• Marth: I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
  • Alm: Come on. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/me wumbo. Wombology, the study of wumbo! It’s first grade Spongebob!
  • Sigurd: If i were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend... Well, that would be okay.
  • Seliph: The boy cries you a sweater of tears, and ya kill him.
  • Leif: Do you smell it? That smell, the kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells... smelly
  • Roy: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.
  • Eliwood: That idea may just be crazy enough… TO GET US ALL KILLED!
  • Hector: I used to be a wimp. NOW I'M A JERK, AND EVERYBODY LOVES ME!
  • Lyn: Oh well, I guess I’m not wearing any pants today!
  • Eirika: 1% evil, 99% hot gas
  • Ephraim: It may be stupid, but it's also dumb.
  • Ike: Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy.
  • Micaiah: Well, it's not a secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly.
  • Chrom: Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
  • Lucina: We did it Patrick, we saved the city!
  • Corrin: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?

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I’ve been mulling over this design for quite some time, and it turned out even better than I expected it to! I wanted to create something that any Fire Emblem fan could wear, regardless of which game/universe is your area of expertise. In the future I plan on designing more FE shirts that are specific to particular installments. As always, let me know what you think!

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Little Known FE Archetypes

So this post ended up being super successful, so have MORE FE TROPES, disclaimer, I’m a big fan of FE, but anything that’s Japanese only is a bit out of my expertise. So I may have missed someone, particularly FE2 characters since FE2 is like an enigma.

These are not including the formally recognized archetypes! The wiki has a list of those. 

Red Haired Shota Mage 

Boey (FE2), Azel (FE4), Ewan (FE8), Tormod (FE9/FE10), Ricken (FE13), Hayato (FE14)

Cain and Abel’s Yellow Third Wheel

Lowen (FE7), Franz (FE8), Makalov (FE9/FE10), Kagero (FE14)

Beautiful Women of Mystery and Nils 

Deirdre and Julia (FE4), Linoan (FE5), Ninian and Nils (FE7), Micaiah (FE10), and Azura (FE14)

Main Character’s Sister who is also a Healer 

*in all but one of these it’s the little sister, Elice is the older outlier. In Nanna’s case she was raised basically like Leif’s sister. 

Elice (FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12), Ethyln (FE4), Nanna (FE4/FE5), Mist (FE9/FE10), Lissa (FE13), Sakura and Elise (FE14)

Sassy Mouthed Healer

Clarine (FE6), Serra (FE7), L’Arachel (FE8), Maribelle (FE13), and Azama (FE14)

*Arguably you could put Brady, Mitama, and Dwyer depending on how you define this one. Or Maybe Jakob even since he’s a promoted healer.

The Very Beautiful Blonde Man

Claud (FE4), Elphin (FE6), Lucius (FE7), Reyson (FE9/FE10), Rafiel (FE10), Libra (FE13), and Forrest (FE14)

Second in Command Evil Sorcerer 

Gharnef (FE1/FE11), Judah (FE2), Manfroy (FE4), Sonia (FE7), Riev (FE8), Izuka (FE9/FE10), Validar (FE13), Iago (FE14)

*Excellus could be put here but I stuck with main antagonists’ for this one. 

Asshole Sniper 

Innes (FE8), Shinon (FE9/FE10), Takumi (FE14)

they also all have potato quality official art on the wiki

“I kind of have a huge crush on my boss”

Catria (FE1/11, FE4/12), Midayle (FE4), Thite (FE6), Kent (FE7), Vanessa (FE8) Titania (FE9/10), Cordelia (FE13), Oboro (FE14)

*Arguments can be made for Marisa and Tethys from FE8 as well 

And you know her, you love her, 

The RNG Goddess 

Anna (Ever Present Except for FE2.)

Feeling educated yet?