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Instead of Pulchrit batches, I decided to take my hand at Hortus and Child Fatesonas Interactions!! 

This is the first batch and like always, there is more to come~! 

 Also, the Hortus here is different to the Hortus that I would draw since this is Hortus AFTER Pulchrit and them have their A-support. Meaning, this is a healthy, non-cruel Hortus cause I can’t bring myself to draw something so mean….

So the interactions do mention Pre!Hortus, but mostly focuses on After!Hortus

Fatesonas that were drawn here was:

I hope I did your characters justice everyone! All of your fatesonas are so cool!

Details on their interactions are below the cut!:

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Two boys on paper moon, probably in Las Vegas, New Mexico
Photographer: Rex Studio
Date: circa 1900
Negative Number 077420

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Roger Kirkpatrick (brother of Mrs. William Stone) sitting on paper moon, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Date: 1912
Negative Number 065626

Two girls posing in paper moon, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date: 1904-1918
John Candelario collection, Negative Number HP.1999.47.1