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She whipped around as the sound of tapping claws grew louder, coming to the conclusion with a strike of panic that the doors weren’t going to open. Behind her, a set of glowing yellow eyes appeared from one of the cavernous castle corridors and she let out an unwilling squeak of fear, reaching for one of the torches on the wall.

“Stay back,” she called fearfully, trying to look bigger than she was.

“Oh, stop,” the wolf replied, making what appeared to be an expression of disdain. “If I were going to kill anyone, I’d have done it a long time ago.”

Lily blinked, wondering if she’d gone mad.

“That’s true,” another voice contributed from somewhere near her knees, and Lily looked down to find a shaggy black dog looking up at her. “Moony’s been trying to kill me for several years, but he never succeeds.”

“I never try,” the wolf—Moony—said indignantly. “Believe me, if I’d tried, I’d have succeeded.”

“Are you—” Lily paused, floundering, and the wolf patiently took a seat, waiting for her to finish her sentence. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes,” Moony confirmed. “Padfoot is also talking to you. Don’t worry,” he added. “His bark is far worse than his bite.”

“Yes,” the dog agreed, “and as for Moony, neither his bark nor his bite are much to write home about.”

Tsuna is not completely human AU.

The idea of this fanfic belongs to Metronomeihear, hope you like it ;-)

It has been five years since the wedding.

That day had been the most joyful day for her, for it had been the day she finally married the man she loved so much.

It’s been five years… and no child  has come to them.

Then she, scared that something must be wrong with her, did something that was forbidden by the laws of the village… she went into the woods when her husband was away at work and looked for the old warlock that lived there. She needed answers, but if she went with the village healer along side her husband and her fears turned to be real then… then her husband… her beloved… would leave her for sure… no man wanted a barren woman after all.  

Deep into the woods, where the light was dim and the trees centuries old, there was a small shack, the wildness surrounding it making it look like a part of the woods instead of the small speck of civilization that it was.

She took a deep breath and gathered all the courage she could, her delicate hands where shaking while she clasped them together, her long chestnut hair waving with the cold wind that smelled of moss and humidity. Her big, doe eyes filled with determination, she walked to the small shack’s door and before she even knocked a voice, clear yet raspy… ancient… called from the other side.

- It is open, dearie. I do not lock my door. –

She halted for a second, her conscience questioning her choices.

Was this really a good idea? Is she willing to risk her name and her husband’s trust just for this answer?


“I cannot back down now. I need this. I must do this.”

She clarify herself while hugging her abdomen with longing.

She opened the door.

What she found was an old man, small and hunched, his hair limited to a wild red mohawk, his eyes covered by a black blindfold, his clothes just a dirty greenish cloak that he kept in place with the help of collars made out of bird’s bones, some claws and suspicios beads, and even tho his eyes were covered and he must certainly be blind, she could feel his eyes on her.

- You poor child… – he said in a tone that could belong only to a grandparent – Please, have a seat. -

He pointed to a chair infront of his own seat, just across the table, she was pretty sure that chair was not there a blink before, she took the seat anyways.

- My name is Talbot. – he presented himself – How may I call you, child? –

- Nana. – she responded with out hesitation.

- Nana… You already know the answer to your fears, child. –

Her eyes filled with tears at the words of the ancient man, but she did not shed them.

- If you know that then you must already know my request too. – she said, her voice trembling, her eyes stinging, her heart bleeding.

- Are you really willing to go that far? – he asked with concern.

- Yes. – she said, one painful tear finding its way out of the corner of Nana’s left eye, her voice gaining heaviness.

- You are letting the pain take over. – Talbot said.

- Please… - Nana closed her eyes, her strength leaving her, the tears falling, her voice breaking, but the hope still clutching to her heart – Please… I don’t want to lose him too… please tell me…

The old warlock sighed in defeat.

- You have to go deeper into the woods, where the trees are milleniums old, and the light fears to shine. – instructed Talbot – The night must reign and the moon must be full, you have to go alone. –

- What will I find there? – Nana asked with decision, her tears stopping.

- The ruler of this forest. – Talbot answered.

_____________________________________________________________ Nana did as Talbot instructed. 

Having put some sleeping herbs in her husband’s dinner and assuring that the man would stay in bed all night, Nana took off from her home and roamed deep into the woods. The light of the full moon becoming thinner and thinner with every step she took until it became a traslucent curtain of grey and fog.

“Deeper… I must go deeper.” she chanted within her mind.

She walked and walked, even after the moon passed its highest point, even when she felt her feet start to bleed, even when her eyelids started to fall from tiredness… she kept walking, her burning wish keeping her from relinquishing.

And then she heard it.

Human. -

The voice was low and with contained disgust, the tone more like a growl. Nana turned her body to the direction the voice came from and she saw it.

*Gasp* - Nana almost screamed in terror, her pupils shrinking with fear.

Before her stood a giant wolf, bigger than a two storage house, it’s wild, messy fur as gold as the sun rays, it’s eyes (sharp, cold and wise) were an orange ambar as brilliant as liquid gold.

Why have you come here, to the realm of the gods? – it spoke, voice low and accompanied by growls. It ears moved back and orange eyes flashed.

The woman grimaced, fear flashing in her brown eyes. But she looked determined and lowered her head.

- Please… - Nana started, her fear making her voice hoarse – Great God of the wolves, ruler of the forest, hear my plea. I have… found myself barren, but I wish to have a child with my husband… I am desperate… Please, great spirit…

The woman laid both her hands over her stomach, her shoulders hunched, curling inwards upon herself. She was in pain, but not physical kind, no, this was the kind of pain that made the soul break and the heart bleed.

The wolf god laughed, tossing its head back.

You would come to the realm of the Gods just to ask for an offspring? - It grinned.

It’s smile all fangs and morbid amusement.

The shaking woman nodded.

- Please… - she pleaded in a whisper.

The wolf watched the female human, judging her for her worth, looking inside of her heart… her soul.

Go back to your man. – the grand Wolf God told her, Nana rose her head and looked into blazing eyes – Seduce him, make him lay down with you, make him love you… - tears of happiness started to clouded Nana’s eyes with every word the grand God spoke to her – I shall grant your wish. –

Nana’s her knees gave up due to relief making her kneel in all four, her happy tears falling like waterfalls from her eyes.

- Thank you… thank you… thank you…

But be warned… - the God continued it’s speech – The child shall be yours but a part of it shall always belong to me… to the forest and all its inhabitants… -

She did not care about the God’s words in that instant. Her happiness and relief filling her, clouding her better judgement.

She just answered…

- Yes. –_____________________________________________________________

Tsunayoshi is Iemitsu’s biggest pride, Nana’s biggest joy… their baby boy.

His big bright gold-brown eyes full of innocence, his fluffy and messy chestnut hair a wild explocion of vitality, his laughter a beautiful melody that lighted a cloudy day and made those near him feel at peace.

Tsunayoshi was born exactly ten months after Nana’s encounter with the ruler of the forest, but it wasn’t until her baby boy reached four years old that the woman remembered the warning of the Wolf God.

The first one that appeared was a fox, it’s fur a lovely silver shade with white tips over the tail and paws, it’s eyes a breath taking green. The fox could only be seen when little Tsuna was outside playing near the woods, the fox jumping around him, as if dancing with the child.

The second one appeared when Tsuna was five. It was a young wolf, thin and playful, it’s fur short, dark brown colored, it’s light brown eyes were full curiousness. Apparently the brown wolf liked to annoy the silver fox, Tsuna says is just a game that Takeshi (the brown wolf) likes to play with Hayato (the silver fox).

Then they kept coming, a black young wolf with steel grey eyes that usually had a fluffy, yellow skylark on it’s head, a large crow with one eye blue and the other red, the newest member was a kinda chubby fawn that follows Tsuna (now ten years old) around like a lost puppy.

Tsuna also has human friends, the lively Sasagawa siblings, that Kurokawa girl with her head well put over her shoulders and there’s also the Miura’s girl always holding Tsuna’s arm. But Nana would never take Tsuna away from the woods, the child played there as much as a bird has to fly, it was his second home and the safest place the boy would ever be, he is after all part of the forest and the forest is part of him, the blazing orange ambar that claimed her child eyes in the full moon nights a prove of his heritage, and Nana would never change any of that.

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Wolf O'Donnell

Is Wolf O’Donnell furrybait? Is any character not furrybait in the entire franchise of Star Fox? I mean, I’ve seen many MANY things (thanks to @togepi1125 [nsfw]) from all Star Fox characters, so… Yes. He may not have all the features that Nick Wilde, had, but he definitely is a character designed to get the attention of the furries. He has the look, the chin, the butt, the shoulders, and fur cheeks any furrybait has.

He also has the ability to leave you in fear and suspense, because he can be a sadistic son of a bitch. I see him being a dork like he is in that animated star fox show from YouTube. Do I have the hots for him?

It’s kind of like if I’m in the mood sort of thing. He makes sense as a character, because wolves are bigger (wink) and meaner than foxes, so of course he’s the antagonist of this whole franchise. In conclusion, Wolf O’Donnell is a furrybait character and there is nothing you can do about it.

The last of her kind.

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Part1 / Part2 / Part3 /

A/N: Here we go with part 2.I am really sorry it took me so long to write it guys. I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.It came out longer than expected. Requests are open as always and ships as well.

Word count:  4,472

Warnings: Blood and swearing from time to time.

  Your body was relaxed ,covered by the blankets over you, but it wasn’t going to be like that for long. Before the clock struck midnight, your eyes opened up, almost like you heard screams.Slowly you stood up and with your bare feet, walked towards the window. 

  Your hand gently grabbed the curtain and pulled it, revealing the darkness that was the night in this place. You were thinking about a lot of things, indeed to many for one to handle. 

  Normally you would go out and walk in the forest uninterrupted by anyone, but let’s not forget you weren’t at the same castle as before.It was night, everyone was sleeping, you were alone, the forest was peaceful . The world outside the castle walls was practically calling you.

  There was still something in you that wanted to keep you in this room. What if the king found out? What if something happened to you? You were indeed curious,but was it worth it? You were about to pull the curtains again and close off the world that was in front of your eyes, when you heard something…coming from the distance….


  If this wasn’t a sign I don’t know what was. You placed your hand onto the window and gently opened it.Stepping on the sill, you jumped down, making no sound at all. The skin on your feet made contact with the grass and the white nightgown ,on your body ,swayed with the wind.

  You looked back at the castle to make sure no one saw you. The good thing about this place was that it was covered with a thick fog, something very useful when trying to go somewhere without being caught by anyone.


  As the voice called you again, you started walking towards the forest that was in front of you. There were wolfs, glowing eyes that were looking at you, uneasy sounds coming from every direction, darkness at every corner.But to you it was nothing, as your thirst for knowledge was bigger than fear.

  How long have you been walking?You asked yourself ,as you felt your body being swallowed by the trees. No matter what, you felt like something big was waiting for you…you had to know more, you just had to.


 The voice whispered, sending chills down your back.Soon you arrived at a cliff, which was covered in a very thick, milky white fog. You knew that if you walked closer, you were going to fall.

“If you are trying to kill me, think again.”you looked around to see if the voice was still here


“Even very strong magical creatures can die, if they fall from here.I am not willing to go that far yet.”you turned around, getting ready to leave ,with disappointment in your heart.

      Zahassa don’t fall…

  You stopped walking, shocked from the name you just heard.

         Zahassa know…

“Who are you?”you turned around ,searching for the woman speaking.


   At this point you weren’t afraid anymore, with full speed you ran towards the cliff and jumped off it. Once the fog cleared, you noticed how high in the air you actually were, frighteningly high.

 “I see.”you smirked ,after realizing the truth “This is a test to see if I am a real Zahassa.” still the question remains, how were you going to land?

  You could do it like you always did, but what if there were people around? If someone saw you that would be bad. The worst case scenario would be the count or even the king, now that, that would be really bad.

           If you hesitate…you…

“Die. I know how these things work. I have lived for quite some time, I am not that dumb.”

           We will see…

“Did you just laugh at me?”you sighed out in irritation “Fine then, have it your way.” the earth was closer than it had been so far. You closed your eyes and clenched your muscles. After releasing them, your body changed, landing safely and majestically.

“What are you going to say now?”you asked , full of yourself 

     That fur…

          That color…

   After the knowledge your clan possessed, each and everyone could transform into a tiger. You were from the most oldest family in the Zahassa clan, the Langarda household. What made you special wasn’t only the things your family knew, it was the form you had as animals. Pure white, thick fur, big and very sharp teeth and jet black patterns onto your bodies.Eyes that glowed in the color of gold and limitless powers.

  Light and dark, white and black opposites standing next to one another. Your strong body ,like a glorious statue of a god, was sitting on the hill.  

“Where are you?”you asked , what you thought to be a ghost “Did I scare you?” you laughed to yourself

   Don’t think so little of me…Langarda …daughter…

“Are we that famous?”you looked towards the sound, yet there was no one there

   Indeed…you are…

“Why am I here?”you asked, walking around, the leaves crackling under your big paws

  You are the last…you must know…must…

  The voice started disappearing in the direction in front of you, so you decided to follow it. You must know?What did she want you to know? Well you were about to find out, more or less. The fog pulled away it’s white hands from a building, that was unveiling itself in front of you.

  It was old, hidden, falling apart, but unforgotten, filled with memories and many mysteries. The gigantic doors opened up in front of you and the trees pulled back their roots, making as much way as possible for you.

   They haven’t forgotten…who you…are

  She said again.Once you stepped foot in side, your body changed in it’s human form again. Looking around you started remembering things from long ago, very long ago.You heard children’s laughter and right before your eyes, three little kids ran past you and you followed them to an open space in the castle like building.There were 2 boys and one girl.

  Walking closer you saw their faces.

“Give me back my bow!”yelled out the girl and reached towards one of the boys.

“Come and get it.”he stuck his tongue out at her and started running towards you, until he went through your body. As the little girl followed ,you were able to see her face…

   You were cute…

 The voice echoed again. Yes, these kids were walking through you, because these were your memories, of the past.Memories this house has kept for you. “I was.”you sighed and stepped in front of the second boy, which was still sitting on the grass.

“You were so shy back then Lyrius.”you reached out your hand to touch his hair, but it just went through “What was I expecting…” a sad laughter came out of your lips 

“Give it back!”you turned your head to look at your past self ,fighting with the other boy.

“Agis, you were never nice to me.”you walked over to them “Dad used to say that you were doing this because you liked me.” you looked up “Why did you bring me here?”

  To see…your past…

“I know my past!”you yelled out, the memories disappearing, leaving you in the almost ruins of something you once called home.

   You are the last of us…you need to know…

“I need to know what?!Say it already!”

    You need to know….what happened…

“Stop talking nonsense.There is no point in being here, I can’t dwell in the past forever.”you started walking towards the exit, angry

    But this isn’t the past…it is as alive as you…as existent as your heart beat…

“I am the last of our clan and it will always be like this.”you trembled, as your bare feet touched the cold stone stairs.

   Yes…the last one…awake…

  Your body stopped in the middle of a motion. “Awake…”you turned around “What do you mean awake?”now this was different 

   You need to know…we are here…we are all here

“Why, tell me!”you demanded 

     Here…because we are all …a-

“IS THERE SOME HERE!”you heard someone yell out from somewhere near the house.

“Shit!”you must go, you had to. Who knew who that person was.

   You jumped off the stairs and ran towards the forest, trying to outrun the person, who might or might not be following you.Leaving the house behind you, you heard the voice for a last time, as it was fading fast.

   Come…to us…again…

  After what just happened ,you were definitely going back to that house. The question was how?You walked out of the fog once more and luckily still found your window open. Looking around to make sure you were alone, you jumped and closed it behind you.Before you were able to get in the bed, there was a knock on the door.

“Yes.”you said 

  The door opened up and a man with brown hair walked in, looking at you from head to toe.

“His Highness wishes to have breakfast with you my lady.”he bowed and was about to exit, when you stopped him

“Umm, isn’t the count here?”you were asking about the man who brought you here yesterday, he seemed nice.

“In this castle live 6 counts, you must be more specific when you ask about them.”

“Ah, I didn’t know.”you said 

“My name is count Jung Jungkook.”he bowed again “Count Hoseok is in another part of the castle.” he moved aside and a maid walked in, holding a dress in her hands “I will leave you now.”he closed the door behind himself

“Good morning my lady.”the girl bowed down and walked towards you, placing the clothing on the bed

“What is your name?”you asked her

“Pia, my lady.” she looked shy, but very cute and young. You could see the mint color of her hair peeking underneath her head rail, the coral colored eyes and watermelon lip tint.

“Pia, what are you doing here?”you asked her ,as she was placing the dress on your body

“I am afraid I don’t understand the question my lady.”she made sure everything looked good and proceeded with brushing your hair

“I mean, here in the forest. Away from the sea and ocean.”your words made her stop what she was doing. Looking into the mirror you could see her expression.

“I am just a maid my lady.”it was obvious that Pia wanted to hide something from you, but you already knew what it was

“Isn’t the land a bit uncomfortable for a mermaid?”you asked her

 The girl dropped the brush she was holding and stepped back,shocked from your words.

“My lady, how do you know?” she looked scared

“Your hair and eye color,they are of mermaid origin. Judging by your way of speaking, you are of nobility.Am I right Pia?”you stepped closer to her and pulled the head rail off. Exposing two fins, which she tried to hide with her hands.

 You picked up your bag and pulled out of it a cream, which you applied, with out her permission, on the fins.In seconds they disappeared and her breathing became more normal.

“M-my lady…”she stood up and you quickly tied up her hair and placed the rail back on

“I am very sorry for doing this to you with out asking first, but I wanted to see if this would work on you.”

 You flashed the girl a smile and her eyes started shining. She than helped you get ready, finishing your hair and everything.

“My lady you look beautiful.” she clapped her hands “His Highness has good taste in clothing.”

“You mean to tell me that…the king did?”you turned around to look at the girl

“Why yes of course. He is waiting for you.”

 Pia opened up the door for you and you made your way towards the dining hall of the castle. Once you entered the big room, you immediately felt two eye looking at you and only you. You bowed lifting your dress a bit.

“Good morning Your Highness.” you sat down, looking at him the same way he was at you

“Did you sleep well last night?”he asked you with his deep voice

“I did. Thank you for the dress, you shouldn’t have done this for me.”you said, trying to change the subject, because you didn’t actually sleep last night.

“I will do what ever I want to do.” he said and picked up his glass, taking a big sip

“Is there a problem?”you asked him, as his piercing gaze was locked on you, even as he was eating

“I am just surprised that you didn’t ask anything about this.”he placed the crystal glass back on the oak table, leaning back in his chair.

“Should I?”you weren’t hungry at all at this moment, mostly because the food you ate wasn’t of normal origin

“Most people do.”another short answer

“Well…”you leaned on the table and look directly at him “…I am not most people. I am too complicated to understand, even for the undead.” after sitting back normally you gave him a proper answer, even if the question wasn’t exactly asked in the normal way “Even if you were a demon, I wouldn’t care much. You see, as a healer I have seen many dead people and lots of blood, you are not the first and most definitely not the last. There will come more after you my king, mark my word.”

 Immediately after saying this ,you closed your mouth and looked in another direction, knowing that unconsciously you said too much about yourself.The king was about to say something, when the count known as Jungkook stepped in the hall, carrying news with himself.

“Your Highness, the duchess has come to see you.”

“Now?”asked king Namjoon

“Yes, she is waiting.”

 You stood up and started walking towards the door, when Namjoon flew to you, pushing your body against the wall. He looked in your eyes and leaned forward, until your lips were almost touching.

“Where do you think you are going?”he asked with a seductively deep voice

“To my room, I see you have a guest. I don’t want to cause you trouble.” you tried to escape him, but he didn’t let you

“You aren’t going…”leaning to your hear, he whispered the last word.”…anywhere.”

 He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the room the duchess was waiting in. Once you stepped foot in there, the woman stood up and came closer to great you.You were shocked, she looked like a child, like you almost. Her hair was lemon blonde and her eyes in a deep sage color. It seemed that she liked to smile a lot.

“Your Highness, it has been a long time.”she bowed at him and then you, flashing a bright smile

 Next to her was a butler, he looked young, with jet black long hair, tide back and same color eyes. He quickly helped the girl sit back on the couch and passed her some kind of liquid to drink.

 You were looking at each other, sitting on the couch in front of her with the king. You wondered if you should say something, as the moment you saw her, you noticed something very important.

“Is something wrong madam?”asked the butler

 You looked up and sighed, starting to talk “I don’t think that black seed tea will help your problem.”

“H-how did you know?”the girl asked you shocked

  The same way you knew about Pia. Years of reading all kinds of books and random ‘adventures’ around the many different kingdoms that existed in this world. No matter if magical or not. You knew almost everything there was, except new found things, which you researched when you found even the smallest time gap.

“I have seen many sicknesses in my life time.”you nodded

“Yet, mine can’t be cured.”the girl looked down at her lap, with sadness filling her voice

“My duchess.”the boy placed his hand onto her shoulder

“I wouldn’t say that.”the girl almost instantly looked at you and so did the king

“Aren’t you a human doctor?How do you know of this?”asked the butler

“The cause is simple, as well as the cure.”you stood up and walked over to her “It is normal for your kind.”you knelt in front of the girl, taking her hands in yours “You aren’t aware of what you are and so don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t understand.” she became more confused with every second

“Her father is a magician of very high rank and so is my misters.”said the butler

“Her father may be, but she isn’t.”you looked at her “Do you perhaps have a harp shaped ,in a way, birthmark?”

“No she doe-”the girl jumped up and cut off the words of her attendant

“How did you know?!”

“I knew it.” you sat back down and so did she, now looking at you with bigger eyes “You were born near a special lake, deep in the forests of a distant land.”the girl nodded, her heart starting to beat faster and faster “That exact day was a festival ,held by a certain person. Before your first cry, you heard the music he played and so this happened.My duchess, you are no longer daughter of a magician…you are a nymph.”

“Does that mean, I don’t have a incurable sickness?”    

“There is no such a thing as an incurable sickness. In your case you have to go home and find a instrument which you can play with out lessons.By playing that music, your powers will be released and there will be no problems with your body.”

 The girl jumped up and grabbed your hands, thanking you a thousand times, before running out of the castle ,with her butler behind her.You sat back down on the couch.

“I guess, she couldn’t wait.”

“How did you know of this?”

 The kings voice, made you remember that he was indeed present in this room with you. The difference was that you two were now alone and you had to answer his question.

“I have seen many magical creatures and so I can differentiate them. For instance the maid named Pia, she is a mermaid of nobility.”you stared talking, when you felt a hand on your leg, slowly creeping to your waist “Y-your Highness…”you gasped in shock

“I gave you my name…call it!”he said with an even deeper voice than before

“N-namjoon, what are you doing.”he pushed you on the couch and hovered over you

“You are very special, aren’t you Y/N. You knew about Pia and the duchess.Yet when I ask you how, you tell a lie. How can I make you tell me?”he placed his lips on you shoulder, then started leaving a trail to your neck. “If you don’t hurry up and say it, I will reach your…”he was indeed close to your lips, closing your eyes something fell on the ground and he stood up to go and see, at that exact moment you ran out of the room, to your own.

 Closing the door ,you jumped on the bed and hid your face in the pillow.

“Is something wrong my lady?”Pia asked as she looked at you

“Pia, I need to ask you something.”you patted the bed and she sat down next to you

“Yes of course my lady. What is troubling your mind?”

“I have been a healer for a very long time and I know many sicknesses and their symptoms, but…I have been feeling strange and can’t seem to connect it to anything.Maybe you might know.”you said, your face still in the pillow

“Oh dear, if you don’t know my lady, why do you think I would?” 

  You lifted your head and placed it onto her lap. Pia gently untangled your hair, brushing it with her fingers, which kind of relaxed you a bit.

“I don’t know what is happening.”you sighed ,looking up at her “My heart is beating fast, but I don’t seem to have high blood pressure.My face gets all red, but I don’t have a fever.”

  As Pia was listening to you talk, she started slowly getting the symptoms that you were experiencing.

“My lady, does this happen only when his Highness is around?”she asked you

“Come to think of it, it does. Maybe the blood he drinks…no that can’t be.I have performed a lot of surgeries.” you were exited about finding a clue, but them sighed again after nothing came together as an answer.

“I think I know what is going on, my lady.”

  Upon hearing her words, you jumped up, sitting on the bed and looking straight at the girl’s face. She came closer and made sure to whisper. 

“My lady, I think…I think you have fallen in love with His Highness.”

“No that can’t be.”you pulled back a bit and leaned on the bed, turning around

“Your heart knows it my lady, you haven’t figured it out yet.”she said

  You jumped up again and looked at her “Then again…I don’t know the symptoms of love.” you grabbed your leather journal and started looking through. Pia placed her hand gently on the book and pulled it down, making your eyes shoot at her.

“My lady, love isn’t something you can cure.”she patted her chest “It is something special that is in your heart.”

  Pia proceeded with explaining to you ‘love’, as simply as she could, after noticing you didn’t know about it.Slowly but surely, you started believing her, everything started adding up perfectly.

“My lady, could it be…you haven’t experienced love before?” she gasped in shock

  You crossed your arms in front of your chest and looked at the window “Now that you have explained it to me. I can say I have felt this feeling, but it was a long time ago.”you sighed “A very long time ago indeed.”

“Will you tell His Highness, my lady?” Pia asked you directly and you jumped from the question, almost immediately 

“What! Of course I won’t.”you wiggled a bit on the bed, to find a comfortable position “To him I am just interesting, a new toy that will stay here until it breaks. Plus that he looks famous with women, I bet he already has someone he likes.”

“I can guarantee he does not, even if he has lived a long time.”Pia turned towards you “My lady, I think he brought you here because he was lonely, being alone all these years isn’t good.”

“I do know how that feels, but still I fill like a toy.”you sighed

“My lady, you are very special, I don’t know why, but I can feel something from you. Maybe something His Majesty has noticed as well.”

“Maybe…”your eyes shot back up, filled with concern

  You remembered him saying that he saw you from the forest. Which means, you didn’t notice him at all…could he…could he have seen you using your powers?No that sounded to absurd. If he did, he wouldn’t have been so shocked when you helped the duchess.  

“Oh, I almost forgot.”Pia stood up, fixing her dress a bit “I wanted to show you our herb garden.”

“You have a herd garden!”you were so exited, who knew what kind of plants grew in these parts of the land, where darkness ruled over the day and night.This information made you quickly forget about the problem at hand and rush out of the room.

  Pia opened the metal fence for you and you walked right in like you were home. In a way ,your real home had turned into something like a garden too.In here there were many plants, flowers that you never knew could have healing properties. You pulled out your sketchbook and started drawing the new plants in there, writing everything you knew about them next to the illustration . Pia noticed how into the plants you were, so she left you alone.

  Jumping from one flower bed to the other, you felt so free and happy. Nature was the element your clan ruled over, well not ruled over, maybe coexist with sounds better. In the end you spend almost the whole day in the garden.

“How can these plants get enough sunlight, if the sun doesn’t exist here?”you stood up and looked at the dark sky, that had only a bright moon to illuminate it

“When you want to survive, you find a way.”

  Upon hearing the deep voice behind you, you quickly turned around and were met with the king’s eyes, looking at you.

“Maybe they were able to collect enough light when the sun still shined here.”you bent down again and continued drawing, trying to ignore him 

“You are quite knowledgeable indeed Y/N.” his eyes turned towards the sky “A very long time ago the sun was able to reach these lands and cover them with warmth, but now only the darkness remains. 

“How long has Your Highness lived here?”you asked him

“I have been here for longer than you think.”he walked over to you and sat exactly next to your body, making you flinch from the sudden movement “These lands belonged to a very powerful and legendary clan named the Zahassa .”

 So he knows… you thought to yourself

“At that time I was very young, a child to be precise. I used to play with the children of that clan…but one day they suddenly vanished. Like smoke in the air. I haven’t seen or heard any of them since. I wonder if some of them are still alive.”he sighed 

“It sounds to me like you had someone you liked from there.”you said bluntly, without even thinking

“Well, I won’t say you are wrong.”your head snapped towards him shocked “I liked her a lot to be honest. I don’t know why I am even saying this to you.” he looked deep in thought “I think she was the only daughter of her family, I still remember the name L-”

  You suddenly stood up “I feel tired, so I will go to my room.”you bowed “I will excuse myself Your Highness.” and you ran to your bed chamber as fast as you could, jumping once more on your bed. Different scenarios started playing in your mind. He really knew your family…could you have met him in the past?Turning on your back, you started talking out loud.

“Do I know him?No that can’t be.”rolling on your side, you stared debating “Was he about to say Langarda?But there are other families that also start with an L. Like Lenda and Lethia…”you stood up and started hitting your head lightly “Uhhh, damn it Y/N. Why didn’t you stay and hear him say it!” you were rolling around like crazy, yet there was a possibility he was talking about your family…yet you didn’t believe it. 

  As you fell asleep, you weren’t aware of the person leaning on your door, on the other side. He had his back pressed on the oak, as he sighed and left…did he know who you were, or he just felt something for you…

Hey There Little Red

Hey y’all. Here is my submission for @dulce-de-leche-go‘s Halloween challenge. It’s a modern AU. Inspiration from the song Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham. Huge thank you to @kreeblimsabs and @jheeley for alpha reading.

Tagging a few people who might enjoy, but feel free to ignore: @calebski @canimallow @littleredloser3101 @jasperandgemma @articcat621 @queenvulca @ash-castle


Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Fenrir Grayback x Hermione
Rating: M-ish

Hermione had muttered to herself the whole time she’d been packing up her textbooks at the library in preparation for her long trek back to her apartment. She couldn’t believe that her friends would blow off their regular study session just because it was Halloween. Sure, the bar was doing some kind of asinine special – free drinks for barely there costumes, or the like – but it was a school night.

Ginny had been eager to try out her new fake id, and was gushing over wearing her Little Mermaid costume. Harry could never say no to his girlfriend, so he went along too, despite Hermione’s warnings that he needed to pass his chemistry exam if he was going to keep his athletic scholarship. Ron was so wrapped up in his new girlfriend, Lavender, that he didn’t even think twice about saying no. Even Neville had been swept up in the Halloween spirit. All except for boring Hermione.

Well, Hermione had thought snidely, boring Hermione was going to pass her differential equations midterm later that week.

But, it still meant that she would have the make the lonely walk back to Grandma’s apartments all by her lonesome. Wrapping her red pea coat around her a bit tighter, she got to the part of her walk that she hated.

Hogwarts University campus was very spread out, but it hugged the Black Lake. Only, there was a significant part of the path that went through the Forbidden Forest, which was always a bit eerie even with walking companions. When you were by yourself, late at night, the moon round in the sky…well, Hermione was remembering all those talks from when she was just a fresher, about the buddy system.

The wind blew through the trees, making her shudder when the cold penetrated her jacket. The rattling leaves sounded sinister, and branches shook and groaned, almost as if they were trying to reach out and grab her. She almost expected a Vincent Price monologue to run through her head.

Her ears strained to identify each and every sound, while the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. There was a crunching she could hear that didn’t quite match up with the cadence of her steps, which could only mean one thing…

…she wasn’t alone on the path.

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