Ugh... I have a new addiction

Has anyone else been watching Breaking the Faith on TLC?

I am obsessed with this show now. I get so outraged at everything on there and anytime they play sound clips of the “Prophet” it sounds like it is straight from a horror movie.

I just have this sick fascination with this now.


I recently (and my recently I mean last night) finished the autobiography of Carolyn Jessop, entitled ‘Escape.’ First, I have to say that not only is this an amazing book, but Ms. Jessop is an amazing woman.

'Escape’ recounts Ms. Jessop’s life inside of a polygamous sect of the Mormon Church, the FDLS or Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ. Her tale is both inspiring and horrific as she tells how a relatively normal life turned into an dangerous 'don’t drink the kool-aid’ existence.

The first part of the book recounts Jessop’s childhood. She grew up with two mothers, her father, numerous siblings and tons of extended family. Her mother wasn’t the favorite wife of the two, which led to an abusive life not only for her mother, but for the children. But this isn’t any different from what we hear in 'normal’ families. Carolyn was smart and quickly adapted to the situation she was in as a child. When she was 18 years old, she asked to go to college, in hopes to become a pediatrician and help her community in Colorado City. Instead, she was told she could go to college as a teacher and had to marry. Carolyn was married to Merril Jessop, one of the most powerful men in the FDLS community, when she was 18 and he was in his 50s. She was his fourth wife.

Without spoiling the rest of the book, should anyone want to read it, I will not go much further into the story. But it follows with an abusive marriage, with up to 6 other wives living with them at the same time. Each wife fighting for approval for herself and her children from their husband and as they say, 'there are no rules in love and war.’

Carolyn and her 8 children escaped in 2003. While thinking that getting out of the city would be enough, instead the story continues with custody hearings, adjusting to the society that we all know well and proving to her children that no, she was not taking them to hell. The story ends in 2007, shortly after the prophet of the FDLS, Warren Jeffs was arrested, while driving with one of his wives, a one time Jessop who sobbed when hearing she was marrying.

This books gives a look into the day to day actions of one of the most secretive cults in the United States. While it had once been a fairly normal life that teetered on the edge of being like the Amish, radical changes were made that could be compared to the changes that Hitler made in Germany. Playing on people’s weaknesses and need for salvation, safety and order, Warren Jeffs turned a relatively normal life into hell for so many families who were separated and destroyed.

For anyone who believes that fiction always draws things out of proportion, please, read this book. It’s almost too chilling to believe that it is all fact.

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Colorado City still FLDS stronghold (Colorado City, Arizona)

Distrust of outsiders

At first glance, Colorado City and Hildale seem to embody idyllic notions of old-time America.

Residents in the community of about 8,000 clomp down rural streets on horseback. Neighbors raise chickens, peacocks, goats, cows and even buffalo in their yards. Children play on rope swings or work the gardens alongside women with beehive hairdos.

But look closer, and there are anomalies.

The word “ZION” is inscribed over most front doors, denoting a heaven on earth in anticipation of Christ’s second coming.

There are no barking dogs because, according to former FLDS members, canine pets inexplicably have been banned by the prophet.

And many of the townsfolk are less than friendly. When an outsider approaches, they often scurry away, leaving strangers to be followed by men in trucks with darkened windows.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/07/31/20110731colorado-city-flds-church-influence.html#ixzz1TjnqpTDF

Sons of Perdition (2010)

Directed by Tyler Measom, Jennilyn Merten. An inside look at former FLDS teens who have become religious refugees in mainstream America.

I thought maybe I had grown out of my fascination with Mormons, but I still find it hard to turn away if there is a documentary or show dealing with them, especially the FDLS community (and, I know, some people argue that the FDLS is not part of Mormonism). 

This documentary is, in many ways, sad. It focuses on the young men who leave or are thrown out of the FDLS communities, but the women you see (or whom are referenced in the film) are perhaps even sadder. The documentary had me focusing on the desperate need we all have for some level of education. Which perhaps made me even sadder when I think about all the issues surrounding our education system right now.

But, that is another topic :)


Feds Step In To Police FLDS Polygamists (by CNN)

fucking damnit! so on friday, i got the call saying i got the job, but on tuesday, i got an e-mail stating my application was unsuccessful… so i rung kat [the manager] and found out she no longer works there, i was starting to stress, so i texted her, and got a call back straight away from the new manager, told him what happened, and he told me that i do have the job, and he doesn’t know why i got the e-mail, and he would ring up their recruitment team! ugh, so fucking stressful man!

“Maia, I think you have guests.”

“Go open the door and let me sleep…”


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Se dê menos, esse é o meu conselho! E pros engraçadinhos que levaram o “dê” no sentido literal da palavra, sim, eu também me refiro a isso, porém não especificamente; dê menos razão ao que é dito pela sociedade que se preocupa demais em ditar regras e não a cumpri-las; dê menos atenção a quem apenas te ignora, aprenda a desprezar e tenha certeza, você será notado! Se dê menos, a seus amigos e aprenda a exigir mais dos outro do que de você, afinal de contas você não tem obrigação de agradar ao mundo, e caso tivesse, antes de tudo é necessário olhar para o espelho da alma e gostar do que vê.
—  Afllordapele.

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Daily reminder that you're perfect in every way and I will give you will the cuddles you want and I'll make you smile whenever you're sad and I couldn't ask for a better platonic soulmate and ocean princess.

Daily reminder that I can say legit EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS right back to you times infinity except for the last two words because cinnamon bun prince and Poseidon and you make all my worst days better without fail. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I love you to itty bitty bits and pieces. (Not literally though because I’m not Dexter.) <3

Runestone from Snoldelev, East Zealand, Denmark, now housed at the National Museum of Denmark. Translation of the runic inscription provided by the National Museum: Gunvald’s stone, son of Roald, thul in Salløv (on the salvmounds). According to the display: The inscription is from the 8th century with some older runeforms (distinguished as H, A). Probably thul is a speaker, a reciter (?). The rune stone was found circa 1775 and brought to Copenhagen 1811. Archaeological investigations 1986 revealed an early Viking-Age cemetery, which seems to have had connections with the rune stone. The swastika and the triskele of three drinking horns are of the same date as the inscription, but the big wheel-cross is Bronze Age.

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Hallo aus Hamburg!

Auf dem Weg zum Fahrdienstleiter erwarten einen zwei Seminare. Das erste nennt sich “Bedienen von Stellwerken im Regelbetrieb”. Es geht eine ganze Woche lang und man lernt ziemlich viel. Am Ende ist ein dicker Ordner voll. Aber gut, mittlerweile sind wir soweit, dass wir den Regelbetrieb können sollten.

Letztens hatten wir dann das zweite Seminar “Bedienen Stw bei Abw. v. Regelb. + Stör”. Wer sich jetzt fragt, was das heißt, für den gibt es hier die Auflösung: “Bedienen Stellwerk bei Abwesenheit von Regelbetrieb + Störungen”. Die  Buchstaben, die man sich in der Bezeichnung des Seminars eingespart hat, hat man dann zu tausenden vervielfältigt im Ordner untergebracht. Da gibt`s wieder sehr viel Papier mit Sachen zum Lernen. Und ich Paradiesvogel habe schon wieder die Hälfte vergessen :D

Aber Halt! Eine Sache bleibt unvergessen:

Der Selbststellbetrieb (abgekürzt SB) stellt bei Näherung eines Zuges automatisch eine Fahrstraße ein. Bei Störungen kann das gefährlich werden. Deshalb steht, in der für Fahrdienstleiter relevanten Vorschrift, bei so ziemlich jeder Störung, dass man den Selbststellbetrieb ausschalten soll und die Selbststellbetrieb-Einschalttaste (abgekürzt SBET) sperren muss.

Egal was passiert ist, es kam wirklich IMMER (ok, fast immer ;)) vor, dass man den Selbststellbetrieb ausschalten musste und die Einschalttaste dieser schönen Technik sperren musste.

Ach herrje, ich glaube so eine Seminar-Woche hat mein Gehirn müde gemacht :D Man sitzt da, denkt mit und sagt fleißig: “Ja und Amen”, wenn der Trainer sagt: “SB aus, Hilfssperre auf SBET”. Hätte ich hinterher noch von Hamburg nach Bremen oder Kiel fahren müssen, wäre ich sofort im Zug eingepennt.

Yoa. Mir geht’s aber sonst gut, keine Sorge :)

Mich erwartet jetzt noch eine Woche im Stellwerk und dann geht’s in den Urlaub. Und zwar mit dem Zug :D

Viele Grüße,

Euer Kevin