Dear Lord Nobunaga, today I have seen heaven. It looked like rainbows.

[ooc: Hahha… Today Sima Shi and I went to a shopping mall in search of Mister Donut (which I actually found out about in a comic and, until just now, I knew only as the “Pon de Lion” donuts. XD) because I really, REALLY wanted to have some.

On the way, Shi-san took me to candy heaven, Candylicious! I have never seen so much candy in one single place before in my life OAO We never actually bought any candy, but just BEING IN THERE was enough to make us literally puke rainbows!

I got the photo from Candylicious’ homepage.]

OOC: yikes its nov already >.< sorry guys, still digging out whatever time i can to reply~ i know i have plenty waiting to be answered. Its almost end of the year too so im rushing my costumes again so bear with me ppl, who knows if i can get my sima shi costume done in time i’ll answer questions with costume mode instead :P