This is a flowchart about VISUS (civic engineering thing, dont really get it). *Okay, of course you know who asked me to make it*. I love its details. Look at picture number one: the book on the top titled “VISUS 101″ and the hand is writing on VISUS’s survey kit. Forth image: the book on the right is VISUS’s hand-out (the design was also made by me). 

In the sum, I made three designs for his project (this flowchart, cover of final report, and surveyor’s handout). And yes, I was paid (with an extremely low price: one cheap necklace that I was just about to buy myself. He exploited me haha). 


Since I was in junior high school, I have been interested in designing. To be specific: designing with digital tools such as Photoshop and Corel Draw. Due to Corel Draw hasn’t had a free and legal version like Photoshop does, years ago I have uninstalled Corel Draw from my laptop. So since then I only use Photoshop as my designing tool.

With this (#FDesign) hashtag, I’ll post a few of my creations. Majority are voluntary works, but I made money from some. Enjoy.