honestly the fact that ike fire emblem has been a character many nerd boys have projected on since even before he appeared in ssb because he’s big and muscular is such a shame because he’s become synonymous with ‘strong nintendo male power fantasy character’ even though he’s so compassionate and kind and despises meaningless violence to the point where he deeply respects people innately capable of diplomacy like elincia who he helped not to be famous or anything but because he cares so much and believes he genuinely owes everyone his time. 

like this is a character who embodies everything good and while the chicken nugget memes can be funny we’ve reached a point where people genuinely think he’s a meathead devoid of empathy who likes to kill shit for no reason and this mischaracterization has even reached the official writers of the later games like in fates who made him ‘challenge’ people to test his skills when he said in rd he doesn’t enjoy war at all and it’s implied he kind of resents that fighting is the only thing he’s good at, and also the whole priam thing in awakening where they gave him a great- great-granchild for no reason who almost seems like a parody of how ssb fans think the real ike would act

this isn’t even mentioning the whole debacle about his sexuality, because radiant dawn implied and left up to interpretation whether or not his endings with ranulf and soren were romantic, having those ideals of masculinity projected on him has made people become hostile to the idea of him being gay even though the narrative sets it up nicely and basically his whole treatment is a huge example of how toxic masculinity affects everything up to our dumb ass video games and our perception of t