fear food

Affirmations/Tips for Facing Challenge Foods
  • “Physical health is not the only kind of health.”
  • “This food won’t kill me, but an eating disorder definitely will.” 
  • “I’m HERE, NOW, with people I love and who love me. I am living in the present. I do not need my eating disorder’s validation to live.”
  • “I have come a long way; I have proven how strong I am. I’m a recovery warrior! This [insert food] is no match for me!” 
  • “Purging is definitely not healthy for my body OR my mind. PLUS, if I purge, then I will have that much less time to [insert fun activity].”
  • “This is one step of a recovery process. If I do this challenge, hooray! I move forward a few steps in recovery! If I struggle, I have an opportunity to learn more about myself/challenge myself in the future. This is a positive step REGARDLESS of how it turns out!”
  • “I know my [insert supporter] will support me either way, but imagine how proud they will be when I tell them I did it!”
  • “Sorry ED, I can’t hear you over how awesome I am.”


  • Imagine your ED as the food being munched away, faintly hollering “nooooooOooOOOooo!”
  • Think of the space where you are as a FUN-ONLY ZONE. Your eating disorder is barred from entry; if it shows up anyway, mentally imagine having it escorted out, and the door shutting behind it. This is YOUR safe space.
  • Ask if it’s okay first, but if you’re with friends you could also try holding a friend’s hand, and squeezing lightly when you need reassurance. It’s especially helpful if they know why/if they squeeze back. Nonverbal support PLUS physical reinforcement of positive steps!


That, my friends, is what we call an achievement. It’s my absolute childhood favourite: Nana’s Mac and Cheese *u*

I saw just how much cheese and milk and butter goes into it and guess what? I didn’t give a shit. All that mattered is how delicious it was. I had all of this AND finished off loads of Nana’s portion too! Can I get a freakin round of applause??

holy fack y'all
I was planning on getting fish and veggies but I pushed myself and got this instead 😁😁😁 cheese freaks me tf out but I conquered it

———— TW

I’m so full and I’m really tempted to use behaviors, but I promised myself I wouldn’t purge anymore. I’m staying out of the bathroom for another hour or so, just to stay safe