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burden | niles

   When you heard that your lover had been injured, you didn’t know what to expect. The moment you caught word, you were dashing across the fort to see him in the sickbay.


   You burst into the room where he was laying in bed, propped up on pillows with an extremely dark look on his face. Azama was seated beside him looking just as severe.

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tagged by @jinsune  i just read the first rule and i was shaking my head, thinking “of course”

Rules: Post 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms, then tag 10 people. 

so in no order except for #1:

  1. we all know this one. jin… :^) (bb)  
  2. leon (fe:if)
  3. duran (ss)
  4. lord (fwt) had a hard time deciding between him and ildo
  5. guo jia (dw)
  6. gaelio (g:ibo)
  7. takakage (sw)
  8. nagi (i7)
  9. answer (gg)
  10. siebold (pkmn)

surprise… not a list of blondies-only anymore, somewhat. there’s only 3 with other hair colors lmao

i’m too busy with homework to actually tag 10 people this time: @wyrmforge @datemasamune @carlclovers @brie-chan-san @ukiinas


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