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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 3 Full Translation.

TN: When this third part was released on the Bleach/Jump+ app, Narita tweeted that “main house” was written in place of “branch house” in one line, I’ve spotted that line and made those amendments in my translation below already. He apologised for any confusion and has stated this will be corrected in the printed book version. Also sorry this is really late but I got super busy again but I thought I should finish this translation up now since the next part comes out at midnight tonight on the app. Very long chapter btw.

Chapter 2


Several days later - Rukongai.

Hisagi Shūhei is engaged in two different occupations at the same time.

One of those occupations is his professional duties as Squad 9 vice captain, which everyone knows.

The other is being the editor-in-chief of the Seireitei Communication.

Seireitei Communication is a public institution magazine that is occasionally circulated throughout​ Seireitei and as far as some parts of Rukongai, it is basically under the management of the 9th division.

Naturally, it ought to be treated as equal occupations, but because the nature of the work differs too greatly from primary Shinigami duties, it was in effect, perceived by society as something akin to a side job.

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Metroid Fusion - Exploration Powered by Fear

In any game about exploration, there needs to be a reason why you explore. Most games usually accomplish this through a boss character that serves as a goal for the player to overcome, which pushes players to find more upgrades throughout the world.

However, Metroid Fusion takes an interesting approach to this same idea by injecting fear into the boss character. The boss in the in the game is the SA-X, a exact replica of you, except with all of your powers and upgrades. At the beginning of the game, you have none of these powers.

This in itself already sets up a strong drive within the player to explore the world and find upgrades so that you can stand a chance against this other version of yourself. But Metroid Fusion takes it a step further.

The SA-X constantly hunts you down while you explore the world. This is where the horror aspect of the game comes in. As you explore, you never know when you could run into the SA-X, and if you do cross paths with it, your only option is to run.

The game creates a interesting relationship between the player and exploration where the player, on some level, is afraid to explore the world out of fear of the SA-X. However, that exploration is necessary to fight the SA-X.
The end result of this is a game with a lot of emotional tension. It connects the player to the game and makes all the events of the game feel more substantial.

When you get another upgrade that small victory feels more significant when you’ve been running around hoping that you don’t run into the SA-X. Similarly, the panic you feel when you know the SA-X is nearby feels more potent when you know you can’t fight it yet.

Metroid games are known for their exploration, but Fusion stands out as one that taps into different emotions as the others, making it an unforgettable experience.

He loves you, that’s something you know
With a sureness that makes you stand straight
Because you know this deep in your bones 

He trusts you,
He lets you go with tears in his eyes
Because he understands you both have your duty

You’ll come back to him, you swear in your heart
You whisper it to yourself as you walk away
Because his breath runs through your lungs

There’s a crack in your soul without him
But you know what he’d say, you know what’d he want from you
Because you know him better than you know yourself


He’s the source of your strength and of your fears by Abby S

A Kabby poem for the absolutely wonderful @heda-reyes

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Ayoko talaga ‘tong kainin pero napakain na naman ako. Humingi pa nga ako ng extra rice at mainit na sabaw eh. Yan palagi almusal, tanghalian, meryenda at hapunan ko. Minsan nga hanggang midnight snack pa. Medyo nakakaumay na din siya ha . Maooverdose na nga ako eh. Okay lang kung kasing sarap ng french fries pero mas mapait pa sa ampalaya ang pakiramdam. Pero kapag naiisip kong nagawa ko siyang lunukin at kainin ng buong-buo for the nth time, na parang dinaig ko pa yung mga exotic challenge sa Fear Factor, marerealize ko na lang na,

Yun nga lang, Nakain ko na naman ang pride ko ng hindi ko nainstagram. Sayang ang hashtag na #foodporn.