fear and the light

Favorite Sound

Ok, so, I literally swung it with this one, but it was fun to write! And it made my frien laugh, so I’m guessing it’s worth a shot! 

This is based on this pic, made by @vp-dot-png for their klance writing contest

Nothing much to say, except hope you like it! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the art. 

The water was yellow.

“I’m calling it, that’s actual pee.” Lance deadpans and his eyes widen in surprise when the person next to him erupts in laughter.

Keith leans forward, eyes tightly closed as giggles and snorts leave his mouth, barely allowing him to catch his breath. The Red Paladin holds his stomach in a weak attempt to control himself, but it’s no use, because more giggles shake him entirely and he’s barely fast enough to catch the jacket over his shoulder from falling to the ground.

“Oh, oh, man, dude,” Keith chokes out, slapping Lance’s shoulder playfully, “You can not just say things like that about an alien’s fountain.”

Lance snickers, nudging Keith with his shoulder. “Oh, come on, lighten up, Mullet. The planet is saved and for once, Allura allowed us to explore the city! Aren’t you glad you decided to stick with me instead of Hunk and Pidge’s robotic garden? Or Shiro and Allura’s meeting with the Queen?”

“Or Coran’s storytelling with a bunch of old guys.” Keith adds with a smirk, making Lance to shake his head.

“Exactly, so, I’m your saviour.”

“Psh, sure, okay,” Keith shakes his head in amusement, pushing his head back once again with a small bobby pin, “Just make sure that none of the locals are near whenever you plan to drop another judgemental comment about their water color.”

Lance gasps in mocking offense, hand pressed against his chest. “How dare you, Keith? I gave you my jacket.”

Keith grins and pulls Lance’s jacket tighter around him. “Real comfy, no wonder you are always using it.”

“You are taking advantage of how much of a gentleman I am, which rude.” Lance whines, puffing his cheeks in fake annoyance, making Keith to roll his eyes playfully.

“Whatever you say, Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Gentle Acts.”

Lance would take the bait, he really would, but he can’t, not when Keith’s eyes shine with playfulness and mischievousness, arching an daring eyebrow at him. Not when Keith’s cheeks are colored in a soft pink color and his hair is pushed back, allowing Lance to see his dark blue eyes clearly.

There’s something hypnotizing about Keith under the three moons of the planet they are currently on. Maybe is the fact that Keith’s wearing his jacket? Nah, can’t be, even though it looks like it was made for him and it makes Lance’s heart flutter.

Maybe it was the trees? The big tall trees filled with small flowers that resemble to the roses back on Earth, except these ones were covered in a pale red color mixed with green.

Lance doesn’t know, and it’s not like he wants to figure it out. He’s just glad that whatever is there around them stays, because it’s been so long since he has seen Keith so carefree, so at ease.

He doesn’t want it to end.

“Hey, Lance?” Keith’s calling shakes him out of this thoughts and then Lance’s looking straight into his eyes, his heart doing a sharp flip at the fondness they hold. “Honestly, thank you for…well, this. I’m having a great time.”

Lance swallows and nods, mouth suddenly dry.

“No problem, man,” he breathes out, a small smile making its way to his face. Keith mirrors his smile before his eyes go back to the fountain in front of them, scanning every corner of it in awe, walking around it calmly, leaving Lance behind in the spot.

Okay, McClain,’ Lance starts, shifting on his feet restlessly, ‘This is your chance, the time has come. Just like you saw in that romantic movie with Leah: just lean forward, and link your hand with his slowly and gently. Let the angels sing their chorus behind, you do the rest.’

Taking a deep breath, the brunet closes his eyes and steadies his own breathing. It’s now or never, the setting is perfect for a confession and the night is in his favour. He can do this. He has to do this.

Lance nods to himself and then takes a step forward.

“Where are you going?”

Lance squeaks and loses his footing as soon as the voice behind him speaks, their warm breath tickling Lance’s ear. The brunet is only able to hear Keith’s shout of his name before he’s falling back and water is dripping from the top of his head.

Lance blinks in surprise, confusion taking over his features as he wonders how the heck Keith circled the entire fountain in a few ticks before he looks up at meets Keith’s wide eyes.

One, two, maybe three ticks later and the best sound in the universe makes itself present.

“Oh, oh my god, dude, you just fell on a fountain full of pee,” Keith cackles, hand hovering over his mouth in a weak attempt to hide his laughter but his entire body goes against him and he can’t even hold himself straight, “Lance, oh my god, why.”

Why, Keith asks.

Because of that smile, Lance answers in his mind, eyes soft and gentle as he stares at the figure of Keith shaking with laughter.

Lance is totally fine to get soaked with alien pee if it means he gets to hear Keith’s carefree happiness.

He’s so entranced with Keith’s happy display that he doesn’t notice when Keith stops abruptly and stares at him in confusion.

“Lance,” he calls, confusion turning into amusement, eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Is there something you might wanna tell me?”

Lance blinks, looking bemused at the question and Keith shakes his head in disbelief.

“So, turns out it wasn’t actual pee.” He says amusedly, hand pressed against his cheek as he waits for Lance to make the connection.

Lance frowns and looks down to see the water.


Ok, so, pink pee.

“Why is the pee pink now?” Lance mumbles quietly but it’s loud enough for Keith to hear, making him to snort.

“Because it’s not pee, you idiot,” Keith might have say that as an insult, but his voice was teasing and kind, “It’s an ancient water that allows you to see the reflection of your own feelings.”

Keith points towards a small plate on the right side of the fountain, rusty but its clear golden letters narrating a small legend about the fountain and its purposes.

Lance can feel his own cheeks getting warmer and then he notices Keith sitting on the edge of the fountain, leaning slightly down towards Lance.

“So…” Keith trails off, biting his lower lip nervously as he stares down at Lance.

Lance opens his mouth and closes it repeatedly, words failing him right when he needs them, but then he sighs, frustrated with himself.

He looks around him, searching for a way to communicate better, before he snaps his fingers and cups his hands, dipping them in the water before holding them up towards Keith.

Keith blinks at the cupped pink water held by Lance’s hands.

“I like you.” Lance whispers softly, offering a small shy smile.

He watches as Keith’s face lights up and suddenly, Lance’s fears fade away as soon as Keith’s hands appear just below his own.

Lance stares in awe as the once pink water turn into a deep shade of red as soon as Keith’s hand touches his own.

Keith knows there is no point of voicing his thoughts, but he still does, because Lance was brave enough to do it, and he owes him the same treatment.

“I like you too,” he whispers softly, smiling dopily at the brunet, who smiles back at him with equal motion.

Somewhere in between

Who am I
when dead-light comes
all my fears roar
screaming for blood
howling, always, for more
Heap my pain
upon others once again
won’t cover my shame
as it breaks down the door
Hinged gate, unhinged
bleeds rusty screams
Somewhere, in between
life, and my dreams
is where you find me
Never was, never will
know who
I’m supposed to be

When I was young, I was afraid of the monsters that lived under my bed, I was frightened by the boogie man and the stories others told me, I was innocent
All I could see was light, never dark, Yes I had fears but they disappeared.

When I turned 12 my life became hell, I was no longer afraid of the monsters under my bed, I was frightened by the voices in my head, Those stories of the boogie man were lies,
I lost my innocence
All I could see was dark, never light, Yes i had fears but they would never disappear.

When I turned 13, My life didn’t matter, I was bound by scars and chains of which were lies, The monsters and voices i heard in my head became my friends, I accepted that I had done wrong in my life, I accepted that I wouldn’t be alright, And in doing so, My fears, My monsters, My voices turned darkness into night, With stars so bright i didn’t need the light I once had, Instead I needed myself to accept that I was Me, Not what everyone wants me to be, I accepted myself And thus i turned into the true thing everyone fears the one thing no one can accept.
                         That i was the true

—  Eva


6.47 million,” the patron declared. The guests gave him a standing ovation: this was a victory, a small, small victory. Despite its size, it made the crowd relatively happy. It stirred within all, a false sense of hope. Applause ended abruptly when the whole building shook. Swarovski crystals of the chandelier rattled against each other; for a second, guests feared the lights would shatter upon the ground. For a short moment, everyone was convinced that it had merely been an earthquake. The aggressive rumble of an explosion, however, was a sure identification of the source. 

Chaos engulfed the room and everyone started rushing to the doors. Had it not been for the quick witted guard, the situation would have, without a doubt, gotten out of hand. She instructed everyone stay calm —- a fruitless effort — and kept everyone inside the room. No one was to make a move until they received instructions from outside.


Evacuation went as smoothly as it just could. The walls continued to tremble and cracks appeared upon them as the crowd flooded through flights of steps down the fire escape. The loud sound of the alarm was piercing. The concoction of fumes and panic within the air had become suffocating. Be it the fast pace they needed to keep up or the small amounts of smoke seeping into the stairwell, it was the survival of the fittest. 


The important guests along with their closest servants were quickly escorted to much safer location outside of the city center. Hours passed after hours before any change had occurred. They filled car after car. Nothing else was said; not a single piece of information was given. The drive to the airport was a silent one. No one knew what to say, no one had anything to say. The fear of future had stopped existing, everyone was afraid of the present. 


After a long, exhausting flight everyone was relieved when they boarded a bus: their future residence was just one drive away. But things were never that simple in such a trying time. The vehicle stopped at a dock and the flock of shaken royals were ushered on a boat. Proceeding, were the children of the elite, accompanied by staff, who likely had it tougher than anyone. There was a curtain of mist atop of the vast body of water, and one could only wonder where they would end up. The first rays of sunshine coloured every surface in soft hues of red. It was still cool but there was no doubt about it: the day would be beautiful and warm. Eventually the white walls of their future came into a view. The estate stood proudly on the private island, a little safe haven —- solely for them.

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One of the best things about Twitter is exchanging poems with another writer. The back and forth is not only a satisfying exercise in creativity, but it’s also a way to challenge both you and your fellow writer. And it’s a lot of fun :-)
This is the second ‘collaboration’ with the talented @anniescribes

Mistakes were made

but that is an old story

     Let me interest you

     in something shiny 



All that glitters…

A well placed distraction

Deflecting attraction

From deeds deemed unsavory

Or moments of knavery

What’s shiny to some eyes

may be muted to others

Seemingly the same thing,

though they are different daggers

A blade, reverently carried

for carving moments, blessing the heart

Another edge well worn, chipped

dancing, grinning, seeking its mark

Splattered on a platter

was ink-covered heart

scratches on its chambers

a marriage of light and dark

Hearts never seem

to be what they share;

a careful story spun

pushing sun from chambers

A fear of light so great

It cries knowing its fate

Masquerading as a smile

at times the numbness

clouds the gladness

and for a while,

the hearts know not what to do

but to trust their demons.

Between heart & head, the human chasm

A bridge thin, suspended by threads of reason

Fragile & electric, threads woven in time

The constant battle heart




and then the moment’s passed

and it all becomes

a moot point.

A battle lost

  A battle won

It never ends 

 The war goes on

Fallen on our bum,

we get back up, dust us off,

set to start again.

The dark is dizzying. Man needs light. Whoever burrows into the opposite of daylight feels their heart lurch. When the eye sees black, the mind sees trouble. In an eclipse, in the night, in sooty opacity, there is anxiety, even in the heartiest. No one can walk along through the forest at night without trembling. Shadows and trees form two fearful densities.

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Volume Two, Book Three, Chapter  Three.

So  I’m scared of the dark righ? Like I can deep with mostly dark but I cannot deal with complete darkness. It freaks me out so much. And this. This is exacty how I feel.

23rd May 2017

Manchester, UK bombing at the Ariana concert with 22 dead including children and nearly 60 injured with countless missing.
Marawi, Phillipines has been taken over by the Mautegroup and people are being held, told they will be “taken care of” if they can’t prove they are Muslim.
Bangkok, Thailand had a bomb go off in a hospital injuring 24 people.
Homs, Syria had suicide car bombs which have killed 4 and hurt 2 dozen.
Today is another one of those days where the world just feels a little bit more heavier. To anyone whose in any of these places, stay safe and look after yourselves and one another, let us know if there’s anything we can possibly do. To everyone else, don’t allow this fear to take over, instead show that love can be the light in all that’s dark.
Sending love to everyone❤️

A glimpse of our colorscript! We designed the lighting in our film to be an element that furthers the storytelling. Since our short centers around the fear of being “outed,” we defined light to represent exposure and danger, and shadow to represent concealment and safety. As our characters travel through light and shadow, we get an indication of their current emotional state in the story. More of this to come in the future!

Okay, Hear Me Out

We’ve all seen this shit ‘ere where Lotor like smooth talks Lance “We’ll be powerful, your friends dont need you, come to the dark side, etc”

And so, they’re on a mission, and Lotor talks to Sweet BoyTM and Lance pulls an Anakin Skywalker on his pals. And so he and Lotor bond, and he becomes a trusted right hand man to the prince.

Meanwhile the others feel totes betrayed, and they blame themselves, but they also get angry at Lance because he turned on them.

And they meet him on the battlefield, and they ask him to come back, ask him why he would do this to them. He doesn’t answer, just steps behind Lotor slightly, head bowed. There’s a bruise on his face, they think, and he looks thinner than normal, but he wont look at them, so they don’t know what to say.

Time passes, and they learn to function without him. Their missions don’t go as smoothly, and they get injured far more frequently, and they realize how much they needed Lance. But they carry on.

And they prepare for their final battle, battlefield littered with different species, everyone that the Galra had victimized rising up. Allura, who took the place as the blue pilot, feels Lance’s loss more than ever.

The battle begins. They fight hard. Lives are lost, so many lives. Lotor is has grown so much stronger, so much more ruthless, more prepared than Zarkon ever was. The galra army is bearing down on them, closing in for the kill.

Shiro and Pidge are unconscious. Allura went missing among the soldiers. Keith is injured, Hunk is trying to protect them. The castle, Coran, has gone silent. The end is near, they are going to die. The Galra are going to win.

They see the ion cannons charging, hear the hum that signals their firing squad. They see the lights as they prepare to fire.

And then it all shuts down.

The purple lights that represented their fear go out. The Galra ships crash to the surface of the moon that they were fighting on. The mother ship that had ordered their massacre settled to the ground, slowly opening.

Two figures stepped out. Clearly visible, was Lotor, a knife to his throat. The second, who held the knife, was shorter, and shielded from view.

Hunk and Keith watched the slow, long march Lotor and his captor took towards them. Hunk raised his weapon, but Keith weakly put a hand on his arm. “Wait.” His voice was the only sound in the otherwise deafening silence.

As the two neared, Keith recognized the messy brown hair, the cocky grin that never seemed to leave.

“Lance,” he breathed.

“What?!” Hunk asked.

“Look. It’s Lance.”

Hunk thought Keith was delirious with pain, but as the two approached, he too recognized hthe blue lion’s true pilot.

Lotor was forced to his knees several feet away from them, Keith’s knife still at his throat. Lance smiled tiredly at them. “Sorry I took so long. I cant read Galra,” he said sheepishly.

A String of Lights

Aries: Sparks - Their potential and capacity to create reality is breath-taking.  Will they die out in a couple of heartbeats, or become the start of a flare?  Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.  

Taurus: Chandeliers - To lead a significant life is to shower oneself in luxury and gold, with its glass panels and shining bulbs beautifully illuminating a room to perhaps distract from its fragility. 

Gemini: Lightbulbs - To light up instantaneously shows its ability to infinitely and unexpectedly create ideas within its mind.  Are they sparks of genius, or simply insanity?  

Cancer: Lanterns - To tie one’s wish to a lantern and watching it fly away gives a sense of longing and sadness, but also an unrelenting desire to hope for a better future.  Its light and the hope it carries meanders, its destination unknown.

Leo: Fireworks - It doesn’t ask for your attention, it demands it.  The anticipation of what color it will explode into, its irresistible unpredictability, it is what keeps people waiting for more.

Virgo: Candles - Not necessarily used to light up a room, but to fill it with a sweet aroma.  It’s light soft yet undeniable, for coming too close can still leave people with an unforgettable burn.

Libra: Neon - Vibrant and expressive, their ability to take on different colors is a testament to their ability to change.  One day they could tell you they’re open, but the next they can tell you they’re closed, shrouding itself in the allure of mystery.

Scorpio: Stars - Billions of light years away, drifting through the night sky like tears slowly trailing down the face of the universe.  You could travel billions of years only to find that they’re gone, and their secrets gone with them.

Sagittarius: Fire - Dangerous yet inviting, it’s a force which hurts if people haven’t built the strength to withstand and appreciate its flames.  

Capricorn: Moonlight - Romantic yet distant, it radiates eternally to attract those seeking to unearth its secrets.  Some say the moon has a face with a smile, or perhaps that’s what it wants people to see.

Aquarius: Fireflies - Aimless and youthful in its movement, with a perception of the world which treats those around it as empty canvasses, its light a paintbrush desiring to give color to everyone it meets.

Pisces: Night lights - Though most exist to dispel the darkness, this one is often used to dispel fear.  It never shines, it only glows, gently lighting the way to someone’s peace of mind.