I found this anti page at facebook and the haters were talking about Hyorin being ugly and being not worth it to be called Korea’s beyonce just bcus Beyonce’s nice. Wtf?? Is hyorin not nice?? Is hyorin a badass murderer? fucking haters. they should just suck on their toes while SISTAR is walking their way up to victory.

I just need to teach these fuckers their lessons so i did commented on their fucking nonsense thoughts.

I just don’t get those haters… they’re pitiful. Oh… tsk..

Wait, seriously?

“She was out playing all day wasting gas,” he says to her.



I go to school everyday and bus there and back while you laze away in the living room, I go to dog-sit all week, and turn in another job application for a second job and I was out playing ALL day? Yeah I may have spent a few hours in between with friends but don’t you dare say I’ve been playing all day.

I go to school to acquire a successful career and be able to make money. I actually WANT to do something with my life, thank you.

I volunteered to dog-sit in Los Altos for easy money that I desperately needed for books. If it wasn’t for this dog-sitting job, I wouldn’t have completed my online quiz a few minutes ago that is due tonight. It may be in Los Altos, but don’t complain. It’s not your gas money I’m spending. So shut up.

I applied for a second job because I need money for so many reasons. My books, phone bill, my gym membership, gas, car, and I want to help with rent. Is that so bad? At least I’m putting myself out there and trying to help.

I do all these things to not become like you. Just cause I come home 5 minutes late, or not be able to come on time doesn’t make me a lazy “wasting time” kind of person. Is it so bad that I want to hang out for a few hours with my friends before I have to come home to this bullshit that I don’t deserve? I don’t think so but yeah, go ahead. This is all fun and games for me cause my life is so easy breeezy, as you can tell. I’m not stressed out or anything or even sick of your empty promises. Totally.