Chat,” Marinette said gently, touching his arm. He smiled bravely and carried on. “What’s more important, truth or happiness?”

Marinette paused, chewing her lip. “Happiness. Sometimes you can’t tell the truth, but you can still be happy?”

“Agreed,” Chat nodded. “What food best describes your personality?”

“Um…” Marinette frowned. “I don’t know. That’s a really hard one…”

“I think you would be strawberries…” Chat thought out loud.

“Why?” Marinette asked. “Because I go red?”

“No!” Chat giggled, “Though that’s true, too. I was thinking because you make people happy, and you smell really sweet…”

“I do?” she blinked.

Chat nodded.

“Um, thanks…” she squeaked.

“What about me?” the black cat grinned, his claws kneading the carpet. It was a sign he was relaxed and having fun.

“Hmm…” Marinette squinted her eyes. “I would say chocolate. Because you make me feel better when I’m down, and you’re popular with women?”

“So not that I taste good?” Chat teased, making the girl blush.

“Next question!” she insisted, grabbing the baton from him. “What is your biggest fear?”

Chat scrunched his nose. “Hawkmoth winning, of course.”

“Me too,” Marinette said softly. She scrolled down the screen and then gasped, dropping the staff.

“What?” Chat asked, making a grab for it. He giggled when he saw the reason why. “Aww, cute, princess. You don’t want to tell me who you want to kiss?”

Marinette shook her head, red as the aforementioned strawberry.

“That’s okay, we’ll skip that one. And that one. And that one! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK THAT?”

They decided to play Mecha Strike instead, and Chat ended up in Marinette’s lap, claws happy pawing her legs as he watched her beat the reigning champion.

Mature version of this on day 13, sin!

Oh Ms Believer

(I just love writing about my two favourite people in the world, TØP, because they are so amazing, but if you want any other singer/band/actor/book character, let me know and I’ll do my best to write a good imagine, or perhaps make a custom wallpaper

Title: Oh Ms Believer
Requested? Yes.
Plot: Imagine you and Tyler are in high school and he asks you over, when suddenly it starts snowing, and you have a great time together that leads to something more.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1306


“What do you say? Do you want to come over or not?” Tyler asked you, after taking a sip of his milkshake and turning his head to look at you. You two were sitting in his brother’s car, just drinking milkshakes and taking some time off after a stressful day at school. You have known Tyler ever since you were kids, and you always loved spending time with him, so your friendship stayed tight even in high school. He had just invited you over to his house because it had been a few weeks since you two hung out at someone’s place. You have had somewhat of a crush on Tyler for a long time now, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself, thinking it was going to ruin your friendship. You realized the reason he was asking you for the second time is because you failed to respond the first time. Stop it Y/N, you don’t like him like that!

’’Yeah, sure, it’s been a while since we hung out at your place last, should be fun.“ You said smiling. Tyler mirrored your smile and the two of you finished your drinks. Once you arrived to his house he told his mum to call your parents and tell them where you were, to which she just smiled, already used to having you around. You spent time playing video games and laughing, trying to mess each other up. Once the last level was done with you got up to stretch your legs for moment as Tyler put in a new game he bought a few days ago and wanted to play with you. You were shocked when you saw that it was snowing. Tyler looked at you with a confused look on his face when you pulled the sleeve of his shirt and lead him to the window, but then he too realized it had been snowing for a while now.

’’I’ll race you down, slugboy.“ You said and with that you were out the door and running down the stairs, Tyler quickly following, both of your breaths filled with laughter. Tyler’s dad yelled behind the two of you to be careful, but you weren’t even listening, throwing snowballs at each other, hiding behind whatever you stumbled upon as you were running away from each other. And then, everything went quiet. You couldn’t hear Tyler’s laughter anymore, or see snowballs flying next to the tree you were hiding behind. That seemed odd to you, so you decided to try and investigate to see where your friend got lost, when you suddenly felt someone grab you from behind and you fell on the ground, only to look over and see Tyler’s smiling face, which caused you to start throwing snow at him, not even bothering to make a snowball.

’’You scared me, you loser!“ You said, trying to keep a straight face, but you couldn’t help but smile as you heard him laugh and help you clean up all of the snow on your clothes. It was starting to get dark so you decided to head inside, where you called your parents and asked if you could stay for the night, since you really missed hanging out with Tyler these past few weeks. It’s not that you were that little to have to ask permission from your parents, it’s just that you wanted to let them know where you were, because you know how mum’s are, always worried about their children, no matter how old they are. Once your parents gave you the green light to stay over, Tyler went over to the kitchen and made the two of you some hot chocolate.

’’The perfect way to end a perfect day.“ You said, earning another laugh from Tyler as he bowed, as if he was in front of a theatre audience. This time it was your turn to laugh and you sat down, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Slowly, you leaned your head on Tyler’s shoulder and watched the fire burn as the cracking of the wood in contact with the fire filled your ears. You felt so relaxed, more then you have been in a long time, and you looked up to see Tyler’s face very close to yours. Your eyes moved to his lips and then back to his eyes in a moment, just quick enough to see him do the same. Slowly, both of you leaned in and your lips connected. It was like millions of fireworks erupted in your stomach. His parents went to bed a while ago so you two were all alone, enjoying each other company. You loved how his lips felt like the inside of a rose, and finally admitted to yourself that you wanted to kiss him for quite some time now. You didn’t know it yet, but he wanted to kiss you too, but just like you, wanted to keep your friendship without a bad stain on it, in case you didn’t like him back.

You usually slept on the bed when you were over at Tyler’s house and he would sleep on the floor, in a somewhat comfortable bed of pillows. This time, you asked him to join you in the bed, nothing dirty on your mind, you just didn’t want him to have a bad back the next morning. The two of you spent half the night just looking each other in the eyes, hands intertwined and nothing but love in your gaze. You were the first one to fall asleep, giving Tyler the opportunity to gently caress your face, putting a lock of hair behind your ear, only to reveal the earings he bought you for your birthday last year. It made him smile and he was glad to have someone like you next to him. Sometime during his dream, he heard a melody, a melody so good that he just had to tape it on his phone as soon as he woke up. He took his guitar and played it as silently as he could, sitting in a chair and watching you sleep. Words started flooding into his mind and he wrote them down.

’’I will tell you I love you, But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears, My nose and feet are running as we start, To travel through snow, Together we go, Together we go“ And some time later, he had a finished song, just in time to play it to you when you woke up. Your smile getting wider with every lyric he sang, still a little unsure of the melody, but in the process of finding the right one for the song. You closed your eyes for a moment, enjoying the sound of his voice and the guitar accompanying it. When he finished you jumped from the bed and rushed over to him to give him a hug and a kiss, happy that he actually shared some of his first work with you. You then asked him who it was for and what he was going to call it. He responded with saying it was for you and the name was “Oh Ms Believer”.

You loved the name of the song and felt so honored he wrote it for you. And these days, looking at him from backstage at his shows, you still smile when he sings that song, remembering the events that led to it being written. It helps you realize once again how much you really love him, and will continue to love him for a long time, which you never forget to tell him before a show. And Tyler never forgets to look back at you and send you a kiss after the song, mouthing the words ’’This is for you, my Ms Believer. I love you“.

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“Fearlessness is a fool’s boast, to my mind. The only men with no fear in them are dead, or the soon to be dead, maybe. Fear teaches you caution, and respect for your enemy, and to avoid sharp edges used in anger. All good things in their place, believe me. Fear can bring you out alive, and that’s the very best anyone can hope for from any fight. Every man who’s worth a damn feels fear.”
 ― Joe Abercrombie


Oh, Miss Believer, my pretty sleeper
Your twisted mind is like snow on the road
Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder
Inside your head than the winter of dead

I will tell you I love you
But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears
My nose and feet are running as we start
To travel through snow
Together we go

More art based on @forestwater87 fic. It’s endless angst and inspiration fuel for the AU

Montgomery County MD gothic
  • you’re driving when suddenly you realize you’re surrounded by priuses. in front of you. behind you. you’re in a prius. when did this happen
  • does poolesville really exist? you’ve only heard whispers
  • “i’m from dc,” they say. you can see through their lies. they’re from bethesda
  • you walk outside in the morning to find a new town center. was it there yesterday? you don’t remember but look they have frozenyo
  • the nearby elementary school PTA meets on the full moon. a mom once came to a bake sale with a pentagram on her chocolate cake. it was delicious
  • the laughter of children can be heard all over glen echo park. but you don’t see any. the parking lot is practically empty. you mean to look around but the eyes on the carousel horses follow you
  • the magnet kids at school always have wide, fearful eyes and their noses in books. what goes on in those classrooms? the principal and other teachers pretend not to notice
  • the hallways of blake high school are inescapable. my brother went there for a forensics competition last year and he never came back. i miss him
  • the children are all wearing Takoma Park Soccer shirts. there are too many to count. they move as one, their faces expressionless
  • you’ve seen that substitute teacher before. you had him years ago in sixth grade. now that you think of it, he’s been there for every major event of your life
  • you can never remember traffic on the beltway moving but somehow you always end up at your destination
  • you’re going up the wheaton metro escalator and you see someone standing at the top. they seem familiar, maybe a friend or neighbor or distant relative. when you finally reach the top after a minute or two, they’ve vanished and you only see a crowd in constant motion

Wasn’t entirely sure where to go with this so I had Thor being a big brother to little shit Loki. Don’t think I’ll go much farther with it, I’m afraid. I hope you guys like the conclusion to The Very Newlyweds, as made by @ladykg01. It was also anticipated by @meganlpie, and @im-a-motherfuckin-mermaid. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: “The Very Newlyweds” was wonderful from start to finish! 

The Very Newlyweds Part 3 was so sweet. I’m kind of sad it’s over now but I can’t wait to see what else you write :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

OMG! Your new chapter of The NewlyWeds is awesome! Please do another part!!!😍😍😍 

“The Very Newlyweds” (Part 4)

Part 3

Odin did not often to sit and deliberate matters of the state; there was rarely cause for such thought. Nonetheless, when he did, he liked his privacy. He would sit in the throne room, alone, and contemplate the best course of action.

So he did not appreciate the great golden doors to the room bursting open, his eldest son storming inside. He was muttering to himself as he did so, rage written across his features.
“First the betrothal, now this…”

With a sigh, Odin abandoned his royal role to adopt the paternal.
“What bothers you my son?” He called out as the blond crossed the room.
“Why am I always the last to be informed of everything?”
“Of what events do you speak?”
“Loki abandoning the throne in favour of the wife who would not have him.”

“On the contrary,” Odin said, thinking that the conversation would cease soon. “He informed me himself that he was leaving with the intention of bringing her back to the palace.”
“And when has Loki’s word to you even been entirely true?”
“You think he has lied to me?”

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A Veela angered is a fearful thing.

Feathers from hair, nose to beak, eyes from blue and silver brightness to shadowed as the night.

Its eerie almost, to watch one so beautiful screech, their mouth full of teeth as fine and needle-sharp as an anglerfish’s.

Why, people wonder, would something so beautiful ever turn into something so hideous?

Because it’s hideous. Because people run in fear, because when a Veela woman is pinned against a wall by a man who does not understand “no” being able to burn him with your bare hands, to burst his eardrums with your battlecry is the best and only defence you have.

You do not cross a Veela, for they are fire and feathers in flesh, and they will rend your skin and flesh and fracture your bones. You do not cross a Veela for if one is harmed, if one is rendered unable to protect themselves their sisters will hear of it and with beauty and brains and burning fire they will end you.

You do not cross a Veela because even the beautiful can and will defend themselves.

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anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind but could I request alpha Hanzo, Genji and Roadhog with an omega s/o who's terrified of alphas? Like maybe their first time meeting them and what they'd act like? Thank you!

No no of course I don’t mind, nonny! Feel free to ask anything! c:

Hope you don’t mind, but I was itching to put it in scenario format ^^”

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