Strength in Democracy party taps into voter dissatisfaction with main parties
Canadians may be surprised to learn there is a sixth federal party vying for their vote with a slate of candidates that includes three incumbents — the same as the Greens and two more than the Bloc Québécois.

I’d like to apologize to any English-speaking Strength in Democracy supporters; I neglected to add an English option to vote for them in our little Tumblr poll until just now. I had erroneously assumed they were only running candidates in Québec.

As it turns out, they launched their website in English a couple of weeks ago, and will be running around 40 candidates across the country. With three incumbent MPs running for re-election, they had more elected party members than either the Green Party or the Bloc Québécois at the drawing up of the writs.

Above is a link to a brief CBC profile, as well as an interview with leader Jean-François Fortin.

Family Dream || Nemi

Demi spend about an hour looking for adoption agencies in Africa. She didn’t really found some that seemed reliable at first, but the more she looked, the more agencies popped up and they seemed to be good. Demi wrote down two of them and they adresses before she turned off her laptop and shut it. The singer took her notes into the kitchen, seeing if Nick was still there talking to the police. She leaned against the door frame, smiling at her husband. She knew this adoption meant a lot to him and she hoped it will not only help their marriage, but it would also made her happier.

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