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Posting some references for Sett, king of New Plegia~ ! Feel free to join us on FE Lost Heir~ ^o^)bb !!  

  • Name: Sett
  • Height: 6"
  • Age : 28
  • DOB: July 14
  • Personality Blurb: Sett is a very outgoing and friendly young man, close friend with the Ylissean siblings. He loves teasing them, especially Elene the little sister. Quite curious and openminded, he enjoys reading books a lot. He’s also a night owl who loves to party. He doesn’t like violence but when his loved ones are hurt he can get very sadist and quite cruel.
  • As a king, he’s good at diplomacy despite his lack of seriousness. He hopes he can make up for Plegia and the mistakes of the past, by giving his country a better image. He’s close to his people and likes melting into the crowd incognito.
Updated BTS schedule


June 1: Open ceremony for BTS FEST Starts 

June 2: KCON in France - UPDATE: Special choreography stage Vapp

June 3: Photo Album release 

June 4: BTS 3rd Anniversary 

June 5: Special stage choreography Vapp

June 7: Bangtan Bomb special

June 9: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Taipei

June 10: Behind the scenes Army zip shooting (know idea what this is??)


June 12: BTS Festa Fm radio show

June 13: BTS 3rd Anniversary

June 14: AJ FES BB Special Live in Japan

June 18: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Macau

June 25: KCON NYC


July 2: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Nanjing
July 12: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Osaka
July 13: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Osaka
July 16: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Nagoya
July 23: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Beijing
July 29: KCON LA
July 30: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Manila
July 31: KCON LA


August 6: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Bangkok
August 13: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Tokyo
August 14: 화양연화: EPILOGUE CONCERT in Tokyo

Note: Also somewhere along these months BTS Reality show ‘One fine Day’ will be released the month and date however is not yet confirmed 

Im lost for words guys they are literally spoiling us!!!


[Fancam] 160614 - BTS - 쩔어 @ AJ FES BB Special Live in Japan
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AJ FES BB Special Live in Japan 2016 ~(BTS)×BOYS AND MEN~