i think it’s been a pretty rough day for fire emblem fans across all platforms, but even after all this, i still received the greatest news of my life

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This is kinda silly but have you ever thought about drawing your Summoner with Hector (and Ike)? I dunno I was thinking about your post with Hector and Ike and like your Summoner walks in on them holding hands or smth and Hector's like "ITS NOT WHAT IT-" but pussyslayer's like "nah fam tbh I'd cheat on you with ike too"

Pu$$y$layer still loves the boys (and yes they’re still S supported lol)… to the point where he maxed out their SP/HM and… rarely uses… any other units…

Quick overview

Behold the newest threat to grace the heroes world, Ayra! The unit who finally made Astra good. If you can’t tell already Ayra is a amazing unit,and arguably the best infantry sword user in the game, rocking Amazing Attack, speed, defence and even hp and on top of all that a personal weapon and skill, if you have not pulled in a long time, now is the time to do so.

Base kit

Ayra comes with Ayra’s blade, a legendary weapon with a built in +3 speed, and a passive which when your speed is 1 more than the foes speed your cooldowns gain a extra cooldown with each offensive hit, meaning if you combine this with her fancy new skill, regnal astra, a 2 turn special which does 40% of your speed stat as damage, and considering how fast she is she will normally double, means she will proc is every turn as combat as it effectively only has 1 turn to make it ready to use if you’re faster. Add her native desperation to this where she can get both the hits she needs back to back and she’ll destroy most units in the game. Oh and the cherry on top is coming with swift sparrow which is only good for her.

As for other skills she wants, reciprocal aid is arguably better than ardent sacrifice as she lacks the hp to safely drop in one use, while reposition is always good as she can lose hp naturally due to her high defence. As for C slots, anything will be good, but threaten speed helps her weapon, while threaten defence helps her offence. Speed smoke is also solid, though Sigurd locked right now, and on top of that situational.

Suggested set

Ayra-ght lets fight!

+Atk/spd -hp/res

Ayra’s blade, Reposition/Reciprocal aid, Regnal astra

Slot A = Swift sparrow, Life and death,fury

Slot B = Desperation 

Slot C = Threaten speed, speed smoke, threaten defence

So pretty simple to make her a threat, considering every skill she has is useful. I already explained the C slot so I’ll avoid being repetitive but the A slot is a interesting choice. Swift sparrow is fine, while life and death offers less defence, but puts her above 50 attack and 40 speed easily with neutral ivs, and essentially one extra point in both departments. But also the speed is permanent meaning she can survive the incredibly fast mages like Nino who would normally wipe her, provided they are buff less. Otherwise fury is nice for the hp drop mainly, and gives a solid boost all around. Iv wise +atk and spd ivs are your best options, while any other drop is good, though hp and res are preferred as her defence is solid (being 31) so its better to try leave it alone, but it’s not the end of the world if she gets hit by it.