fear and loving in new jersey

Stand Up Fucking Tall

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mcr-scenester-plur.  “transboy!reader and bullets!gerard? (pre-t reader)”

“Shit, I need a drink,” Gerard said nervously, pacing the backstage area of the small Jersey club his band was performing at tonight.

“Gee, you’re a great singer, you’re going to be fine,” you assured him. “I’m the one who should be worried about his ‘performance’." 

"You’re not putting on any kind of show, babe,” Gerard reminded. “You’re just outwardly presenting as the man you’ve always been inside.”

“Still,” you sighed. “This one of the first times I’ve worn masculine clothes in public. I haven’t started T or anything. I bet I don’t pass at all. People might say I look weird -”

“And they can go fuck themselves,” Gerard shrugged, downing a shot Mikey had handed him. “Anyone who says My Chemical  Romance sucks can go fuck themselves, too." 

"The difference is, nobody is going to say your band sucks, because your music is amazing,” you protested. 

“You’re amazing, too,” Gerard said softly, pulling you close. “My amazing, brave, handsome, boyfriend." 

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Office Sweet

In which Ludwig, the boss of a designing firm, falls in love with his newly hired intern.  

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2

Next and last update PERHAPS for Monday the 12th. The coming chapter is a really long one and I have a really busy weekend, plus a busy Monday since I start classes again. There’s a huge probability I won’t have it for Monday, if not, it will surely be up for Friday the 16th. Hope you enjoy this chapter still and please be patient for the next and last.

                                                    Chapter 3

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a to z about me

Tagged by @virushoney ! <3

a - age: 34

b - biggest fear: the Void of nothingness

c - current time: 9:43 am

d - drink you last had: coffeeee

e - every day starts with: thyroid pills, coffee to cancel out the thyroid pills, usually tumblr

f - favorite song: erm I am embarrassingly not much of a music listener…I can’t concentrate on ANYTHING ELSE when music is on…I freakin’ love Take me to Church by Hozier though

g - ghosts, are they real: no but I’m convinced the house I grew up in had one anyway. cognitive dissonance is fun 

h - hometown: I went to high school and college in New Jersey so I guess there

i - in love with: THORKI, writing

j - jealous of: people that have energy

k - killed someone: haha no

l - last time you cried: I don’t cry very easily, I don’t remember. I got slightly teary-eyed watching Wonder Woman

m - middle name: not telling ;)

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: to be able to live the life I want to live free from the obligations currently weighing me down

p - person you last called/texted: there’s so many ways to message people nowadays I don’t even know what counts - actually called, my parents - texted, my husband - messaged, @chrisshemsworth

q - questions you’re always asked: “are your eyes actually that blue or are they contacts” (they’re just blue)

r - reasons to smile: good stories, good friends both online and off, good drinks, my kids

s - song last sang: that one by Justin Timberlake that’s like “I got this feeling inside my bones blah blah blah”

t - time you woke up: 5:20 am because of the motherfucking birds outside the window, thanks assholes

u - underwear color: almost always black, but today they’re rainbow

v - vacation destination: I’d love to go to Europe - the last time was when I went to Spain in 2010 and there is just so much weight of history there it was amazing - I felt like I was part of some continuous human experience that I don’t feel here in the states and I LOVE all the old architecture and art and experiencing new cultures and food

w - worst habit: procrastination

x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, ankle, neck

y - your favorite food: real Szechuan food omg it’s soooo gooooooood

z - zodiac sign: Taurus

Copping out and tagging anyone who wants to play, but I mean it I do love to read about people, tag me if you do it! <3

Coming Out (”Unexpected” AU) - Chapter 1

More than a dozen years have passed since Dipper and Mabel have visited Gravity Falls. Is now the time to reveal their secret?

Chap 1 | Chap 2 | Chap 3 | Epilogue

This story is written as a response to an Ask from @robertalfredking4: “Prompt idea: Dipper and Mabel going public with their relationship.” 

I decided to place this story within the same AU as my last fic “Unexpected”, but more than 12 years after the final scene of that story. It is not strictly necessary to have already read Unexpected before this story, but it is helpful.

As a bonus, see here for a wonderful illustration of Cassie, courtesy of the incomparable @pinestimes2. I think she’s adorable! 

SFW fic begins under the cut, a bit over 13K words all told. TW: incest.

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tagged by @slimthiccniall!!! i literally tried to tag liamalmighty for agesssss before i found out u changed ur url??? tf!! i like it tho, thicc niall has def risen

A) Age: 20

B) Biggest fear: hmmmm probably being forgotten or tossed away

C) Current time: 2:53 pm 

D) Drink you last had: a soda i shared with my friend at the movies yesterday

E) Every day starts with: me grumbling and moaning, then checking my phone

F) Favourite song atm: rivers and roads by the head and the heart

G) Ghosts, are they real?: oh definitely 

H) Hometown?: millburn, new jersey 

I) In love with?: ice cream, my dog, the feeling you get when you’re completely stress free and enjoying spending time with friends

J) Jealous of?: people in love :/

K) Killed Someone?: in my head all the time 

L) Last time you cried: yesterday at guardians of the galaxy ggjkfjflsk

M) Middle name: Lin

N) Number of siblings: 1

O) One wish: end both babygates pls

P) Person you last called/texted: my mom

Q) Questions you are always being asked: hmmm i used to get asked “wait youre actually (insert age)??? no way!!” (curse my baby face) but i havent heard that one in a while actually

R) Reasons to smile: harry and louis are in a strong loving relationship ;’)

S) Song last sung: im constantly listening to music so i dont even remember, probably one of those

T) Time you woke up: 11 am 

U) Underwear colour: purpleee

V) Verse from a song you like: theres too many to pick from??? song lyrics make up my entire soul oh jeez ok ummm

“No one wants you when you have no heart and
I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars and
You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again
So let’s try
Let’s try
Let’s try“ from Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco because this whole song always tugs at my heartstrings 

W) Worst habits: i procrastinate wayyyy too much, its actually one of my most stressful habits that i cant shake

X) X-rays you’ve had: ive gotten xrays of my brain cuz i used to get headaches really frequently when i was a kid

Y) Your favourite food: ice cream

Z) Zodiac sign: taurus 

im gonna tag @louisosoft, @larrieharriethottie, @thelovesclubs, @domesticharry, and all of the ot5 gc (YALL BETTER DO IT BINCH) 

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so i was tagged by @stylishphil - thank you so much for tagging me, babes! 

a- age: 17

b- biggest fear: complete isolation, drowning, or being tortured.

c- current time: lmfao it’s rlly freakin late, 2:33 AM.

d- drink you had to drink: berry flavored propel, which ive been drinking a lot lately .. but boi i just looked it up, and i need to stop doing that. 

e- everyday starts with: coffee.

f- favorite song: of all time? famous last words by my chemical romance! 

g- ghosts, are they real?: totally.

h- hometown: edison, new jersey! i don’t actively live there anymore, though!

i- in love with: idk, i love a lot of things, but i’m not IN love with anything.  

j- jealous of: uH successful people, who can function daily without breaking down. people who are really good at school, and can send all of their shit in on time, and just people who have their life together??

k- killed someone?: oh, yeah totally just last week. lmfao, wtf.

l- last time you cried: uhhH yesterday, rip.

m- middle name: raine! 

n- number of siblings: two!

o- one wish: to be able to enjoy life. if that’s too deep, i’d totally accept meeting dan and phil. 

p- person you last called/texted: it was my best friend, erin.

q- questions you’re always asked: “how are you going to fare in life if you can’t do ( insert some dumb shit here )” “you look gay, are you gay?” “when are you going to bring home a boyfriend?” “you do know that memes five years old, right?” “you know mcr broke up, right?” “are you okay?” 

r- reasons to smile: dan and phils entire existence, believing that love exists because of dan and phil, thomas sanders, memes, kittens, puppies, baby pandas, geckos, my small handful of friends, puns, music, pj ligouri, and a bunch of other stuff that i can’t rlly think of right now ( probably )

s- song last sang: novocaine by fall out boy

t- time you woke up:  uhhh, 10-ish? 

u- underwear color: pink

v- vacation destination: california, paris, greece, or japan. 

w- worst habits: finishing things last minute or never finishing them at all, starting up a project that i seem passionate about only to drop it in a few day’s time, eating out of boredom, biting my nails, cracking my knuckles, randomly breaking out in song at the worst possible moments

x- x-rays you’ve had: stomach

y- your favorite food: pizza

z- zodiac sign: aries!

im tagging @akilahthegreat , @nikidrawzz@danielstellations , @quiet-troye , @gxldenboyphil .. lol, i can’t think of anybody else?? sorry if you’ve already done it!! and even if you haven’t, you obviously don’t have to do it. 

about me tag

thank you to the amazingly beautiful @jakegardnr for tagging me

Your hair? red, curly, long… you know princess merida? yeah thats basically what it looks like 
Your dad? i love him so much we have a pretty great relationship
Your other half?  @curlyfrycarrick @leafsaremyreligion@jakegardnr are the lomls also @buchnevich and @phildanault are my trio
Your favorite food? my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup
Your dream last night? I just remember meeting sid crosby and being angry lol
Your favorite drink? coffee
Fear? The future and spiders
Favorite shoes? My converse
Favorite way to relax? watch hockey, listen to music, drink tea
Your mood? tired
Your love? auston, larks, brady….. like 100 other players haha and my dogs 
Where were you last night? home
Something you aren’t? confident

Muffins? absolutely 
Wishlist item? a bunch of jerseys and some make up
Where you grew up? New York
Last thing you did? showered
What are you wearing? A night gown
Something you hate? sunburn!!!
Pets? 2 doggies 
Life? Sucks sometimes but recently its been pretty amazing 
Regrets? i have way too many but, not enjoying high school because i was too shy and cared about what people thought of me

i tag: @phildanault @buchnevich @damnwassup @skjeiknbake @thealidoyle


Words: 2,464 (damn this got long)

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader


Hi, can you please do a Spencer Reid x Reader where the team just finished a case in Vegas and the reader and Reid get very dunk and end up doing a bunch of stuff that they can’t remember doing. Things such as the reader or Spencer getting a tattoo or a piercing or even both, the reader getting a pixie cut and dying her hair a very bright color, and lastly the two got married to one another and the team gives the two a bunch of crap for their drunken mistakes.

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Celebrating Motherhood Every Day with Illustrations by Sora Ceballos-Lopez

To see more of Sora’s illustrations, follow @soraceballos on Instagram. Explore #MothersDay to see how families in our community are celebrating this year!

“Motherhood is by far the coolest thing I have done and do every day,” says Sora Ceballos-Lopez (@soraceballos) of raising her 10-year-old daughter, Gaby. “It is a complete surrender of love and an inexplicable combination of happiness, joy and fear.” While still pregnant, Sora began collecting mother-daughter themed figurines, dolls and artwork that inspired her to begin doodling — something she hadn’t done since high school. Now, Sora, who is from Medellín and lives in New Jersey, is nearly halfway through a New Year’s challenge to create an illustration celebrating motherhood each day: everything from moments of pride and fear to times that are simply silly.

#MothersDay this year is a particularly special occasion for Sora. Her own mother, who turns 75 this month, will be visiting from Colombia. “Call [your mother] every day,” she urges other moms, “thank her and tell her how much you understand her now.”


Since Trump was elected to be President, there’s been a lot of fear among the minority communities as to what will happen to them and the extreme spike in hate crimes across the nation has only validated those fears. I live in a really diverse part of democratic New Jersey and to help alleviate those fears and support the many marginalized groups in my community, my friends and I organized a nondisruptive campaign at our high school where we wore and handed out stickers, hung up posters on our lockers, and passed out flyers detailing our cause.

The day before our peaceful campaign the principle somehow got word of an “anti-Trump protest” that would take place at school and sent out a school wide email, painting us as angry and disruptive teenagers. Today when our campaign took place, we were met with an appalling amount of students who disrespected and insulted our cause, claiming it was stupid and pointless. Those who took part were subject to name-calling, harassment, and utter disrespect. These students made a joke of our attempt to spread love and support for those in fear because of this election, going as far as to vandalize and destroy our flyers and posters in front of us. No actions have yet been taken against these students.

We organized this with the best of intentions and put so much effort into it, and I still can’t comprehend how negatively people reacted to a completely positive message and this happened in DEMOCRATIC NEW JERSEY.

It’s scary to think that in a community as diverse as mine there would be so much hatred and knowing that this is not even close to what people in less democratic states have to deal with on a daily basis is even more terrifying. I send out my love and support to all of you.

“ Let’s do this!!!!!! @jinxxed4life @andybvb pre show, antics!! New Jersey was a hip trip!! Got tons of off stage, bus, pre show & day to day shots for the future"coffee table book" & for documentation! So far!!! Stuff you generally do not see of the band! Fun & educational in terms of timing & focus! What a fun gig! Thanks BVB family ! Much love;) #warpedtour2015 #BlackveilBrides #halloweentattoos #shaunkama #andyblack #Sturgis2015 #nextAdventure #motorhead #socialDisttion #rueMorgueMag #Prong #sistersofmercy #fear #HanoiRocks “ - @halloweentattoos

I'm going to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2014.

This is what I told them:

I’d talked about geology with a friend, so when everything changed for me, I thought of it as a tectonic shift of the plates that, together, make my heart and mind. I was in my first creative writing class when it happened. As we opened to John Berryman, “Henry’s Understanding” started talking to me:
          & horribly, unlike Bach, it occurred to me
          that one night, instead of warm pajamas,
          I’d take off all my clothes
          & cross the damp cold lawn & down the bluff
          into the terrible water & walk forever
          under it out toward the island. 

      I’ve been trying to understand why I was moved, and I’m thinking something besides “understanding” is called for, that something inside me wants to get out, something that feels on the verge of collapse at times, that it was called to or beckoned by Berryman’s poem.
     In fact, I now see that I have long lived at a crossroads or point of exchange, where I open wide and receive Berryman, Wordsworth, Carver, O’Connor, and I’ve been releasing another form of it, this “what if feels like,” as T.S. Elliot defined poetry.  I’ve been fronting a punk band named Ceremony for ten years, writing lyrics, and singing on recordings and at gigs all over the world, in over forty countries at over eight hundred shows.
     That is, the expression of feeling and thought in words has been my fascination, my need, and in so many ways, an urgency for a long time. I understand now, my professor who said his first step into poetry and the need to write “what it feels like” came when, aged nine, he heard Little Richard’s “Tutti Fruitti” on a car radio, ten years in advance of John Donne’s “Valediction Forbidding Mourning.” John Berryman and his Dream Songs are now one of my vehicles, seemingly a great distance from Ian Curtis of Joy Division (who was a great inspiration and the source of Ceremony’s name), but to me it is an extension or continuation, even as the surface is altered utterly. Many of these inspirations have come from dark places, and they can be terrible.
     This year has been the worst of my life. It’s been high on death, loneliness, fear, loss of love, and pain, but like Henry, I came to a point. There was a night in New Jersey, in the Atlantic Ocean, where I went swimming with some friends late at night. It was shark season, and everyone was afraid of swimming in the dark. It was one of those off pleasures that stays with you because of the danger, the excitement or possibility of being suddenly taken out of your place of comfort. I swam past where the waves were breaking and floated around, waiting for something to come up from the bottom and take me under. When nothing did, a calming release came over me. I felt reconciled and walked back to the house, stumbled into my bed.