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Do you have any favorite DBZ high school head canons?

uhhh yes!!! (this turned into me talking about my faves’ whole situations sorry sdsdfsdfs)

-broly doesn’t talk much <:0 he’s one of those kids that everyone is scared of because he’s tall and quiet. he misses school a lot but nobody knows why? he also has average grades but it’s hard for him to keep them up because of Depression ™

-vegeta transferred to this school freshman year and couldnt find anywhere to like. fit in i guess? he tried joining sports but he was way too violent with them then he tried a bunch of clubs but he didnt like any of them so he went for band! he’s Really bad at the trumpet but he can play LOUD and that’s all that matters. the teacher gave him 4th chair because he didnt want him to feel left out fdsfgf

-raditz is one of vegeta’s closest friends. he got a bad rep for hanging out with vegeta though because he’s sort of a trouble maker and gets into fights. he has a free period during vegeta’s band class and one time snuck into the class and just made noise on one of those cheep plastic kazoos while the teacher was talking

-bulma is that one girl who’s friends with everyone but also has dirt on everyone in the school. if you’re mean to her You’re Going To Regret It.

-shin started talking to zamasu because he noticed that nobody else was. zamasu is that one kind of scary edgy kid who only talks about conspiracy theories and anime. shin’s hair used to be normal but zamasu insisted shin match with him for some reason, and shin went along with it because zamasu’s pretty intimidating, despite being younger than him

-goku’s on the football team even though his grades are awful. the coach lets him stay on the team because he’s the best player they have