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PSA: The Sun will not become a death laser on Monday

It’s never a good idea to stare at the sun. 

(That’s a bad idea 365 days a year.)

However, you will not be in more danger from the sun on Monday. You do not need to stay inside, you do not need to keep your pets inside. The sun will not become more dangerous during the eclipse!

The ONLY reason you might want eclipse glasses or a pinhole camera is if you intend to look at the sun! 

PLEASE don’t stay inside during the eclipse. Go outside! Look at the shifting shadows, feel the change in temperature, see the ambient light dimming around you! It’s going to be an amazing experience so don’t miss it! 

Also, it’s perfectly safe to look at the sun through your phone’s camera or when looking at the digital screen on a digital camera. Those screens cannot output enough light to burn your eyes. I don’t know who started that ridiculous rumor but no. Just no. Depending on the kind of camera you have this could be bad for your camera. Use common sense.

Times you will need solar eclipse lenses: 

  1. Staring directly at the sun with your eyes.

Cases where the solar eclipse filter needs to go on the front of the device:

  1. Looking through a telescope that isn’t connected to a digital screen. 
  2. Looking through the glass lens on your digital camera.
  3. Looking through binoculars.

In other words, if there’s glass involved, put the filter in front of the glass, not behind it. Lenses focus light, and you don’t want focused sunlight on your solar filter. It may melt. Or you know, your eyes. Also bad. 

In summary, if the sun’s image is showing in a digital screen, you are perfectly fine. If you are looking at the sun without a digital screen, wear solar eclipse glasses or make a pinhole camera!

Other tips:

Putting the solar filter in front of your camera’s lens will help you take amazing pictures of the sun that won’t be over exposed!

Please share this, as I’ve seen some pretty crazy posts going around fear mongering and spreading falsehoods.


This is exactly what Coretta Scott King warned congress about in 1986.

Jeff Sessions will fear-monger and stoke anti-Blackness by using everything from casual racism to deeply racist stereotypes, to justify the mass incarceration of Black people for non-violent, victimless “crimes” like marijuana usage.

The Trump Administration is in full White Supremacy mode.

I can’t believe that the generation that told us not to believe things we read on the internet is now the same generation that we have to keep pleading with to stop reading random fear-mongering things forwarded to them by their friends.

stop using the death of literal fucking children at arianas concert to spread anti-islam propaganda. there has been no confirmation that this attack is linked to isis, yet the right is already trying to push their racist narrative and fear monger their way to votes for the uk’s upcoming election. it’s absolutely sick and the victims and their families deserve better.

  • My Jewish friends: Trump is a Nazi
  • Especially my disabled Jewish friends: We are afraid for our lives.
  • Me, a disabled cishet white-passing guy and veteran who has studied Holocaust Literature: Trump's doctrine matches up with Hitler's point for point.
  • Muslims across America: We are afraid for our lives.
  • All of my non-white, non-straight, disabled, and non-cis friends: Trump's a Nazi, and his policies are terrifying.
  • ACTUAL HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS: Trump is another Hitler.
  • Trump: Announces the appointment of the author of the "papers please" law (which allowed AZ cops to stop anyone who wasn't white and demand to see proof of citizenship and jail them if they weren't carrying it) to his transition team, will get to appoint 3 or 4 SCOTUS Justices (with a rubber stamp Congress), who will determine for the next 30 to 50 years what is considered constitutional, has publicly stated women should be punished for having abortions, throws non-white people out of his speaking engagements, has stated that he wants to force Muslims to wear badges and carry special IDs, plans to round up millions of brown people "humanely" to "relocate" them (which is what the Nazis claimed they were doing with the Jews they rounded up), and on and on and on...
  • cishet white males: "Oh, that's just fear-mongering. You're just upset that your candidate didn't win. This isn't 1930s Germany, ha ha, grow up and stop with the name-calling."

Also fun aside, the reason all the clinics are so heavily booked right now? Measles.

It’s the year of our Lord 2k17 and I had to drive four clinics away to get a uti test cause measles is such a concern in my immediate location that they’re fully booked and advising people to stay away from the clinics unless it’s an emergency, especially if they are immuno-compromised.

So thanks a lot anti-vaxxers, you’ve made your kids horribly sick and you’ve endangered the rest of us with your fake science and fear mongering bullshit.

I hope your kids recover, but frankly you personally can burn in that hell you claim to believe so zealously in, selfish pricks.

“Aphobe” has absolutely no power or history behind it. It has no power to do anything but make people laugh because its not aimed at actual oppressors because there is no ace oppression. So what do they do to feed their fear mongering bullshit? They use terms for those who oppress other groups to scare people. They use terms like terf rhetoric and biphobe when the topic has nothing to do with actual terf rhetoric or biphobe rhetoric.

And I am watching as they slowly try changing the definition of terf/twerf and moving it away from transmisogyny, transphobia and misogyny so they can give their “you’re aphobic” claims more power.

They are removing the definition so we cant use it to specifically refer to terfs and their harm to trans woman.

They are sticking with their claim that cishet aro/aces have it just as bad or worse than trans woman. They are continueing to compare trans woman to actual terfs and using their new definition to do so.

At least they are trying to. And its fucking disgusting. I had to witness inclusionists use a term that means “trans (woman) exclusionary radical feminist” to say
“ace exclusionists are just like trans exclusionists!”
then “ace exclusionary came from trans exclusionists” then
“ace exclusionism is terf rhetoric” and finally to
“ace exclusionists are terfs”.

We fucking see what you are doing.

Terf is not a slang word for you to use lightly against people you disagree with.

Terf does not mean just “exclusionary”. Terfs specifically target trans people. Twerfs specifically target trans women with the belief that trans women are not real women. Terfs specifically exclude trans women from spaces they need to survive.

Terf rhetoric has actually caused deaths, terfs have been harming trans women from the beginning and you want to use that to scare people into believing in aphobia?

There is no fucking correlation between cishet exclusionary and trans women exclusionary you transmisogynistic a holes.

Trump supporters & sympathizers: “Why won’t you give him a chance?! He just started his presidency and there is a possibility that he won’t be bad! He could be a good president! Stop fear-mongering! Wait until he proves us wrong to start fighting!”

Trump’s presidency, after just 2 days in office:

“If you were a US leader, or an official of the National Security State, or a beneficiary of the private military and surveillance industries, why would you possibly want the war on terror to end ? That would be the worst thing that could happen. It’s that war that generates limitless power, impenetrable secrecy, an unquestioning citizenry, and massive profit.”  .. (quote Glenn Greenwald) .. (art Jonik)


#woke af!

Shadowhunters S2.13 bringing up homophobia, racism, racial profiling, antisemitism, resistance, branding, fear mongering, unjust imprisonment, hunting for sport and positive bisexual rep. 2.13 did that!

If you in anyway still support Trump, or can make excuses for the alt-right, or any of this fear mongering white supremacy hate bullshit. Unfollow me now. 

Praise those who have lost their lives to this fight, in the past, present and future, you are my heroes. Praise those fighting against it in Charlottesville and around the world. Praise twitter accounts for unearthing the names of these hateful excuses for humans. Praise employers for firing these people. 

You can not be a supporter of the neo-nazi’s and be a proud American, you can not promote in the historical “confederate” as a means to promote white power. America has fought these wars before. We have won.

We are one nation being torn apart. Because people out there, 53% of them white women, voted for someone whose entire campaign was about bullying, violating, terrorizing the opposition, anyone that didn’t agree with him. We allowed this hate to be supported, and strengthened by the words of our so called leader. 

Protesting for your opinion? I’m all for it. Throwing punches, torches, and hate speech because of the color of someone’s skin. GTFO. Intimidating others because you’re a white male? FUCK THAT. If one of the people following your cause plows a car at 40mph into a crowd of peaceful anti-hate protesters, your organization mentors terrorists. TERRORISTS. 

I am a white female, in rural Pennsylvania, a red county, who walked into a Trump supporting town on the edge of the Appalachian mountains and voted for Hillary. I love this land, I love this country, but I will not stand for any abuse of power by those who do not know how to wield power, who do not know just and equal law. I am a white female with a small voice in this corner of the internet and I will say right this moment, FUCK THIS. I condemn this. I condemn the white people who don’t stand up and say NO to this, because they are scared. I am scared. I am terrified, but fear should never breed violence and hatred. Fear should breed a hunger for understanding. 

The legacy of white men, and the white women that support them in their reign of fear, power, belittling, stomping, and violating the rights of others (others meaning anyone unlike them) needs to be addressed, and fought against. 

You have a heart, a brain, a body filled with blood just like anyone else out there in this the world, our bodies are all made up of the same goddamn things. You have no reason, no right, to violate anyone. 

I do not want your hate here. I do not want your following here. You are not welcome into my space if you believe that you can hurt others because of where you were born, or the color of your skin. 

I beg of you, with my words, not my fists, or weapons, leave. Educate yourself. You are special because you have the ability to change, to help, to heal. You are not special because of your gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


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hey, i’ve seen a lot of fear mongering in the ace community, and i feel like i really need to say something about it (this is definitely more towards the kids on this site who are exposed to this sort of shit when they’re incredibly impressionable, but it’s still for everybody).

to all aces and those on the ace spectrum, please understand that you are NOT in any danger for your ace identity. while some people may question what your orientation is, i want you to understand that you’re not going to be attacked for it.

you are safe. you and your identity are safe. you have no reason to be afraid. i know tumblr may make it out to be that there are dangerous acephobes afoot, ready to make you live your life in fear and misery or some bullshit like that, but trust me when i say that there aren’t. nobody is going to attack you for being you and your identity.

please please understand that you shouldn’t have to be afraid of the world just because of who you are. nobody is going around attacking aces for being aces. the world isn’t pitted against you. nobody is out to get you, i promise.

just take a deep breath and remember that this is the internet. people tend to blow things completely out of proportion, and that’s harmful. situations need to be evaluated. there is no acephobia rampant in the streets, there aren’t ace people being beaten up/killed just for being ace. most of what happens is just because the society we live in tends to make it where relationships require sex, and people being denied it has ALWAYS been an issue, and not just an ace issue. your being ace isn’t going to single you out for violence of any sort.

you are safe. you are okay. i promise you this.

Here’s the deal: If you share any misinformed hype about North Korea, I’m blocking you here and I’m done with you in real life, for good.

North Korean citizens are scared, exhausted, and threatened daily into falling in line. They’re in constant fear of death or worse. They’re imprisoned and tortured for the smallest infractions, and about 3500 die every month from starvation. The very few in power in NK are the monsters, not the people.

The entire nation is not some one-dimensional evil entity: it’s comprised of families, and they want peace as much as you or I do.

If your only idea of North Koreans is a ridiculous caricature from action movies or ratings-driven media, then don’t speculate. Either learn or seriously shut your mouth.

Those of you hyping up North Korean panic are exactly the reason why there’s a panic. And yes, you know who “you” are. I’m especially appalled and ashamed at the evangelical American church for fear-mongering and flag-waving about North Korea. I’m shaking as I write this and absolutely disgusted at your antics.

I pray for North Korean citizens. Their liberty is one of the very few times I’ve marched in front of the White House in raising peaceful awareness of their awful conditions. Please pray with me and help however you can. Start with clamping down on misinformation.

Lmao so like, I’m on valium right now, I’m schizophrenic and have borderline personality disorder, and I was put on valium because I had kidney stones surgically removed, now … before I had been put on this for my physical illness, I never would have been given the opportunity to try valium to treat my mental illness.

The psychiatric community fear mongers over it so much, but the valium has vastly improved my life, and if I hadn’t almost died I never would have known that there was a medication out there that could actually help me live my life easier? Isn’t that fucked up? 

They’re more afraid of the evil mentally ills getting “addicted” than fucking treating our symptoms.

Even though like, I’m literally fucking addicted to my antipsychotics, which I have to take for the rest of my life, but apparently that’s ~just not the same~

anonymous asked:

your writing is so beautiful!! if you have the time, would you maybe write something about pro!neil getting injured and physical therapist!andrew?

(sends a prayer and a kiss to the writer of this ask like 8 months ago, love you, here you go)

He hears raised voices jerking their way from the front desk down the hall to his office, a pin-sharp, balloon-popping fight. He sets his coffee down and waits for the overlapping voices to make sense, or for the dull receptionist to strip the action and hand Andrew boring, defused parts.

“I’ve run on worse, Kevin, you know I can still play, I can play better than those delicate, one-hit-and-they’re-down, red card-chasing ungracious bastards—“

“I don’t care. I don’t care if you can run on it, I care if you can destroy on it. If you think your superiority complex and masochistic streak mean anything to me you’re wrong. I need you in peak condition or I don’t need you.”

“This is temporary,” the first voice grits. “I don’t need a glorified massage therapist to show me how to stretch. The only thing that’ll make me feel better is Moriyama’s throat under my heel.”

Something hisses like water beading in a hot pan, and then, “we’ll talk later. You have an appointment.” There’s a burble of complaint and a thud, and then Kevin Day waltzes into his office, diplomatic smile singed dark with rage. His arm is outstretched behind him, and a second later he yanks another person in beside him by the collar.

Neil Josten, if Andrew’s schedule and his limited attention to the sports network are aligned. He looks sick and contrary, flushed high in the apples of his cheeks from arguing, hair wild, leg in a brace from mid-thigh to ankle.

“Here for your massage therapy?” Andrew drawls. Neil bares his teeth, Kevin drops the now-warped collar of his shirt.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with him,” Kevin says, simperingly apologetic. When he doesn’t get a swoon or a protest or anything at all from Andrew, the set of his jaw changes. “He doesn’t like doctors.”

“He’s not a doctor,” Neil says disdainfully, at the same time that Andrew says,

“He can’t run.”

“Oh, I can,” Neil says. “And I can punch too.”

Kevin sighs. Andrew sips his coffee, a long pull, and reaches for a blank chart.

“Do you typically threaten the people providing you with a service?”

“What, are you trying to be a psychologist too? Cover as many pseudo-sciences as possible?”

“I thought I was responding to a challenge,” Andrew replies. “But I’m not surprised that you start a fight and then change the subject. That’s what exy players do, right?”

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