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Why I Paint Crystals

Crystals are the result of millions of years of slow biological and geological processes. These beautiful mineral creations of the Earth are formed by immense heat and pressure acting on rocks. Rocks, of course, come from compressed sediments, which partly come from the organic matter of dead plants and animals. Over time, what was once dust and ashes can be transformed into precious gems that seem to contain an inherent scintillating fire. These objects are like wise traditions— traditions that come down to us, through the preservation of culture, from humans who lived long ago. These traditions, began, like crude rocks, as experimental practices that were honed and polished over countless generations to crystallize into precious wisdom that can illuminate our modern lives. There are many kinds of wise traditions, but my favourite ones are those pertaining to healthy and sustainable food and farming— my pet advocacy. In my research I have found that traditional ways of preparing food lead to healthy diets, healthy families, and healthy societies. Like crystals, these wise traditions are the wealth we have inherited from our ancestors, and also something we should preserve for future generations.

Excerpt from my solo exhibit Spells & Specimens

Love, Feanne
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Feanne, I am overwhelmingly impressed. Your artwork and words are beautiful. I would wear your drawings on my body. That is saying a lot. Thank you so much for your dazzling submission. 

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Feanne and Chase rehearsing for their impromptu performance for Bloggers United. The song is called La Vie en Rose, a song popularized by a wonderful French woman named Edith Piaf.

Belated Happy Birthday, Feanne!!!!  I wish you happiness!!!

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Awkwardly realizing that a lot of people are reblogging my tattoo and saying that they want it.

NO. NO. I mean, I can’t stop you from it but it means something to me; don’t turn it into a trend thing. I mean, I support feanne and her work and it would be great for her but NO.