I’m happy, I think. Not the kind of happy people write books and songs about, but the kind of happy where genuine, pleasant thoughts occasionally flutter in among the dark ones and smiling almost feels natural again. But no one ever writes songs about how scary being happy is–it’s terrifying, actually, because whether you’re conscious of it or not, there’s always a reason behind that happiness, and where there is a reason, a reason can be taken away. That’s a scary thought.

From all of the quotes I have come across on the internet this one has to be my absolute favorite. I believe we all have breaking points, we all process situations differently and are all affected differently based on a ripple of events and cause and effects through out our lives. Many times, we think we have reached our breaking points, but we push forward. We still fight. Forever expanding our threshold of strength. We all have fight in us. It’s human nature. But it’s only when we have the strength and courage to let things go, that we are truly free. The irony of life, how somehow everything you have done, fought for and accomplished are those exact things that you need to let go of in order to grow in life. To reach a level that is meant for you. Society is taught to think from the moment we are born. We are a product of every interaction, thought and feeling absorbed through our senses. I digress. One of the biggest challenges most people face are other people. Belonging, is also human nature. Fitting in, impressing our friends at any level, binds us to an idea. It restricts you as a person. A lot of people spend their life in fear of truly becoming who they really are, because of the fear of letting go of who they have become. Have the confidence to become the person you were born to be, the person you want to be, and the person you struggle with being. Until you lose all of the attachments you have bonded yourself to, you won’t really become.

Imagine your OTP in an established relationship and living together, when one night it starts raining heavily and eventually a storm breaks loose, with lightning and thunder and all that jazz. Person A of your OTP is terrified of thunder, and even though they try to hide it, person B notices and tries everything to make A feel better.

It isn’t the actual breakup that’s hard, it’s the days after. It’s waking up and checking your phone only to see she never texted. It’s passing her street and forcing yourself to look straight. It’s staring at the wall while thinking of how different things could’ve ended. It’s doing nothing related to her and bursting out crying because you know she’s gone. Midnight isn’t what heartbroken people should fear, what we should fear is not being able to forget why we are heartbroken.