A8: Mobile Prototype

FDesign Challenge: Develop a working prototype (medium to high fidelity) of a mobile application using more than black and white assets. For this assignment, we are free to create more realistic looking design elements.

For this challenge, I decided to take a crack at a new app concept for CrossFit members. To create this project, I used Proto.io- a mockup tool for making dynamic high-fidelity prototypes.

CrossFit App for iPad Mini:


Purpose:  A fitness app should do more than track your progress. It should motive you and build a strong community. The focus of this project is on desirability & usability. CrossFit is a highly competitive sport and people who participate often want to track their progress as they fight to get stronger. They also rely on relationships to keep them motivated. This app will deliver on those needs by providing value features including: Workout Scheduler, Calendar of Events, Workout logging, Progress Charts, Leader Boards, Instant Messaging, Social Media links, Motivational Content, and of course, Goal Planning.

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