Dear Lord Nobunaga, today I have seen heaven. It looked like rainbows.

[ooc: Hahha… Today Sima Shi and I went to a shopping mall in search of Mister Donut (which I actually found out about in a comic and, until just now, I knew only as the “Pon de Lion” donuts. XD) because I really, REALLY wanted to have some.

On the way, Shi-san took me to candy heaven, Candylicious! I have never seen so much candy in one single place before in my life OAO We never actually bought any candy, but just BEING IN THERE was enough to make us literally puke rainbows!

I got the photo from Candylicious’ homepage.]

heya guys, been away from tumblr for a super long time haha *avoidsthrowingdaggers*

been busy since returning from my UK studies, now working and facing reality of life sadly.

Thanks for all the new asks and followers! i really expected a dead acc after being gone for so long, so happy to still see so many of you with me *criestearsofjoy* i will try to reply as fast as i can since i still have to work so.


[ooc: And thus, Sima Shi and Ranmaru ride onto the battlefield on a ginormous Nyan Cat. Be in awe of Lord Sima Shi’s bossness!

Please click on it for a clearer picture… something went wrong with the resolution somewhere and neither of us are sane enough to fix it >A<

So for all the stresses of finals bearing down upon us, Sima Shi and I have cracked under pressure and ended up drawing a collab answer. I’m sorry for sounding like a grouch, but my 3d program is currently giving me hell.

T.T I want to hug you all and forget that my stupid 3d program is bullying me… *brick’d, and crawls back under a blanket to continue working*]