Okay, let’s get the niceties out of the way, nyes? I own sweet fuck all from this video. None of the gifs are mine, none of the clips are mine, the music is not mine, the story is not mine, the authoress is not mine (pity that…). Okay you get it. I don’t claim ownership over any of this. I simply whacked it together because I was feeling shit today (still feel like I’ve been run over by several trains…)and I felt I should contribute to the awesomeness that is ‘The Shadows and Light series’ and earn my spot in Not_Poignant’s well-deserved fanbase.

I tried to gather as many relevant clips as I could. Obviously with so many created characters, one can’t do much in the way of describing the plot through motion alone and I do so hate to write subtitles, because I’m weird.

If you have not read the fictions, I lovingly place the link below for my promoting pleasure, and your viewing…

Read it here(Go read it darlings, it you have not already.)

“Twenty two years have passed since the defeat of Pitch, and Jack lives alone, touch-starved, with only the company of a solitary Nightmare. One evening the Man in the Moon sets him on a path that will lead him to unexpected relationships, draw the attention of the Guardians to a new coalition of villains, and challenge Jack’s every notion of what it is to be good, evil, and what it is to live in the shadows.”
-Pia (Not_Poignant)

I’m gonna go die now…quietly…

Jack Frost and the King of the Forest, from the wonderful fanfiction From the Darkness We Rise by not-poignant

Okay so, it was a lot I wanted to do this and now that I have the ability to do it, I’ve done it. Heheheheh. So yeah, that’s Jack Frost, that’s the wonderful King of the Forest and sdofjsdofuhsdfiuh

I hope you like it, Pia! That chapter was the coolest thing ever and I freaking loved it, so yeah #melts away#

I fulfilled my promise - since so many seemed to want to see what I thought Augus looked like in ISWF.

So here he is! My accident to the left, real Augus to the right, unfinished sketches.

I did imagine him in pink… with Joker green, greasy, slicked back hair.

Like literally, he’s basically a pudgy, gay twin that jumped out of ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry’ and said “Here I am!”

And I don’t doubt that was the first thing he said when he was spat out of the lake in my mind.

Once I was done with Pinky, I realized I forgot the rapier, so I just drew it only on Augus. xP 

Click for better res.