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I saw more death in 2015 than most people see in their lifetime.

I’ve seen the look on a mans face seconds before he went into sudden cardiac arrest. I’ve seen the look on a child’s face when she was told her daddy wasn’t coming home. I’ve seen the look on an elderly woman’s face who’s husband, and best friend, of fifty years had just died. I’ve seen the look on a mothers face when she runs up to the scene of her child’s fatal car accident.

And I think to myself, “why do I do this?”

I do this for the look of a young woman’s face when I placed her baby on her chest that she just delivered in a taxi. I do this for that father who hugs me and says “thank god for you” after he finds out that his sons opiate overdose was reversed by narcan. I do this for the three CPR save pins I’ll get this year, one of them being an infant. I do this for the man who just wanted someone to keep him company, because he lives alone. I do this for the although very small, percentage of the people I can help.

I do this because EMS is all I know.

Here’s to those who didn’t make it to 2016, and to those of us who didn’t think we would, but did.

Rest easy brothers and sisters, we’ll take it from here.

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what did you think of the fd in person?

You know I watched the livestream when I got home from ACI and this program is worth seeing live. I usually really don’t see the difference between the 2, but with Moulin Rouge I do.

Mostly for the speed and the ice coverage and the general gasp in the crowd when she jumps into Scott’s arms backwards. Also, their acting during this program is just EVERYTHING. I know I’ve been talking about this lift for 3 days, but the last lift is like the best part of this program and it’s even more impressive irl, right on the music note.

I just REALLY liked it.

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The fact is maybe yesterday wasn´t her best day because she was upset of their FD performance, and that person it is not the first time left that kind of comment or worse because there were worse comment made by her.

I’m sure Tessa had her reasons and if I were her, I would get tired of seeing that stuff all the time too… idk

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[ * Chara comes up with a very serious look on their face. ] ...A crush, huh? What... Does that feel like, exactly? Frisk's explanations don't make sense.

💮 Even I do not completely understand the concept of a “crush”, so I am not sure if my explanation will be sensible either.

💮 It’s really just infatuation, based on calculating the characteristics of a person and finding them attractive. Finding certain characteristics that you like, maybe their personality or their appearance. Eventually, you’d start imagining what your life may be if you spent time with them as your lover. It starts getting all weird from there.

💮 Even if you know you have no chance with the person, you’ll become obsessed with the concept of becoming lovers with them! So basically, it’s stupid and complex. But that’s what makes this “crush” experience exciting!