fe lachesis

was pretty hard to choose one,

especially for swords, because too many I love and try to use! originally I drew Lucina for it, because the HM is the highest for her, but I still prefer Marth over her (so I added mask and cut hair lol),

for green tome, I also use Inigo a lot! for Red tome, I could have added Arvis, but Raigh is my baby!! I had to do with Raigh! blue tome… only Robin I use (Sadly no spring lucina even I want her so badly)… Staff is same like Blue tome, only Lachesis I use :Đ

for dagger, I am not using any at all, I used only Jacob for few time, I just didn’t want it to be empty. almost same for the dragons…


Recently did a Hunger Games simulator game with my 5 star units in Fire Emblem Heroes (plus the next few units I plan to turn into 5 stars, as I was short a few for the 48 size game). I was inspired Sagemaster’s game.

Here are some of the highlights

See Roy, this is what you get for trying to kill your own dad!

This is Summer Tiki, and she’d probably be better off if she put some clothes on

Looks like Camus is taking Ragnell for himself


The perfect hiding spot!

Three trained assassins and a dark mage sounds like one hell of a story telling party

Ah yes, I’m sure he’s very cuddly in all that armor

Ursula, you’re supposed to be a professional, what the hell?!

In the name of St. Elimine, get rekt!

And in the end, Oscar came out on top!


Fire Emblem Heroes: War of the Clerics comic

Yes, Sakura is based off a joke from the 4koma series of Fates comics. Hope you all enjoy!