fd: tonight

do you ever have those nights where you’re fine, you’re good and then all of a sudden you’re not. like your whole mood drops 30 storeys and you’re looking around wondering how you got there.

Dan Howell, memelord, king of the shitpost, emperor troll, and general cheeky lil shit, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with twitter and tumblr open, laughing his ass off at the phandom as we all implode with speculation about what the new video is going to be.

Phil Lester, eternal ray of sunshine, cinematic and photographic genius, and general good person, is currently sitting at a computer somewhere with youtube and editing programs open, furiously editing together the video that will destroy every member of this cult in one way or another.

The Phandom, collective hivemind of Sherlockian level intellegence and deductive skill, is currently sitting at computers, tablets, and cellphones, madly refreshing twitter, tumblr, and youtube waiting for death.

I wish i had painttool sai 😓 but i hope you enjoy it~


even without paint tool sai its awesome xD !!! Thank you so much for that awesome fa !


Omg this looks SO AWESOME ! *o* I really really like your art style ! Thanks so much for this !