People in British Columbia!!!

There’s more than 70 wildfires greater than 10 hectares and at least 171 total active wildfires since Saturday night and if you’ve looked up at all, you’d see that the sky is completely covered in smoke. People with chronic medical conditions should avoid exercise or stay inside and infants, the elderly and those who have lung or heart disease or diabetes should too. Remember to drink a lot of water and try not to go out for a prolonged amount of time. I was outside the entire day and my throat hurts and itches so bad.

Tips to reduce risk!!

  •  Avoid roads with heavy vehicle traffic and areas with wood smoke.
  • Stay cool and drink plenty of water.
  • Continue to manage medical conditions such as asthma, chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. Seek medical attention if you’re not well!!!
  • Stay in a cool, air-conditioned environment and reduce indoor sources of pollution such as smoking and vacuuming.
  • Run an air cleaner. Some room air cleaners, such as HEPA filters, can help reduce indoor particulate levels 
  • Take shelter in air-conditioned buildings which have large indoor volumes and limited entry of outdoor air.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe Jay is in LA meeting Louis girlfriend Briana, who from accounts on Twitter have been staying in a rented house together since he arrived

Weird, I wonder if she made the rounds & went to see Tamara first and then came to LA, or maybe she’s going to go in reverse and see Briana then Tamara and then swing on up to Manchester and see how Eleanor has been doing, maybe get Bruce a new chew toy.