A algum tempo atrás eu precisava que alguém olhasse dentro dos meus olhos e me falasse que tudo ficaria bem, e hoje mesmo com todo o chororô, drama e confusão depois de respirar fundo consigo sozinha aceitar que sim tudo ficará bem.
—  Feita de danos.
Anime described in 6 words or less

Blue Exorcist: Satan’s son wants to kill him

Fairy Tail: Hot people with magic

Naruto: Ninjas with superpowers

Soul Eater: Weapons turn into people

Yuri on Ice: Gay ice skaters

My Hero Academia: Superheroes in training

RWBY: All weapons are also guns

Full Metal Alchemist: Two alchemists that are part metal

Attack on Titan: Man-Eating giants

Your Lie on April: Angsty music performers

Future Diary: Fortune-teller death match

Nanatsu no Taizai: OP magical knights

The Promised Neverland: Children try to escape *orphanage*

Fruit’s Basket: Some people turn into animals

Black Clover: Main character always wins

Gintama: Anything can happen

Owari no Seraph: Everyone’s gay

Sword Art Online: Kirito has a harem

Kill La Kill: Where’s Ruko’s blade

Hunter x Hunter: Where is Gon’s dad

Log Horizon: Sword Art Online with no harem