March 27, 2017
15:37 pm KST (1:37 AM CST)




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IG Rafinha: “😬”
Sam’s comment: “My princess, how beautiful 😍😂 @rafinhaaa93”
Rafa’s reply: “@samumtiti little grasshopper you miss me my friend! Calm down, you’ll be back soon…🖕🏾”





So.. in this one:

• Basically Arda and his📱 we’ve learned are so inseparable I’m gonna start referring to him by that emoji.. What are you doing on your phone all day boy!?

• Jordi has some reflexes man.. That emoji would not stay still!! I like how Paquito reminded him that he was a GK, like dude you work with your hands mostly.. handle it…

• Speaking of, Gerard was given the⏰, what I want to know is:
1. Was it sarcasm cause he is almost always late and he actually needs an alarm clock?
2. Is he really always on time?!
3. Was he given an alarm clock because around him everyone should be alert cause they may get pranked?

• Another similarity we saw was Raki being a “family man” as they called him..

• Busi was again given the 🏀.. How much does he like that sport? And does he take aspects from it, adapts and applies them to

• We learned that Denis transmits calmess and traquility.. I mean he has the face for it. He’s a good boy..
That or as Masche said in a previous video.. He sleeps most of the time..

• Andres was given the🏆 after a small chat that included a little laughter..

• Paquito has 3 emojis for Luisito.. either 🔝💣or 🆒.. ultimately they decided on 🔝

• Leo is back to being 👑. That was the quickest one

• Ney was once again given the ☇

• Rafa again the 🎶

• Jasper, after a brief discussion got the ✌

• Masche back to being el👮

• After being called shy, calm.. Jordi give Paquito the 😂.. familiarity I think.. maybe other players don’t know that side of Paco yet.. get to work boys.

• Jordi as usual the 🚀

• Lucas got the 😅 one.. so is he nervously shy or is he all over the place or idk.. there was an oops

• THEY WERE ABOUT TO GIVE SERGI THE LITTLE SHIT💩!!! While laughing and calling him “this one.. this one” but they ended up giving him the 😜 because he goes with the flow.. so how many pranks have they been on the receiving end from him and his dad (Geri)???

• Again Andre was about to get the Burger but since Paquito has known him for a longer time.. he corrected Jordi because André is apparently shy☺..

• Aleix was given the 😎 with unanimity and giggles.

• Sam apparently spends so much time on his phone as well.. but we also learn that he LIKES TO DANCE so he was given the 💃

• Jeremy got the 💣..Before that though.. Jordi was about to give him the 🔥 (could it be because of the smoking? Or his temper or cause he is FIRE!..

• Jordi asked Paco what to do now.. He let him pick one like Paco did earlier for himself.. So Jordi said there were many options left and Paco, according to him, Jordi is 😘 and then they hug it out. Sweetest end so far. Aawww

Old Man Squad Coach Vicky Jepson has won 2 games in 2 days: her Liverpool Legends team beat Real Madrid Legends on Saturday while her Liverpool Ladies’ U18s came back from 2-0 against Aston Villa on Sunday. When will your fave. 

As we approach the beginning of the NWSL season, a reminder.
please credit the photographers of the pictures you are posting. they work very, very hard, often at cost to themselves to take these photos. these photos are often works of passion, and it can take hours to days for them to sort through, edit, and post them. please give them credit, and if they ask you to take it down, not to post it here, to let them post it themselves, etc, please respect that.
you shouldn’t repost somebody’s essay or poem and claim it as your own. same goes for photographs.