fe thief


all time fav fire emblem healer marries all time fav fire emblem thief and opens an orphanage together

If only Lena could have a sort of offensive promoted class bc her magic stat would destroy entire populations of dragons

And for some reason my Julian was always a tank like he’s a thief but he could also take down knights

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The tactician slowly steps forward, glancing over the castle grounds. He had heard, briefly, of a new recruit joining within their ranks. And while most of the time, his tactics wouldn’t include such a new face until their worth on the battlefield had been thoroughly judged…

They said that the recruit was wearing the same coat as Lainen.

It had been a while since he had worn the Plegian colors, but they suited him as a soldier of Nohr. Now that the Brand was gone from his hand, he could wear it without anything but an ill memory. Of course, that didn’t mean he stopped stealing…

Smiling in reminiscence, Lainen began to walk through the astral plane, actively searching for this new recruit…