fear the fork

We long the path of least resistance, yet when seeking it we tend to merely envision the path of most resistance, then opt to head in the exact opposite direction. Fear strikes a fork in our life’s road and we consider left or right to be our only options, where we could leave all which is paved by our premises and head straight forward. Perhaps even leap and conquer the sky above us. Propelled by natural tools and qualities that have been given to us from birth through ancestral transmission; ages of procreation leading up to the exclusive specimen of the human species we are right now. Yet we do not allow ourselves to be the best version that we products of ongoing evolution could be when we consciously or subsconsciously allow ourselves to be guided by fear. The path of least resistance has nothing to do with shying away from challenges, as a lack of progress and self-development will always lead to agitation; friction, and therefore resistance. Seeking the path of least resistance is about discerning when the direction we take is directly or indirectly influenced by fear, or taken as a result of us acting in a manor where our own unique qualities prosper. Surely, qualities like these; results of ongoing evolution, have a place and purpose on this earth when cultivated in the absence of fear. We are right here, right now; we are indisputably meant-to-be.
—  To be human (15), by M.A. Tempels © 2017

I decided I wanted a fic about Merrill getting sick or hurt and Anders taking care of her. For lots of reasons, but mostly: 1) I’ve seen fic where Merrill takes care of Anders, but never the reverse; 2) Anders gives Merrill a shitty time in the game, and I want their relationship to be better; 3) I don’t feel like he would give her a hard time when she’s already down, both their relationship and his character are more complex than that; and 4) if we can get a dozen Fenders fics that have Fenris getting sick or hurt and Anders helping him unreservedly despite the animosity between them because that’s who he is as a man and a healer, then by god Anders can damn well show the same consideration for Merrill!

Everything hurt. She tossed and turned on her bed, pulling the limp sweat-soaked pillows further under her head in a futile effort to find a more comfortable position. Her eyes tracked over the crooked wooden beams overhead, old scaffolding from the time the alienage was a mine tunnel falling further and further into disrepair. She tried to imagine that the wooden beams were tree boughs creaking and swaying in the wind, or the arched roof of an aravel rumbling and shaking over uneven ground; it must have been working, because the beams did seem to dip and wave overhead…

Creators. There was no wind here, no air found its way through the maze of caverns and canyons that was Lowtown. She was sick – she was very sick.

The thought stuck out with sudden clarity, and she tried to hold onto it among the fugue, holding it and worrying it like a wolf with a rabbit. But no matter how she turned that truth over and around in her mind, she couldn’t seem to do  anything with it, find purpose or direction in the thought.

She had to… she needed to…

The scaffolding loomed overhead, beams interspersed with jagged shards of metal poking out of the stone. Stone walls, stone overhead, stone underfoot, twisted jagged metal underfoot, a sharp pain that turned into an ugly, dark throbbing up from her heel. Pain growing up her leg, dark red vines of pain that wound their way like ivy up her calf, hitched around the bend of her leg and sent long feelers in her thigh. 

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Imagine playing a Halloween prank on Loki by placing and continuously moving, a plastic skeleton around your house at night to new position at dawn. Many times he screams in fear because of the closeness of the skeleton’s position and what it’s doing, such as offering him a towel in the shower or sitting in his chair at breakfast, his food in front of it with its hand closed around a fork. Other times he curses the skeleton for existing in your home in the first place. As always, Loki finds out it was you and decides to do the same to you the next year which you laugh at and tell him “to give it his best shot because you absolutely fucking love skeletons bitch!”


ASU Sparky Intro 2013 - ASU vs Wisconsin