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do you ever stop to appreciate how FE9 started with a cliché ~damsel in distress rescued by dashing hero~ plotline but then the damsel grew into a strong fighter and capable ruler (and not as an accessory to a king but as an actual ruler of a country based on her own ability) and the dashing hero turned out to be hella fucking gay because I sure do

  • me: I cannot get into fe13 I do not like the direction this series is going in I dislike most of the new mechanics and the characters in general suck.
  • tumblr: omg have u played fire emblem awakening it's the BEST chrom is my HUSBAND
  • me: actually tho fe14 looks to be still flawed but far better and at least a lot of the things I dislike will be optional... I'm pretty hyped.

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This is in regards to your post about LGB characters in FE. I completely agree w/ you on Lyon, Florina and Lyn, heather and all. However, I really don't think either Ike or Soren are gay. I'm not making excuses to deny gay protagonists because I'm not one of those dense, homophobic people. Do you know anything about Soren's back story? He is who he is because of Ike's kindness. How do you know Ike is just not interested in anyone? Why does he have to be gay? Or straight?

It seems odd to me that you can see why Florina and Lyn’s relationship is adequate to call them not straight but not feel the same way about Ike and Soren. In both cases, there’s a relationship that’s pretty easy to read as romantic that’s capped off with a paired ending… and with Ike and Soren, there’s even the potential to get a bonus conversation in RD to emphasize how close they are.

Ike is also reasonably easy to read as gay independently of Soren, though! There are a few points where other characters assume he’s interested in women and he’s baffled by the prospect:

Gatrie: No, I’m here for different reasons. I’m just…admiring the flowers.
Ike: Oh, right. Yes, they all seem to be in bloom this time of year. The large yellow ones are especially pretty.
Gatrie: Not those flowers… THOSE flowers!
Ike: …Gatrie, we’re inside. There’s nothing here but the temple handmaidens.
Gatrie: Exactly! It’s like a whole new species of girl lives in Begnion! Everyone in this palace is drop-dead gorgeous!
Ike: …
 (Exit Ike)

(There’s also a scene in one of the games where he’s speaking privately with Elincia and another character interrupts them, then apologizes for ruining what they assume to be a romantic moment; Ike is, again, clueless. I’m having trouble finding it, though, as I’m sure you are aware that the scripts are large.)

Ike also has zero endings with female characters – and I realize there aren’t a lot of paired endings in FE10 in general, so this wouldn’t be that odd if he were a side character, but he’s not, and it would have made plenty of sense to give him at least an implied romantic ending with a woman. (If not with Elincia, because he wouldn’t have wanted to marry into royalty, then wouldn’t a straight or bi Ike be equally or more likely to run off with Lethe as opposed to Ranulf?)

“How do you know Ike is just not interested in anyone?” That’s possible! And I certainly don’t think people are homophobic just for not shipping him with any men. But that wouldn’t make him not gay, it would just make him gay and perpetually single.

(Or to put it another way, the evidence indicates that he’s not romantically interested in women and if he DID date someone it would be a man… which makes him gay, regardless of whether or not he actually ends up with Soren [or Ranulf, etc.] romantically in someone’s personal interpretation or headcanon.)

In Soren’s case, yes, the evidence of him not being straight is pretty much 100% related to his relationship with Ike. But I’d argue that him being attracted to Ike is just as implicit as Florina being attracted to Lyn, or Lyon being attracted to Ephraim… the only difference I can see is that Florina and Lyon specifically use the word “love”, but lots of FE romantic m/f relationships don’t include either party actually saying “I love you”, so I’d hardly call that the defining line between platonic and romantic love. And again, he can be gay and not actually date Ike; it’s just that the game indicates that the only person he could potentially take romantic interest in is a man.

Hope that made some sense!

professor-tammi replied to your post “My brother’s tellius opinions are wrong >(”

what are his tellius opinions

I came home from work and he was just at the cutscene in FE10 where the greil mercenaries appear and he was like “FINALLY some GOOD characters” like EXCUSE ME don’t you see Elincia and company RIGHT THERE!!!

Also knowing him he probably thinks Ike is straight but I’ve decided not to wage that war until I have to.

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I have a friend who thinks ike/mia is canon and it’s so hard. the struggle is so real.

?????? WHY. HOW. (I mean it would be an okay ship if I thought Ike was into the ladies at all but canon… no.)

I like how 90% of the issues people are taking with FE14′s supports are specifically consequences of the “all m/f pairs can get to s-rank and all s-ranks are marriage” element… it absolutely FORCES bad writing because everything has an optional hasty proposal tacked on and it’s supposed to make sense with or without it.

I’ve been saying this for ages but did the FE fandom at large listen… nooooooo it just got labeled as a cool shipping simulator and only now are you seeing the truth.

Though the worst thing is when people praise fe13 because “you can make any ship you want canon” especially when they add “oh except the gay ones, I kind of ship [one m/m ship]” as some kind of aside.

Not including same-gender romantic options makes that praise blatantly false and the idea that gay and bi people exist and our romantic relationships are just as important as anybody else’s shouldn’t be a fucking footnote.

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Ahhh I really want FE to move away from the self-insert and marriage stuff but yeah, I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon

I honestly like the concept of the marriage system, but I take real issue with a lot of the ways it was implemented to be centered around heterosexuality and biological children. (I’m preaching to the choir here, I’m sure, but I want gay marriage, close friendships with paired endings, adopted kids, etc. … just elements of FE13’s approach added to FE6-9’s approach instead of the dramatically changed version we have.)

The self insert element can take a long walk off of a short pier though. If I wanted to play something that self-indulgent I’d play an actual dating sim.

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what are the things you hate about ummmm... the Tellius FEs :D?

  • entirely not enough Heather
  • I’m replaying FE9 now and I’m annoyed that about half of my cool special weapons are axes but I’m only using one axe guy whereas I have a million lance users and, like, a killer lance and a laguz lance and that’s it.
  • not enough magic users and especially not enough consistently useful magic users
  • why can’t you access the convoy in the middle of battle!!
  • sometimes I feel like the games are trying to make me memorize a bunch of fictional politics all at once and instead of that giving the plot depth it makes me end up mentally over-simplifying things.
  • why does Ike promote so late in PoR
  • none of these are a big deal I love Tellius

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1-5!! :^)

First Fire Emblem game

FE7!! I am a Rekka baby.

 Favorite FE game

7 and 9 and 10 are all pretty much tied but if I had to pick one I’d say 10, partially because it’s the climax of the two Tellius games and partially because it doesn’t get much love.

Least favorite FE game

I talk a lot of shit about Awakening but it’s actually Shadow Dragon! Not a bad game by any means but I’m not fond of the graphics at all and very little about the characters are memorable to me (especially with no supports and unlike Radiant Dawn not much in the way of heavy character development in the plot to make up for it).

Favorite character

ELINCIA and following closely behind, Legault.

Least favorite character

Well I guess I’d have to say the villains that come off as one-dimensional sexual predators and/or gay stereotypes, but in terms of characters that one would actually potentially be fond of… idk if there’s anybody I actively dislike actually, although I’m actively bored by a good chunk of FE13’s cast.

one of my favorite things about fire emblem is when people randomly stumble across family members. can you believe priscilla and rebecca independently found their long-lost brothers among a group of like four dozen people and canas was probably nino’s uncle. that’s ridiculous. I love it.

I’m really rooting for the dancer in the FE14 trailer to be the main character because while we’ve had major characters be dancers one has never been the lord. And with FE13 giving dancers swords and allowing a lot of freedom for changing classes, I think we’re at the point where there’s no reason to make most of the lords well-rounded physical attackers anymore.

Plus I really like the idea of one of the core groups of characters being some kind of theatrical troop.