fd: valse triste

                          Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Watchpost

Baby Tessa and baby Scott competing in 1998  Another clip of them as kids  And another one, here they’re older

Glimpses of T&S and other now famous Canadian skaters @ 2001 Jr Canadians

2003/04: OD (Tears on My Pillow/Tutti Frutti) FD (Russian Medley)

2004/05: CD (Blues) OD (Call Me Irresponsible/Puttin’ on a Ritz) FD (Adios Nonino)

2005/06: OD (Beautiful Maria/Do You Only Wanna Dance) FD (Malaguena) - strangely, this bad blurry version is the only one I could find

2006/07: CD (Westminster Waltz) CD (Rhumba) OD (Assassination Tango) FD (Valse Triste)

2007/08: CD (Argentine Tango) (lol at how the Brits didn’t know how to pronounce Scott’s surname:)) CD (Yankee Polka) OD (Dark Eyes) FD (Umbrellas of Cherbourg)

2008/09: CD (Viennese Waltz) CD (Finnstep) CD (Paso Doble) OD (Won’t You Charleston with Me?) FD (Pink Floyd)

2009/10: CD (Golden Waltz) CD (Tango Romantica) OD (Flamenco Farrucas) FD (Mahler’s Symphony #5)

2010/11: SD (Schenkst Du Beim Tango Mir Dein Herz/Nights and Days) FD (Latin Mix)

2011/12: SD (Latin Mix) FD (Funny Face)

2012/13: SD (And the Waltz Goes On) FD (Carmen)

2013/14: SD (Dream a Little Dream of Me/Cheek to Cheek) FD (The Seasons)


“Here’s a team that has been together for ten years. So you take a couple kids. You put them together at seven and nine. Anything can happen. You gotta hope they’ll grow the same sizes and things will work. Well it just so happened that they grew perfectly together. Look at the way their bodies are able to work as one. They’re a perfect match for each other. There is incredible difficulty in this program but they make it look easy.”

–Tracy Wilson at 2007 Canadian Nationals

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Valse Triste, one of the shorts from "Allegro Non Troppo". An italian film, made as a response to Fantasia.

Just to continue on the sad vein of animated films. Will post one more and call it a night.


“ there are a couple of ways in which a skater can present a program that works, one is to take the program OUT to the audience, to push it out there for everyone to feel….this program does the opposite its like you are having a sneak little peak into something very very special ” –commentator



Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

Valse Triste - Worlds 2007

100 things about me, #30

One of my favorite pieces of music is Jean Sibelius’ “Valse Triste.”

I flipped my shit when they put it in the first season of Dark Angel.  I’d love to someday see the play “Kuolema,” for which Valse Triste was created as incidental music.  I’d also love to see the ballet created for Valse Triste.  I’ve never seen either.  In case you were wondering, Valse Triste means “Sad Waltz”


Dark Angel is one of my favorite shows, and it made me happy that Sibelius got put in the background of a first season episode.