AND I SUCK AT KEEPING UP WITH SIDE BLOGS MOST TIMES. i’m slowly getting used to it but i was like ‘wait shit i forgot about my persona muses sideblog’ dvkjsb i’d have put them on the main blog because both those dorks have digimon ANYWAY and could technically qualify but i was like n a h let’s make a side blog kvdskl at least it isn’t like the very first time i tried sideblogging and constantly reblogged replies to the wrong blog pFT. i’m way better with that at least.

only sideblog i have now is the fubuki bros tbh fdsgfd but yeha juggling blogs is hard sideblogs or not gdfhg hey tho u could add ‘em to ur main, i dont see why not tbh. and omg gdfhg ive done that before so i feel