fear no evo


Request: When you have time, because I’m sure you a lil busy with all the other amazing stories you’re writing (please finish those first oh my goodness so excited), can you write a story where Tommy Clarke accidentally sees the reader using her powers when she thought nobody was looking and it kinda goes from there(or something along those lines, who knows). Sorry if you wrote something along those lines already! Also love u, love ur blog, love ur writing, u a talented person, and yah I’m gonna go now

Warnings: none

Notes: You’re so sweet omg <3

You struggled as you tried to control your power. You didn’t exactly know how it worked since your mother was the one with powers, and she had passed away from an illness. Your father wasn’t an Evo, therefore he couldn’t teach you the ways of your power.

Your power was strange. You could touch things a certain way and they would disappear. You didn’t know where the objects went, but they’d never return. Ever. It made you scared to touch people sometimes, even though things didn’t disappear every time you touched them. If anything, it happened more when you were nervous.

Although you weren’t allowed to practice outside of the comforts of your home, you wanted to try it on outdoor plants. You wanted to see if you could make them appear somewhere else in the spot you were in. 

You were surrounded by plants and trees and branches. No one was in sight. No one should be since it was the middle of the day. People would be at work, and school was out for the day.

“Come on, I want you to go over there,” you held a stick in your hand, making it disappear. It didn’t go to the spot where you wanted it to go. You groaned, annoyed.

“Why won’t you work? My power is literally just making things disappear!” You grumbled to yourself. Though you kept trying.

Little did you know, you had lingering eyes. Someone was watching you. This was the reason why your father never wanted you to practice your power outside. Someone could always be watching. 

Though you continued to practice, making things disappear. You were still trying to make things teleport to the tree across from you. You didn’t know what it was, but something was telling you that you could do more with your power. That it wasn’t just you being able to make things disappear.

“Hey, what are you doing?” You heard a male voice. You jumped, turning around.

You looked in slight horror at the boy who saw you using your power. It was a boy you’d seen around your high school from time to time. He was in the grade above you, but you never spoke to him before. You didn’t know his name, or anything else about him.

“Uh, nothing,” you said anxiously. The boy smirked a bit.

“I think I saw you making things disappear,” he chuckled lightly.

You palms were becoming sweaty from nerves. You kept playing with your hands as you stared at this boy in fear. You weren’t a registered Evo. He could rat you out. He could turn you in and you’d become registered. Then everyone around you would know that you’re some Evo freak.

“Relax,” the boy told you, noticing your discomfort. “I’m Tommy.” He stuck out his hand for you to shake.

“I’m Y/N…” You replied, staying cautious. Maybe he was going to blackmail you.

You shook his hand, but since you were so nervous, you accidentally made him disappear. You yelped as he left your sights. Your eyes were wide open now, mouth in the form of an ‘O’. You just made a person disappear. And you don’t even know where he went. You panicked.

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, what did I do? That’s someone’s child! I made someone disappear! What the hell? Oh my God!” You panicked, pacing back and forth.

“Y/N, stop freaking out, it’s all right.” It was Tommy. 

Once again you yelped a little, a squeak leaving your throat. You saw him. All you could think to do was hug this stranger.

“Thank goodness you’re back,” you cheered. Then you pushed yourself off him. “Wait, how did you get back?”

Tommy chuckled, smiling hugely. “We have the same power. I see you’re still learning yours?” You nodded.

“Yeah. My mom was supposed to teach me, but she’s no longer here. My dad isn’t an Evo at all, so he can’t teach me.”

“My mom isn’t an Evo either. It’s just me,” he grinned. “But listen, I can help you out. I know how to work this weird power.”

You nodded your head at him. “Where did you go?”

Another smile formed on his lips. “The things disappear to whatever room you’re thinking of. Like you must’ve been thinking of your room, because I was sent to a room that had pictures of you and friends on the walls.”

Your eyes went a little wide. You sent him to your room? How embarrassing. You made a little face, as if to silently tell him you were sorry about that. 

“Then where have all the branches been going? I’ve thinking of sending them over there, but nothing.”

“Are you sure you’re thinking of right over there? Or is somewhere else more on your mind?”

You thought about it. What other place would you be thinking of? You made faces, trying to figure out what other place you were thinking about. But nothing came up. You were thinking of that tree.

“No, I was thinking about them going to the tree. None of them have shown up there.”

Tommy made a face now. He eyed the tree. “Have you actually gone over there to look?” You shook your head slowly, looking at the ground.

You and Tommy walked over to the tree. Around it, nothing was there. But up in the branches were a few misplaced things. Such as a few wild flower you had picked. They were on some branches. Same with small twigs and rocks. All up in the tree, balanced on the branches. You looked up at Tommy, glee in your eyes.

“I did it! I actually did it! Look, there they are! All on the branches!” You pointed up at the tree, jumping a bit in excitement.

Tommy laughed, looking at you. You were adorable. “I see,” he chuckled.

You quickly stopped the excitement, looking at Tommy. “Can I teleport myself?” He nodded. Your mouth fell agape again. “Does that mean I can go anywhere? Absolutely anywhere?”

“Yes, you just put your hand on your shoulder, think of any place you want to go to, and there you go.”

“Can we go somewhere? Like… I don’t know, where’s a place to go?”

Tommy chuckled. Again, you were so cute. Such a cutie. “We can anywhere. There’s Paris, Milan, London. Anywhere.”

“We can to Paris?” Tommy nodded. “Oh, please, let’s go there!”

He grinned. “Okay. Take my hand, and think of Paris. We should land right in front of the Eiffel Tower.”

You grabbed his hand, no longer nervous. You did what he told you by placing your hand over your shoulder. You thought of Paris, and closed your eyes. When you opened them again, you were still holding hands with Tommy. You looked around, seeing the Eiffel Tower right in front of you. You were in Paris.