someone needs to appreciate how cute my puppy is okay

things i want in civil war:
-for br*cenat & clint’s family to be forgotten
-for clint & nat to have a deep talk
-let the russo bros pull another cap2 and get clintasha to kiss while theyre undercover bc lbr
-bucky grinning
-steve and bucky ANGST
-another shirtless steve rogers
-seb&chris, scarlett&jeremy press interviews
-a not problematic, a not shitty press tour
-is maria hill in this film bc if she is she better have a bigger role
-nat and wanda having sisterly moments together
-tell us abt budapest for god’s sake
-that is all

Get your car clean, feeling good, pull up to the spot, look over and this… Well, fuck.
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The Art Keeper

I got paint on my tongue, I got my mouth on a canvas
You’ve got anger that begs to be resuscitated
I said I’ve got no qualifications, let me keep my air, let me keep it!
but you’ve got second and third and fourth lives
I got songs in my hair, I got a scalp of lyrics
Your voice sounds like sandpaper and I wake up
wondering where the walls have gone,
why my tongue is burning
I got words in my eyes, I got my sight on a pen
You unravel me and I write until I exist again