Such a beautiful tomorrow starts today…Let’s work together! Let’s build up our community and circular our dollar 10 times b4 it goes outside the community. Let’s open up more businesses and beautify our neighborhoods. Let’s see each other as family and treat each other as such. Let’s mentor the youth & teach them about entrepreneurship, confidence, self love, & responsibility. Ase’, So it is. Fc #Chicago #fcchronicles #fcphotography

Driving up the mountain to Aburi Gardens. It was raining an cloudy on the way, but I refused to turn back. But the weather was different at the top of the mountain. It was nice and sunny ♡. We got a lot of footage for my upcoming music video “traveling……..” #Ghana #fcphotography #fcmusic

The remnants of ‘lil Lagos’ neighborhood in #Accra (Correct me if I’m wrong @wanlov). #FELA! “Jus Like That” billboard. I peeped it when we were riding the cho-cho (public transit) across town. #gh #fcphotography♥ (Nov 2013)