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bucky was such a caring person tho, there's no way i can imagine him being only into steve, i mean he was a ladies man but imagine them being boys, bucky having his first crush on a redhead boy he met at the fair and a cute brunet he trained with in basics and was into science but cut off ties when they received their orders, i enjoy those a lot more, bucky's interaction w cap in brooklyn always seem as more of a fed up older brother, for me, nothing wrong if others ship it

uh i mean… i couldn’t possibly disagree with you more about that last point???

like ok i don’t think they did anything about it back then - i’ve come around to being a firm believer in The Slowest Of All Slow Burns when it comes to them, i don’t think they kissed until way after catws - but bucky was definitely in love with steve from the very beginning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(i also don’t really think he was… a ladies’ man…… that’s all fanon imo)

dunno what you wanted me to say lmao, not sure what you were expecting when you sent this to the biggest stevebucky on this hellsite,