fear is for the red wedding

Klance stuff part 4 (Red and Blue edition)

(They communicate by feeding ideas into the paladin’s brains so no talking out loud here whatsoever for them lions)

• Sometimes Lance’s homesickness is so strong, Blue gets worried and would relay the feeling to Red and the other lions so they can mind communicate it to the team somewhere in the castle.

• Keith would always be the first to find him.

• Red would always save Keith whenever he’s in trouble or hurting but she also makes him feel guilty about not being careful by making him feel the team’s worry and fear through the lions especialy Lance’s.

• Red and Blue would sometimes talk about the wedding.

• Sometimes Green and Yellow would pitch in. Black wants all of them to have flower crowns on each head. She wants pink, baby blue and purple hues on hers.

• Red: What is a flower girl? we didnt have that on altea. Do we make a famale wear a flower costume?
Blue: Would Dear Pidge be a good flower girl, Green?
Green: I would bet my left arm she would eject herself into space before u could ask.

• When Lance and Keith were still pining, they would either find Blue sitting/cuddling together with red and vice versa and they STILL wouldnt get it.

• Red once got so frustrated that when Lance went to her for secret bonding time, she picked him up and hurled him at Keith. (Keith actually held out his hands to catch him cos he’d be damned if he let Lance get hurt)

• They both stayed hugging on the floor a bit longer than necessary until finally akwardly standing up and dashing to opposite exits with red faces.

• Blue congratulated Red on that move but it still wasnt enough so she went to grumbling in frustration while Blue tries to calm her down.

• Lance once called Keith in for dinner while Keith was doing maintenace checks in Red’s cockpit.

• She trapped them both in there while turning up the heat until Lance couldnt take it anymore and took off his jacket and shirt. Keith fainted. Lance assumed he was overheated and panicked. They got out.

• Blue did the same. Keith’s not good with the cold so Lance had to wrap him up in his jacket to keep him from shivering but ended up shivering as well.

• Until Keith quietly suggested it was ok to share body heat so they awkwardly wrapped each other in their arms until Blue finally gave up after an hour. (She wont risk freezing them to death for this)

• The other lions would feel the frustrations the other paladins feel for these two pining idiots so they sometimes chip in on helping out Red and Blue.

• Green was the one to telepathicaly disable the elevators one time.

• Yellow turned off the antigravity switch in the hangar once and they got to see Lance and Keith desperately holding on to each others hands so the other wont float away until help came.

• They argued who’s fault it was after that thinking that the other’s face was red because they were mad.

• Black can only sympathize with Shiro and shake her head in disappointment in time with him.

• Red really likes Lance, she really does but she’s still a bit bitter about past Lance flirting with every alien girl and making her baby jealous so she’s still a lil shit to him sometimes.

• Keith would sometimes sit in front of Red in the dead of the night worrying she wouldn’t want him to be her paladin someday because of his galra heritage.

• The feeling of a lifetime of loneliness and isolation would shake her so much she would accidentaly send signals of it directly to Lance waking him up and wondering why he’s crying.

• Blue once got angry at an alien trying to take (almost forcing) Lance home with him/her during a celebratory party. She physically intervened by stomping her paw in front of them and growled menacingly.

• Lance got a lil shook too and tried to calm her down after the the alien left running. “C-calm down girl I wasn’t going with them, t-they were telling me where Keith went but I guess they had different plans… thanks for helping me buddy…”

*during parties or supply runs Keith avoids being anywhere near Lance. See why in part 3*

• Blue relayed Lance’s longing feeling to Red back at the castle so she lifts Keith up and throws him out not letting him into the castle.

• With no choice he goes to the party dreading to see what he thinks he’s gonna see (Lance all over an alien girl/guy) only for Lance to find him first. “Dude! Where have you been?! Ive been looking all over for you jesus. The Poltanarks are taking pictures! You gotta be in there cmooon.”

• Keith will never forget how firm Lance’s hold on his wrist was throughout the night like Lance was scared he was gonna disappear again.

• When Lance and Keith finally got together, Blue and Red did a sublte high five. (that night, Red snuck out and scouted the 7 foot alien that was bullying her baby *see part 3*. By morning the alien was groveling for forgiveness at the castle doors.)

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Summary: When a friend turns up after a breakup for comfort, will Steve finally take the opportunity to admit his feelings? 

Warnings: Unprotected sex. 


If there was one thing Steve Rogers could accomplish where women were involved, it was being chivalrous to the ever painful T; where you were involved, though, it was an entirely selfish endeavor. If he held a door, it was only to watch your ass as you walked past. If he offered to help you out of one of Tony’s particularly low sitting cars, it was purely to feel the silk of your skin and the velvet of your “thank you” wash over him for however brief the moment. And worst? When he helped you into your coat tonight. God, he took two showers and he still could not shake the scent from your hair as it brushed his nose.

Now he was sprawled out on the couch in the living room area of the Avengers compound with the TV on as a haphazard distraction. A light from Wanda’s room lit up the hallway on the second story and easy melodies from her guitar slowly, slowly unwound the tangled strings of his heart. If he listened hard enough, he was sure to pick out Sam’s snores and Tony and Rhodes bickering from the workshop below his feet.

His phone buzzed on the coffee table and he jumped at the distraction. An audible groan fled his lips when he saw your name lighting it up.

‘You up?’ It said.

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the-winter-siblings  asked:

Keith takes Shiro to the underworld for a family dinner. ='D Please?

(Im sorry im not sorry) Hades gives Keith and Shiro a very important and nice gift, entrusting his son with a very important Hellhound, Mrs O'leary.

[Voltron PJO AU] Shiro opened the door of the Hades Cabin when suddenly he was being attacked by a huge dog, who started licking him on the face.

“Mrs. O’Leary!” Keith shouted as he approached Shiro. “Oh gods, Shiro. Are you alright?” He pulled the dog away from his boyfriend to save him from drowning in drool.

“I’m… I’m okay,” Shiro answered breathlessly as he stood up. He looked at Keith who was now hugging the really huge dog. Keith was smiling at him like a kid. “Okay, I should probably ask the obvious. What is that?”

“She’s called Mrs. O’Leary and she’s a hellhound,” Keith answered brightly as he rubbed the hellhound’s tummy. “Aren’t you a good girl?”

Seeing Keith coo at the dog made Shiro’s heart burst in affection. “Alright, a hellhound. Of course. From your Dad I assume?”

“Yeah,” Keith’s eyes widened all of a sudden. “Oh crap. I forgot. I was just about to go to your cabin and tell you that Persephone’s inviting us for dinner tonight! Hence, this baby girl is here for a visit.”

Shiro just stared at Keith, unable to process the information. “Dinner? At The Underworld?”

Keith just nodded as he continued, “Persephone would like to finally meet you. Wouldn’t stop teasing me about it, especially with Dad who just started planning out our wed—” Keith abruptly stopped and cleared his throat, turning his cheeks into crimson. “So, you up for it? You technically cannot deny a god though but—”

“Do I need to wear a suit?” Shiro blurted out, his cheeks mimicking the colour of Keith’s.

“Best we should, honestly. Persephone loves formal dinners.” Keith fished out a card from his pocket. “Dad would be so pleased I’m finally using this thing he gave me.”

“A credit card. Of course you’d have one,” Shiro let out a chuckle as he shook his head in utter disbelief.

After they got their suits, they went back to Cabin 13 and Shiro felt like dying. He met Hades a hundred times but he’d be meeting Persephone for the first time and they were having a formal dinner. Shiro hadn’t been in one—ever. Keith explained that they’d be riding Mrs. O’Leary to The Underworld since she could shadow travel all of them with such ease. Plus, Dad’s instructions.

“Holy Hera,” Shiro gasped as soon as they materialized and now he could see the entrance to The Underworld. True to popular belief, the place was… dark. 

“I know,” Keith breathed in, smiling. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Shiro chose not to comment on that since this was Keith’s home, after all. He guessed you really get used to it if you spent so much time in it. They approached the famous Cerberus, the three-headed-honestly-bigger-and-definitely-not-friendlier-looking-than-Mrs-O’Leary dog. They were growling angrily at the intruders, read: THEM. “Holy Sh—”

Keith climbed down the hellhound and approached the gigantic dog—dogs? “Hello, baby boy.” Keith cooed as soon as he was under it. Cerberus immediately dropped the act and just bent down to Keith and started nuzzling him. With three heads? It was entertaining and scary at the same time because it seemed like they were ready to tear each other apart just for Keith to touch them. Shiro never imagined he could relate to a gigantic hellhound. 

“Now, if you’ll just sit aside and let me and my boyfriend pass that’ll be great. We’re kinda running late already for our formal dinner. I promise to play with you soon. I know, I know. I’ve just been so busy. But I will visit next week. I’ll try to get you one of those balls—yes, the black one with the stars.”

As soon as the giant hellhound moved to the side, Keith ran back looking happier. “Cerberus is a giant softie who just needs a playmate.” Keith pointed to himself. “I’m that playmate.” 

Shiro laughed as he pulled Keith up to kiss him on the cheek. “You’re so wonderful, have I told you that?”

Keith was flushed as he punched Shiro on the stomach playfully. “Shut up.”

They made it to Hades’ Palace and this was Shiro’s 100th time dropping his jaw at awe. He saw the different parts of The Underworld (albeit some were disturbing) but this was Shiro’s favourite. It just looked so elegant, totally fitting for a god. 

“I’ll show you my room when we have time,” Keith smiled as he looked at Shiro scanning the place, interlacing their fingers and giving it a squeeze. “Let’s go.”

The doors were opened and a beautiful woman greeted them. Persephone.

“Five seconds late, Keith,” she glared. 

“I’m sorry, we g-got—” Keith stammered.

“I’m just kidding, sweetheart,” Persephone smiled as she pulled in Keith for a kiss and a hug. “I’ve missed you so much, little bat. You need to visit more often. If I didn’t send that dinner invitation you wouldn’t even think of stepping back in here. What got you so busy?” She looked up and glanced at Shiro. “Ah, you must be the son of Zeus.” She smirked then looked at Keith. “What a fine young man. I’m definitely helping out your Dad plan the weddi—”

“We should definitely go to the dining room now!!” Keith interrupted with a voice an octave higher.

A few moments after they were finally eating their dinner in peace when Persephone started to chat and Shiro was sweating nervously despite the cold temperature. “So, son of Zeus, what are your intentions with my son?”

Hades just observed the exchange in amusement, while Keith buried his face on the table, looking so embarrassed. 

“Well, uh…” Shiro was lost for words. The goddess just looked so scary.

“I think Black and Red would be fitting for the colour motif, don’t you think so, my darling?” Persephone turned towards Hades who nodded with a smile.

“Colour motif for what?” Shiro asked dumbly and Keith groaned.

“The wedding of course,” Hades smirked. “Are you telling me you’ve entered a relationship with my son without the intention of marrying him?”

“Dad!!” Keith cried out. “Please can we not??? It’s—”

Shiro’s eyes widened, not quite sure if it was in shock or in fear. “Well, um, uh…” He didn’t know what to say except he just nodded. He glanced at Keith who just stared at him in horror.

Persephone chuckled. “Well, isn’t that adorable, Keith? Your dream since you were 14 years old is coming true.” Then she turned back to Hades who smiled back at her. “It’s going to be grand. We shall spare no expense.” 

Shiro had thought of possible outcomes upon agreeing to have dinner with Keith’s godly parents in The Underworld, but never did he imagine he’d come out engaged to his long time best friend.

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 1

Originally posted by stormborn

Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North. 

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name 

Warning: Mean Robb (>3<)

The snow falling always made your heart warm, the way the fallen snow melted against your skin made you smile. You are now of age, a lady in waiting. You are in the snow garden at Castle Elderfrost, a large gray castle with tall skinny trees and frost on all of the blue winter roses. 

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30 Kisses for 30 Years

summary: It’s Phil’s thirtieth birthday and Dan is determined to give him thirty kisses. Meanwhile, Phil’s been having domestic thoughts. 
word count: 2, 735
warnings: innuendos, kissing, making out, hickeys, so much fluff that you’ll die

Phil could feel something crawling under his skin when he woke up that morning.

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anonymous asked:

Reborn, Xanxus and Dino trying to make up for insulting and trying to break things off between Tsuna and his s/o due to some misunderstanding


admin adelheid


“He he he! So where’s your darling Decimo now ehhh?!”

“I can’t believe it was all so fucking easy to set you up as a traitor! Just goes to show how little faith he’s got in you, right?”

You grit your teeth as you glared up at the two men both holding their guns out and aiming at the top of your head. Clearly this is where you’re going to die. For a second you wished you could have seen Tsuna’s face one more time. The thought of that slight smile on his face when he looked at you… The loneliness in his eyes you have always took pride in vanquishing… The gentle touch of his rough, calloused hand… It almost made your tears spill out but you couldn’t. Not in front of these people. She will not give them the satisfaction of begging for her life.

“You both stink and are both butt ugly,” you shot at your attackers sharply, your eyes blazing as you did so. “You’ll never bring Tsuna down. Never. If you’re going to kill me then do your worst, assholes!”

You watch with some satisfaction as both their faces turned purple in rage before both of them cocked their guns in anger.

“Why you little―”

But the words and the shot did not come to be. One moment you were certain you were about to die and the next blood was spraying from both these men’s foreheads. For a few moments all you could do was stare in shock at the two now very, very dead bodies huddled at your feet before you realized that those bullets had had to come from somewhere.

“I know you’re there. You might as well come out.”

Reborn stepped out of the shadows at your request knowing he had given himself away by firing off that shot that put down the dog who had dared try to kidnap you. His piercing stare shot through you from the shadows of his fedora as he held his gun up, the tip still smoking from its use.

Your eyes went wide at the sight of the world’s greatest hitman standing before you in this dark, lonely alley you had been forced into by the men who had pointed a gun to your back and demanded you follow their instructions.

“Reborn?” Instantly your guard went up. Wasn’t this the same man who had accused you of playing Tsuna for a fool? Wasn’t he the reason why your fiancé kicked you out of the mansion and called off their engagement? “What do you want?”

Reborn remained quiet for a moment just staring at you. And then the man shocked you by taking off his fedora, putting it on his chest and bowing to you respectfully.

You stand there stunned at this. Hadn’t Tsuna said that the reason Reborn never takes his fedora off was because it made him feel vulnerable? A headshot was always a sure fire way to kill a target so he hid that most vulnerable spot at all times. He wore that hat like it was armor. There were even rumors going around that the bowl of that hat had bulletproof lining that can stop a Falcon rifle’s direct hit. Taking it off in front of anybody was a show of utmost respect and humility. A sign of good faith.

“Good evening.” The hitman said, piercing eyes never taking itself off of your form.

You blink at him in confusion and surprise, still too shocked at the display to reply. It required several deep breathes before you could say anything again with any measure of sense. “What do you want, Reborn? Did he send you out to kill me too?”

“No.” you watch him purse his lips as though he had just eaten a particularly sour lemon before putting his hat back on. “I guess I’m here to take you home.”

“I was on my way hom―”

“No, not there. Excuse me, let me correct myself.” He nodded in the general direction of your apartment and you feel exasperated. Of course he knew where you were staying. “I’m here to take you back where you belong. Tsuna’s still waiting for you. Despite what I say he isn’t going to give you up. Even now he’s trying to figure out a way to prove your innocence.”

You stare back at him, speechless as his lips twisted in a wry smile you had only heard about but never seen on the hitman’s face in your presence. It was there for a solid second before it turned into a serious mien as he glanced at the two dead bodies on the ground.

“I will personally execute the mastermind behind your frame up and present it to you.” The sharp, tight lipped smile that followed that promise made a sliver of fear strum at your spine. “Consider it a wedding gift to the Vongola Decimo’s future consort.”

Well, you think as you blinked rapidly. I guess this is his version of saying ‘I’m sorry’.


You wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty so you get up to sleepily make your way over to your kitchen. As you pass the living room a car passed by and its headlight hit a glinting pair of red situated in a dark silhouette made you jump back. You were barely able to hold back a scream as you realized someone was sitting on your most comfortable chair.

Just as you were about to make a run for it to lock yourself in your room a low, rumbling voice shot out of the dark and paralyzed you; gripping you by the neck and rendering you motionless like a hand around your throat.

“Calm the fuck down.”

You blink rapidly at that and realized you knew that voice. You knew those pair of red eyes.

“Xanxus?” you whispered quietly as though half afraid of the truth. That just saying his name would summon him right there in front of you.

You fumbled with a dimly lit lamp set in the small table nearest you and once it’s candle like rays in the room your suspicions were confirmed. You were in the presence of the Varia Boss himself. You stiffen and took a step back thinking you were in danger even as defiance sparked in your eyes.

This man was the reason Tsuna had been forced to have you interrogated for being a spy. This man was the reason you had to be hospitalized for three months. If it weren’t for the fact that you loved Tsuna so much you would have left the brunette because of this man’s influence. Fear and anger gripped your heart as you stood in front of the dark skinned Mafioso in nothing but your flannel pajamas.

Was he here to kill her?

Would he really dare endanger the Alliance further by getting rid of her because he still thought her guilty for being a traitor? Xanxus had always been somewhat of a wild card, second only to Enma who hid his intentions behind a mask of meekness. What was he planning now?

“What are you doing in my house?” you finally find the strength to ask even as you try to steady your stance. You refuse to crumble before this man.

His eyes were felt like red hot brands as he stared into your eyes. The first time you saw those eyes you have already noticed how similar its effect can be to Tsuna’s golden ones but much more explosive, much more volatile compared to Tsuna’s contained cruelty. Now, though it had traces of contemplation over the violence that made you feel like you were being… considered.

It only made you lift your chin up to stare him down. You will not cower before bullies.

Movement outside your window caught your attention and you look out to see a familiar flash of white and blonde hair disappearing from sight so fast one would think it was only a trick of the light.

Wait, were those Squalo and Belphegor?

“Your life is in danger.”

You blinked at the announcement, turning your attention back to the Varia Boss. It was not what you were expecting to hear.


He ignored your surprise and continued to languidly sit there staring at you with bored, almost lazy eyes as he continued his explanation. “Some idiotic mother fucker thinks he can get through that brat by harming you. And once they get a hold of the brat’s neck they think they could control the Vongola. Mammon’s been keeping an eye on their activities for a month now and we have it on good authority they’ll strike tonight.”

You honestly don’t know what to say. It was mind boggling enough to have this man sitting in your living room like he owned the place.

“Go get what you needed and go back to sleep.” His voice rumbled in the room again before closing his eyes and leaning back into her chair like a dragon settling down to sleep. “As long as we’re here no harm will touch a strand of your hair or an inch of your skin. You have my word.”

Mind still scrambled at the very idea of Xanxus in her house watching over her but feeling the genuine truth behind his words you hurry and get your glass of water before going back to your bedroom. Before you close the door, though, you hear him mutter in the darkness you left behind as you switched the lamp light you had earlier on back off.

“With this… My debts are paid. To you and that fucking Sawada.”


You try to gather courage no matter how much your knees were shaking. Beyond these double doors were the crème of the crop belonging in Tsuna’s world. He had told you about how you would be judged and criticized and be wary of the sharp words and innuendos. The opportunists and the machinations of both friends and hidden enemies alike.

The moment the doors were opened all conversation ceased as all eyes turned over to you. You almost turned tail and ran but you caught sight of your fiancé listening to something Gokudera was saying even as his eyes locked on to yours. His gaze gave you courage. It made your spine straighter and your legs steadier.

Know your place, you remembered Tsuna saying this morning before he left for his office. You are my queen. The one I chose. You deserve to be by my side.

Determined to do him proud you walk towards your future husband like the queen he had proclaimed you to be. Inwardly you laugh, though. This was like a twisted version of Cinderella.

As the crowd started to gather around you in curiosity you don’t notice the outstretched foot of a jealous jilted lover from another Mafia Famiglia on your path preparing to humiliate you. When you stumbled because of the mean trick you expected to land on the floor and the whole ballroom laughing at your shame but instead a strong forearm caught you and smoothly pulled you back in place.

Shocked you look up to see the handsome face of the Cavallone Don there by your side smiling sharply at the woman who had tripped you.

“I didn’t realize people in parties like these can still act like fifth class citizens,” he said smoothly but with a cold innuendo that made something cold trickle down your spine. It was as though Dino’s charm had turned from a feather into a cruelly sharpened scythe. “Such a disappointment shall not marry into a don’s Famiglia, I will make sure of that.”

The woman’s face turned red in humiliation even as she tried to pretend to be innocent. The hidden threat and promise in Dino’s words made her go pale as soon as she heard it.

Making his meaning subtly clear Dino tucked your hand in the crook of his arm and began escorting you over to where Tsuna was and all the while you walk beside him stiffly. You can still remember how this man had tried to seduce you― how he tried to make Tsuna get rid of you― all because he thought you were merely a gold digging harlot that had the fortune to meet Sawada Tsunayoshi. You could still remember the fury you felt when you rejected his advances and how you had avoided him ever since. It made your skin crawl just to have him near like this but you needed to bear it for now. Not here in public. It would make everyone certain there was trouble within the Vongola.

“Relax, I won’t bite.” You hear Dino say even as he smiled and waved at people around him who greeted the Cavallone don.

“I can’t help it,” you replied, doing exactly the same. “I hate your guts.”

He smiled softly. “I deserve that.”

“Good to know.” You wryly replied from the corner of your mouth.

“Look, I just wanted to say I’m sorry,” you glance at him warily and found him looking back at you with a sincerity you had never before seen on his face; not even when he was trying to seduce you. “Tsuna is like a little brother to me. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t making a mistake by choosing you. He holds our whole world in his hands. Choosing a partner is not something he can do lightly.”

You wanted to bristle angrily but you could also appreciate the meaning behind his words. Being with Tsuna had taught you how the delicate ties of ‘Family’ can be and you already knew the bond between the Vongola and the Cavallone was the strongest you have seen in this world of blood and madness. It would be a shame if it was severed. She didn’t want to cause Tsuna any more pain.

“I already know that,” you admitted with a grudging smile. “Why do you think I haven’t told him that you tried to seduce me?”

“Oh he knows about that,” Dino said so casually that you had to do a double take. “The reason why the Cavallone and the Vongola have such a good relationship is because we have always been at least fifty percent aware of each other’s plans. He was pretty angry when I told him about it but when I told him you wanted nothing to do with me he couldn’t be prouder.”

Your heart thumped at what Dino was saying. Was this guy for real?

“Don’t worry, the alliance is secure and better than ever because of you,” the sincerity and gratefulness in his voice made you look up and see the fond gaze you had ever only seen him give Tsuna. “The Cavallone pledges our loyalty to you and the Vongola Decimo. You are one of us. If you need us, we will always be waiting. This, I promise you.”

Arranged {Part 2} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1924
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8 Rewrite Part 9
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

Snow fell softly, hitting the ground and blanketing the world in a flurry of white. The leafless trees stood wavering from side to side in the cold breeze, and the Whomping Willow appeared much more violent towards passers by, most likely provoked by the below-freezing temperatures.

You watched out of the classroom window as a group of first years played excitedly in the snow, for they had never seen so much snow in their lives. A couple of Ravenclaws were skating on the now-frozen Black Lake, no longer scared of what lurked underneath. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the weather, and looking forward to the Christmas holidays that were starting in a few days.

Most students would travel back to their families over Christmas, only the select few choosing to stay. You had tried to write ahead to your family that you would be staying over the break, however your mother would not hear of it, insisting that this break was much more important that you realised.

You had a feeling whatever she was planning had something to do with you and Draco, who, speaking of which, you hadn’t spoken to since the confrontation in the hallway a couple of weeks ago.

There was a part of you that almost wanted him to find you and strike up a conversation, but you knew that this wouldn’t happen, not after the way you behaved when he wanted to talk last time.

Maybe at first you were angry about the situation, but now… now you couldn’t get him out of your head, and against all instincts, you found yourself actually… liking the idea of walking down the aisle in the perfect ivory dress, with a smile on your face… and meeting Draco at the end.

Sighing, you turned your head slightly to the right to glance at Draco who was sat on the other side of the classroom, surrounded by his apparent “friends”; Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini and… Parkinson.

Pansy Parkinson.

You grit your teeth and forced yourself to look away from her and her obvious flirting with your almost-fiancé. Out of the corner of your eye, you caught a glimpse of Pansy’s hand stroking down Draco’s arm, and your blood began to boil. She couldn’t touch him like that! Draco was yours!

Except… he wasn’t, really. He didn’t like you and you… well, you insisted to yourself you didn’t like him, but you were becoming less and less sure as the days went on.

For some strange reason, you felt a pang in your heart each time you saw him smile at Pansy - it was no secret that people assumed Draco and Pansy would end up together; they spent most of their time together anyways.

You shut your eyes tight and shook your head of these thoughts, and instead you dipped your quill into the ink pot and continued writing your Transfiguration essay.

You willed yourself not to think about Draco, and not to glance over at him and Pansy again for the rest of the lesson.


Hordes of students chattered excitedly to one another as they clambered onto the Hogwarts Express. You forced a smile on your face as y/f/n waved you over to a compartment on the train.

“Excited for Christmas?” S/he asked, stroking the cat that laid in his/her lap. “Yes, of course! Christmas is so pretty back home,” you pretended to be happy, when in reality you were almost dreading walking through the doors of your home.

“You know, I think my mum invited my entire family to ours this Christmas! Can you believe it? I’m going to have to actually engage in conversation with my git of a cousin and his asshole friends!” Y/f/n complained to you, lifting the cat and placing her to the side.

You nodded as s/he continued to grumble about his/her family, only half listening as you glanced out of the window, watching as the train began to move, and the scenery outside began to blur as it picked up speed.

When you finally arrived at Kings Cross Station, Platform 9 ¾, you dragged your luggage off the train and bid goodbye to y/f/n, before starting on your journey home. Your parents rarely came to collect you from the platform. The only time you could remember them doing so was in your first year. After that, it was your responsibility to find your way back.

You made it to your home in record time, pausing briefly at the gates to take in the appearance of the house. A smile played at your lips as you looked around. You’d loved growing up here, and it looked even prettier covered in snow.

Taking a deep breath, you lugged your suitcase to the front door, knocking twice before it opened. “Miss L/n, welcome home!” Your house-elf, Koory, greeted you as you walked in. “Thank you Koory,” you said with a smile - a genuine smile this time.

You knew how bad house-elves were treated by wizards and witches, and made it your job to be kind to any you came across. Besides, you’d become fond of Koory, and often wished you could convince your parents to set him free.

As you entered the house, you headed straight for the stairs, carefully lifting your luggage up to your room. You pushed open your door and left your bags at the foot of the bed.

“Y/n, darling! I thought I heard you come in!” You heard your mother’s voice from the doorway. Turning around, you smiled, “It’s good to see you, mother.”

She smiled at you, then checked her watch and said with wide eyes, “Quickly get changed into the dress I’ve hung in your wardrobe, we need to leave soon!” before she rushed out of the room.

“Wait, where are we going?” You asked, but received no answer. Frowning, you walked to your wardrobe and found the black dress that your mother left out for you.

Taking it off the hanger, you laid it out across your bed, before changing out of your Hogwarts cloak and having a quick shower.

Once you were dry, you changed into the dress, before checking yourself in the mirror.

You tilted your head to one side, before rummaging inside your bag for your wand. Grinning, you performed a spell to dry and style your hair.

Satisfied with your appearance, you headed out of the room, and down into your living room. “Are you ready? We’re leaving now!” Your mother said, leading you towards the fireplace.

“Where are we going?” You asked, hoping for an answer this time. “To Malfoy Manor, of course!” The way she said this is with awe, like it was the most magical place she had ever heard of.

Though you felt like screaming, you forced a smile across your lips and straightened your dress. “How great,” you replied almost sarcastically. Your mother disregarded this however, as your father led you over to the fireplace. “Hurry in, we’re going to be late!” He said, holding out the bowl of floo powder.

You sighed, taking a handful of the powder, “Wouldn’t want that would we.”


“M/n, F/n! It’s so wonderful to see you!” Narcissa greeted your parents with a wide smile, her excitement level meeting theirs. “Narcissa! Why you look lovely!” Your mother said happily.

As she led you and your parents into the manor, you couldn’t help but look around in awe. Whilst you didn’t particularly like the Malfoys, you couldn’t disagree that everything they owned was beautiful, though very expensive.

“Draco!” Narcissa called up the staircase as she passed, “Come down!” She continued to lead you into a room down the hall, a grand dining room with a long, elegant table in the middle, with plenty of food already set out on top.

“Lucius,” your father shook the elder Malfoy’s hand as he entered the room. “F/n,” Lucius replied in greeting. He turned to gesture at the table, “Please, sit, eat. Draco is on his way down now.”

You all sat down, and, though you were feeling more sick than hungry, you politely took the food Narcissa offered you, as to not look rude.

“Draco, finally,” Narcissa said as her son entered the room. You felt your heart beat fast as you try to postpone looking up. However, once you did, your breath almost got caught in your throat. Draco looked good, dressed in a black suit. There was no denying it - anyone could see how handsome he looked.

As he eyes reached yours, you quickly turned back to your food. “Why don’t you take a seat next to Y/n, dear,” your mother “suggested”, Narcissa humming in agreement.

You felt your heart beat faster, if that was possible, and you refused to allow yourself to look up, for fear that your cheeks would burn red.

“Now, I’m sure you’re both aware of why we’re here today. You two are to be wed as soon as you both graduate!” Narcissa said eagerly, “For now though, I think Draco has something to say..”

She nodded towards her son with a smile etched onto her face, staring expectedly. You saw Draco nod and stand up.

“Y/full/n,” he began to speak. Gulping, you looked up, your hands shaking.

“We don’t know each other that well, but I always knew, ever since I laid eyes on you, that I wanted to be with you forever. You were so beautiful back then, and even more so now. I can’t express how much I love you, so instead, I’m hoping this may make up for it,” Draco got down on one knee, taking a small black box out of his pocket and opening it in front of you, revealing a sparkling diamond ring, “Y/full/n, will you marry me?”

It was clearly rehearsed, clearly not meaningful, however you tried to believe the words as you took a quick glimpse at your parents. They sat, watching, evidently hoping, praying you wouldn’t mess this up for them. You took a shaky breath before finally saying, “Yes.”

You faintly heard both your’s and Draco’s parents chattering excitedly and clapping, however all you could think of in that moment was the way Draco’s hands felt on yours as he slipped the ring on your left ring finger, and the undeniable spark you felt.

Draco coughed nervously as he stood up, brushing his knees as you both stood side by side awkwardly.

“Why don’t you both spend some alone time with each other now? The living room is free, and no one will bother you. Draco! Take Y/n there with you,” Narcissa said, slightly nudging his shoulder.

You heard Draco sigh under his breath, “Yes, mother.” Completely ignoring you, Draco began to walk out. Frowning, you followed after him, twiddling your thumbs.

As soon as you both entered the living room, and the door closed, Draco turned to you.

Silence fell over you both, as neither of you knew what to say, yet both thought that the other didn’t want to be there with them.

“I hope you know I didn’t mean anything I just said in there,” he said as he sat in a black armchair in the corner of the room. Gently, you took a seat on the deep green sofa across from him. “Of course I know,” you muttered, not looking directly at him.

“I’m being serious. I don’t think you’re beautiful,” he stated, loosening his tie, “I don’t love you. I never have, and I never will.”

Now that… that broke your heart more than anything.

Magnus was extremely sad after Ragnor'a death, and he was heartbroken by Alec’s rejections and impending wedding. Ragnor gave him a wise advise and he took it. He was nervous and unsure what his decision to interrupt Alec’s wedding would accomplish. Yet he took the time to dress to the nines, color his hair (I need those red streaks to make a comeback!), and look AMAZING. So there was fear but also hope. If he was to be reject at least he would be looking damn fabulous.

Shiro’s reaction

“Oh, most beautiful of all living things, marry me! Be this planet’s queen!”

Before you stood a small crowd of tiny aliens. They were no bigger than five year olds and kind of looked like five year olds, but they had three legs, and were brightly colored.

The one offering the marriage proposal was a bright blue and richly dressed in something similar to silk, obviously the leader. The race of neon five year olds were cute, but not ones you’d want to marry.

“If you marry me, oh most ethereal one, you’ll want for nothing! I swear it!” You looked behind you for advice from the rest of Team Voltron.

•Shiro• spoke up. “Your majesty! I mean no offense to you or your choice in queens, but I don’t think you’d want this one as your queen.” You shot him a look of thanks.

“Why ever not, fierce lion tamer?” asked the King, not looking particularly convinced.

“Because, uh…” Shiro looked like he was at a loss for words.

“Because I’m already married,” you rushed out, hoping to cover for him. “Yes. I can’t marry you because I’m already married.” The King looked taken aback.

“Who could be good enough for you, most gorgeous light of the universe? The only ones who could treat you better than I would be these Paladins before you.”

“Ah, yes!” Shiro shouted. “They are married to me. That is why they can’t marry you. Yes…” He trailed off, looking satisfied with himself. You could feel yourself blush at the thought of marrying him. You could practically hear the wedding bells.

“Alas!” wailed the King. “You have found the only one person who could treat you better than I.” He sniffed, and you feared he would cry. “Well, if I cannot marry you, how can I assist the great lion takers?”


“So we’re married, huh?” Shiro jumped at the sound of your voice from behind him, and spun around.

“Well,” he started slowly, face slightly red, “I just didn’t want to leave you hanging in that situation you know. I mean, I know we’re not married.” His tone of voice shifted a bit, and he sounded a little down. You took his hands into yours, his prosthetic cool against your skin.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, head tilted to the side.

“Will we ever get married? If you want to, that is.” His eyes seemed to sparkle with something hopeful, something you hadn’t seen in awhile.

“Yes,” you said with finality. “Maybe after all of this is over with. Killing Zarkon can be our engagement gift.” You smiled, and lifted your left hand to his cheek. “Deal?” He laid his hand on top of the yours.



So, @mindlessxread asked for Rhys’ point of view for the scene where Feyre finds out that she and Rhys are mates. And although I know there’s a few fics like this out there already, I was more than happy to throw my little piece of angst into the mix, so I hope you enjoy :)


I eyed the plant she’d thrown on my chest. Chew on it? What the absolute hell?

As her eyes continued to flame, focusing her sudden rage on me, I hesitantly took the plant in my hand. Only Feyre could convince me to eat a damn flower without an explanation. 

A part of me felt that she must be screwing with me, getting revenge for whatever she was so mad at me about. Cassian would certainly approve. But a larger part of me hoped that she cared enough for me by now that she wouldn’t waste whatever time I had left by tricking me into eating a flower. 

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“Marcus,” she whispered, and felt the grip of his strong hands tighten against her almost involuntarily – one clasping her own, the other so warm she could feel it through the stiff green silk of her bodice.

“If we are not Mr. Kane and Mrs. Griffin to one another while we are dancing,” he said in a low voice, unable to look at her, “I fear I do not know what may happen.”

“You appear to think of Christian names as very dangerous things,” she observed.

“Not the names themselves, but the intimacy they signify.”

“We were children together.  We have known one another all our lives.  You were the best man at my wedding and godfather to my child.  Addressing me as ‘Mrs. Griffin’ does nothing to efface that intimacy.  It is stitched into every piece of our lives.”

“Maybe not.  But it does offer me what is becoming an increasingly necessary reminder that you still wear another man’s ring on your hand.”

- from ‘The Woman In Red’ by ChancellorGriffin

shoutout to ChancellorGriffin for not only writing so much amazing kabby fanfic, but also for consistently satisfying my need for Marcus and Abby in period costume :P

margaery tyrell didn’t frame sansa stark for the purple wedding

when discussing the Tyrells and their preparation for the purple wedding, I often see people claiming that they purposefully framed Tyrion and Sansa for Joffrey’s murder. this supposed plot is used as evidence for the villainy of the Tyrells. however, this line of reasoning always makes me scratch my head, at least figuratively, because I cannot figure out why the Tyrells would want to neutralize Tyrion and Sansa. in particular, I can’t figure out why the Tyrells, a family of political opportunists, would want to make the presumed Stark heiress persona non grata of Westeros. if you have a political prize like Sansa on your hands, why would you condemn her as a kingslayer? what possible end does that service?

I know that doesn’t make the Tyrells seem that great, as they’re not seeing Sansa as a person, but as a pawn. And I understand people’s trepidation to ship Sansa with the Tyrells or trust the Tyrells with anything to do with Sansa. but I really, rally hate the idea that the Tyrells purposefully framed Sansa for the Purple Wedding. the way I see it, the Tyrells had two potential guests to frame.

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dark-loney  asked:

Hi do you mind doing the “i just committed a crime and i need to use you as a hostage i am so sorry” Au prompt pleasee! (Btw I love your writing and i check your blog everyday!)

The Pink Haired Princess

As of one hour ago, Sakura had already broken more than five rules and committed eight crimes. That is five rules and eight crimes more than her usual record. Given her spotless record, it is hard to imagine how a girl like her can manage to commit the highest crime possible in the kingdom. An act of treason. 

“A lady must never run.”

Her mother’s voice echoes in her head as Sakura does just the opposite. She runs and she runs fast. Her nimble feet takes her deep into the forest as she quickly heads east, not ever daring to turn her head back to see if she was being followed. She knew that she wasn’t but she also knew that if she paused to look, she might as well be dead. Soon, her legs give out from beneath her as she trips over a broken branch on the ground. Sakura lies there as she rather enjoys the ground. It was much better lying down than running. 

Rolling on her back, Sakura sighs as she stares up at the trees covering up the sky above her. It was the first time she seen trees so tall and up close. She was never allowed out of the village before. But now, she had already broken that rule too.

Her fingers reach out to feel her hair but is surprised to find nothing but air. She reaches farther up until she feels the short choppiness of the hair that was so beloved by herself, her mother, and the entire kingdom. Sakura sits up as she hastily combs through her mussed up hair. There was no use lamenting on the loss of her long locks. They were what got her in this mess in the first place. Reaching her hands up, she pulls the hood of her cloak over her head. 

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He had expected anguish and anger when he told her of her brother’s death, but Sansa’s face had remained so still that for a moment he feared she had not understood. It was only later, with a heavy oaken door between them, that he heard her sobbing. Tyrion had considered going to her then, to offer what comfort he could. No, he had to remind himself, she will not look for solace from a Lannister. The most he could do was to shield her from the uglier details of the Red Wedding as they came down from the Twins. Sansa did not need to hear how her brother’s body had been hacked and mutilated, he decided; nor how her mother’s corpse had been dumped naked into the Green Fork in a savage mockery of House Tully’s funeral customs. The last thing the girl needed was more fodder for her nightmares.

It was not enough, though.

Tyrion Lannister Challenge - Favorite relationship // Tyrion and Sansa

panic! album aesthetics
  • afycso: frat parties; hard liquor; teenage rebellion; sneaking out; drinking to look cool; sex and drugs; your first taste of liquor; high school dares (i.e. hook up with _______); looking forward to when you can escape your parents, who are holding you down. colors: hot pink lighting, cherry-red lipstick, amber yellow, tar black.
  • pretty odd: reminiscing on boyhood; rolling fields; wildflowers; schoolboy desires; childhood crushes; hot summer days in the country; what used to be innocence but you don't know what it is now; drinking real beer but remembering root beer. colors: wheat yellow, lush green, faded pinks and blues.
  • vices & virtues: finding "the one;" tuxes and cocktail dresses; broadway musicals watched from the balcony; champagne; drinking from a fancy glass instead of straight from the bottle; a life of grandeur with someone you love; impressing your date with fancy dinners and flamboyant picnics. colors: tuxedo black, the white of a fresh handkerchief, champagne yellow, copper red.
  • twtltrtd: cigarette smoke; vodka; slight alcoholism; leading a busy life of daring in a big, vibrant city; limelight; discovering just how much your partner means to you just as they leave you, even if it's temporary; a wedding; the feeling of satisfaction as the fear of losing them fades away. colors: grass green, pearl white, smoky grey, neon turquoise.
  • death of a bachelor: self-freedom; discovering just how badass your partner actually is; being pathetic turned powerful; the feeling of finally achieving what you've sought for years; champagne. colors: neon pink, gold, ash grey, indigo.

Okay but Bran is 100% not afraid when the wights are attacking in 6x06? Meera is clearly terrified, but all Bran does is tell her deadpan that they found them and then hugs her back. There’s no fear in his eyes, nothing. Its almost as though he’s ready for them.

But they you gotta think about it. Bran Stark just a massive vision of all the things that he had repressed over the years- his fall not being an accident, his knowledge of Red Wedding- plus all sorts of horrible things that happened, including his father’s beheading. Now add in how he now knows that his mistake caused Hodor’s handicap, that Hodor died to protect him, that Summer is dead too and he’s probably reliving Jojen dying in a smaller scale Wight attack- Bran doesn’t care if they get him, his defense mechanism has failed. He remembers. so he hugs Meera and waits.

While I’ve made my fair share of “Jojen who? Somebody died for me?” jokes, it’s possible this is exactly true. The Three Eyed Raven had told Bran after his fall to forget that, you do not need it now. Put it aside. Put it away. which seems to be the only bit of advice from Bloodraven that Bran ever listened to. Repression became Bran’s toxic sense of copping.

But now Bloodraven is dead, and everything traumatic is back in Bran’s memory and he cant get rid of it. While not discussing Jojen was likely just lazy writing on David and Dan’s part, it’s quite possible that willfully forgetting that Jojen Reed lived and died for Bran is exactly what Bran would have done. It’s entirely possible with Game of Thrones that this is all just a dumb coincidence but I have trust in Isaac Hempstead Wright, and I don’t believe he’d play that scene off as so emotionless unless he’d been told to. It seems as though David and Dan finally wrote Bran right- possibly by accident.

The Bride of the Black Dragon

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Fairy Tale AU
  • Wang So/Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin)

To fear love is the greatest tragedy of all.



Go Ha Jin climbed the many steps to the temple, trembling. The ceremony wedding dress swirled in the wind in reds and goldens. It wouldn’t take long now, but she didn’t want to arrive. She expected death, and only hoped it would be a quick one.

Oh heavens, may the dragon be merciful and may his bloodlust be satiated for another year with my sacrifice.

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Robb Stark versus Jon Snow: who's the best King in the North? Oh, wait, it's not a competition

Since Jon was proclaimed King in the North in Game of Thrones, I’ve seen a lot of things on my dashboard. It seems some hate the notion because Sansa is the rightful heir of the North, others just think it doesn’t make sense because Jon was a terrible commander this season, there are those who mock the statement that Jon avenged the Red Wedding because Arya was the one to kill the Freys, some are already comparing Jon to Robb and saying Jon is an improvement, others who are comparing Jon to Robb and saying Jon doesn’t deserve the title and that Robb is a far better leader, and then we have people who are just happy that Jon is king and the Starks finally rule the North once more. Me? I’m someone who doesn’t see things as either black or white.

Jon Snow is my favourite Game of Thrones character (ASoIaF Jon Snow is my favourite fictional character of all time, but here I’m gonna focus on show Jon), but I’m not blinded to his faults and the mistakes he makes. I’ve addressed the Sansa versus Jon issue before, and now I would like to discuss the whole Robb versus Jon question.

Both men were proclaimed King in the North without being entitled to it. Robb because the North wasn’t an independent land and Jon because of the same situation and due to the fact that he’s a bastard (remember that Robb never legitimated Jon in the show).

Not once have I seen people taking into consideration that neither had any “lawful” right to kinghood, for declaring independence would mean rebellion against the lawful state of Westeros. This isn’t something little and secondary; this means that the North wants independence and that those men were considered the best to lead the free North. To me this is extremely important. Why? Because the break with the status quo means a great deal. Yes, the northerners follow the custom of a Stark as their leader (and Jon may not have the Stark name, but he certainly has the Stark blood), but they follow this custom because of what the Starks have always meant, because of what they have come to represent throughout the years. The proclamation of a King in the North after so many years have passed since the conquest is absolutely political.

The execution of Ned Stark is far more to the northerners than the mere death of a beloved person. It shows lack of consideration to the North as a whole, and not only by the Lannisters, but also by the Baratheon brothers. Neither Renly nor Stannis came to Ned’s aid. It wasn’t just a man from the North that was executed, neither just the warden of the North, it was the greatest icon of the North that was executed, a man who represented the North. Dismissing the symbolic power of Ned Stark, Lannisters and Baratheons, each in their own way, created a political problem. It was perfectly sensible for the northern lords to break with the Iron Throne and proclaim Robb their king.

The same goes for Jon’s proclamation. While many of the northern houses were disappointed in some of Robb Stark’s actions and were afraid of the Boltons, thus not aiding House Stark, they were reminded of what the Starks represent after they managed to regain Winterfell. When Lyanna vouches for Jon Snow she is doing so for a great number of reasons. All of her actions are extremely political and strategical, from denying Stannis as her king to proclaiming Jon her king, including her behaviour towards Sansa and Jon when they asked her for help. Lyanna Mormont may be a child, but her actions are carefully considered from her position as ruler.

When Lyanna spoke up for Jon, the North was facing the option of backing up a family that had for many centuries ruled them justly and that proved that was still capable of holding and governing the North, or remain with their heads bent to a rule that mistreated them both with the betrayal that was the Red Wedding and with the appointment of the Boltons, themselves traitors, as wardens of the North. Their previous disappointment and fear were substituted by shame. Choosing Jon as King in the North isn’t saying he is better than Robb, but doing right by a family who had been mistreated by many, including the northerners themselves. Moreover, Jon’s proclamation is done under the White Walkers’ threat, being known that Jon had fought them when he was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. This cannot be overlooked.

Robb’s greatest mistake was “marrying for love” (which was an absurdly anachronistic and out of character decision of D&D, but I’ve already discussed it before and won’t do it again), but that wasn’t his only mistake as king, nor the only problem he had dealt with. He was great in battle, but outside the battlefield his situation as king was far more turbulent. I know that in the show the northerners ground their refusal to help House Stark by saying all the problems that befell the North were due to Robb’s marrying Talisa, but we not only know that that wasn’t the only problem, as we know that in making sense of the world, people often reduce the blame for all their problems to one single reason.

What about Jon? First, we don’t know Jon as king, we only know Jon as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. In this position Jon might not have “married for love” and broken alliance vows, but he did something that can be considered far worse: he allowed the wildlings to cross the Wall. As Tormund says, “We didn’t invade. We were invited”. Jon didn’t “merely” broke an agreement with one of his allies, he shook the foundations of the Night’s Watch.

Jon has been an amazing battle commander (the exception being the battle against Ramsay, which was under extraordinary circumstances - yes, more extraordinary than against the White Walkers), but he dealt with a lot of issues with his fellow brothers in black, not only after he became Lord Commander.

Both Robb and Jon struggled in their positions of leadership, coming to tragic ends as King in the North and Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. I agree that the terrible way Robb’s affair with Talisa was built by D&D does make it easier for the audience to find him a worse leader than Jon, but in reality it’s absurd to say that Jon is an improved King in the North, a King in the North 2.0. Jon has just been proclaimed king, there’s no way to evaluate his kingship. Meanwhile, to say that crowning Jon is a disrespect to Robb because Jon did nothing during season six to earn that title, being terrible in command and depending 100% on Sansa’s connections with the Eyre, is an oversimplification of the proclamation of both men as kings.

Neither Robb nor Jon were crowned exclusively because of who they are as individuals. Neither were proclaimed king just because of themselves as singular men, but because of what they represent. They represent the North, its values and singularity, they represent House Stark and, not only its continuity, but the continuity of Ned Stark’s legacy. Jon’s proclamation has yet another symbolic element to it: it is an acknowledgment by the northerner lords of their “betrayal” when they refused to back House Stark up, a house that has always been fair in its rule of the North and a true representative of northern values.

Robb wasn’t made king just because he won battles. He was made king because he stood up for the North. When all of the contenders for the Iron Throne dismissed Ned Stark and the North, he rose to fight for his father, and in so doing, he became a symbol of the North. See what Greatjon Umber declares:

My lords. MY LORDS! Here’s what I say to these two kings. [spits] Renly Baratheon is nothing to me, nor Stannis neither. Why should they rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the south? What do they know of the Wall or the Wolfswood? Even their gods are wrong. Why shouldn’t we rule ourselves again? It was the dragons we bowed to and now the dragons are dead. [draws his sword and points it to Robb] There sits the only King I mean to bend my knee to: the King in the North! [kneels]

Greatjon proposes a break with the status quo. There is no reason for him to follow men who know nothing about the North. While he respects the tradition of House Stark governing the North, he doesn’t respect the leadership of those who are not northerners. Robb is meant to represent the North. Of course his self is relevant, but it is relevant because of the fact that it embodies the North.

The same goes for Jon’s proclamation:

Jon Snow: The Free Folk, the Northerners and the Knights of the Vale fought together. We fought bravely and we won. My father used to say, “We find our true friends on the battlefield-”

Cley Cerwyn: [stands] The Boltons are defeated. The war is over! Winter has come. If the Maesters are right, it’ll be the coldest one in a thousand years. We should ride home, and wait out the coming storms-

Jon Snow: The war is not over. And I promise you, friend, the true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.

[pause, Lord Cerwyn and Jon sit, the Northern lords begin bickering among themselves again]

Lyanna Mormont: [glances around, then stands and speaks accusingly to Lord Wyman Manderly] Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly, but you refused the call. [Manderly looks away, Lyanna turns to Lord Robett Glover] You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover but in their hour of greatest need, you refused the call. [turns to Lord Cerwyn] And you, Lord Cerwyn. Your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton. Still, you refused the call. But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers! We know no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my King, from this day until his last day!

Wyman Manderly: Lady Mormont speaks harshly… And truly. My son died for Robb Stark, the Young Wolf. I didn’t think we’d find another King, in my lifetime. [to Jon] I didn’t commit my men to your cause… Because, I didn’t want more Manderlys dying for nothing. But, I was wrong. [points to Jon] Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding! He is the White Wolf. [draws his sword and kneels to Jon] The King in the North!

Jon wasn’t proclaimed king merely because of his actions in season six. He was crowned because of what he represents, because he embodies the North and because he is a Stark, even if a bastard Stark. Jon even looks like a Stark.

Even though the reconquering of Winterfell was a problematic enterprise, Jon having committed mistakes, it was nonetheless a successful enterprise captained by him. Not for a single moment did he shy away from the fight, trying to rescue his little brother, the lawful heir of Winterfell. This alone was a statement of his commitment to northern values and to House Stark. Besides, as quoted above, Jon himself quotes his father’s words and shows he is guided by them. Moreover, he and the men he managed to gather under his command, not the knights of the Vale, were the first to retake Winterfell, Jon having taken Ramsay down with his own, practically bare, hands. The symbolic power of this cannot be overlooked; the last living son of Ned Stark, representing the true North, took down the last living son of Roose Bolton, who represented the betrayal of the northern values.

We must not forget that Jon makes it clear that the war is far from over. Just like Lyanna Mormont joined Sansa and Jon’s cause due to a threat that needs the right leader to face it, the northern lords find Jon the best person to guide them in such a war. They have all of the reasons given above to believe it, plus the knowledge that Jon was the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, an institution respected by northerners (remember what the Greatjon said?) and whose command is chosen by its own members. Jon is a man prepared for the war to come and a man people will follow.

As I said in another post, as a Jon Snow fan, I’m the first to say that he was all over the place this season and that at first sight it’s pretty nonsensical to believe him a good option for a ruler. But from the northerners point of view, Jon has qualities that make him a pragmatic and politically sound option of a leader. As Lyanna says, “the North remembers! We know no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark”. Here, “the North remembers” has a different meaning from the one it has in the books. The North remembers the true values of the region, the North remembers that the southerners know nothing about their ways. The King in the North is Stark, even though he is a bastard. Jon is the representation of the North and of House Stark, he proved it.

Wyman Manderly’s words are also important: “I didn’t think we’d find another King, in my lifetime. I didn’t commit my men to your cause… Because, I didn’t want more Manderlys dying for nothing. But, I was wrong”. Manderly states that he didn’t believe there was someone who embodied the North to be its king. He goes on saying “Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding”. By this, Manderly implies that the Red Wedding was an attack on the North, on the true king, Robb, and that another has come that proved to be worthy of the title of King in the North. Far from saying that Jon is better than Robb, Manderly is saying that Jon avenged the true king, being worthy of the same title.

I must once again make it clear that all of the reasons for Jon’s crowning are due to his embodiment of the North. His actions by themselves are not what speak in his favour, but what his actions represent, as much as Robb’s. If Robb’s proclamation was due to the southerners betrayal of the North, Jon’s is not only due to that, but also because of the northern betrayal of the North. When the very northerners betrayed the North, be it due to their involvement in the Red Wedding or because of their failure in supporting House Stark’s claim, somehow there was a northern who reclaimed the North. Both Robb and Jon had no “lawful” right to kinghood. Kinghood was bestowed upon them by others because they are the North, and by being so they were chosen.

There isn’t a competition between the Kings in the North. One cannot say one is better than the other; we haven’t even seen Jon acting as king. All we can do is try to understand why both men were proclaimed kings, and from where I stand I don’t see how either Robb or Jon is better than the other or is disrespected by the other’s crowning.