Solas is an interesting antagonist, I think. It bothers me when the complexities of his character are erased for the sake of an oversimplification of his attitudes and ultimately, his end game. 

You have a character who is god-like in ability, yet who frequently condemns the abuse of power. You have a character who frequently speaks on the fallibility of others, but who is incredibly fallible himself. 

Solas is deeply aware of what is wrong with the world, but he is also struggling to deal with the consequences of his own actions – the things he set in motion that have greatly impacted the state of the world. 

No one knows what the world was like before the veil was erected, but Solas. He saw a lack of freedom, oppression by god-like individuals who abused their power, and he intended to challenge them and eventually, bring them down. 

Yet, in the process he had essentially created more problems. Now, he has to deal with the consequences of his choices. A strong part of him wishes to revert the world to a former state, but another is very apprehensive. 

I’ve seen comparisons, but he is not the same type of antagonist as Corypheus. Solas believes he is making a moral decision. He does not seek power and prestige, he has power – a lot of it!

When we look at mythologies, Solas and the narrative of Fen’Harel fits the trickster archtype. Legends shift blame on Fen’Harel entirely for the world’s chaos when in actuality, he has helped the gods as much as hurt. 

I don’t take issue with people disliking his character at all, but lumping him in with single minded villains like Corypheus has always bothered me especially as Solas is grappling with a complex moral dilemma. 

How you interact w/ Solas also makes a huge difference in outcomes, whereas interactions with other major antagonists do not. It’s a dramatic difference: Solas going w/ his plan or giving you a chance to prove him wrong. 

I’m really eager to see Solas as the main antagonist as Dragon Age moves forward. I don’t agree w/ Solas’ plan, but I’ll be interested to see what happens: if he can be swayed or if Thedas is doomed. 


I finally got to meet 4/6 of my favorite band, Crown The Empire! 😍❤️ first I met Brandon and Hayden and then later on I got to meet Benn and Dave 😍 they were so sweet and even more beautiful in person. They put on such a good show as well! The Full Circle Tour has now started 😈