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The novice fan doesn’t understand when the word “chemistry” is used to describe your relationship with an opponent. Every step the last couple of years, including the first ever female ironman match in WWE history, you have made this journey with Sasha Banks. How has that chemistry developed and how does it play into taking your matches to incredible heights? (x)

How I envision Roman and Dean hanging out.
  • Dean: *looking up at the stars in his backyard*
  • Roman: *sits next to him*
  • Dean: See those stars over there? *points to the right*
  • Roman: *looks* Yeah.
  • Dean: *puts his arm down* They make a giant dick in the sky...
  • Roman: ...I f*cking hate you, Dean.
  • Dean: Love you too, brotha.

Curt Hawkins discusses being a part of Dusty Rhodes’ last match
[January 12th, 2017]

In Sports Illustrated’s Five Questions, WWE superstar Curt Hawkins recalled being part of the legendary Dusty Rhodes’ last match:

When I was at the Performance Center and NXT, I got to have some awesome matches with Sami Zayn and Neville where we could really put in some time. I was in FCW so I also worked with Dusty Rhodes every week for a year. He was a vital part and he, along with Edge, were the two people who saved my career. I’d already been on TV, had the tag titles, then I went back down to FCW. Dusty saw in me that I was a star, and he gave me confidence in cutting promos and helped me out immensely. I’ll forever be grateful to him.

It’s a little known fact, but I actually had his last match ever. He wanted to tag with Dustin and Cody. So in the summer of 2010, me, Trent Barreta, and Caylen Croft as the Dude Busters main-evented an FCW show against the Rhodes. It was the only time the Rhodes boys ever tagged, and it was Dusty’s last match ever. The match ended with me taking an elbow from Dusty. It was very, very cool, and I was very, very honored.


None of these photos are mine, but here’s something from the heart of a wrestling fan. Myself.

I have something to fucking say and I WILL NOT be nice about it. Who gives you the right to go around and pretend you know who Jonathan Good aka Moxley and Ambrose is, try to portray him as a sexist asshole. Yeah. Jon was once an alcoholic drug addict who had a rough relationship with his parents. It’s not my place to go into detail, but he grew up hella rough. And most of you act like you OWN him. Newsflash, You don’t. He can date whoever he wants, do whatever he pleases and say whatever he feels. He keeps his personal life a secret because of shit like this. I’ve been watching his in-ring abilities and promos since year 2000 when I was only 3 Years old. You call him a bad guy, but who cares about his fans, he does. Who cares about his friends, He does. If you all haven’t noticed, He’s grateful for us because without us, he, or any superstar/diva in general wouldn’t be where they are today.


Stop these goddamn false stories because you’re a pissed off fan-girl. Don’t hold someone’s past against them. Especially, When you know absolutely NOTHING about them.

I’m meet Dean in June. I’m going to give him the biggest hug and thank him for years of entertainment and encouragement. I’ll apologize for the ones who want to be fucking punk bitches.

And all of you hating, drama starting fan-girls can SUCK IT.

FCW Tag Team Champions Leakee and Mike Dalton
[June 15th, 2012]

Isn’t it crazy to think how going from WWE’s developmental circuit to the main roster can take you in any crazy direction? Such is definitely the case for the two wrestlers pictured above. In June of 2012, Leakee and Mike Dalton defeated Corey Graves and Jake Carter for the FCW Tag Team Championships. The duo held the titles together for less than a month, and by the year’s end, Leakee would debut on WWE television as Roman Reigns. Mike Dalton would be rebranded as Tyler Breeze, and would have a bit less success in his main roster run. At least, so far.


Naomi Knight & Cameron Lynn (w/ Byron Saxton) vs. Kaitlyn & Caylee Turner - FCW - Oct 23rd 2011.

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Joey Ryan proposes mid-match to Laura James
[February 20th, 2016]

Here’s a moment sure to make anybody smile from ear to ear.

While Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae are Wrestling’s Cutest Tag Team, Ryan racked up another accolade in becoming one half of wrestling’s cutest couple. Last night, in the middle of an intergender match in Imperial Beach, California’s FCW, Lucha Underground’s Joey Ryan stopped a match with his girlfriend, Global Force Wrestling’s Laura James, to propose! Although Ryan’s antics are typically ones that are laughed at and have been done to entertain audiences worldwide, this move is one that was as sincere as the sky is blue. Laura James said yes, which may mean that Ryan’s YouPorn Plex and Boob-plex may have to be nixed in future bouts!


Justin Angel (WWE’s Justin Gabriel, Lucha Underground’s P.J. Black) vs. Heath Slater - FCW - Nov 10th 2009.

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