let me tell you something about tumblr user fckingtall

he is fckingtall

also he’s actually really rad??

i dated the dude for two weeks because our mutual friends essentially forced us to?

and then he dumped me over a text (classy!)

and now we like


and he actually is way cooler than my more recent ex

so holla @ u, ian and thanks for the icon!

fckingtall replied to your post: fckingtall replied to your post: finna get into…

dota 2 is ( for me at least) v frustrating and difficult to grasp bc most of the people playing it now are like supremely good since they’ve been playing since beta and ya it can be hard

ya its harder than the other mobas and difficult to understand but it seems as though once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun and satisfying, so i wanna get good at it B)