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Mockingjay Manor - Ch 2

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We asked, you voted overwhelmingly to send Katniss and friends into the strange old manor house she’s inherited. What adventures await them inside? Let’s find out, shall we? As always, you’ll have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 7th.

This week’s installment was crafted by the incomparable @jennagill (who asked that we give a shout out to @papofglencoe for her invaluable assistance.) Hang on folks, here we go…

“C’mon Katniss. We’ll take a look around, assess the needs, and come back tomorrow with a more informed game plan,” Peeta promises.

“Yeah, and maybe we can start on the demo,” Johanna says, rubbing her hands together and no doubt wanting to stick her axe in a wall.

“Who said anything about demo??” I squawk. “Maybe I want to restore this house to its former glory,” I say. It’s all still a little surreal to me. Inheriting this manor with $500,000 to fix it up in six months and the possibility gaining half of the estate if I’m successful sounds like a dream. Of course, if I don’t complete Uncle Haymitch’s task, then it all goes away and Peeta and I will return to the quiet life we had before the reading of the will.

“There’s always an opportunity for demo,” Finnick says, snapping me out of my thoughts. “This house was likely built in the turn of the century. It’s probably going to need foundation repair, new plumbing, bringing the electrical up to code, new roof, and new windows,” Finnick finishes, listing the top tasks off with his hands.

“Do you have a second career as a contractor that we don’t know about?” Peeta jokes.

“Nah, just watched a lot of This Old House,” Finnick says.

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What we mean when we talk about autism acceptance

There are two fundamental ways of viewing disability in relation to society: the social model of disability and the medical model of disability. Supporters of the medical model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix autistic people” while supporters of the social model of disability says “autistic people don’t fit into our society, so we must fix society.” People who advocate for autism acceptance support the social model of disability.

The two models of disability comes down to one basic question - do we need to change individual people so that they can fit into our current society, or do we need to change society so that it becomes inclusive of and available to the many neurodivergent and disabled people who are currently left on the sidelines? It’s not enough to be aware of autism if you still see autistic people as mistakes to be fixed, which is why we support autism acceptance instead of autism awareness. Most people in the western world are aware that autism exists - but what does it matter that we’re aware of the existence of autism if we don’t use that awareness to accept and include autistic people for who they are?

We object to the idea that autistic brains are “wrong” and “bad”. We object to the idea that having an autistic brain is inherently negative. We object to the idea that autistic brains should be fixed. We support neurodiversity - the idea that autism and other developmental disorders and neurodivergences aren’t mistakes, but that they are natural variations of human neurology which should be embraced and accepted and acknowledged for their unique contributions. Neurodiversity is the belief that neurodivergent brains don’t need to be fixed or corrected, but that they’re a natural and important part of human diversity.

We object to the idea that autism should be cured. Instead of focusing on fixing and curing individual autistic people, we should dedicate our money and our activism and our energy to changing society so that autistic people can get the support and accommodations they need to live happy, fulfilling lives as autistic people.

This April - April is autism awareness month - you should take a stand against the medical model of disability and its fear-mongering cure rhetoric. Take a stand against Autism Speaks and their “awareness” and their use of words such as “broken”, “dangerous”, “epidemic”, “tragic” and “missing.” Listen to autistic people instead of listening to the words of organizations whose goal is that we shouldn’t exist, that we shouldn’t be a part of the future. Listen to autistic people instead. We don’t want to be fixed. We don’t want to be cured. We want to be a part of the future. We want to be accommodated and accepted for who we are instead of being eradicated and changed. This April, spread the word of autism acceptance, neurodiversity and the social model of disability. This April, stand with autistic people. We need your support.


Heliophagus: a miritama fantasy story- (rated M)

When Tamaki’s quiet life is interrupted by a curse that turns his very power against him, Mirio leaves their village in his quest to find a cure. Fearing for Mirio’s life in a world full of monstrous creatures, Tamaki ventures into the darkness to pursue him.

But the biggest trial of all may be to keep from becoming a monster himself.

Introducing: Heliophagus- written by @silvercistern and illustrated by @thehauntedboy, here’s the prologue and stay tuned for more! Enjoy!!

Sam Winchester

For many Supernatural fans, the Sam Winchester character represent inspiration and hope, proving that even the most victimized of souls can find the strength to turn around and fight one’s cruel fate and change the course of his destiny.  For others, Sam is little more than a scapegoat, taking whatever unjustified blame that other characters dish out upon him.  Even when Sam stands up to his tormentors, enough people  assume it will only be a matter of time before Sam again finds himself at the mercy of another cruel twist.  

But Sam is a survivor in the face of all obstacles that indicates an inner strength that should never be dismissed.  He has come to terms with who he is and he’s always learning and building himself up.  He consistently have hope and faith in humanity that extends to its other citizens like monsters and apocalypse-hungry angels. Sam has fought for his family and the world at large, and we are desperately rooting for Sam to succeed on his own terms.

From here Sam has quiety inspire those around him, including those who earlier had unfairly blamed Sam, sometimes of actions of their own doing.  In 11x17, Cas’s love and fondness for Sam enabled him to briefly break through Lucifer’s hold to save Sam’s life.  Cas sees another world where Sam was never born (12x23) and finally acknowledged that the Winchesters never destroyed the world as he had blamed them in 5x01, but that Sam saved the world.  Dean told a priest (8x22) that Sam has done amazing things that he didn’t think was possible and he has no doubt that Sam will continue to do amazing things, from saving Dean from living his worse fear, a demon, then curing Dean of a cursed immortal mark, to rallying supernatural enemies to stop the Darkness and leading human hunters against a foreign enemy.  Sam never lectured and gave stirring self-righteous speeches, instead he did quiet deeds and lead by example and inspired others to follow him.

The Signs as Bands
  • Aries: The 1975
  • Taurus: Twenty Øne Piløts
  • Gemini: Panic! At the Disco
  • Cancer: Fall Out Boy
  • Leo: The Smiths
  • Virgo: The Cure
  • Libra: Tears for Fears
  • Scorpio: My Chemical Romance
  • Sagittarius: Blue Oyster Cult
  • Capricorn: Coldplay
  • Aquarius: AC/DC
  • Pisces: Nirvana

“It looks like ya got yerself in a bit of a pickle pumpkin” Merle said, his adopted son was shivering as he hugged the tree limb just above the highest rung of the ladder. 

Banjo nodded, “y-yeah. I-It’s too high.” 

Merle nodded in agreement, “I know son, that’s why I came to help ya down. Now, I’m gonna get a grip on ya, and when I say so I’ll need ya to let go of the tree so I can pulls ya down, alright?” 

“No!” Banjo shook his head and clung tighter to the tree, “I-if I let go I’ll fall!”

 “Banjomin, I know yer scared, but I ain’t gonna let ya get hurt. I’m gonna catch you and it’ll be fine.” Merle placed his hand on the boy’s knee, stroking it lightly with his thumb, “Do ya trust me son?”

Banjomin paused, but eventually nodded in agreement. Once it seemed like Banjo was less tense Merle reached up and got a grip on Benjamin’s Torso. “Okay son, ya can let go now.” 

For a minute Banjo hesitated, but eventually he released the tree limb and Merle was able to scoop him up in his arms. He wrapped his hands around his Pa’s neck and Merle quickly climbed down the ladder to the ground. 

Merle rubbed Banjo’s back calmingly, and eventually the five year old opened his eyes and noticed they were back on the ground. Banjo hugged him closely and Merle smiled, “ There now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

I thought of some dialogue to go with the picture, but this is just a drawing of how I imagine it goes when the Mcguckets discover Stan is scared of heights after he’s de-aged in the Banjomin Stanley Mcgucket au. 

Top 7 Butters moments

For Butters’ birthday, here are my top 7 moments of his.

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7. Marjorine

I love the innocence and naivety of the whole episode. It’s funny and horrifying. Plus, brings back memories of girls’ sleepovers and the games we’d play.

I agree with Trey and Matt about wishing they had kept the story line of Stephen (Chris) digging up Butters grave and later keeping Butters in the basement, assuming he came back from the dead for a different episode. This isn’t saying the episode was weakened with this plot line. In fact, I believe it added to the absurdity of the whole mission, but I am curious where they could have taken it.

6. Butters Bottom Bitch

Only Butters could pull off a successful kissing company that comes with smiley sunshine and frowney cloud stickers. Him attending the pimp con and learning the phase “you know what I am saying” is great. I love when he explains to Kyle the difference between what he offers and what Stan has to go through to be able to kiss Wendy. “He’s gotta sit there and listen to her stupid motherfuckin’ problems ‘cause she kisses him.” It also showed us Butters can take a leadership role which becomes more noticeable in season 20.

5. “Do you need to wash your hands?”

Just this line. I can’t tell if Butters is being his innocent and naive self and is simply asking Kyle, or is there an underlying jab and mockery in the question after Kyle’s lecture? Either way I love it.

4. Butters’ in ‘Sexual Healing’

Both Kyle and Butters are great in this. We don’t often get them together in an episode. Most often it’s Butters and Cartman so this brought a nice change. Kyle’s fear and determination to cure his illness and Butters anger and bafflement over it especially “bush” works so well together.

I laugh every time I hear Butters angrily say “Me, I just… Well I just can’t stop thinking about bush.” and “…I finally paid a lady to show me hers. You wanna know what’s under that bush? Nothin’ but a pair of sick Joker lips.”

Plus Kyle and Butters rolling around in the dirt both traumatized by their new disease is heartbreaking and hilarious.

3. Butters in ‘Where My Country Gone?’ (Butters/Charlotte)

My main reason for liking Butters in this episode is it’s the start of Butters/Charlotte. “You got Maple Fever”. It’s pretty much the only Butters ship I really like. I don’t know what’s in store for season 21 but hopefully they can make up. Another reason I love it, is simply these two exchanges

Cartman: Guys, what if this was all exactly what Kyle planned? Get the Canadians here, make them feel persecuted, and then what? Uprisings? Rebellion? Next thing you know, they’re sending us to camps and using us as livestock!
Butters: You really think Kyle would do that?


Cartman: You know, what’s that story about the two sides that were fighting and, then a guy from one side got with a girl from the other side and their love sort of brought the groups together?
Butters: Lion King II?

2. The Ungroundable

Such a sweet story about Butters trying to fit in with the Vamp kids and later turning against them. Oh my god, so many moments in this episode. His playback going off while he’s spying (“This is the Big Texas Butters Show!”), sneaking into Cartman’s room to ‘drink his blood’, helping the Goths burn down Hot Topic but my absolute favorite line

“How can thy ground that which is… ungroundable.”

1. A Beautiful Sadness

I don’t think I thought of a top moment for a character faster than I did for Butters. There isn’t any other scene, episode or line that could top this for me. His speech at the end of Raisins is probably one of my favorite South Park moments. When I first heard it, I was going through a pretty dark time and wow did it just sink in and resonate. Anytime I hear someone say South Park is just show about farts and crude humor and ask how I can take anything from it, this is one of the best examples. Seriously, if you are going through a break up or anything else just remember these words from Butters

I’m sad, but at the same time I’m really happy that somethin’ could make me feel that sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin’ really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I’m feelin’ is like a, beautiful sadness.


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Heliophagus: a dark miritama fantasy- (rated M)

When Tamaki’s quiet life is interrupted by a curse that turns his very power against him, Mirio leaves their village in his quest to find a cure. Fearing for Mirio’s life in a world full of monstrous creatures, Tamaki ventures into the darkness to pursue him.

But the biggest trial of all may be to keep from becoming a monster himself.

Chapter Update!! (it’s a long one~)

Heliophagus is written by @silvercistern and illustrated by @thehauntedboy, here’s Chapter 3 and stay tuned for more! Enjoy!!

Puppy Problems

@the-queen-of-the-light is my baboo and I love her and today is her birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday you beautiful human!!! I hope it is gay and good, just like you!!! It has been nearly a whole year since we really got to talking and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, so take a lil story about our favorite baby on the day you graced this planet with your presence! 

(You can also read it on AO3 if you prefer) 


“What is it Agent Homes?”

“We might have a … uh… problem?”

The golden puppy woofed up at him happily. The cape over her back slid further off with every wag of her tail. The other, black puppy growled and yanked at the ops clothes still hanging from her frame.

The agent sighed, it was going to be a long night for everyone.

J’onn twitched. He would not kill his entire platoon, he would not kill his entire platoon, he would not…


He was going to have to dress up as Supergirl, again. 

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A half-proud half-guilty brotherhood. Proud because we hold the reins of life and death in our hands, and guilty because we are all dragged down by the unstated fear that our cures have never fully evolved from our ancient past of quackery and charlatanism. This is the reason we are so pathologically loyal to each other and our jargon has the role of binding us into an unbreakable magic circle that ensures what is unsayable remains unsaid
—  Oxford Handbook Clinical Medicine (on the encrypted way doctors present patient histories in front of the patient themselves, and its exclusive nature)