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Numerology 101

In my time running this blog, I haven’t seen a single post about numerology, maybe just because nobody knows it, or maybe because witches have a pathological fear of math. Either way, it’s a shame! The basics of numerology are painfully easy to grasp, and I would mark it down as one of the easiest divinitory systems I’ve tried to date. So let’s hit the basics!

We’ll jump right into it.

The Math

Actually, we need to work out the numbers we’re using first. While a person’s birthday is already very handily in a numeric form for you, their name is written up in pesky letters. But every letter has a corresponding numerological number, and by noting the number for each letter in a name, you’re able to calculate what you need.

Here’s a chart of the numbers, nice and easy and not necessary to memorize at all.

The numerological ‘alphabet’ if you will, only goes from the numbers 1-9. The letter ‘A’ marks 1, then J does again, then S. The more you work with numbers, the more you’ll come to just know what letters are associated with what, but even if you don’t, this chart is easy to replicate and even easier to find online.

The next part comes in writing out the numbers for a person’s name. You’ll want to keep this organized rather than messy, as  you’ll be using different parts of the numbers to calculate different things. I like to write out the names, then write the numbers for all the vowels above the name, then all the numbers for the consonants below the name. When you’ve done so, it should look something like this:

Some things to note:

  • Y is treated as a vowel when there are no other vowels in a syllable (Ex: Lynn, Carolyn)
  • W is treated as a vowel when preceded by a vowel and when it produces a single sound (Ex: Bradshaw, Matthew)

The birthday, again, is already in numeric format, so now all of your numbers just need to be added properly. Which brings us back to the scary part.

The Actual Math

Really, it’s nothing more than basic sums. If you can add, you can figure out your numbers. Hell, if you can’t add, you can have a calculator figure it out for you.

It is a little more involved than adding all the numbers you’ve so dutifully marked down and calling it a day, but let’s work through it first.

First, add all the numbers from the vowel section together. Then, add all the numbers from the consonant section together. If we go off the name I provided above, it should look something like this:

Congrats, the hardest bit of math is over!

“But Shay,” you say. “You said the numerological alphabet only consists of the numbers 1-9!”

And so I did. But I also said only the worst of the math was over. Next, we need to break down the numbers we got until they fall into that range. What you do for this is you take each numeral in the number and you add them together.

Let’s break it down. Looking at the vowel section, we’ve been left with the number 22. To get the numerological number, you take each numeral and add them together - here, that looks like 2 + 2 and leaves us with the number 4, perfectly within our range.

Our consonant number at the moment is 54, or 5 + 4, which adds up to 9. Again, in range. Should you get a number that’s still too big, keep breaking it down until it’s only one digit. For example, the number 98 becomes 17 (9 + 8), but then 17 becomes 8 (1 + 7) and is now within the acceptable range.

You’ve just calculated the Inner Dreams number and the Soul Urge number. And by adding those two together (and reducing as necessary) you will have the Destiny Path number. In this case, it’s 4 (The Soul Urge and Inner Dreams numbers 9 and 4 add up to 13, and 13 as 1 + 3 equals 4).

That’s three numbers down, one to go.

We’ve largely neglected the Life Path number, but all it really requires is the reduction method we just covered.

Take my birthday. April 27th, 1993, or in number terms, 04/27/1993. All you have to do is add all these numbers together, then once they’re nice and neat in one giant number, you simplify it as you learned. 04 + 27 + 1993 = 2024, which gives us a number to reduce. Even though it’s more than two digits, you handle it the same way. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 adds up to 8, making a quick work of the reduction and giving us our Life Path number.

For you visual learners out there, it looks something like this:

Breaking it Down

So now, we have all four of our numbers! And with minimal tears shed. For the sake of having everything in one place, all of my numbers put together look something like this:

A number showing up more than once implies a strength of presence in that number - two or three times indicates that the traits associated with that number are strong, as do numbers that ‘resonate’, such as how 4 fits evenly into 8 or 3 fits evenly into 9. If there are too many repetitions of a number, expect to see more and more of the negative associations of those traits brought to light. Keep your eye out for these, as they will amplify one another.

Okay, but what does it all mean?

The Divination

There are four major numbers you go for when putting someone’s numbers together. The Life Path number, the Destiny Path number, the Soul Urge number, and the Inner Dreams number.

Life Path:

The life path number is the sum of the numbers in one’s birthday (date, month, and year). It relates to the path in life one will take and the traits one has at birth.

Destiny Path:

The destiny path number is the sum of all letters in one’s full name. It relates to the tasks one was meant to achieve in their lifetime.

Soul Urge:

The soul urge number is the sum of all vowels in a person’s name. It represents a person’s inner cravings, their likes and dislikes, and what they value most.

Inner Dreams:

The inner dreams number is the sum of all consonants in a person’s name. It represents secret dreams, inner desires, and fantasies.

And lastly, the meaning of the numbers themselves. This post is already long enough to the point where I’m not going to write up a paragraph about each and every number (they are all available and more if you look them up online), but I’ll give you a run-down for each.


Positive Traits:
Initiator, pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent
Negative Traits:
Overly assertive, aggressive, domineering, impulsive, egotistic, boastful


Positive Traits:
Cooperative, adaptable, considerate of others, sensitive, diplomatic, modest
Negative Traits:
Shy, timid, fearful, drowns in the details, easily depressed


Positive Traits:

  • Self-expressive, inspired, happy, fun-loving, keen imagination
  • Negative Traits:
  • Scattered energies, self-centeredness, unfinished projects, lack of direction


Positive Traits:
Strong sense of order, highly practical, steady growth, fine management skills
Negative Traits:
Lack of imagination, stubborn, fixed opinions, argumentative, slow to act


Positive Traits:
Expansiveness, new visionary ideas, quick thinking, versatile, resourceful
Negative Traits:
Restless, discontent, edgy temperament, dissatisfaction, overhasty, impatient


Positive Traits:
Responsible, artistic, nurturing, community-oriented, balanced, sympathetic
Negative Traits:
Self-righteous, obstinate, stubborn, meddlesome, egotistical, dominating


Positive Traits:
Methodical, analytical, intelligent, scientific, studious, solitary, perfectionist
Negative Traits:
Hidden motives, suspicious, overly reserved, isolated, inflexible


Positive Traits:
Good leader, strong sense of direction, sound judgement, decisive, commanding
Negative Traits:
Overly ambitious, oppressive, impatient, stressed, materialistic


Positive Traits:
Hearty friendliness, humanitarian instincts, giving, selfless, creative
Negative Traits:
Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, carelessness 

So there you have it! Put the numbers you calculated to their associated meanings and work it out in your head, just like with tarot or other divinatory practices.

Just a few parting comments before I end this post.

In Summation

This is the setup for a slightly above basic numerological reading. The most basic that I ever use involves taking just the Life Path and Destiny path numbers. To take an even more complex spread, you could break down the person’s full name by each individual name, analyzing the vowels, consonants, and overall number for the first, middle, and last name individually, so that you can study what builds a person up into their full name and their path numbers. This gets very extensive very fast, and even with just the four above, you may end up doing three numbers per name plus the Life Path number. For your standard 3-name schema, this would involve ten numbers. Still manageable, but quite a lot.

On the topic of nicknames: generally, the rule in numerology is that you should use the name a person has held the longest. For example, Shay isn’t my birth name, but I’ve been called Shay for just over half of my lifetime. This is a good guideline, but please consider it only as a guideline. If someone has a name they do not wish to be called, respect them, and analyze the name they give you instead. An interesting thing to do - if the subject is comfortable - is to compare the birth name with the chosen name numerologically, and they can comment on advances that you have made through your life.

This is all I can think of at the moment! Go forth and numerolocize!

Lastly, I put together a blank template so you can practice on your own :D

Modern AU Voltron Career Headcanons

-Allura is a CEO of a major corporation. She speaks Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Everyone fears her.
-Coran is a math professor at MIT. He comes in late every day with a coffee in each hand and apologizes with “sorry I’m late but I would rather be sleeping”
-Shiro is a nurse. Head nurse. His metal arm is v cold when he touches people with it and his patients complain until he takes off his nitriles and they just FREEZE and he’s like “it’s cool yo, I know it’s cold.”
-Keith is an archeologist, specifically interested in ancient weapons. On weekends he teaches tae kwon do.
-Pidge works for a police department in cybercrime. She fits the “cops love donuts” stereotype better than anyone.
-Lance is a phlebotomist. He has a favorite microscope named Blue and if you adjust her lens without lowering the stand, you die (that RUINS microscopes and is a rookie mistake but people make it all the time and it astounds me. Lance. It astounds Lance.)

Signs as kids in my mom's class
  • *Names changed : ) They're all about eight, by the way.
  • Aries: Tomas. Kind of adorable but really badly behaved. Veers between being super friendly and very aggressive. Has the best little smile ever observed on planet earth.
  • Taurus: Reece. Hates change and gets very upset; stubborn. Likes to make new friends and will talk for hours. Is very, very scared of bees but I don't know why.
  • Gemini: Leo. Has a twin whom he is separated from. Extremely intelligent and can talk for hours once you get him started. Is likely to be very distrustful.
  • Cancer: Kane. One of fourteen kids and really sweet and shy. Just loves people so much and will totally kidnap you. Doesn't talk much, just stares at you and smiles.
  • Leo: Alex. Super super smart and so freaking arrogant. Will tear you down with his harsh words but is strangely endearing. Thinks everyone loves him.
  • Virgo: Marie. Really clever and creative and writes great stories but thinks otherwise. Has an inexplicably crippling fear of Maths. Loves helping people.
  • Libra: Cherry. Very friendly and cute. Always sticks as close to her friends as possible. Giggles a lot, but is pretty clever once she's got her head down.
  • Scorpio: Fin. Has trouble making friends and is kind of insecure. Is either quiet or worryingly angry. Actually very sweet when you get to know him.
  • Sagittarius: Grace. Great at making friends and will talk your ear off. Impossible to be awkward around her. Can tear you down but if you walk the line she won't.
  • Capricorn: Emma. Quiet and has perfectly done plaits. Very smart, works hard and doesn't complain. Won't talk to you unless you're her teacher or best friend, then she's chatty.
  • Aquarius: Harrison. Can get along with pretty much anyone, even the 'naughty' kids. Very observant. Is the one you put on a table if everyone's arguing.
  • Pisces: Joey. Sooo sweet, catches your eye and smiles and it's the cutest omfg. Really struggles academically but honestly tries so hard. Quiet at first, then talks lots.

Happy Birthday Hachi!

Hachi was born Komatsu Nana, the middle daughter of three, on November 30, 1980.  Her 7th birthday was celebrated with her family in her hometown, smiling and laughing.  Her 21st birthday was celebrated among her friends in Tokyo, smiling and laughing.

Today, her 36th birthday is hopefully being celebrated with her own family and old friends, smiling and laughing.

Golden (Part 8)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Wanna talk to Golden and get to know him? OR EXPOSE HIM then follow @goldenrecs!

A/N: I promised an update before I return to college Monday and I try never to break my promises so here you go. I honestly lost track of where this story was going until I decided whatever and get down to business. This story only has a few chapters left so with that being said, exPECT TIME JUMPS IN THE NEAR FUTURE! Still, I somewhat enjoyed this chapter and I’m somewhat happy with the outcome and where it’s headed and I hope you all feel the same. The songs used in this chapter are this and this. As always, enjoy! <3

         “If I were to tell you I know who Golden is… like that I really know who he is… would you believe me?”


         “I’m serious this time, Y/N! I know who he is!”

         “Chloe, you’ve been saying this since the beginning of the semester. No one knows his identity.”

         “But I’m serious! Golden is Jungkook!”

         “Wait, pause, Golden is my friend, Jeon Jungkook?” Jimin stared wide eyed at Chloe as her eyes grew twice the size as his. That was not supposed to have slipped out just now. She simply invited Jimin over to her dorm to practice how she was going to tell Y/N that she knew who Golden was and prove to her once and for all that it wasn’t Taehyung. However, letting Jimin know who Golden actually was wasn’t part of the plan. Namjoon was going to kill her. He told her strictly not to tell anyone.

         “If you tell anyone, Chloe, I will personally strangle you,” Namjoon glared at Chloe has he held his coffee cup up to his face. Though Chloe wanted to so badly tell Namjoon she wouldn’t have had mind if he strangled her – wink wink – she just nervously nodded her head at the older male.

         “What about Jimin-“

         “No. One.” Namjoon repeated again through gritted teeth.

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Hi! Can you write a scenario with Taehyung, when you're his best friend and you have feelings for him, but he likes someone else, so you two fight and you stop talking to him and all that jazz? End it however you want! I trust you <3 Thaanks!

You know what maybe I just have a thing for school AUs. Hush. Also, I’m just warning you, this is hella long. -Avery

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V - “Not Her” (angsty mostly)

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MBTI Types As “Sleeping At Last” Songs

INFP [ Venus ] The night sky once ruled my imagination. // Now I turn the dials with careful calculation. // After a while, I thought I’d never find you. // I convinced myself that I would never find you

ISTP [ Wires ] Carefully cut the wire and wait. // Life is a series of narrow escapes. // A chain reaction, // A loose thread that we must pull.

ENTJ [ East ] I set out to rule the world // With only a paper shield and a wooden sword. // No mountain dare stand in my way, // Even the oceans tremble in my wake.

ISTJ [ Smell ] Is this the part when the brain scans show where memories reside? // Some ambiguous shape in me suddenly producing light // Triggered like a tripwire, every time I breathe it in

ENTP [ Jupiter ] While collecting the stars, I connected the dots. // I don’t know who I am, but now I know who I’m not. // I’m just a curious speck that got caught up in orbit. // Like a magnet it beckoned my metals toward it

INTP [ Intermission ] I’m so tired but I can’t sleep. // My mind is full but I can’t speak. // Among the dust of the hard-to-reach, I’m stuck // Right here, somewhere between side a and side b.

INTJ [ In The Meantime ] Fear is illogical math // An impractical skill to have. // Still, we talk of our future ‘til we have no voice // We’ll try to outsmart it with noise.

ESTP [ Taste ] I am alive, I am awake. // I am aware of what light tastes like. // The curtains drawn, the table’s set; // I wanna be, I wanna be, at my best.

ISFJ [ From The Ground Up ] Our accomplice is the rain, // With patience, that of saints // It grows and grows, // Our home sweet home.

ENFP [ Ghosts ] If you listen just right, you can almost hear it // The symphony of secrecy, life, and fear // I can’t decide if I’m living or I’m dying, // So I test your love and I test your love

INFJ  [ Overture ] The mind was made to illuminate the heart // And when every constellation suddenly appeared // Through telescopes and calculations // The far was pulled so near

ESFP [ Accidental Light ]  My heart was racing well before it’s time. // Time’s running out, it’s always running out on me, // As the road up ahead disappears.

ENFJ [ Sun ] With golden string // our universe was brought to life, // that we may fall in love // every time we open up our eyes.

ESFJ [ Page 28 ]  So here in the final draft, I’ve given all I have. // Strange how the heart expands in the absence of a plan. // There’s nothing left on the page, but I’m okay with that, // For I found my resolution was designed for stronger hands.

ISFP [ Slowly, Now ] We just need some sleep // To dream away these fears. // We just need some time // To clear our crowded minds

ESTJ [ The Sea Of Atlas ] There’s a fine line, a fine line in between // Our progress and our instability. // We can’t help ourselves but hunt for more.

🐺Sleeping At Last - Yearbook -Sentence Starters Pt. 2

“Maybe there’s no answer here, at least one we’re ready to hear.”
“Fear is illogical math. An impractical skill to have.”
“We talk of our future ‘til we have no voice,”
“We’re conditioned to mourn our empty glass long before it’s ever poured out,”
“Imagine how brave I’d be, if I knew I’d be safe,”
“If I could only know the end, I’d be a prodigy of faith,”
“Everything I know is borrowed, broken, or blind.”
“So it goes with an ever changing definition of right,”
“If ignorance is bliss, then I guess I’m in Heaven,”
“I would hold you now, if only I knew how,”
“I don’t know if it’s just dumb luck, would it matter if it was?”
“What if we let change in, or opened up just enough to let it begin?”
“The scars they left, they were loud and clear, weren’t they?”
“You begged and begged for some sort of change; Maybe they’d wake up tomorrow and regret the pain they’ve passed down to you like DNA.”
“It seems only by the hand of God or Death will they truly change,”
“Far away from hurt is where healing occurs,”
“But you only really want to make them proud, don’t you?”
“It must be so hard in the mess you’re always cleaning up, to believe in the ghost of unbroken love.”
“We found an ocean when we needed land,”
“There’s a fine line between our progress and our instability,”
“We live and die under the thumb of fear,”
“Our vocabularies had no room for ‘defeated’,”
“We’re taking turns at shattering apart, at least we’re taking turns.”
“How did we get so good at dismantling these hearts?”
“Time heals all, according to these greeting cards.”
“I once heard the most honest words; though nothing may ever be the same, the heart keeps widening for change,”
“I know the rules; the weaker trees bend,”
“When she shines her brightest, let no dark cloud intervene,”
“Much too tiny to try, much too stubborn to quit,”
“Are we settlers, or are we natives of this land?”
“A watched kettle never boils, and a watched tree never grows,”

How to Write Fear

Fear is a natural reaction to anything that we feel threatens our basic needs, which can include our safety. Because we’ve all experienced it at some point or another, it is portrayed well. So when writing keep your own experiences, as well as this list, in mind. “Kelly was scared,” doesn’t sound as exciting as “Kelly’s lip trembled to the same beat as her leg, sweat giving her dark skin a disgusting sheen.”

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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers :)

thank you for asking! <3 <3

1. I love collecting mugs :)

2. I want a tattoo in the future but im scared of needles

3. The fear of failing math is one of the constants in my life 

4. My long term memory is like really bad 

5. There was a time where i thought anon was a name of a person 

6. I’ll be graduating high school in less than a month!

7. I got my first student job at Pipoos (a paint/ hobby store)

8. One of the good things in my life is Jackie Chan’s facebook page

9. I don’t eat fruit 

10. My first anime was One Piece and it will for ever stay in my heart

Do I need to be good at math to do computer science?

Is computer science hard? I’m not good at math, can I still study computer science? What kind of math do you need for computer science?

These are the questions I see asked the most often, over and over again. Everyone is so afraid of doing math, it seems. I’m going to write this post in the hope of clarifying a few things.

Do you need math for computer science? Short answer, yes. Computer science has its foundations in mathematics and any CS degree will have a few math requirements (usually calculus and discrete mathematics).  These requirement might differ school to school, but some type of math will be needed.

I’m not good at math. Can I still study Computer science? Of course! Most people who do CS don’t consider themselves “good” at math. (In fact most of us spend a large amount of time complaining about math). Don’t let the idea of not being “good” at math scare you from pursuing this degree. The whole point is to learn how to do math.

How do you get “good” at math?

Well, how do you define “good”? Is it a high mark or a good understanding? I tend to have a good understanding of material yet I still manage to make mistakes on a test. Which is why I say, don’t let your grades define you. Focus on understanding the material in class. Do all the practice problems. Re-do the hard problems. Go over class examples. Go to office hours and ask questions when your confused. Learn from the mistake you make on assignments/tests/homework. Attend study groups. Put the effort in to get better at math.

People tell me I am “good” at math all the time. Truth is, I just do all of the things mentioned above. Now I end with this:

No body is born knowing how to do math. Do not let your fear of math stop you from studying computer science.


Olympia LePoint: Rocket Scientist and Science Educator 

 Often called “The New Einstein,” Olympia LePoint is best known for her role as an award-winning rocket scientist, science entertainer and educator driving to help people overcome fear. As an internationally-recognized science leader, LePoint helped launch NASA’s Endeavour, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis Space Shuttles. She successfully helped launch 28 Space Shuttle Missions into Space. She won The 2004 Boeing Company Professional Excellence Award, and The 2003 Engineer of the Year “Modern Day Technology Leader” Award.  Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist is her debut self-help, educational book designed to empower adults and help students ace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education.

As CEO of OL Consulting Corporation, LePoint publishes educational books and executive produces Science TV shows.  With her extensive experience as a  math professor, LePoint educates in person and through the media. As a top-five graduate, LePoint holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from California State University Northridge.  LePoint advises for educational PBS TV programming with Wind Dancer Films, coaches through keynote speeches and workshops, and is as a media personality for TV, Radio, News Publications and Social Media outlets.

I’m feel proud for the Spirit. They are a different team tonight. Definitely so much improvement from last week. Ashlyn fucking Harris, you are the bomb with your awesome saves!! Toni Pressley did some awesome blocks.  Crystal Dunn is the star. Great goals from D-Math and Nairn. And let’s not forget how awesome as a leader Captain Krieger is. If they are like this every game, surely they’ll come out as one of the top teams this season.