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Airports must be really stressful for idols because like ? Traveling is already lowkey stressful ?? Imagine being observed by a bunch of people and your every movement is being recorded ??? Sometimes people are chasing after them like the poor souls? Can’t we just admire from afar maybe ??????

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Salam, I'm a Muslim who is interested in understanding how Muslims can mend relationships with Jews and also how to approach conversation about Israel without being antisemitic. As a Muslim I can definitely understand to an extent the frustration Jews must feel being painted with a broad brush, and I would love to establish friendships that transcend these differences. But how do I approach a conversation about what I view is as obvious human rights violations without being insensitive?

Salam Alaikum! 

What an excellent question.  I find that interfaith dialogue is so important, especially in the current political and social climate around the world.  I commend you for asking this question.  I have found that as I learn more about other religions, I become even more humbly grounded in my own theology and grounded in peace and love with new friends.

The Isreal conversation can be divisive among Jews and Muslims, and sadly between Jewish people and between Muslim people, but it doesn’t have to be. Although it is scarily easy to paint all Jews or all Muslims as ______, as people of faith, of people of peace, and of people of love we must stand against divisiveness and work towards making a stronger tomorrow.

As a Progressive Jew, my Zionism is grounded in lovingkindness, peace, and acceptance- and not in fascism, bigotry, or the hatred often perceived as the viewpoint of the right-wing Prime Minister and his cronies.   In the same token, I am sure that your commitment to peace and support of a sovereign Palestine does not include the fascism, bigotry, or hatred often developed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.  Terrorism, Occupation, antisemitic propaganda, anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia, and other ills should have no place in this world: especially in this little strip of land that I love so much.

Before approaching a conversation on the topic, I’d like you to think about something that we learned in some of my rabbinical school classes while living in Jerusalem.  We often would talk about looking at the Conflict through different lenses and not through broad strokes.  The lens of the Jewish settlers in the West Bank who does not understand the pain of Occupation and is completely ignorant of the situation, the lens of a Palestinian child living in Gaza who is taught that murdering Jews is the right thing to do, the lens of a Christian-Arab Jerusalemite who has Israeli citizenship but lives in East Jerusalem who must go through checkpoints to get to work, the lens of a Jewish family living in a moshav near Gaza who has to run into bomb shelters multiple times each day to avoid a possible missile attack… etc etc etc.

Another lens to look through (especially from the perspective of an individual not living in Israel or Palestine) is the failure of our leadership.  I personally cannot trust a

Prime Minister of Israel who used anti-Palestinian racism to get elected in the last election, or a President of the Palestinian Authority who pays terrorists for their work, or a  Prime Minister of Hamas who said the following:  “This is a generation which knows no fear. It is the generation of the missile, the tunnel and suicide operations.”  Can we trust someone to create peace if they believe that the only peace will be one State where all the Jews are dead? Can we really trust anyone that flip-flops on peace (Netanyahu and Abbas)?

No, no we cannot.  But there are so many things that you can do- and you have already taken the first step!  Being critical of policies of the Israeli government, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority is not only important but crucial to the survival of the Jewish State and for the future of a sovereign, occupation-free Palestinian state.

Just like I will never use racist or islamophobic stereotypes to portray Palestinians (I have seen so many horrible and gross examples of this online), I would hope that activists who support Palestine avoid antisemitic stereotypes.  Additionally, we must maintain the importance of both sovereign entities and eliminate the notion that Zionism is a dirty word.  Zionism is the notion that the Jews deserve the same sovereignty in their homeland that all other nations have the privilege of having.  The most effective Palestinian activists from a Jewish perspective are those who maintain the importance of maintaining a Jewish state without using antisemitism to help their cause.

How do you criticize Israel without being antisemitic? x x

You can also support organizations which seek peace in Israel and Palestine: Roots/Shoreshim, Israel Religious Action Center, Association of Reform Zionists of AmericaBreaking the Silence etc!

You can join virtual communities online as well such as the “Jews and Muslims for Peace” Facebook Group and if your Mosque has not already formed a relationship with your local Synagogue, you can be an incredible force for good in working on developing that partnership!If you would like ANYMORE advice, answers to questions, support, help locating a liberal shul near you- please let me know!

Have a great day friend!


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